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Sonia Gandhi cites privacy, refuses to disclose info on I-T returns



Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has declined to disclose details of her Income tax returns under the RTI Act, citing personal freedom and security risk. In her reply to the I-T department, she also said there was no public interest involved in disclosing such information.
Chennai-based RTI activist V Gopalakrishnan had sought details of her I-T Returns
from the year 2000-2001 to 2010-2011. The assistant commissioner of income tax, New Delhi, who is also the chief public information officer (CPIO), wrote to the UPA chairperson on January 23 as per Section 11 of the RTI Act, 2005, seeking her response to the application. In her reply, Sonia said disclosure of such private information to third parties in guise of transparency in public life would amount to unwarranted invasion of the individual's privacy. The information submitted to the I-T department by an individual was confidential and private in nature and cannot be disclosed as per Section 138 of the Income Tax Act, 1961, she said.

This is the second time that the CPIO
has rejected the petition. The application was first rejected without even seeking objection from Sonia. After the appellate authority's intervention last month on Gopalakrishnan's plea, the CPIO sought a response from Sonia. "By not calling for an objection, the CPIO has ignored the possibility of the third party expressing willingness for disclosure of personal I-T information," the authority had said.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LOVE JIHAD: A Sinister Design to Convert Young Hindu and Non-Muslim Girls to Islam by Fake Love


Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari


In a previous article [1], this author has tried to expose how the Muslim boys and men reportedly target school and college girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love, called “Love-Jihad”, mainly in the southern Indian state of Kerala and the adjoining state of Karnataka. It has also been mentioned that in October 2009, the Karnataka government announced its intentions to counter Love- Jihad, which “appeared to be a serious issue”. A week after the announcement, the government ordered a probe into the situation by the Crime Branch CID to determine if an organised effort existed to convert these girls and, if so, by whom it was being funded.  A similar investigation undertaken by the Kerala government revealed a shocking picture of thousands of Hindu and Christian girls falling into the trap of Love- Jihad by the Muslim young men . The numbers, from 2006 till 2009, of such Love- Jihad conversions on a district basis in Kerala is staggering. The number of girls converted in this way was 2876. But only 705 cases were registered. Kasargod tops the list of Jihadi conversions with a figure of 568. Only 123 incidents have been registered with the police.  Central investigation agencies have received information that 4000 such girls all over India who have been converted under Love-Jihad are being trained for Jihadi activities by Pakistan-based terrorist organizations.  Official statistics say that about 8 girls are reported missing under suspicious circumstances everyday in Kerala and this is the reason for their growing anxiety and fear of the parents of those girls.  Based on the statistics of the Crime Record Bureau of Kerala Police, Kochi’s National University of Advanced Legal Studies carried out a study in which it was found that the number of girls missing from Kerala was 2167 in 2007 and 2530 in 2008. Many believe that the actual number may be much higher than the numbers registered. The activities of Love Jihadis became more aggressive in Kerala in 2006. This led to the sudden increase in women and young girls disappearing from Kerala. According to Kerala Catholic Bishops Council, up to 4,500 girls in Kerala have been targeted, whereas Hindu Janajagriti Samiti claimed that 30,000 girls have been converted in Karnataka alone.

Jihadi Romeos promise to marry unsuspecting young girls within 6 months if they convert to Islam and take and dump these girls in the conversion centers. These girls are subjected to various tortures for weeks in these conversion centers. There is information that these girls are shipped from the unmanned coasts of Kochi, Kozhikode, etc., to Mangalore, Goa, Chennai, Lakshadweep, from where they are taken abroad. Many of these girls are believed to be taken to the Gulf countries under the false pretence of a job and forced into prostitution once they reach there.

The Jihadi Romeos are given special ranks, rewards and money for carrying out their operation of trapping more and more unsuspecting girls into love snare. Jahangir Razak, a former student of Kozhikode Law College, one such Jihadi Romeo, is said to have trapped 42 girls till date. He is reportedly the link between a sex racket running in Chennai and terrorist organizations. One Shajahan from Pathanamthitta has trapped 6 young girls from Malayalappuzha Panchayat itself.

