Friday, December 25, 2009

Defeating Jihadi Terrorism

Dr Babu Suseelan

(Summary of speech at the anti Terrorism conference held at Pittsburgh.USA)

Recent media reports indicate imminent Mumbai type Jihadi attack in major cities of the world. Nowhere is the tension and fear from Jihadi attack more evident than in major cities of New York, London, Zurich, Madrid, Rome, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Since Jihadis have an exclusive patent for terrorism, citizens are worried, fearful and scared. Jihadi terrorists could strike at any moment at any city at any time at their choice. No democratic country is safe from Islamists who are dead against democracy, modernism, coexistence, religious tolerance, and secularism. Islamists who fight against infidels and the modern civilization in the name of Islamic past fight with modern weapons of every kind against innocent people without fear, guilt, or shame.

In this context, citizens are traumatized and they are changing their behavior, life style and their hopes for a peaceful life are shattered. What can one do to feel safe again in our own country? Secular political leaders and security officials warn us against terrorist attacks. They are only dimly aware of who the people behind terrorism are, and why they are terrorizing us and the motivating ideology of these terrorists. The lack of their clarity and deliberate failure to inform the public about terrorists and their deadly ideology make us more anxious and cautious.

It is time for citizens to study the ideology behind those who terrorize us. What makes these terrorists make us tremble and unable to make us live for our dreams and on our faith? The greatest shame is that why our liberal politicians and leftist intellectuals and pro-Islamist media are silent on Jihadi terrorism. Their silence or open support for Jihadi terrorists with phony root cause theories is deceptive. Why these deceptive politicians and liberal intellectuals fail to stand up and fight for our constitution, liberty, life and values? Why are they colluding with our tormenters? Why are they not demanding that hatred from the Koran be expunged? By colluding with Jihadis and keeping silence on their deadly ideology, they put our life at risk.

It is difficult for citizens who want to live in peace to swallow Jihadi hatred and their death defying criminal acts. Our values, freedom, life as well as our civilization hang in the balance. We cannot depend on phony secularists and leftist intellectuals to save us. Their views are quite pathetic. They are not going to guide us or ready to provide us any solution. Marxist intellectuals and bogus secularists have become a tool in the hands of Islamic terrorists in advancing their political agenda and Islamo fascism in which the terrorism is perpetuated.

What One Should Do?

What one should do? Citizens are part of the solution. Despite the fact that Jihadi terrorist assault on our country, individuals are reluctant to take realistic responses. It is a paradox. People have acquired “banner blindness”, “denial”, apathy and indifference. After many jihadi terrorist attacks, people are habituated to terrorism. Jihadis kill innocent people; destroy our property and spread hatred and fear. But citizens have become inoculated against the terrorists. And these habituated citizens who are inoculated and who are hiding behind a thick wall of denial no longer react.

It is time for us to get out of the sand and fight the great fight. The crooks, the degenerates and bogus secularists who run away from freedom and responsibility are ripping our value system, our freedom and our future.

Commonsense suggests that citizens have the right to identify people trying to ferment violence, spread hatred and terror in our country. With unlimited petro dollars, Jihadi terrorists are gathered to oppress us, terrorize us, scare us, and impose the tyranny of Islam.

Time has come that the public should take appropriate action. Jihadis are trying to instill fear in us. If we are united and stand up, we will become more powerful and Jihadis cannot put us in psychological trauma. We can fight back with determination. A strong determines assault on Islamists will preclude them to undermine the sense of our security and disrupt our everyday life.

We cannot prevail tomorrow; live in peace and tranquility without courageous action today. If we don’t meet the challenges today with strength, will power and determination, our future will be at stake. By acting today against our enemies who are willing to die for their past, we are choosing our future and the future of children and our grand children yet to be born. Let us stand together and make our country great, preserve our freedom and security.

