Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ban Madrasas to save India from terror : Togadia

Kochi (Kerala): India will never be able to fight terrorism until and unless an effective ban is imposed on all Madrasas in the country, Praveen Togadia, international general secretary, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), has said.

On the second day of his visit to Kerala, Togadia asked the people to remember that Taliban was created in the hundreds of Madrasas. He told newsmen that it grew up teaching Jehad in Pakistan. “This should not be replicated in any part of our country,” he said.

The curriculum of the Madrasas was the same in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Saudi Arabia and the teachings there would only create more terrorists, he said. India was a secular country and the teaching of Jehadi, which was creating fundamentalists, could not be tolerated, he said. Action should be taken against the Madrasas for propagating hatred in the minds of the people, he demanded.

Condemning Jehadi attacks across the world, including those America and Britain, Togadia said the countries in the West had passed tough and potent laws to ensure that attacks on the innocent people did not take place.

He criticized the decision of the Kerala Government to provide pension to the Madrasa teachers, saying that the Government should withdraw the decision as it would only foster the growth of religious schools, which taught killing of innocent people.

Referring to the global economic slowdown, Togaida said the recession should be attributed to petrol Jehadi practised by the OPEC countries, “mainly the Muslim nations.”

On the BJP’s renewed commitment to build Ram Temple in Ayodha, the VHP functionary said that the temple should be constructed without breaking any law. Hoping that BJP would include the construction of Ram temple in its election manifesto, he said the temple should be built by passing a law in Parliament, if the BJP came to power in the Centre.

Togadia said that were three ways of setting up the temple. These were through negotiation with the Muslims, through the intervention of the Judiciary and by passing a law in Parliament, he said.

“We oppose the first two propositions and the party should take the third route to construct the temple, Togadia, who was in Kochi to participate in a VHP public meeting, said.

In the wake of strong indications that Pakistani elements were involved in the Mumabi attacks, Togadia urged the Centre to snap ties with the neighbouring country. There was strong and sufficient evidence of the involvement of Pakistan in the attacks but India was keeping friendly ties with them, he said. The government had failed in handling Pakistan after the Mumbai attacks and it was foolishness to continue friendly ties with that country, he said.

On the stand-off between government and the LTTE in Sri Lanka, Togadia said the Centre should exert pressure on the Sri Lankan Government for protecting human rights of the Tamils in the island nation. He alleged the Centre and the Tamil Nadu Government were not doing enough to protect the rights of the Tamils, who were denied of medicine and other essentials.

Inaugurating the district conference of the VHP in Thrissur the other day, Togadia asked the various Christian churches to abandon conversion efforts and to join hands with the Hindus.

There also he said the move of the Kerala Government to provide pension to Madrasa teachers would only lead to promotion of extremism.

He said that extremism had come under control in Britain and America after laws were enacted there to imprison those who taught or learned Jehad in the Madrasas.

After landing at the Kochi airport earlier, Togadia said millions of people had been badly affected due to loss of jobs following the economic recession in the country.

At the same time, about three crore Muslims from Bangladesh were illegally working in India, he alleged. They should be deported soon so that Indians, who suffered from lack of employment, would secure jobs, he said.

Togadia said his organisation had plans to organize 5,000 meetings all over the country to highlight the adverse impact of Islamic Jehadi terrorism and economic slowdown.

Source: Daily Pioneer

Friday, February 27, 2009

'Love Jihad' - A Jihadi Organisations to trap Hindu girls

Pathanamthitta: Few days back a Malayalam Daily, Kerala Kaumudi exposed shocking revelations about a jihadi organisation named ‘Love Jihad’ which has been conveniently ignored by rest of the media.

Trapping naive Non Muslim girls (Read as Hindu girls) in the web of love inorder to convert to Islam is the modus operandi of the said organisation. Already more than 4000 girls have been converted to Islam by this Jihadi Romeos.

Special branch of Police started investigation when marriages of such large scales are reported within last 6 months. As per the instructions to recruits of this organisation, they have to love a Hindu girl within the time frame of 2 weeks and brainwash them to get converted and marry within 6 months. Special instructions to breed atleast 4 kids have also been given. If the target won’t get trapped within first 2 weeks, they are instructed to leave them and move on to another girl.

College students and working girls should be the prime target. Once completed their mission the organisation will give 1 lakh Rupees and Financial help for the youth to start business. Free Mobile Phone, Bikes and Fashionable dresses are offered to them as tools for the mission.

Money for this Love Jihad comes from Middle East. Each district have their own zone chairman’s to oversee the mission. Prior to College admission they make a list of Hindu girls and their details and target those whom they feel vulnerable and easy to be brainwashed.

The Report came in Kerala Kaumudi can be viewed at

It’s upto our Secular parents and Hindu Soceity as a whole to decide whether they should inculcate the ethos of Sanathana Dharma upon their Sons and Daughters before getting targeted by these evil doers. The story of a Marxist MLA’s daughter which hit even National Headlines (Although for Maligning Hindu Organisations) is only the tip of the iceberg.

I will teach UPA how to respond to Pak queries: Modi

Nashik (Maharashtra): Accusing the UPA government of handling Pakistan with kid gloves post Mumbai attacks, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has said the neighbouring country must be taught a lesson in a language it understands.

"Unless you reply to Pakistan in the language it understands, terrorism will not be wiped out from this country and the UPA is incapable of doing this," he said addressing a public meeting in Pimpalgaon near in Nashik on Wednesday.

Modi said 26/11 happened because of the UPA's "ineffectiveness". The government compromised on national security because of their vote bank politics, he added.

He said, "26/11 was a war on India, but our government sends letters to Pakistan and Pakistan has the audacity to respond with 30 questions."

"Give me those questions and I will teach the government how to respond," he said.

Questioning Manmohan Singh's leadership capabilities, he claimed that not a single Congressman in the country says that Manmohan Singh is their leader.

"They take somebody else's name. Have you seen such a situation where the PM of the country is not accepted as the leader by his own party. How can he run the country?" he asked.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The "LIES" our 'SECULARISTS' Perpetrate and Perpetuate

H. Balakrishnan



This has reference to the ' Bleeding Heart Palestinian ' - Seema Mustafa's column - " Set to Repeat the Blunders" - (TNIE- 24 Feb) .

She wrote: " This cynical and totally callous misuse of power was visible on the ground in India as well, when Salwa Judum was launched to tackle the Naxalites. What emerged was the harassment and victimisation of local villagers who refused to join Salwa Judum, leading to tremendous human rights vciolations."

In the dominant political culture of India, citizens are encouraged to treat terrorism as an unavoidable feature of modern existence and undertake no independent initiatives to counter it.When occasionally, very occasionally, citizens choose to break the shackles of liberal squeamishness and fight back, the full weight of enlightened opprobrium is hurled against them. The human rights industry, famous for its remarkable sense of selective indignation, the editorial classes and the minences grises of the NGO sector rise as one to discredit anything that smacks of either retribution or self-defence.

The genesis of Salwa Judumlies in the refusal of a large section of tribal society to endure this nonsense any longer. What began in May 2005 in Kutru village in Dantewada and quickly spread to neighbouring areas was essentially a non-cooperation movement against an occupying Red Army.Maoists and their sympathizers were chased out of villages and their supply chain was crippled. When large 8,000-strong gatherings of local people voted in unison to fight the Maoist menace, if necessary with bows and arrows, Chhattisgarh saw the beginnings of a popular upsurge.

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has, however, given a clean chit to anti-Naxal movement Salwa Judum, accused of extra-judicial killings in tribal areas of Chhattisgarh, and held Naxals responsible for forcing it to take up arms. In a report to the Supreme Court in 2008, the rights panel justified the anti-Naxal movement, saying, " The tribals cannot be denied the right to defend themselves against the atrocities perpetrated by the Naxalites, especially when the law enforcers are themselves ineffective or not present ".

A three-member NHRC team, which investigated the alleged rights violations by Salwa Judum highlighted in a public interest litigation filed by a group of activists including historian Ramchandra Guha, found the charges to be mostly based on hearsay. And, of course, for being an 'Eminent Historian', Guha has been awarded the 'Padma Bhushan' in this Republic Day Honours (2009) !! We are Secular - Stupid!!

After inquiring into 168 of the 547 allegations, the NHRC said: " Many of the villagers whose names figure in the list of those allegedly killed by Salwa Judum or security forces were actually killed by the Naxalites." FIRs were registered in most cases and the kin compensated. Interestingly, some of the villagers on the list died of natural causes while a few others were alive and still many were Naxalites. The NHRC team - led by DIG Sudhir
Chowdhary was attacked thrice by Naxals and one such incident left a police officer injured - didn't come across any complaints of Salwa Judum collecting " taxes " from vehicle owners.

Taking a dig at the petitioners, it said: " Surely, the petitioners wouldn't support the subjugation and killings of tribals by Naxalites for years before Salwa Judum." The fact of the matter is Salwa Judum poses an enormous long-term threat to the Maoists, and, our 'secular - bleedingheart - liberals' - don't like this!! And yet, the people of Chattisgarh have spoken in the recently concluded Assembly Elections!!


I rest my case, Your Honour.


Monday, February 23, 2009

‘Converted’ LTTE

Though almost all Indians are sympathetic and worried about the misery of ordinary Tamil folks in Srilanka, the heightened battle between government forces and LTTE has helped us expose one of the biggest lies in recent times by India ’s arch pseudo-secularists. Whenever there is any talk about Islamic Terrorism, the ‘secular’ experts always raise the counter question as to why LTTE is not stamped as a bunch of Hindu terrorists. The name of Velu Pillai Prabhakaran was good enough to carry this question to the minds of all those who do not know the undercurrents. But the take over of LTTE by Prabhakaran’s son Charles Antony has cleared all doubts once for all.