It may be mentioned here that during the days of monarchy, the Muslims could turn a kafir country (dar-ul-harb) into a Muslim country (dar-ul-Islam) only by military conquest. But today’s democracy has opened an easy path to them and that is by increasing their kind by procreating more children as used by the Prophet Muhammad in Medina, nearly 1400 years ago. In this demographic war, Muslim womb has emerged as the most powerful weapon. So, conversion of a non-Muslim woman into Islam simply means the conversion of a non-Muslim womb into a Muslim womb and giving birth to more jihadis. So, in a nutshell, the Love- Jihad campaign is an Islamic plan to trap Hindu and non-Muslim girls into fake love, compel them to accept Islam and use them as the instruments for bearing Muslim offspring.

The ultimate goal of Islam is to turn the entire world into a dar-ul-Islam and this goal is to be reached by converting each and every dar-ul-harb into a dar-ul-Islam. As mentioned above, a dar-ul-harb, in the present democratic setup, could be turned into a dar-ul-Islam by altering the demographic pattern or over populating the native population by Muslim population. This should be done as fast as possible, and their lies the need for converting non-Muslim wombs into Muslim wombs. The process has two pronged benefits. Firstly, it helps to swell Muslim population fast and secondly, it cripples the population growth of the non-Muslims native population.

The Modus-operandi of Love Jihad plan:

Recently the said Hindu Janajagriti Samiti has published a booklet, LOVE JIHAD, written by Ramesh Hanumant Shinde and Mohan Ajju Gowda and in that booklet, the authors have discussed the entire process how the Love Jihad agenda are being operated. At the very outset, it should be mentioned that the Muslim organizations operating in India receive huge money from Gulf countries to run the Love Jihad campaign. The Muslim Romeos are heavily rewarded for successfully seducing and converting non-Muslim girls into Islam.

The Muslim Romeos engaged in Love Jihad, earn Rs 200/- per day for their service to Islam. Influential Muslim clerics of Sambhajinagar, Aurangabad, Maharastra, have issued a fatwa that every Muslim youth, who is trying to trap Hindu or non-Muslim girls into Love-Jihad and converting them to Islam, would be awarded Rs 200/- per day. When such a girl is seduced, the youth is given a two wheeler and when he marries that seduced girl, he is given Rs 100,000 to Rs 200,000. A Muslim organization, named Muslim Youth Forum, has classified Hindu girls, and Muslim boy who lures a Hindu girl to marry him, is handsomely rewarded. The table 2 (below) shows the classification and the reward.

Table 2

Caste/Region of the girls lured into fake love affair

1.  Sikh girls
Rs 700,000

2.  Punjabi Hindu girls
Rs 600,000

3.  Gujarati Brahmin girls
Rs 600,000

4  Brahmin girls
Rs 500,000

5  Kshatriya girls
Rs 450,000

6  Gujarati girls of Kutch
Rs 300,000

7  Jain / Marwari girls
Rs 300,000

8  Backward caste / tribe girls
Rs 200,000

9  Buddhist girls
Rs 150,000

Above Table apparently shows that the task of converting a Sikh girl is hardest while it is easiest for a Buddhist girl. As mentioned above, the Love-Jihad campaign is funded by the Arab countries. A Saudi Arabia based organization, under the name of Indian Fraternity Forum, collects money for this purpose. The money is then transferred to India through hawala transaction.

The Hindu girls, who have migrated to the city from villages, are found to be easy prey. These poor girls normally do not have enough money to buy costly dresses to match the city life. “These girls are specifically targeted and given money. They are also lured into addictions like smoking and drinking alcohol etc. These girls, who are ensnared in Love-Jihad, become helpless and soon begin to  assist in ensnaring other Hindu girls”, the authors say.

