Friday, May 22, 2009

India’s Pervert Media - Role in General Elections 2009


General Elections 2009 saw a new low – Completely biased Media. All news channels and print mediums were sold to favour Congress Party. They were clearly into BJP bashing and trying to confuse people about a weak NDA.

Why I say so?

the 24 hours news channels & leading newspapers were doing the following :


Showing Glamour of Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi


None showed any strong statement from any of them, which showed their vision for the country.


None highlighted the failures of the Government under a non-existent Prime-Minister


They showered praises on Manmohan Singh, who was actually the most powerless, in-effective and waste Prime Minister , India had for a complete term. He was nice as FM and before, now he is a shameless and corrupt puppet.


They highlighted Varun Gandhi’s statements out of context, when they were clearly apprised of the back-ground of the speech.


portrayed that BJP’s men vandalized and manhandled the girls in
Mangalore pub attack, however Media was made aware that Ram Sene and
its leader fought elections in over 80 assembly constituency against
BJP in Karnataka.


never analyzed the personality, ability of Rahul Gandhi. The same was
done in a fabricated manner, highlighting his mess-ups of praising
opponents like Nitish Kumar
& Jailalitha as his statesman like statements. Why they failed to
highlight the immaturity of a person, whom our PM says – has all
qualities to become PM !


they never interviewed Rahul Gandhi on One-on-One basis? He would have
been exposed as an Incapable person, in front of Indian people.


Why Media never called Rahul Gandhi for any Television debate?


the media failed to highlight the act of corruption of the highest
level involving our ‘Honest’ PM and Sonia Gandhi – CBI’s withdrawl of Red corner notice against Quattrochi ? Cant Media understand this connection ??


Why media is promoting the ill of Dynastic Politics (Vanshwad) in Indian politics.
Do we have any doubt that Rahul will not become PM after Manmohan in
current term or next time when congress comes to power (If ever). Don’t
congress has many other capable leaders like BJP?


is Media failed to project the truth of our ‘Honest’ PM – when he sat
on the names received from Swiss Govt of the people holding large sums
in Swiss Banks ?


Why media failed to highlight – when Manmohan Singh tried to trivialize the issue of Bringing the money back from Swiss banks ?


media tried to create mischief by creating confusion that Nitish Kumar
will go with congress, when he on record clarified that he is firmly
with NDA.


newspapers carried front page stories, before elections that Punters
are backing Manmohan as PM ? Was there any basis, and are we trying to
form our opinion based on betters and is that the source of the
information for leading dailies like ET ?


media tried to project the image of BJP as party of ‘Not so Young’ ?
When the fact was that, BJP has more young leaders than Congress. PM
candidates of both parties were of almost the same age.


Why was Narendra Modi given negative publicity by media, despite his stellar performance as Chief Minister ?


Why was Arun Shourie’s
statement misinterpreted that Modi is better candidate for PM – He was
answering to a reporter’s query that is Modi a candidate for PM in
2014, to which he had replied – Why not, he can be one of the persons
from Second line of the BJP leadership.


BJP didn’t fail in its efforts, strategy or positive work, but the media worked against it as Silent Campaigner – Newspapers & 24 hours News Channels had much more impact than the campaign of the BJP.

generation and my countrymen will never forgive Media for this campaign
which harmed the country by not having a strong and passionate
government led by Sh.Lal Krishan Advani ji. This is a Great Loss to
India , which people of the country will repent forever.

At this juncture, we needed a Nationalist Government, which can fight Corruption, Bring about Electoral Reforms,
Fight Terrorism, Manage Foreign Affairs better, have vision for the
fast track development of the nation – That was only possible by a PM
like Sh.Advani Ji.

I squarely blame you for this loss, Media.

are all sold out, Owners of the Newspapers, Owners / promoters of the
News Channels, Presenters, Reporters, Correspondents etc. If not all,
80-90% of you.

For West and Arab countries – It would be a bad
news to have s Strong Nationalist Government in India . They saw the
pace of Growth and curb on terrorism under previous NDA Govt. Hence
they pumped the Money to Buy the likes of Pronoy Roy, Rajdeep Sardesai,
Barkha Dutt and many many others ! Its our misfortune.

warn you that if you continue this corruption, you’ll be ruining the
country for your selfish motives. Each one of you should be probed, and
your truth will come out.

This is the first of my views, I’ll continue to share more in future.

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