Many aspects of LTTE and Terrorism are now crystal. When Prabhakaran was indeed Prabhakaran, LTTE remained a ‘dharmic’ force fighting for the legitimate rights of Lankan Tamils who were majority Hindus. But when Prabhakaran Annan was ‘converted’ by his European godfathers to Brother Prabhakar, the situation changed. He became a full fledged terrorist and started accumulating weapons and killing innocent Srilankans on orders from his masters. The aim of his Christian masters was not only to destroy the majority Budhists in Srilanka, but to establish a ‘ Bangladesh ’ of Vatican in India ’s underbelly. Italian involvement in this evil design stands out even now. Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi was as per the plot but take over of reign by Narasimha Rao (instead of you know who) was not in the plan, and that upset the grand Vatican design.

The basics of terrorism are very clear now. Hindus can never and will never become terrorists. Values and preaching of our scriptures and gurus does not contain hatred for other thoughts, views and believers. Hinduism does not need a terrorist approach to sustain=2 0itself or establish its truth. Hindus can at best become militant (which should be the ideal case) but never terrorists killing innocents. Terrorism is the monopoly of religions that preach hatred towards others and those who want the whole world to believe and follow only one path. It belongs to those religions which promise paradise for those who kill innocents for furthering their selfish and closed agenda. The evil concept of Terrorism is emanating from Vatican and Middle East, and never from the land of Hinduism .

Barbarians at the gate

Kanchan Gupta

There is sufficient reason to be worried about the gutless civilian Government in Pakistan abjectly capitulating to the Islamic fanatics of Swat Valley who have prohibited girls from attending school, ordered women to stay at home, instructed parents to give their daughters as ‘wives’ to the Taliban, begun flogging men in public squares, and will soon replace popular entertainment by way of films and music with stoning victims of rape to death in bazaars. With the Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi — never mind that we are talking about the Pakistani variety of Mullah Omar’s masked Afghan killers — virtually coming to power in Malakand division of North-West Frontier Province, reducing the secular ANP Government to no more than a nominal ‘authority’ forced to do Islamabad’s bidding, it’s only a matter of time before the geographic expanse of ‘Jihadistan’ increases to consume large chunks of what remains of Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s moth-eaten Pakistan.

It’s really of little or no relevance that last week’s ‘peace deal’ hinges on the imposition of ‘Nizam-e-Adl’, or shari’ah criminal law: Malakand won’t be the only place in the world where limbs will be chopped off for petty offences or women done to death for the crimes of men. Nor should we be unduly impressed by Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari’s description of the Taliban as “murderous thugs and militants” who “pose a danger to Pakistan, the US and India”. Surely he hasn’t forgotten that it was Benazir Bhutto who connived with the ISI to promote the Taliban, nor should he pretend to be ignorant of the fact that it was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who aggressively preached “Islam is the solution, the Islamic Bomb is the means”. Having sent Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to the gallows, Gen Zia-ul-Haq could not but have aggressively pushed Islamism and its attendant evils. The poison fruit is now for the PPP and the people of Pakistan to relish.

Mr Arun Jaitley of the BJP was not being facetious when he said that the Taliban are a mere five hours away from India. Parliament may have missed the point and the Prime Minister’s flatterers may be upset that he should have compared the absentee head of Government as a ‘night watchman’, but it would be outright stupid to ignore the fact that the barbarians are at the gate. Let us also bear in mind that the Deobandi madarsas which produced the taliban who then went on to become the Taliban — in Pakistan and Afghanistan — are not entirely dissimilar to the madarsas which have mushroomed across the length and breadth of India, nurtured by both mullahs and their patrons in the ‘secular’ political parties, of which the Congress is just one example.

Let it also be said that the ‘intolerance’ of the Taliban which so alarms us is not specific to the ‘murderous thugs’ of Swat Valley and Kandahar. We have seen dissident Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen being hounded out of Kolkata by Islamic fanatics and forced to leave India by the ‘secular’ UPA Government which now wrings its hands and waxes eloquent on the dangers of the rise of Talibani fanaticism. If only such concern had been expressed over the editor and publisher of The Statesman being arrested for reproducing a scintillating article from The Independent, written by Johann Hari, Mr Anand Sharma’s vapid reaction to the fall of Swat Valley would have carried some conviction. If Pakistan is now paying a steep price for its duplicitous policy of using violent Islamism to further its strategic interests in Afghanistan and bleed India through a ‘thousand cuts’, we too shall pay a price for following a line of least resistance and legitimising appeasement by grafting what the Prime Minister described as “Muslims first” to the policies of an allegedly secular state.

There are other similarities which make India as vulnerable as Pakistan to the scourge of Taliban. For all its emphasis on subjugating the country to the supremacy of Islam, of being one with the ummah, and its repeated proclamation of the equality of Muslims, Pakistan has abysmally failed to deliver good governance. Elected Prime Ministers and military dictators have equally fleeced the country, pushed the masses deeper into poverty, made a mockery of the judicial system, and maintained a dissolute elite’s hegemony over Pakistan’s politics, economy and society. Islamism was once a useful means to distract the masses and silence critics. Islamism now has become a powerful tool to mobilise the masses against the elite. Real grievances and imagined victimhood have coalesced to create a fetid swamp that breeds the deadliest of germs, of which the Taliban is a particularly venomous species.

Cut to India. The vast Muslim underclass remains unaffected and untouched by the Prime Minister’s “Muslims first” creed. While Mr Manmohan Singh spends sleepless nights agonising over the plight of those suspected to be involved in jihadi terrorism, millions of Muslims spend sleepless nights — as do millions of Hindus — wondering where their next meal is going to come from. When the Government decides to reward the families of slain jihadis, it sends out a loud message to Muslims: Take up the gun, die in action, ensure a better life for your families. By casting aspersions on Delhi Police and accusing them of killing ‘innocent’ Muslims, the Prime Minister’s Cabinet colleagues encourage moderates to turn extremists. When madarsas are euologised and Saraswati Sishu Mandir schools are relentlessly demonised, the ulema feel sufficiently emboldened to include hate in their teachings. When the Government slyly allows the setting up of qazi courts, which dispense justice according to shari’ah, and lets them function without so much as a whimper of protest, it tells Muslims that India’s secular justice system is incapable of protecting their interests. When a wholly illegitimate All-India Muslim Personal Law Board is allowed to dictate how Muslims should run their personal lives, the state abdicates its responsibility to its citizens. As in Pakistan, here too the Government has come to believe that Islam is a substitute for jobs, housing and health services. Azamgarh to Alappuzha, Dibrugarh to Dharwad, a fetid swamp similar to that of Pakistan’s is spreading; the ‘Indian Mujahideen’ are the produce of this swamp.

The distance between Swat Valley and Islamabad is 160 km. Jamia Nagar is in Delhi.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valuless Values of the Marxist Party

By Dr. Babu Suseelan
The Marxist party is not known for any absolute moral principles. Now the Marxist party in Kerala is facing a moral dilernma, a situation where the party must choose between two courses of action both of which would be wrong for the party to undertake.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Anti Corruption Branch has issued a special report after years of through and meticulous investigation against the Marxist party General Secretary Pinaray Vijayan. CBI reports the Pinaray Vijayan was engaged in deception and fraud in his dealings with the Canadian firm SNE LAVLIN. As a cabinet Minister, Pinaray Vijayan was engaged intentionally in the perversion of facts for the purpose of defrauding the government. He also induced officials to engage in deception and fraud for various reasons and with ulterior motives. Earlier, the controller and auditor general named him in corruption cage regarding the renovation in several hydroelectric projects in Kerala, while Vijayan was the electricity minister.

After investigating the extent to which Lavlin defrauded the govt., the CBI concluded that Vijayan was colluded with LAVLIN enabling Lavlin and the private confuting firm to engage in illegal acts, and unethical transaction involving deceit, Fraud, and division of funds. Lavlin collected cores of Rupees for services not provided, over inflated prices for the machinery, as well as for funds diverted to fictions consultants aligned with Pinaray Vijayan.

Now the Marxist Party lealest are forced to choose between upholding judicial norms and avoiding some looming disaster.

The public knows that Vijayan has dirty hands right up to his elbows. For several years, the Marxist Party has become a corporation running TV stations, Theme park, Hospitals, movie houses and commercial enterprises for profit. Why is Pinaray Vijayan singled out? Isn’t he like the other Marxist leaders who hustle, lie, intrigue, wear masks and join with the Jihadi Mafia? Pinaray Vijayan is a good deal worse, morally worse than the rest of the Marxist leader. He is not an ordinary leader. He has ulterior motives, sinister purposes in mind as well as hidden causes and project that require funds. He hustles lies and he is also thought to be worse than the rest of the Marxist leaders. He uses violence and the threat of violence not only against Hindus but also against party dissenters.

In an unprecedented camping to escape from his corruption case, Pinaray Vijayan has gone beyond media manipulation, public marches with fear muscling and false assertions. Pinaray Vijayan uses his marshes as a code for spreading Marxist tyranny and for cover up of his crimes.

The deceitful and corrupt Pinaray Vijayan is defended by the the Marxist party political bosses. The decision of the Party leaders to support Vijayan exposes the Marxist Party’s lack of moral standards. The party’s admiration for Pinaray Vijayan is complete and they are willing to glorify the greatest liar. Prakash Karat, the general secretary and his cronies manipulate the public to make them forget the lies and fraud of Pinaray Vijayan.

V.S.Achuthanandan, the Marxist Chief Minister can’t govern innocently. V.S.Achuthanandan, the Chief Minister says that he will proceed further after the chief public prosecutor reviews the case. In Kerala, public prosecutors re appointed by the ruling party based on their political affiliation. Sometimes they find themselves torn between the interests of the political masters and the interest of the judiciary. These situations present Public Prosecutors with the problem of divided loyalties.

From a deontological point of view, one could argue that the public prosecutor has an inherent obligation to uphold the Judicial Policy no matter how unjust they believe the policy to be. In Kerala, politically appointed public prosecutors have an inherent obligation to protect corrupt political leaders. As a resulr, more public harm could result.

In this case, Pinaray Vijayan’s illegal actions and fraudulent decisions warrant prosecution and punishment by the Judiciary. His ulterior motive and deceit was evident in his evasion, misconduct and wrong doing that constitute violation of the law and code of ethics.

Managing the government and prosecuting white collar criminals successfully need both competence and integrity. The Marxist government has failed miserably to spot problems, identity corrupt practices and to deal with them firmly.