The methods of luring Hindu girls:

The most common method of luring Hindu girls from schools and colleges is to loiter in around schools and colleges on two wheelers. As mentioned above, Jahangir Razzak, a student of Kozhikode Law College, has managed to lure 42 Hindu girls using this method.

The mobile phone has emerged as the most useful tool for the Love Jihadis. It is used for luring school and college going girls, and also for working women. The Muslim boys collect the mobile phone numbers of young Hindu and non-Muslim girls from Muslim mobile phone operators. Once a Muslim boy managed to get the mobile phone number of a Hindu girl, he starts sending SMS on her mobile phone and contacts her at night. In many cases, Muslim girls also play their part in Love-Jihad and introduce the Hindu girls to Muslim boys and to procure their mobile phone numbers.

During this preliminary stage, Muslim boys adopt Hindu names and Hindu etiquettes. They also gift mobile phones to Hindu girls who cannot afford it. In this context, Ms Leela Menon, the editor of the Malayalam daily Janmabhumi, says, “While personally visiting the houses of the girls who committed suicide due to Love Jihad, I found a common thing that, in all those cases the girls had received a mobile phone from their lovers. When I studied several such cases in Kerala as a journalist, I concluded that mobile phone is the single and most effective weapon of Love- Jihad”.

In Kerala, the birth place of Love Jihad in India, Christian girls are also being targeted by the Muslims. The Muslim Youth Forum has also declared a reward of Rs 400,000 for ensnaring and converting a Roman Catholic girl. The reward is Rs 300,000 for converting a Protestant girl. The Kerala Archbishop Council has taken the affaire of Love-Jihad very seriously. It has published guidelines to frustrate the attempts of the Love Jihadis to convert Christian girls.

Now a days, Internet is also being used on large scale to trap Hindu and non-Muslim girls. The Muslim thugs attempt to get closer and to develop friendship with Hindu girls through websites like Facebook or Orkut. They also take help of the matrimonial websites like or to trap Hindu girls desirous of a marriage.

Muslim boys take up jobs in Hindu homes with the ulterior motive of ensnaring Hindu women in their love-dragnet. Hundreds of Hindu women have been defiled in Jaipur, Rajastan, with this trick.

Though Muslims, as a whole, lack in creative intelligence, they are super geniuses in planning evil and in conspiratorial or criminal plotting. This is reflected in inventing an ingenuous way to trap Hindu girls in the snare of Love-Jihad. Suppose a Hindu girl is passing through a lonely road and three or four Muslim boys indulge in eve-teasing. Then another Muslim boy, pretending to be an honest and virtuous non-Muslim, appears and rescues her.  Naturally, the girl develops an inclination to that boy, who utilizes this opportunity to get close to her, woo and seduce her. When the girl gets totally entrapped, he takes her to a mosque for converting her to Islam. In Ahmednagar (Maharastrs) alone, nearly 300 Hindu girls were entrapped and converted using this method.

Hindu Girls, who are given unlimited freedom by their parents, celebrate Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day and Rose Day etc. along with their friends as per the Western culture. The Muslim boys utilize these opportunities to get close to these girls. By continuous wooing, they gradually drag them in their love-dragnet. Many believe that some Muslim boys take the help of hypnotism to get hold of their prey. Professor Unnikrashnan, a Pharmacologist, believes that many Muslim boys use some special kind of drugs to turn them obedient to their seducers. These Muslim boys take the victims to some ice-cream parlours or juice centres owned by Muslims. There they add some kinds of seductive drugs to the drinks to be offered to the Hindu girls. These drugs meant for keeping the girls obedient to their seducers.

Application of Black-Magic or Vashikaran:

A Muslim organization, called Paigam Islam has released a fatwa asking Muslim boys to take the help of black magic (vashikaran) for entrapping the Hindu girls to their love drag-net. In fact, this Vashikaran is a Tantrik procedure that uses mantra (words), yantras (tools) and Bhasma (ash) and special kinds of medicines to bewitch, subjugate, attract, influence, allure, excite or entice the desired person. In fact, vashikaran refers to bringing a particular person under one’s complete control. Similarly, evil experiments like witchcraft, magic-spells, subtle attacks directed at a person etc. are known as black-magic. Muslim boys are believed to exercise all such practices to bring their targeted girls in their full control.

Behaviour of Hindu girls, who have undergone such spell of black-magic, alters considerably. To authenticate their claim, the authors of LOVE JIHAD have quoted the story of an educated Hindu girl Preeti, The story, given below, was narrated by Ms Arunatai Acharya of the Nari Raksha Manch, a satellite organization of Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

“A young girl, Preeti, from an immensely rich Rajasthani Hindu family, eloped with and married Abdul, a Muslim residing in a local slum. The police located her and took her to a remand home. However, it was difficult for the Police to keep her there for long as she was over 18 years of age and hence, legally a major. Therefore, her family members came to me with high hopes. On collecting full information about Abdul, it became clear that he was earning his bread by working as a coolie. The Police officials also came to know that Abdul had received Rs 50,000 for having ensnared Preeti in the love-dragnet. Then we chalked out a plan with Preeti’s family. According to that plan, as soon as she was released from the remand home, we took her to an unknown place.

  Upon reunion with her family members, there was no visible guilt on her face. She kept addressing herself as ‘Ayesha, wife of Abdul. According to the plan, Preeti was told that if Abdul became a Hindu, her family would allow her to marry him. She then called up Abdul from her mobile phone and asked him to be a Hindu. But he categorically refused and, on the contrary, threatened her with talaq (divorce) in a forceful voice. Despite this insult, Preeti shouted at her mother in Urdu that she would go to her husband and stay with him in whatever state he kept her.

Preeti was an educated woman who spoke Hindi, here she was speaking like a traditional Muslim girl. Her attire too was Islamic. Realizing a sudden Islamic change in her, I consulted a renowned astrologer. After an astrological study, he concluded that Preeti was a victim of black-magic (or vashikaran). The next day he went to her house and recited some mantras for two hours. Using lemon and Vibhuti, a ritual of Utrara was also performed on her. That night she was able to sleep peacefully for the first time in many days. When she woke up the next morning, she asked her parents to forgive her. Presently, she is advising her friends also to be vigilant about Love-Jihad.”

Another similar story, narrated by Dr Mallika and Ms Sangeeta Sharma of Manahshakti Samupdeshan, Kerala, runs as follows:

“In Kottayam (Kerala), Manjumal, a young Hindu nurse was lured by a Muslim youth with his sweet talks on mobile phone, and later they began to roam together. Her family members opposed to her affair and in her presence warned the youth not to have any relationship with her. Despite this, she was hell-bent on marrying him. On further inquiry it was found that a person with that name did not exist at all. Besides this, his address was also found to be false.

Manjumal was not allowed to go outside the house for two months. She was also told that her lover was a fraudster and was counseled on the dangers of Love-Jihad. Despite these attempts, she was not ready to listen to her family. Several months have passed now but she is still adamant on marrying the Muslim man. It is possible that she was subjected to black magic or vashikaran.”

The readers may recall that this author has discussed a case of application of black-magic or vashikaran to ensnare a Hindu girl called Shivani Acharya by a Muslim mason, in the state of Orissa..[2]

There are some remedies, the family members of a victim can use to neutralize the effect of black magic or vashikaran. (1) Chanting the name of the family Deity uninterruptedly while keeping one hand on the head of the victim. (2) Performance of utara on her, using a lemon and Vibhuti of a sattvik incense stick. (3) Reside at a jagrit place (A place where the presiding Deity is in awakened state) or in the Ashrama of a Saint, for some time.


Most of the facts narrated above have been taken from the book LOVE JIHAD, written by Mr Ramesh Shinde and Mr Mohan Gowda.