The chief minister V.S.Achuthanandan is acting like a clown without the technical knowledge or the intellectual firepower to guide the state effectively through the turbulent time.

The CPI (M)’s state secretariat is trying hard to stop the Chief Minister from clearing Vijayan for prosecution. The Central Marxist Bureau has instructed V.S. to do nothing to hurt Vijayan. Vijayan and Karat have launched a propaganda blitz and media manipulation campaign to save the corrupt Vijayan.

In this context, the general public should know that the scale of Justice is highly imbalanced in Kerala. Political leaders in Kerala had a long history of looting public funds.

The public must make save that the Marxist party pays, the price. The innocent public won’t be able to do that, however, without using their political power appropriately.

The citizens in Kerala are increasingly confronted with Jihadi terrorism, corruption, violence, and looting of public funds. All of these life threatening, traumatic events can produce crisis episodes. These trallimatie events are all too familiar to the public, police and the judiciary. Citizens must unite against corruption. Unity is strength. Organizations like SNDP, and NSS must look beyond the mirrors and work toward nurturing a relationship with VHP. RSS, Hindu Aiykavedi, and pther Hindu organisations. They can accomplished more than what they could alone.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Innocent Minorities Victimised in India! ; Sir what about Majority?

NEW DELHI : Cases of human rights violation against minorities (Read Muslims and Christians) in the country have increased in the last two years – The Report is presented by Shakeel Ahammed , Minister of State for Home in Rajya Sabha.

As usual Media got something else to celebrate and so called Victimized Minorities can submit this Central Government’s vouching while applying for more funds from their Middle East and Western Masters.

Now Let us look this report without the mist of Pseudo-Secularism

1) If this report was during the tenure of BJP – This itself is more than enough for opposition parties to shout for dispersing the government.

2) While producing reports like this reports in behalf of Minorities, Isnt’it logical for us to expect a similar report titling – Human Right Violation against Majority

3) While showing figures about those so called Human Right Violations – Who will produce statistics for the steep rise in Terrorist attacks sponsored by Muslim Minorities and Church and Leftist sponsored Maoist attacks?

4) Is Government ready to take statistics on the rise in suicides of Hindu girls falling into the trap of Jihadi Romeos

5)Is Government ready to take statistics on how many Sons and Daughters ditched their Parents after falling into the trap of Missionaries.

6) Is Government ready to take the rise in social issues following Christian conversion

7) Is Government ready to take statistics of rise in Hate literature in circulation against Hinduism

8)Is Government ready to take statistics of rise in Foreign Funds for the nefarious activities of Jihadi’s , Missionaries and Maoists?

9) Is Government ready to Publish the Number of Hindus who lost their life and Number of Temples came under the attack of Jihadi’s and Church

10) Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis are all Minorities in our country – When they don’t have this insecure feeling – Why only Muslims and Christians have this issue of being Victimised?

11) Such reports are produced not for the betterment of Minorities but for further creating division in the society in the name of religion by sowing the seeds of Mistrust. Our respected Judiciary should come forward to ban such Government initiatives to divide the citizens of our country as Majority and Minority

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nun's confessions set to rock Kerala Church

Indian Express
Thiruvananathapuram: Already reeling under several controversies, the Kerala Catholic Church is facing fresh embarrassment from a tell-all autobiography written by a nun who recently quit the Order alleging harassment from superiors.

'Amen — an autobiography of a nun', released last week, is written by Dr Sister Jesme, 52, who was the Principal of St Mary's College, Thrissur, till last August when she quit the Congregation of Mother Carmelite (CMC).

"Dedicated to Jesus", Amen is explicit in its details of the sexual repression and harassment behind the Church walls as well as the draconian rules and "greed" of the Order. Jesme claims that since the book was released, she has been getting calls pledging solidarity.

"Nuns mingle with the whole spectrum of the community around them. They teach students, comfort the aged and nurse the sick; still the brides of the Church remain an enigma. My work would throw light on the misunderstood convent life, engulfed in darkness," says Jesme.

Apart from the Abhaya murder in which a nun and priests are accused, the Kerala Church was recently in the news for a priest "adopting" a 26-year-old woman.

Jesme's autobiography includes a poignant version by her of how the convent authorities tried to twice prove that she had mental problems and get her admitted into a rehab centre after she reportedly spoke out against the malpractices within the Order.

Starting with her first days in the Church, 30 years ago, she talks of priets forcing novices to have relations with them and the closet homosexuality within nun ranks, "which the Church reckons as the dirtiest thing possible". "If nuns developed unusual interest in each other, authorities would deploy other inmates to watch them," she writes.

The book says Jesme herself was forced into such a relationship by a fellow nun, and that her complaints to a senior nun were ignored. According to her, the other nun said she preferred such a relationship as it ruled out pregnancy. There were others who had affairs with priests, she writes.

Another passage in Amen deals with a chance encounter Jesme had with a priest in Bangalore while on her way to Dharwar to attend a UGC refresher course in English. "My plan was to stay at the waiting room at the Bangalore railway station. But sisters in the convent gave me the address of a pious, decent priest. When I reached Bangalore, the priest was waiting to receive me. He embraced me and took me to his presbytery. After breakfast, he took me to Lalbagh (Botanical Garden) and showed me several pairs cuddling behind trees. He also gave a sermon on the necessity of physical love and described the illicit affairs certain bishops and priests had."

Later, when they were in his room, she writes, he stripped and made her do the same.

Jesme claims that while nuns in the lower ranks were punished if caught for even minor offences, the Church turned a blind eye to those superior or with influence for major transgressions.

Talking about the Church's draconian rules, Jesme writes in the book that she was not allowed to go home when her father died, or to even pray some extra hours for his soul. "I was able to see my father barely 15 minutes before the funeral. The alibi of the superiors was that the then senior sisters were not even lucky enough to see the bodies of their parents."

During her time in the Church, Jesme often ran into problems with superiors. She was called "cine nun" after she provided office facility for a film festival at St Mary's College, leading to the first campus film from the college, as well as when she shared dais with a sex worker for the release of a book on the life of a prostitute.

Since quitting CMC, Jesme has been staying alone in a flat in Kozhikode. She told The Indian Express she was still living as a "nun". "I go for Church mass daily and have no plans to get married."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Islamic Reformer Beheads his Wife

The Founder of a Muslim Channel in US who wanted to show Islam in a Positive light in the wake of war on terror, itself has been arrested and charged with murdering his own wife.

Muzzamil Hassan CEO of a Newyork based TV channel beheaded his wife Aasiya Hassan, in his quest to pour positive light towards the so called Religion of Peace.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A day of dream, an absolute agenda for a Nation: Bangladesh

By William Gomes

“Be aware of Bangladesh” this is how the Honkong based magazine “The Economic Review” titled on Bangladesh. This is the same Bangladesh which comes out of sacrificial 9 months long of liberation war against the Islamic fascist and brutal Junta of Pakistan in 1971. The new born nation was inspired by fully by non communal spirit. But the joy of liberation was struggling with the left inner vested quarter of Pakistani Junta “Al –Badar” and “Al- Shamas”. Slowly the vested quarter entered into the root of the policy making. The country faced horrible tragedy during 1975 and afterward. The father of the nation was killed by the army officials and the nation steps into new tragedy. That was beginning of new era in the history of Bangladesh. The constitution was amended many times afterward and the agenda of vested quarter was fulfilled. The secular entity of Bangladesh was removed and it was titled with “Bloody Bismillah”. That was the main base of injecting the slow poison of Political Islam in the land of peace. I want to recall the saying of great Italian philosopher Sonko “Religion is regarded by the common men as true, by the wise as false and by the rulers as useful”.

In Bangladesh Religion is highly useful for all forms of left –right politicians indeed. The secular writer Taslima Nasrin was forced to leave the country for the Islamic fascists. The free thinker Dr.Goni Gomez was killed by the JMB and the nation was shocked by the bomb blast in almost all districts by the Islamic fascists, and this is the result of the Islamization of Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh the minorities are under threat all the time in the name of Islam. We want to dream of a day, when we will be able to worship in Christmas day without the police security and without any fear of a Bomb Blast. We want to dream for a day when Bangladesh will be corruption free and when we will be free from poverty. We want to dream for a day when the people of all religions will sing the song of peace and harmony together and work together for a better Bangladesh. We want to dream of a better Bangladesh. We don’t want to see any title “Be aware of Bangladesh”, but we want to see the “Bangladesh: the unique example of peace and prosperity”.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Myanmar Mission of the Council of Nagaland Baptist Churches Missionaries set Hindu temple on fire

According to the complaints of Hindu Nagas, the Christian missionaries from Tamenlong in Manipur in collusion with their Barak Valley activists have been converting the Hindus of Ujan Tarapur through allurements and threats.

SILCHAR: Christian missionaries preach many things and quote the Bible in particular to say, “We do not hurt other denominations.” And behind the facade of this Biblical adherence lies the ugly face of their activities to take resort to illegal and fraud for conversion of the innocent and simple minded people by force, inducement and questionable means. It is now more than clear that it is these missionaries who create conflict and stoke the flame of religious bigotry and communal passion. Glaring example is Kandhamal.Laxamananda Saraswati was murdered because he had become a formidable force in the area against forced conversion of Hindus. His popularity and following in the area was rapidly increasing, scaring the Christian zealots.

The pseudo secularists and the media of that mindset blamed the VHP and the Bajrang Dal for the Kandhamal situation without making any ground study. Let them come to Barak Valley of Assam and have independent and objective look at the nefarious and provocative designs of the missionaries to convert the Hindus.

Christian missionaries as a part of their proselytisation drive after abortive attempts at conversion have again targeted the Hindu Rongmei Naga inhabited village of Ujan Tarapur, near Banskandi. Under the guidance of their pastor they attacked the temple of Goddess Kali and set the idol on fire, besides causing extensive damage to the temple.

On the basis of the complaint lodged with the Lakhipur police station by the Rongmeis, the police took prompt action and arrested Thuirangdin Rongmei (47), Pawhailung Rongmei (63) and Alum Rongmei (35). Thuirangdin is from the Tamenlong district of Manipur while two others are from Barak Valley of Assam. Another missionary involved in the crime identified as Miuri Rongmei is absconding.

Additional SP of Cachar Pradip Ranjan Kar, officer in-charge of Lakhipur Seva Singh and magistrate Ranjit Kumar Laskar rushed to the spot on receipt of information and arrested the missionaries who were produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court at Silchar. These missionaries have been chargesheeted under sections 120(B), 153(A), 295(A) of 427/435/34 IPC.

According to the complaints of Hindu Nagas, the Christian missionaries from Tamenlong in Manipur in collusion with their Barak Valley activists have been converting the Hindus of Ujan Tarapur through allurements and even by threats. Zeliangrong Haraku Association (ZHA), an organisation of Naga Tribes—Zeme, Rongmei and Liyangmei—has taken serious exception to the decision of the Myanmar Mission of the Council of Nagaland Baptist Churches (CNBC) to evangelise the Nagas.

The Council at its last annual meeting held at Paren in Nagaland has adopted a resolution to conduct evangelisation programme. The resolution calls upon the Baptist churches to take positive steps in this regard.

Quite intriguing is the use of code and the organised efforts of the Baptist churches to work for the realisation of Myanmar mission. Details of this mission are not known. The CNBC has reiterated to “uphold this mission project in every possible way as a joint ministry in the world evangelisation mission.”

Gaifui Rongmei, Pinsingpoi Rongmei and Chinkudai Rongmei of Ujan Tarapur had complained earlier that “this proselytisation drive is not new.” Three missionaries have been frequenting their areas and forcing them to embrace Christianity. This process started in 1996 when copies of Bible were distributed among the 50 odd families of the village. Following year their visit was with questionnaires to all of them and particularly on the essence of the Bible and what they have learnt about Jesus Christ and Christianity.

Panicked villagers met Kalyan Ashram members who immediately took up the matter with the then deputy commissioner, Pawan Kumar Borthakur and SP Jeevan Singh as well as the subsidiary intelligence bureau officials. The villagers said the missionaries abused their gods and goddesses and advised them not to offer worship at their apoo ragwang (Shiva) and paimadiliu (Kali) temples. They also alleged that the missionaries not only resorted to coercive methods but also extorted money from 43 families.

ZHA in a statement at Haflong while advising the Zeliangrongs to preserve their tradition, culture and heritage has cautioned the missionaries against conversion for such a process would only create tension and conflict, fraught with disastrous consequences.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Johann Hari: Why should I respect these oppressive religions?

The right to criticise religion is being slowly doused in acid. Across the world, the small, incremental gains made by secularism – giving us the space to doubt and question and make up our own minds – are being beaten back by belligerent demands that we "respect" religion. A historic marker has just been passed, showing how far we have been shoved. The UN rapporteur who is supposed to be the global guardian of free speech has had his job rewritten – to put him on the side of the religious censors.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights stated 60 years ago that "a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief is the highest aspiration of the common people". It was a Magna Carta for mankind – and loathed by every human rights abuser on earth. Today, the Chinese dictatorship calls it "Western", Robert Mugabe calls it "colonialist", and Dick Cheney calls it "outdated". The countries of the world have chronically failed to meet it – but the document has been held up by the United Nations as the ultimate standard against which to check ourselves. Until now.

Starting in 1999, a coalition of Islamist tyrants, led by Saudi Arabia, demanded the rules be rewritten. The demand for everyone to be able to think and speak freely failed to "respect" the "unique sensitivities" of the religious, they decided – so they issued an alternative Islamic Declaration of Human Rights. It insisted that you can only speak within "the limits set by the shariah [law]. It is not permitted to spread falsehood or disseminate that which involves encouraging abomination or forsaking the Islamic community".

In other words, you can say anything you like, as long as it precisely what the reactionary mullahs tell you to say. The declaration makes it clear there is no equality for women, gays, non-Muslims, or apostates. It has been backed by the Vatican and a bevy of Christian fundamentalists.

Incredibly, they are succeeding. The UN's Rapporteur on Human Rights has always been tasked with exposing and shaming those who prevent free speech – including the religious. But the Pakistani delegate recently demanded that his job description be changed so he can seek out and condemn "abuses of free expression" including "defamation of religions and prophets". The council agreed – so the job has been turned on its head. Instead of condemning the people who wanted to murder Salman Rushdie, they will be condemning Salman Rushdie himself.

Anything which can be deemed "religious" is no longer allowed to be a subject of discussion at the UN – and almost everything is deemed religious. Roy Brown of the International Humanist and Ethical Union has tried to raise topics like the stoning of women accused of adultery or child marriage. The Egyptian delegate stood up to announce discussion of shariah "will not happen" and "Islam will not be crucified in this council" – and Brown was ordered to be silent. Of course, the first victims of locking down free speech about Islam with the imprimatur of the UN are ordinary Muslims.

Here is a random smattering of events that have taken place in the past week in countries that demanded this change. In Nigeria, divorced women are routinely thrown out of their homes and left destitute, unable to see their children, so a large group of them wanted to stage a protest – but the Shariah police declared it was "un-Islamic" and the marchers would be beaten and whipped. In Saudi Arabia, the country's most senior government-approved cleric said it was perfectly acceptable for old men to marry 10-year-old girls, and those who disagree should be silenced. In Egypt, a 27-year-old Muslim blogger Abdel Rahman was seized, jailed and tortured for arguing for a reformed Islam that does not enforce shariah.

To the people who demand respect for Muslim culture, I ask: which Muslim culture? Those women's, those children's, this blogger's – or their oppressors'?

As the secular campaigner Austin Darcy puts it: "The ultimate aim of this effort is not to protect the feelings of Muslims, but to protect illiberal Islamic states from charges of human rights abuse, and to silence the voices of internal dissidents calling for more secular government and freedom."

Those of us who passionately support the UN should be the most outraged by this.

Underpinning these "reforms" is a notion seeping even into democratic societies – that atheism and doubt are akin to racism. Today, whenever a religious belief is criticised, its adherents immediately claim they are the victims of "prejudice" – and their outrage is increasingly being backed by laws.

All people deserve respect, but not all ideas do. I don't respect the idea that a man was born of a virgin, walked on water and rose from the dead. I don't respect the idea that we should follow a "Prophet" who at the age of 53 had sex with a nine-year old girl, and ordered the murder of whole villages of Jews because they wouldn't follow him.

I don't respect the idea that the West Bank was handed to Jews by God and the Palestinians should be bombed or bullied into surrendering it. I don't respect the idea that we may have lived before as goats, and could live again as woodlice. This is not because of "prejudice" or "ignorance", but because there is no evidence for these claims. They belong to the childhood of our species, and will in time look as preposterous as believing in Zeus or Thor or Baal.

When you demand "respect", you are demanding we lie to you. I have too much real respect for you as a human being to engage in that charade.

But why are religious sensitivities so much more likely to provoke demands for censorship than, say, political sensitivities? The answer lies in the nature of faith. If my views are challenged I can, in the end, check them against reality. If you deregulate markets, will they collapse? If you increase carbon dioxide emissions, does the climate become destabilised? If my views are wrong, I can correct them; if they are right, I am soothed.

But when the religious are challenged, there is no evidence for them to consult. By definition, if you have faith, you are choosing to believe in the absence of evidence. Nobody has "faith" that fire hurts, or Australia exists; they know it, based on proof. But it is psychologically painful to be confronted with the fact that your core beliefs are based on thin air, or on the empty shells of revelation or contorted parodies of reason. It's easier to demand the source of the pesky doubt be silenced.

But a free society cannot be structured to soothe the hardcore faithful. It is based on a deal. You have an absolute right to voice your beliefs – but the price is that I too have a right to respond as I wish. Neither of us can set aside the rules and demand to be protected from offence.

Yet this idea – at the heart of the Universal Declaration – is being lost. To the right, it thwacks into apologists for religious censorship; to the left, it dissolves in multiculturalism. The hijacking of the UN Special Rapporteur by religious fanatics should jolt us into rescuing the simple, battered idea disintegrating in the middle: the equal, indivisible human right to speak freely.

Editor and Publisher arrested for Insulting Muslims!-Vanguards of freedom of expression remain silent

Kolkata : The Editor and publisher of The Statesman – English Daily from Kolkata was arrested on Wednesday for hurting the religious sentiments of Muslim community.

Ravindra Kumar, editor of The Statesman, and Anand Sinha, its printer and publisher, were arrested from their residence on Wednesday morning on a specific complaint made by one Mohd Shahid at the Bowbazar police station .

The article titled 'Why should I respect these oppressive religions?,' by Johann Hari, also published in The Independent, was carried on The Statesman edition dated February 5.

Click here to Read this must read Article which boldly exposes the Islamic Tyranny
Why should I respect these oppressive religions?

Interestingly, No Vanguards of liberty and freedom of expression came forward yet to defend and support this Editor and Publisher, Not even that Medias who vehemently supported M F Hussein and perverts like him.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

De-Valuing of Kerala: The Communist War on Hindus

Dr.Babu suseelan
Kerala, the land of Land of Parasurama, Mahabali and Sri Sankaracharya is under siege. Media reports in chilling detail the criminal transformation of Kerala. People are now appalled by crime, violence, suicide, alcohol and other drug addiction, poverty, unemployment, corruption, labor unrest, bureau pathology, budget deficits, Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, Muslim, Christian appeasement, destruction of forest land, and de-valuing of traditional heritage. Hindu culture and virtues had been supplemented or displaced by the communist slogans of class warfare, power for the proletariat, distribution of wealth, and revolutionary slogans. Using every means, including subversion, psychological warfare, terrorism, disinformation, economic warfare, murder, intimidation, and labor unrest, the Communists have pursued a deliberate, concerted, long-range program to subvert and destroy Hindu culture and to produce maximum chaos. Traditional Hindu virtues and spirituality that hold the society together are described as vices and subverted more subtly and radically for the well being of the communist proletariat. The mounting turmoil-moral, social, political, economic and religious-is the devastating result of the planned destruction of kerala by the Communists. Communists have waged psychological warfare, carrying forward their mission to capture the minds of Hindus. Communist technique is to intensify the attack upon the mind-to eradicate Hindu view of life and to achieve the conversion of Hindus to alien dogmas hostile to Hindu Dharma. For long, these radical departures from our eternal Hindu Dharma passed without resistance.