(To be continued)



[2] Incredible Story of Shibani Acharya, Victim of Seduction by Muslim:


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Sausage Government in West Bengal: War on Hindus


Dr Babu Susellan

Bengal, the land of Land of Swami Vivekananda, Rabindra Natha Tagore, Aravind Gosh, and Srila Prabhubhat is under siege. The anti National Congress Party, the Mindless Marxist party and now the Trinamool Congress headed by the criminal gang leader Mamtha Banerji made Bengal in much the same way as a sausage. Bengal is now a blend of Fanatic Muslims, Communist and Maoist ideologies and missionary fascists--all ground together, yet retaining the flavor of its various parts.
Yesterday the criminal, fascist police in west Bengal has arrested our beloved Hindu Leader Tapan Ghosh. for no obvious reason. Media reports in chilling detail the criminal transformation of and Islamization of West Bengal Police under Mamatha Banerji. People in Bengal are now appalled by crime, violence, suicide, alcohol and other drug addiction, poverty, unemployment, corruption, labor unrest, bureau pathology, budget deficits, Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, Muslim, Christian appeasement, destruction of forest land, and de-valuing of traditional heritage. Hindu culture and virtues had been supplemented or displaced by the communist slogans of class warfare, power for the proletariat, distribution of wealth, and revolutionary slogans. Using every means, including subversion, psychological warfare, terrorism, disinformation, economic warfare, murder, intimidation, and labor unrest, the Communists and the pseudo secular congress leaders have pursued a deliberate, concerted, long-range program to subvert and destroy Hindu culture and to produce maximum chaos. Traditional Hindu virtues and spirituality that hold the society together are described as vices and subverted more subtly and radically for the well being of the communist proletariat, Muslims and the converted Christians. . The mounting turmoil-moral, social, political, economic and religious-is the devastating result of the planned destruction of Bengal by the Congress, the Communists, Muslims and their cohorts. . They have waged psychological warfare, carrying forward their mission to capture the minds of Hindus. Their diabolic technique is to intensify the attack upon the mind-to eradicate Hindu view of life and to achieve the conversion of Hindus to alien dogmas hostile to Hindu Dharma. For long, these radical departures from our eternal Hindu Dharma passed without resistance.
Now under the leadership and guidance of Tapan Ghosh Hindus of West Bengal is waking up. Alarmed by the increase and intensity of Hindu awakening, the Islamic appeasing government is alarmed and with the help of Jihadi terrorists want to crush the Hindu movement.
It is time for everyone from politicians to teacher, to students, to journalists to focus on the forces behind the de-construction and de-valuation of our Bengal society. Prior to the introduction of Islam, and Christian colonialism, Bengal was more civil, more peaceful, more human and religious and culturally vibrant. The traditional family was firmly established, art, music, literature, and cottage industry proliferated; and cultural institutions continued to thrive.
For several years, Islamists and Christian colonialists and the congress-Communist Fascist alliance have transformed working class into industrial proletariat and exercised its “hegemony” over a docile workforce and citizenry. One of the ‘social control” is that instead of liberating the labor class, Marxists demeaned them as the unwitting victims of “false Consciousness”. Unable to practice their life supporting Hindu samskaras, students, workers, farmers and artists were easily persuaded to accept the values of their oppressors. Successive governments in Bengal have used sophisticated brainwashing techniques to socialize gullible Hindus against their own best interests.
By mind manipulation techniques, the Islamiized-communist-congress governments were successful in degrading Hinduism into secularism and proceeded to de-value and trans-value the sacred Dharma, to create a new set of values alien to our society. Many Hindus were psycho programmed without resistance into the ethos of Marxism and phony secularism. and Naxalism. A non Indian, alien intellectual universe has formed. Alien leaders like Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Mohamad, Jinnah, and Trotsky were worshipped. . With subtle indoctrination, the governments have introduced radical beliefs, opinions, attitudes, feelings, habits, conventions, preferences, and prejudices, even idiosyncrasies. These non-traditional, anti Hindu values are now so firmly entrenched in the popular vocabulary of missionary trained journalists, teachers, artists and feminists and students.