It is time for everyone from politicians to teacher, to students, to journalists to focus on the forces behind the de-construction and de-valuation of our society. Prior to the introduction of Communism, kerala was more civil, more pacific, more human and religious and culturally vibrant. The traditional family was firmly established, art, music, literature, and cottage industry proliferated; and cultural institutions continued to thrive.

For several years, Communist Fascists have transformed working class into industrial proletariat and exercised its “hegemony” over a docile workforce and citizenry. One of the ‘social control” is that instead of liberating the labor class, communism demeaned them as the unwitting victims of “false Consciousness”. Unable to practice their life supporting Hindu samskaras, students, workers, farmers and artists were easily persuaded to accept the values of their oppressors. Communists have used sophisticated brainwashing techniques to socialize gullible Hindus against their own best interests.

By mind manipulation techniques, communists were successful in degrading Hinduism into secularism and proceeded to de-value and trans-value the sacred Dharma, to create a new set of values alien to our society. Many Hindus were psycho programmed without resistance into the ethos of communism. Communist’s intellectual universe has formed by alien leaders like Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Trotsky. With subtle indoctrination, communists have introduced radical beliefs, opinions, attitudes, feelings, habits, conventions, preferences, and prejudices, even idiosyncrasies. These non-traditional, anti Hindu values are now so firmly entrenched in the popular vocabulary of missionary trained journalists, teachers, artists and feminists and students.

The shift from Hindu values to communist values has had unfortunate consequences. This cultural mutation has the effect of belittling and disparaging Hindu concept of Dharma, wisdom, courage, morality, and family values. Communist theoreticians who claim to be writing “history from below” misinterpreted Hindu values as upper class values and instilled conflicting alien values in the minds of working class Hindus for the purpose of social control. Communists gained political control and were successful in de-constructing society and destroying Hindu family system. The communists have made the invasion of schools and colleges, cultural institutions and the media one of the major considerations in their psychological warfare designed to control Hindu mind. Concealed communists in education and their friends are sponsors of Communist fronts and play an active part in influencing the attitudes of the public. As a result, public violence, economic depression, sensationalist journalism, moral deterioration, coercive religious conversion and Jihadi terrorism ensued. Communist fascists denigrated our Hindu religious and social role models and spiritual leaders. Western, secular ones and institutionalized atheism, and moral agnosticism supplemented school textbooks. This counter current of thought played into the hands of media, theatre, film, literature, and corrupted our art, music and literature. As a result, communists were successful, arrogantly and willfully, creating a new social disorder, moral code of immorality and a perverted secularism.

This general communist assault upon the foundations of kerala’s heritage has succeeded, in part, because it has been aided and abetted by liberal politicians, leftist intellectuals, missionaries, clergy and Islamic Jihadis. Yet what has really made communist mind manipulation possible, has been the seeming inability of caste based organizations to rationally respond to the communist assault. While de-valuing traditional cultural values and demoralizing and secularizing Hindus, communists have made a nexus with Muslims and Christians. It is this alliance that determines kerala’s social, economic, cultural, and educational policy.

The disastrous effects of such alliance are felt at all levels in kerala. Hindus are slowly discovering that the economic and social aspects of this unholy alliance imperil both the cultural and material well being of Hindus. Can kerala recover from the Communist, Christian, Muslim alliance? Posing this question so prominently is a bit daring? A few Hindus have taken refuge in massive denial. They maintain that social deviance, crime, violence, Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, is designed to create panic thus justifying an increase in the power of Hindu upper class. They are uncomfortable in admitting communists are a menace to Hindus of kerala, lest they be accused of communalism. It is not only our secular political leaders who are prone to this failure of moral nerve. Several caste based organizational leaders have been infected by it, to one degree or another.

Hindus have much rethinking to do. It is not enough to say that communism is a political thought and all religions are the same. Hindus should loudly proclaim that the dogmas imported by communist/Muslim/Christian alliance are inadequate, polarizing, and unacceptable. Those Hindus who want to resist these dangerous false belief system and non-traditional values cannot opt out of the Hindutva movement. They should join together with Hindu unity movements that are the best repositories of eternal Hindu values.

It’s time to ignite Hindus. It’s time to wake up our citizens so they can practice their culture, enjoy their freedom, and promote, universal, and time tested Hindu values. It’s time to wake up and realize where our present state of affairs taking us and choose the kind of country in which we want to live. But how can we take our country back? The only way Hindus can establish their freedom, liberty, culture, tradition and spiritual heritage is to break the hammerlock of communism, pseudo secularism and alien dogmas that controls people’s passion and behavior.

The new proselytizers

Tarun Vijay

Nandita Das created a stir by scripting and directing "Firaaq". It's a soul-stirring movie. Nandita, the director and scriptwriter, has tried to
be as honest and candid with the celluloid as her deep-rooted commitment to her political ideology. Terrifyingly impressive is the way she uses silence as a tool to etch her message on the viewers' minds. The actors live the characters they represent. And she admits frankly, "It's a political movie."

As a filmmaker and journalist, I would give her full marks for a political statement that has been registered so strongly that this film is going to have better effect than a hundred thousand people's gathering.

Surely, more than a movie it's a political statement. She is a person with strong colours of ideology and she has done what she thought she must do. "Firaaq" will certainly get rave reviews in the Indian media. She has already received some international awards, and like "Slumdog Millionaire", the film has passed the test through "firang" eyes and hence must be all the more acceptable to the "progressive secular, peace loving" people here who have a large, global heart and express their feelings in English.

Apart from its technical qualities of cinematography, editing, direction and script it almost convinced me that barbarism begins with Hindus.

There would be a couple of critical articles or comments, if any, criticizing the movie on ideological points or for the depiction of the events, which may be found completely wrong and devastatingly hateful. These critics may forget that this is a political movie that would sell because the West needs a Jamal or a Mohsin to be rewarded to help it cover the feelings that emerged after 9/11. Having heard Nandita on the movie and seen the clips, I too would have converted to her views if the Godhra incident was not vividly clear in my mind.

I would have turned to take Nandita's autographs with a sense of admiration if I had not heard the cries of Seema, whose father, mother and brother were slaughtered with a butcher's knife in Doda, before her eyes, when she was barely seven, in the name of a jihad my secular friends interpret differently. I tried to ask a question: who were those Hindus killed and brutalized during the Gujarat riots? It's impossible for me to keep mum or justify what happened after Godhra, which saw innocent Muslims being killed so ghastly that no words are enough to express the hurt. The colour of the tears of a mother, whether Hindu or Muslim, is alike. But dividing dead bodies and deciding levels of mourning on the basis of their faith should be as unacceptable as the killings of innocent citizens. Killing truth and colouring facts must also be called a pogrom of civility.

In fact, the secular messengers of the new gospel of hate have turned into aggressive proselytizers setting their worldview as a prerequisite to enter any socio-political or literary regime. They have successfully monopolized the world of various media establishing English as the only vehicle of intellectual discourse and thus keeping the doors to the higher echelons of elite and decision makers shut to those who belong to the Indian-language groups and represent the real ethos of the land. Although to make profits, these very secular groups would sell bhajans and show religious serials while attacking the very spirit of and the protective shields to such traditions in the very next programme. They can't imagine winning votes with speeches in English or going to the common voter with a wine glass or a beer bottle in their hands. Yet, in their social circuit, they would raise the flag of "pub culture" and look with contempt at a person speaking an Indian language.

Just have a look at the loan forms of the banks. The last paragraph says "those blind, illiterate or signing in a vernacular language must get their signatures attested by someone who knows English". Can this kind of instruction be tolerated in the UK or the US for their national languages? Even the use of the word "vernacular" for the national languages is a derogatory, colonial hangover. But who cares? They look at Indians as slumdogs, are alien to the threads that weave a fabric called India and treat the "natives" like Kipling's Ramu. So when a western royal or head of state comes, he is made to cuddle a slum child with a running nose or taken to an orphanage for a photo op to show western compassion for the unprivileged. An Indian Prime Minister is never asked to give alms to the homeless sleeping on the stairs of St James in London or offer grants to an NGO in New York working for the victims of child abuse or teen mothers. Compassion must remain a virtue of the rich and powerful.

It is this English-speaking elite that determines what India must be reading or thinking or how Hindus must be behaving. They read about Hindus through Oxford or Cambridge publishers and show the temerity to sermonize those Hindus who have imbibed their dharma in their genes and lived every bit of it, making Kumbh melas possible and taking dips in the Ganga on the chilling mornings of Kartik and Magh. The secular proselytizer visits Kumbh, not as a devotee but as a photographer to take pictures of bathing Hindu women and sadhus using mobile phones, as if being sadhus they ought to live as cavemen. The pictures they wire to press agencies essentially depict the weird, intoxicated, obscene and the unacceptable face of uncivilized Hindus to the west.

They don't know a bit about our faith, or what Magh, Amavasya or Saptami means. They take Sanskrit degrees in English and tell us, what's the use of such knowledge in today's world? To be futuristic means denouncing all that you have preserved since ages. That's an alienated crowd of people with an accent, detached from the Indian reality.

They tell us, you bad guys, you demolished our Babri. Yet, not a single political party can dare to promise in its election manifesto that if it is voted to power, it would rebuild Babri over the present makeshift temple of Ram in Ayodhya. Their influence on the Indian masses is hardly worth noticing, yet their control on the media and political power centres makes them important. Their intellectual terror is so overpowering that today most of the national parties in India execute their proceedings in English. Poor and often unauthorized translations are dished out in Hindi and other Indian languages. The language, idiom and attitude of this "secular" English-speaking elite, controlling the media, advertising and governance remain alien to the indigenous fragrances which they dismiss as folk or ethnic contours, only to be enjoyed in a Suraj Kund mela.

The secular code is: abuse and misrepresent the facts about the opponents, use a pub incident in Mangalore more importantly than the anguish and pains of the soldiers demonstrating at Jantar Mantar, turn every news desk and edit control station into Godhra, throttling the other view point.

One isolated incident of the Hindu right would become a globally circulated representative of the Hindu intolerance and terrorism. None of us accepted the way Mangalore happened. Who cares whether Valentine's day is celebrated or not. If someone says to me "Happy Valentine's Day", I will just smile and say "same to you". That's it. Those who find it a nice way to feel joy must be free to do so. But why I must say "yes, Valentine's Day is the biggest symbol of love, amity and happiness" and feel elated seeing obscenities on the streets to prove I am an educated modern person?

To each one, his own. I must be ready to accept every happy occasion of any colour or faith or stream to smile and send compliments, but should it become mandatory as a fatwa?

But my questions to those who use incidents like Gujarat riots for awards and rubbing salt on Hindu wounds was: why forget Godhra and Doda and Anantnag and Kishtwar? In the case of Kashmiri Hindus, the "seculars" won't like to earn displeasure of the jihadis.

I think it's self-defeating to crib about such situations. If you feel injustice has been done, prepare to counter the wrongs through legitimate instruments.

Nandita did what she felt was right and did it quite courageously without bothering what the other side would feel. What did you do to present Doda or Godhra to the world? Who stopped any other Indian to make a movie on the pains and sorrows of Seema or to document the desecration of temples in Kashmir and record the woes of Hindus who had to pass through weird massacres like the one we saw at Wandhama?

The author is the Director, Dr Syamaprasad Mookerjee Research Foundation.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Golden Opportunity

Indian nation is passing through a historic opportunity to get rid of the never ending pestering from Pakistan . After the Mumbai horror it is a virtual Terrorist State in the eyes of almost all the major nations in the world, including many of the Muslim ones. The new US president has already started shifting his entire warfront on terror from Iraq to Pak-Afghan border. Pakistan economy is in shambles, having to borrow for even paying back its interest payments. Namesake President Sardari has no control on his Prime Minister and least of all on his Army Chief. As of today, Pakistan is nothing but a Failed Islamic State of Terrorism (FIST) posing immense threat to the civilized world.

But this scenario presents a brilliant opportunity for India . Without a formal war, we can dismember Pakistan into several parts easily. Every rupee spent for this deal is worth a million and it is an opportunity that comes very rarely in the history of nations. This is an opportunity for India to apply the same technique used by their ‘brilliant’ General Zia Ul-Haque against India . We must bleed them at multiple points and that too when they are really anemic. To the start the ball rolling, India must unilaterally reduce the flow of water in all the rivers flowing into Pakistan . Revolts in Punjab and Sind can easily weaken whatever is left of a credible Pakistani state.

The present day Pakistan can be easily split into three separate nations of Punjab, Sind and Waziristan by a non-bloody war on a budget of maximum one billion rupees.
India can miss this golden opportunity only at its own peril. The biggest hurdle in going full steam now will be Sonia and Sardar. Both have soft20corners for Pakistan and would like to take less risky options to show the world that they are doing something. If Indian establishment can leave this to a professional group based on consultations with the main opposition party, India can easily achieve its aim and make our land a safer one for atleast a few decades. Otherwise we can always wait for the next series of bomb blasts or Jihadis landing on our shores fully prepared for dozens like Mumbai mauls.

Why are women always the target ?

Tarun Vijay

If bra burning was the slogan of feminism in the sixties, should the neo-avatars of Simone de Beauvoir make 'I wanna pub honey,' the slogan of 2009? That too unlicensed, illegal pubs, entertaining under age youngsters to get a better 'high'?

The absurdity of blowing up the Mangalore pub incident can be understood only in one context -- it gave secularists another handle to portray the Hindu right in a light that is so dear to them.

Every media channel and magazine turned a Navin Chawla against ideological adversaries, passionately discussing the Mangalore pub incident and the rights of women, completely ignoring the significant protest rally of retired soldiers in Delhi that demanded equal pensions.

It is the same crowd that eulogised the martyrdom of Hemant Karkare, not because of their respect for soldiers, but because it again gave them a chance to pounce upon the Hindu right.

Mangalore should have got a stern warning by those who govern. If pubs are bad and sinful, legislate and stop them legally. Bad things can't be stopped through petty methods like pickpocketing. Be brave and forthright and stand tall on whatever you think is good for all. Face the criticism with aplomb and respond if you have to. But that needs commitment.

A clear, transparent force that lights and shows a path that is free from a pathologically hypocritical high moral ground. At least politicians of the contemporary variety shouldn't venture in a place that's just not meant for them -- public morality.

But while everyone would like to condemn the incident, the media's attitude must also be analysed. The media blew the incident as if a national calamity had occurred, instigated by the Hindu right and related its thread to Malegaon. The columns and comments on the 'grave threats posed by Hindu extremism' must also be analysed and the real motives exposed.

I am strongly opposed to those who create a meaningless fuss over Valentine's Day or create a nuisance like they did in Mangalore. But the selective memory loss of the secular moral preachers is intriguing when anything of the same variety involves Muslims.

Last month, some zealots in a Mumbai mall beat up a Pakistani Muslim girl. A news report read: 'A Pakistani national, Saba Najam, 22, was roughed up at Hypercity Mall in Malad last Monday after some people spotted a tattoo in Urdu on her back. Some women suddenly approached her and assaulted her over the tattoo, which read 'Shukr Alham Du Lillah' meaning 'Thank you, God.'

'Riyaz Ahmed Talukdar, a member of Jan Seva Sangh, a local NGO, had first spotted the tattoo on Saba's back and informed his mother, Shabana Talukdar. Riyaz said, "When I saw the tattoo I was furious as holy words from the Quran were on her back." Shabana, along with a few other women, then came to the mall in the next 15 minutes and slapped the girl several times before the mall management intervened. The incident scared the girl so much that she left for Pakistan on Friday.'

Did you read anything about it in your newspaper? Or a discussion on television channels? Were any of the Muslim clerics or the so-called liberal voices who came to Delhi in a trainload complaining why they were being labeled as 'terrorists', interviewed on the treatment meted out to a girl from a neighbouring Islamic republic by Mumbai's 'moral police'?

It is this attitude that also encourages some fringe elements like those whom we saw at Mangalore.

Surely nothing must defend one wrong by citing another wrong as an example. But politicians must govern and not preach. And pray, who do they think they are? Can they be entrusted the job of preparing a charter for citizen dharma? Should we accept an organisation like the Ram Sene to take it upon itself to impose its own variety of decency by beating girls?

So now, Hindu Dharma, which was defined and elaborated once upon a time by the likes of Swami Vivekananda and Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan will have to be understood through the Mangalore beatings of girls by brave young exponents of some kind of a conduct they call 'culture'?

What are we up to and what do we want to achieve? Why are women always the target of these social disciplinarians? They beat them up, abuse them, tell them what to wear or not, be a nice housewife because that's what the 'religious ideal' is, be a mother and an obedient wife, go to places of worship and read the holy scriptures.

There is nothing wrong with that, but do these worthies have a right and a moral authority to tell women all these codes of conduct while they flounder and abuse every bit of simple, civil behaviour in their life?

But the media certainly loves such 'shows'. It had advance information about the pub-attack, still found it prudent to wait till the news was 'matured' through a well-orchestrated attack. If the media had informed authorities those hapless girls would have been saved from humiliation.

Some time back a protestor informed the media about his self-immolation bid in Chandigarh and the media faithfully recorded the event without even once trying to save the guy, who died within minutes before cameramen and correspondents. This is an issue involving media ethics, if they have any or believe they should have them. News or the call of human values?

The use of the word 'culture' for the habit of frequenting pubs is also intriguing. But the whole issue boils down to one point, if one dislikes a certain social behaviour, how should a protest for it be registered? The vegetarians protested when fried chicken ads were aired on television channels and even when the 'eat eggs daily' campaign was launched. If some like non-vegetarian food, those who find it disgusting and against their ethics, do have a right to show their displeasure, but the matter must take a civil course.

Surely going to pubs is a different matter altogether and a large number of people find it nauseatingly unacceptable as some opinion polls by leading newspapers have shown. So what is the solution? The state wants revenue by selling alcohol and licensing for pubs, but at the same time it frowns upon them to get space in newspapers. This duality won't work.

The best that can be done is to propagate alternative ideas of healthy drink. Encourage milk consumption and dairy products and establish more and more dairies like Gujarat has shown. There is complete prohibition in Gujarat and though there may be some breaches, it has certainly helped to bring down the consumption of alcohol to a great extent.

Those who claim they are the followers of Mahtama Gandhi or Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, must respect the law and Constitution of the nation. They have an obligation to lead by example.

I must quote an inspiring story from the life of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, who once refused to turn on a transistor to listen to the news while travelling in a train -- and he travelled third class most of the time -- because the license fee for using it was yet to be deposited. It was obligatory in those days to have a license for using a radio.

Yes, times have changed; yet, religious bigotry must not be accepted in any circumstances.

How many of these moral preachers understand the reality that the place of a woman can't be different than that of a man? Please give us clean drinking water, good primary schools, functional and caring public hospitals, a corruption free administration and enforce the law to save genuine cultural moors. That will be more than what a citizen would need under any party's pronouncedly benign and heavenly noble governance.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

One family has ruined everything in India: Modi

NAGPUR: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday made a scathing attack on the Gandhi-Nehru family alleging that a "conspiracy" has been hatched to promote the family posing a danger to the future of the country.

"Ek parivar ke ateet ko age badane ke liye jo shadayantra chal raha hai usse Hindustan ke bhavishya ko khatra hai (Conspiracy to promote one family's past is posing danger for the future of the country)," Modi said without directly naming the Gandhi-Nehru family but the indication was obvious.

Noting that members of the family have ruled the country for as many as 37 years, he said that if the past five years were also taken into account, then it would be a 42-year rule. With Manmohan Singh being an "invisible" Prime Minister, it was "power without accountability" for the family in the last five years, he alleged.