The shift from Hindu values to alien values has had unfortunate consequences. This cultural mutation has the effect of belittling and disparaging Hindu concept of Dharma, wisdom, courage, morality, and family values. Alienated Indian theoreticians who claim to be writing “history from below” misinterpreted Hindu values as upper class values and instilled conflicting alien values in the minds of working class Hindus for the purpose of social control. As a result, anti Hindus, pro-Islamists gained political control and were successful in de-constructing society and destroying Hindu family system. The anti Hindu governments have made the invasion of schools and colleges, cultural institutions and the media one of the major considerations in their psychological warfare designed to control Hindu mind. Concealed phony secularists, anti Hindu, pro Islamists and their sponsors have penetrated our education systems and play an active part in influencing the attitudes of the public. As a result, public violence, economic depression, sensationalist journalism, moral deterioration, coercive religious conversion and Jihadi terrorism ensued. Communist fascists and bogus secularists and Jihadis have denigrated our Hindu religious and social role models and spiritual leaders. Western, secular ones and institutionalized atheism, and moral agnosticism supplemented school textbooks. This counter current of thought played into the hands of media, theatre, film, literature, and corrupted our art, music and literature. As a result, communists were successful, arrogantly and willfully, creating a new social disorder, moral code of immorality and a perverted secularism.
This general communist-Islamist-fascists-congress assault upon the foundations of Bengal’s heritage has succeeded, in part, because it has been aided and abetted by liberal politicians, leftist intellectuals, missionaries, clergy and Islamic Jihadis. Yet what has really made such mind manipulation possible, has been the seeming inability of Hindus to rationally respond to the assault on our culture and life. While de-valuing traditional cultural values and demoralizing and secularizing Hindus, Bengal secularists have made a nexus with Muslims and Christians. It is this alliance that determines Bengal’s social, economic, cultural, and educational policy.
The disastrous effects of such alliance are felt at all levels in West Bengal. Hindus are slowly discovering that the economic and social aspects of this unholy alliance imperil both the cultural and material well being of Hindus. Can Bengal recover from the Communist, Christian, Muslim alliance? Posing this question so prominently is a bit daring? A few Hindus have taken refuge in massive denial. They maintain that social deviance, crime, violence, Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, is designed to create panic, thus justifying an increase in the power of Hinds. They are uncomfortable in admitting that Tapan Ghosh and the Hindu movement is a meance to the Islamic appeasement policies of the bogus secular government. Tapano Ghosh is accused of communalism for creating a positive Hindu awareness. It is not only our secular political leaders who are prone to this failure of moral nerve. Several other organizational leaders have been infected by it, to one degree or another.
Hindus have much rethinking to do. It is not enough to say that communism and surrender to Jihadis is a political survival game. Hindus should loudly proclaim that the dogmas imported by communist/Muslim/Christian alliance are inadequate, polarizing, and unacceptable. Those Hindus who want to resist these dangerous false belief system and non-traditional values cannot opt out of the Hindutva movement. Hindus around the world are behind Tapan Ghosh and Hindus are willing and ready to join together with Hindu unity movements in West Bengal, India and around the globe. They are the best repositories of eternal Hindu values. for today, tomorrow and for ever.
It’s time to ignite Hindus. It’s time to wake up our citizens so they can practice their culture, enjoy their freedom, and promote, universal, and time tested Hindu values. It’s time to wake up and realize where our present state of affairs taking us and choose the kind of country in which we want to live. But how can we take our country back? The only way Hindus can establish their freedom, liberty, culture, tradition and spiritual heritage is to break the hammerlock of communism, pseudo secularism and alien dogmas that controls people’s passion and behavior.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Self defeating behaviours of Hindus -Time to think ; Time to Act


  Dr Babu Suseelan

Some phony liberals, Marxists, secular political leaders and cunning politicians often make self-inflicting, irrational and unwarranted pronouncements against Hindutva and those write or talk about reawaken India to the heritage we all share. These self-serving, corrupt politicians have no moral values to share or story or issues to ignite the imagination of the public.