Addressing the party's national council meeting, the BJP's star campaigner gave a new spin to the victory of Barack Obama in the US Presidential elections claiming that it was the result of the American citizens being fed up with the stranglehold of a few families in politics.

"It was senior Bush for two terms followed by two terms of Bill Clinton and then two terms of junior Bush and then there was the possibility of another Clinton. The people there felt if it will be only two families that will run the country", Modi contended.

Modi, who was participating in the discussion on the political resolution, said, in India "only one family has ruined everything".

Making a strong pitch for L K Advani as the next Prime Minister, he said that what the country was needing was a "strong" leader like the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate and "not like Manmohan Singh whose presence is not felt" despite he occupying the top post.

Mangalore Attack- Expose Marxist Talibans and Tandoori Congress


Following are Todays three headlines, Let us take a close look behind the truth and facts behind these political drama.

1) Kerala seeks protection for travellers to Mangalore

Kerala Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan yesterday asked Karnataka to provide protection to people from the state travelling to Mangalore, in view of the abduction of a girl by suspected members of a pro-Hindu outfit near Mangalore.

HK Comments :

Dear Home Minister, On the same day Karnataka Police revealed that all 9 Jihadi Terrorists involved in Bangalore Massacre is from Kerala and couple of them from your own assembly. But No Karnataka Minister expressed their concerns even after in wake of a serious incident like that but you tend to play usual political game to demonize BJP government in Karnataka. Karnataka is home to lakhs of Keralites and they are safe and secure there than that of Kerala. By making irresponsible statements like this for petty political gains wil only help to sow seeds of hatred against Keralites in the heart of tolerant Kannadigas.

CPM condemns abduction of party MLA's daughter – Pinarai

Condemning the kidnapping of a party MLA's daughter and her male friend by alleged activists of a saffron group, CPI-M State Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan yesterday said society should isolate the communal forces in the country.

Any kind of "encouragement" to RSS and Sangh Parivar was "dangerous" for the country, he told reporters during the 'Nava Kerala March' here.

Referring to friday's incident, Pinarayi alleged that the activists of saffron group kidnapped the girl just because she was talking to a boy who happened to belong to a minority community.

HK Comments :

People across the Nation know what RSS and Sangh Pariwar stands for conduct certificate from a corrupted politician like Pinarai is the last thing they need. Pinarai Vijayan who conducts Kerala yatra unfortunately fails even to understand the sentiments of their own party cadre. Making insidious statements against RSS will never help to hide the truth.

Those interested can refer to this report came in a National Channel

Which clearly says the CPM cadres involved in the attack were actually trying to protect MLS’s daughter’s Modesty!

"The accused were angered by seeing their CPM MLA's daughter with the boy and they were oly trying to protect the girl's modesty from being compromised," defence lawyer PP Hegde told TIMES NOW.
3) Renuka slams BJP govt in Karnataka

Coming down heavily on the BJP government in Karnataka in the wake of Mangalore incidents, Women and Child Development Minister Renuka Chowdhury today (February 7) said there was a "breakdown" of law and order in the state where "Talibanisation" is happening.

HK Comments :

It is sad that Congress haven’t learned lessons from Gujarath that Mudslinging or Vilification campaigns will never help to gain any sympathy from the public.

The Minister’s silence in Goan Rape Episodes by the kith and kin of ruling Congress party and ‘N’ number of daily attacks against women itself shows that her motives behind current statements is mere political hogwash in behalf of Tandoori Congress.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sinister Plan to Islamize Kerala

Dr. Babu Suseelan

The greatest threat facing Kerala, the land of Parasuram, Sankaracharya, and Sri Narayana Guru today is Islamic expansionism. For centuries, Muslims from the Middle East, the self-approved Islamic fanatics have been waging a Jihad war against Hindus in Kerala. Even before the Portuguese pirate Vasco De Gama reached Kozhikode, Arab Muslims have marched into Kerala for looting, sex escapade and coercive religious conversion. Most of the earlier Arab Muslims were small and fluid, appearing and disappearing, splintering, and reemerging in new Islamic disguises. They were successful in settling in Malabar and forcefully converting few Hindus by the sword.

It was during the Islamic invasion of Hider Ali and Tip Sultan; Muslims were successful in forcefully converting large number of Hindus by the Islamic sword. They have destroyed most of the Hindu temples in Malabar, looted its wealth and slaughtered thousands of Hindus who have resisted fanatic Muslims.

Despite the growing ferocity and atrocity of the Jihadi violence against Hindus, the Marxist government in Kerala has created a separate Muslim majority district in Malabar. The Muslim majority district has enabled Muslims to gain political power and expand their influence. The Islamic population is expanding in all districts of Kerala. It is reported that within the next ten years, Hindus will become a minority in Kerala.

In many ways, the most dangerous allies of Muslims in Kerala are the Marxists and the pseudo secular, anti national Congress party. It is the supporters and allies of fanatic Muslims who make it possible for Muslims to pose a serious threat to Hindus in Kerala. The Communists and the Congress party accept Jihadi expansionism, atrocity and belligerence. Democracy and traditional culture is weakened in Kerala by the steady increase of Islamic population.


Now reports have surfaced that the entire Muslim population from Maldives want to settle in Kerala. The Maldives will sink under water if the current pace of climate change keeps raising sea levels. The Maldives is an archipelago of almost 1,200 coral islands located south-South west of India. Most of the islands lie just 1.9 meters above the sea level. The U. N panel on climate change has forecast a rise in sea levels and the entire Maldives islands will be submerged under water.

Maldives wants to spend 1 billion a year to buy a new homeland for its Muslim population of 370,000. Maldives Muslims want to buy land in Kerala since Kerala has similar climate as Maldives. It is reported that the President of Maldives Noshed has already received welcome sign from the Muslim League and Marxist leaders from Kerala. Maldives Muslims already have been buying land in prime locations of Kerala. Already rich Arabs and Jihadi drug lords as well as illegal Islamic money traders have invested heavily in real estate in secure beach fronts, urban centers and rural areas of Kerala posing a serious security threat to the nation.

Hindus from South India and Sri Lanka were the earliest settlers in Maldives. During the Mayryan Empire, Asoka the great expanded his regime to Maldives islands. The islands were full of Hindu temples. Later, Maldives Hindus were converted to Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Islamic invaders during the 12th century have completely destroyed the entire Hindu Temples and Buddhist Pagodas, cultural institutions and forcefully converted the entire population into Islam. All temples were reconstructed as Mosques. Even today, many Mosques in Maldives face the Sun not in Mecca. During the 15th century the Portuguese, and the 16th century the Dutch, have invaded the islands. In 1887, Maldives became a British protectorate and military base. The Maldives got independence in 1965 and became an Islamic Sultanate.

Maldives Muslims have been illegally settling in Kerala with the connivance of Islamic political leaders and the Marxist government. The sudden Islamic population explosion in Kerala will have disastrous consequences for the economy, the environment, and the democratic system.
Understanding of the threats and dangers posed by the sudden influx of Muslims from Maldives’ in Kerala and the dwindling resources is very important for our survival. Under the Marxist government, the quality of life has been eroding, and unemployment has been rising. If the Muslim migration from Maldives materializes, it may lead to the permanent destruction of Hindu culture in Kerala and the deterioration of quality of life. A rapid increase in the number of people will increase the prevailing levels of crime, pollution, and urban congestion. But a sharp increase in Islamic population will add to the intensity of the problem and in the cultural disintegration of Kerala.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Appeal for Regime Change in India

An Appeal to Hindu Voters, Leaders and Activists

Subject: For India 's Sake do not forget 26/11 and Holocaust of Hindus -- defeat forces Leading India toward Mughalistan; defeat Sonia- Singh regime and elect a new nationalist and dynamic Leadership.

Respected Hindu voters, Public and Activists,Aadarniya Hindu Leaders;

The well planned and well executed Pak-commando attack on Mumbai's land marks on 26/11 by a dozen terrorists while keeping the city paralyzed and holding it at ransom for three days, killing and injuring hundreds, supported by hundreds of fanatic Trojan local Muslims, has exposed the pathetic vulnerability and imminent threat to India's security. For terror masters it is a continuation of the thousand year old ongoing crusade for holocaust and genocide against Hindus and campaign for converting Hindustan into an Islamistan. The policies of the Sonia- Singh regime turning India into a soft state and granting special privileges to Muslims as a reward for their tacit loyalty to congress has made them even more daring and aggressive. The lack of response for punishing the enemy involved in the crimes of 26/11 is also a stark reminder of the regime's ill conceived and virtual pursuit of " Hindi- Paki bhai bhai" policy, like Nehru- Krishnan Menon facade of "Hindi- Chini bhai bhai" culminating into the disastrous Chinese invasion of 1962. The Hindu majority of India must realize that it is a civilizational war against their way of life and liberty and they must assume charge and play a leadership role by uniting and defeating this Islamists proxy regime in the upcoming elections. If the current regime continues to be in the saddle, the probability of India ’s weakening structure and disintegration will enlarge.

This dire situation must serve as a call to thousands of patriotic Hindus for plunging into the political arena and stake their lives and careers like 'Unnikrishnan' for ousting the ineffective, confused and selfish politicians. Such characters must be replaced by effective leadership believing in "country before every thing" and state support for "need not creed". Such an initiative will eventually eliminate the vote bank politics and the reservation mania and give rise to a truly democratic system. The armed forces by themselves cannot effectively defend the nation when unscrupulous politicians make illogical and anti national decisions of far reaching consequences.

1) Pakistan’s diabolical plan against India goes well beyond the 26/11 terrorist strikes in Mumbai: The most reliable reports from Pakistan reveal that the ISI has circulated two secret maps in the army to boost their morale giving them 2020 as the target year for achieving the destabilization of India. In one map it indicates a drastic change of the topography of Mumbai, turning the metropolis into 'Muslimabad' by 2012. Another map of India targets the entire North India, converting it into 'Islamic Republic of Pakistan' by 2020, leaving South India as disputed territory and treating Bangladesh , Sri Lanka and Nepal as its neighboring countries (attachment A). Such a glaring plan of subversion could not be ignored as ideas of some fringe fanatics, after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

2) Hindus must not forget their Holocaust and be proactive to protect their turf: "Islam’s jihad against Hindustan is a gory record of millions killed, of burnt temples, libraries and entire cities. In his Growth of Muslim Population in India, Prof KS Lal estimates that the Hindu population decreased by 80 million between 1000 AD and 1525 AD, an extermination unparalleled in world history. This number is overwhelming but then the Hindu genocide, unlike the Jewish Holocaust, happened in painfully-regular installments.

‘Hindu Kush’ is a good example of one such installment. The conquest of Afghanistan in 1000 AD saw the annihilation of its entire Hindu population. Even today, this region is known as the ‘Hindu Kush’, which literally means ‘Hindu slaughter’, proudly named by radical Islamists after that massacre. In 1399, Taimur killed 1, 00,000 Hindus in a single day,and the Bahamani Sultans made it a sacred religious duty to kill 1, 00,000 Hindus every year.

"It is tragic that thousands of educated and intelligent Indians seek to negate the Hindu Holocaust —— mostly unwittingly. That is partly the result of reading fabricated history right from childhood, and partly in an attempt to remaining politically correct. The unremitting flood of terror attacks against India ever since the UPA took over is thus a protraction of that centuries-old jihad. Only, in changed times, the intent of cultural genocide is manufactured in the offices of the ISI and Pakistani terror camps remain intact. Its perpetrators know how to express that intent with alarming regularity (Sandeep , attachment B).

3) India ’s painful history and experience with inhumanities inflicted by Islamists can not be dismissed summarily. It is worth restating that the jihad against India is neither new nor does it show signs of stopping any time soon. Some of the treacherous examples of this genocidal history that should be pointed out to Islamists, media and the so called secularists who incessantly harp about Hindu fundamentalism - of Babri demolition and Gujarat riots - include:

a ) killing of 50-100 million Hindus during the 700 years of Islamists rule by terror, plunder, arson and building 98% of the Islamic population by committing criminal acts towards promoting forcible conversions;

b ) Wiping out more than 20,000 people in Calcutta by Islamists in 1946 to force partition on Congress;

c ) Elimination of millions of Sikhs & Hindus during the partition in 1947;

d ) Putting to death over three million Hindus in East Pakistan; driving out some 9 million Bangladeshi Hindus into India; and the illegal infiltration by an additional 30 million Bangladeshi Muslims;

e ) Expulsion of the entire Hindu-Sikh population from Kashmir and PoK;

f ) Ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan where they are now less than 1% reduced from over 25% in 1947. In Bangladesh where the non-Muslims were more than 30% in 1947 they have been reduced to less than 8%.

These one sided anti-Hindu crimes committed by Islamists do not justify India ’s unconditional change of policy towards the Islamic state of Pakistan – the epicenter of Islamic terrorism, unless India too has a contempt for its population of which 85% is Hindu.

4) The Leaders and the public must beware of the Islamists subtle moves through the Sonia- Singh regime to have Aurangzeb like largesse :

a) That Muslims have the first claim on national resources;

b) Appointment of Sachar Commission for legitimizing the inadmissible treatment for Muslims;

c) Giving away Rupees 400 crores of mostly Hindu tax payers money for Hajj pilgrimage every year;

d) Making unjustifiable reservations in jobs, education and even in higher institutions of learning like IITs and IIMs;

e) Award for Muslim and Christian minority students of much higher rate of scholarships as compared with the SC and ST students (attachment C); and

f) According to news reports, the Union Human Resources Ministry is all set to grant madrassa certificates equal status with the CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education (attachment C), etc .

5) Yes, Sonia-Singh regime is the same anti- Hindu regime which is:

a) violating the faith of 100 crores Hindus by questioning the existence of Lord Ram and calling him a mythical being and by demolishing Ram Sethu to further inflict injury upon the majority community's faith and religious practices;

b) Letting states usurp temples and Hindu religious properties in an attempt to demolish the Hindu religious infrastructure;

c) remaining indifferent on the arrest of the most revered H.H. Kanchi Shankaracharya in Tamil Nadu;

d) Appeasing terrorists rather than dealing firmly with them. Such deliberate and lenient policy encouraged commando raid on Mumbai;

e) Concocting the phony idea of Hindu terrorism and arresting Sadhvi Pragya;

f) Enforcing religion based reservations and Hajj subsidies for Muslims in violation of secular constitution thus re-imposing Jazia tax on Hindus;

g) uncaring for masses as seen by large scale farmers suicides;

H) Unable to deal with China 's nibbling on Arunachal Pradesh;

I) remaining indifferent, inactive and silent on cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir ;

j) Entering far- reaching international treaties without Parliamentary and public consensus; and so on.

For the good of India, her civilization, her immense spirituality and culture, Sonia- Singh regime has to go and a government that thinks Indian, breathes nationalism and will protect its citizens must be voted to power. If we want to avoid another partition or Kurukshetra, we must recognize the dangers that engulf us and take proactive measures to avert them. If the current regime continues to be in power the probability of the collapse of the Indian state would greatly enhance.

6) Hindus must realize that it is a “civilizational war” against their way of life and their liberty by Islamists and therefore, they must assume charge, unite and defeat the Islamist’s proxy regime in the upcoming elections. In view of what is going on, one fears if history is going to be repeated and if India may once again slip into the hands of forces inimical to democracy and secularism, who may rule as dictators enforcing their religious dogmas on Hindus. Failure to achieve a regime change could lead to dismemberment of the state and the repetition of the story of genocide, cleansing as in Kashmir and Pakistan . As always the Hindu women could become a target for Muslim lust and harems. For SCs, STs and OBC's and for non- Muslim minorities, their special protection and aid might end and they may face annihilation as in Pakistan , Bangladesh and other Islamic states.

Given the fact that Islamists in India have set up more than 800 active cells (4,000 by some estimates), as admitted by the former Home Minister, the Jihadists have capacity to strike at India at will and with ever ready collaboration of Pakistan the Jihadist can fragmentize and dismember India with a relative ease. Under this scenario the Islamists and Pakistan jointly could choke India forcing her in agreeing to additional partitions.

7) India could disintegrate if Sonia-Singh regime is re-elected; the need of the hour is “regime change” and new Leadership: From this briefing it is evident that the Sonia- Singh regime cannot lead the country in the current challenging environment. The lack of understanding, lack of a national vision, lack of guts and use of the “divide and rule” policy for staying in power may be some of the grounds for entertaining this conclusion. The principal actors in this regime indulge in frequent violation of constitution and political bribery as seen by: a) special, unconstitutional privileges to Muslims and Christian for their votes; and b) the despicable spectacle of Sonia- Singh resorting to bribing some MPs with crores of Rupees or promise of giving them important positions on July 22, 2008 to win the confidence vote in Parliament. Such acts only encourage all round corruption and unethical conduct. The increasing demands and riots by Muslims and government readily acceding to the grant of uncalled for special privileges to them reminds of the pre 1947 situation that led to partition.

For survival and country's political integrity, Hindus as the majority community have a sacred duty and "dharma" to elect bold and visionary leaders in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections, who posses strength and determination to face the challenge and implement the fundamental secularist principles including of "one Law one Nation" and "Need not Creed" based state support.

8) The struggle for a change could be formidable and hard - One of the reasons for that being the politically corrupt alliance between the current administration and the vested interests of Muslims, Christians and Communists, who at this point in time enjoy a bumper harvest at the cost of the majority community. If Congress/UPA is allowed to remain in power for another five years, India could be weakened and could become a loosely interlinked group of independent states ruled by Muslims, Christians, Communists and their regional lords. The Indian media owned by foreigners will be too pleased to extend a helping hand in this process - tacit but undeclared dismemberment of India .

Under these circumstances, the transformed BJP/NDA could be a pragmatic and alternative governing force. This could be the last chance for the BJP and allies to assume the responsibility of national governance but before so doing it must commit itself seriously for among other things serving the interest of the majority. In view of its unfulfilled hopes and expectations during the past round of BJP led administration, there may be some reservations lingering on for its return but let us hope the party and its partners have learnt their lesson. If the Congress was afforded by the electorate so many chances despite its oft repeated failures to deliver the promises made to the general public, including the miserable performance by the current UPA administration led by it, endangering the very security and welfare of the Indian people, the BJP and its partners certainly deserve yet another chance

9) This formidable challenge can and must be met: When tens of thousands of concerned citizens engage and take up active roles, for electing a new Parliament and dynamic leaders for the country, this challenge can be met successfully. It may be necessary to leave everything aside for the next few months and invest time in this Electoral "Yajna", and find the suitable leaders to replace a failed government. They should select and elect leaders who could also be supported by the global Hindu community. If a black American could be elected the US President, there is no reason why a responsive and accountable Govt. representing the Hindu majority could not be elected in India . That would be best way of fulfilling the promise of the partition and establish the real “majority rule” in India .

The volunteers and their organizations who engage in the change process must be in it to win. Since Hindu votes are sacred and cannot be wasted therefore, the Hindu leaders particularly the Hindu religious leaders must not remain neutral or indifferent towards this process. They must understand that their silence and isolation helps only those who are engaged in depriving and denying Hindus their rightful role in governing India democratically, and who find their strength in keeping Hindus divided and disloyal minorities unjustifiably patronized.

In view of the new leadership of America and the continued belligerence of Pakistan , victory of nationalists at this critical juncture could be extremely constructive in reshaping the national and international policies of India . The unity exhibited by the citizens of India in the wake of the Amarnath Yatra agitation could be a guiding force for a massive movement involving men and women, young and old - all driven by a passion, dedication and vision of a new and United India with a powerful, effective and accountable government. Let the people unify for the rebirth of democratic India and thereby reject the counterfeit “Desh Netas".

Thanks for your time and appealing for your participation in this “Dharma Yudh” for achieving a regime change in India .

Dr. Jagan Kaul

Krishan Bhatnagar

Hindu Jagran Forum ( USA )

January 31 , 2009


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