The malice political discussion of blaming Hindutva have filled their life and colored their crazy imagination. These thinking errors are signs of a cognitive disorder, dementia, deliberate ignorance of reality, or self inflicting suicidal behaviour of a disgruntled person. It's about time somebody started to tell the dysfunctional leaders the hard truth about their irrational, unwise,untimely and disastrous pronouncements. We can choose to bury our heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich and live in deep denial. We can even engage in empty grand-standing rather than confront the real problems of our very existence. The issues of denial, projection, irrational rationalization and defence mechanism of some of our leaders are real and need treatment to save Hindus. Sonia  and Rahul's  recent expose have all the hallmarks of  frustrated, failed politicians or  avant-garde protagonist of the dysfunctional secular  system that colonized Hindus for several years. Their  reasoning for the failure of Hindus,  is simplistic and devoid of rational analysis. Denial of Muslim terrorism, projection of their  cognitive disorder and the congress party's  inability to confront Islamic fanaticism, and corruption,  and their  failure to create and emotional bond of the majority Hindus are some of the reasons for their  failure.

Blaming the victims (Hindus) of Muslim terrorism is simply a manifestation of a very shallow comprehension of the Islamic menace and the cultural  genocide perpetrated by the marauding group. Preaching pseudo secularism  and blaming Hindus have been a self-gratifying pastime for political pundits for several years. Media, missionaries, leftist political ideologues, and congress leaders provide the moral platform that supported Hindu enslavement and disunity for several years. Mayavathi, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Manmohan Singh, Sonia and Rahul's recent pronouncements  again misdirect innocent Hindus. Their  non-rational outbursts are mere rehash of the age-old confused logic about secularism. The eternal fact is that inability of the anti national congress  leaders to retain status and power is the underlying reason for such irrational thoughts. Such thinking errors and groundless remarks  therefore, unsustainable over time. It is a vain attempt to gain and retain power-a non-democratic political technique of consolidating their-group by stimulating hatred against nationalist-Hindutva groups. Their  hidden motive is to shift the blame for the incredibly costly policy of blunders and mismanagement.

It's time to stop the blame game. To ensure that such irrational blame game will not happen, a major effort must be made by Hindus around the world. Only by fearlessly proactive strategies can  ensure the survival of Hindus in India and abroad. However, while simple, it is not easy. It involves reversing the very  process that got us where we are. We  must individually and collectively participate in political decision making not passively but actively.
In a democracy we have the power to choose. We have to decide where we are going to focus. It is time to think, time to  act.
In a free country, as Mr. Deiva Muthu has asked why Hindus are voting for the anti National Congress party? Why Hindus elect, sustain, and maintain corrupt leaders like Karunanidhi, Mayavathi, Samuel Rajsekhara Reddy, Sarad Powar, Mulayam Sing Yadev, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Chdiambram and Sonia?  Why do Hindus declare war on themselves through self-imposed destructive behaviour patterns?

Time after time in the past several years, Hindus have poured their support over to the anti Hindu Congress party while the anti Hindu-corrupt political leaders have been looting Hindu wealth, wrecking destruction upon millions of Hindus. One would expect that in the face off those overwhelming blows at the hands of the anti national congress party, Hindus would oppose themselves stead fastedly to the death and destruction caused by the anti-Hindu, pro Islamist congress party. This shows that Hindus are not idiotic but have the propensity to join hands with our enemies in an attack on their own existence. This is a remarkable phenomenon worth exploring.
Hindus should join together and combact self-destructive behaviour of Hindus. We need a reconstructive approach. The first step is to declare Bharat as a Hindu Rasthra.