My name is not Khan, I am Mr Kaul

Tarun Vijay

I am not Khan. My name bears a different set of four letters: K A U L. Kaul. As those who know Indian names would understand I happened to be born in a family which was called Hindu by others. Hence, we were sure, we would never get a friend like KJ to make a movie on our humiliations, and the contemptuous and forced exile from our homeland. It's not fashionable. It's fashionable to get a Khan as a friend and portray his agony and pains and sufferings when he is asked by a US private to take off his shoes and show his socks. Natural and quite justifiable that Khan must feel insulted and enraged. Enough Masala to make a movie.

But unfortunately I am a Kaul. I am not a Khan.

Hence when my sisters and mothers were raped and killed, when six-year-old Seema was witness to the brutal slaughtering of her brother, mother and father with a butcher's knife by a Khan, nobody ever came to make a movie on my agony, pain and anguish, and tears.

No KJ would make a movie on Kashmiri Hindus. Because we are not Khans. We are Kauls.

When we look at our own selves as Kauls, we also see a macabre dance of leaders who people Parliament. Some of them were really concerned about us. They got the bungalows and acres of greenery and had their portraits were worshipped by the gullible devotees of patriotism.

They made reservations in schools and colleges for us. In many many other states. But never did they try that we go back to our homes. They have other priorities and 'love your jihadi neighborhood' programmes. They get flabbier and flabbier with the passing of each year, sit on sacks of sermons; issue instructions to live simply and follow moral principles delivered by ancestors and kept in documents treated with time-tested preservatives.

They could play with me because my name is Kaul. And not Mr Khan. I saw the trailer to this fabulous movie, which must do good business at the box office.

There was not even a hint that terror is bad and it is worse if it is perpetuated in the name of a religion that means Peace. Peace be upon all its followers and all other the creatures too.

So you make a movie on the humiliation of taking off shoes to a foreign police force which has decided not to allow another 9/11.

The humiliation of taking off the shoes and the urge to show that you are innocent is really too deep. But what about the humiliation of leaving your home and hearth and the world and the relatives and wife and mother and father? And being forced to live in shabby tents, at the mercy of nincompoop leaders encashing your misery and bribe-seeking babus? And seeing your daughters growing up too sudden and finding no place to hide your shame?

No KJ would ever come forward to make a movie, a telling, spine-chilling narration on the celluloid, of five-year-old Seema, who saw her parents and brother being slaughtered by a butcher's knife in Doda. Because her dad was not Mr Khan. He was one Mr Kaul.

Sorry, Mr Kaul and your entire ilk. I can't help you.

It's not fashionable to side with those who are Kauls. And Rainas. And Bhatts. Dismissively called KPs. KPs means Kashmiri Pandits. They are a bunch of communalists. They were the agents of one Mr Jagmohan who planned their exodus so that Khans can be blamed falsely. In fact, a movie can be made on how these KPs conspired their own exile to give a bad name to the loving and affectionate Khan brothers of the valley.

To voice the woes of Kauls is sinful. The right course to get counted in the lists of the Prime Minister's banquets and the President's parties is to announce from the roof top: hey, men and ladies, I am Mr Khan.

The biggest apartheid the state observes is to exclude those who cry for Kauls, wear the colours of Ayodhya, love the wisdom of the civilisational heritage, dare to assert as Hindus in a land which is known as Hindustan too and struggle to live with dignity as Kauls. They are out and exiled. You can see any list of honours and invites to summits and late-evening gala parties to toast a new brand. All that the Kauls are allowed is a space at Jantar Mantar: shout, weep and go back to your tents after a tiring demonstration. Mr Kaul, you have got a wrong name.

A dozen KJs would fly to take you atop the glory - posts and gardens of sympathies if you accept to wear a Khan name and love a Sunita, Pranita, Komal or a Kamini. Well, here you have a sweetheart in Mandira. That goes well with the story.

And you pegged the movie plot on autism.

I wept. It was too much. I wept as a father of a son who needed a story as an Indian. Who cares for his autistic son, his relationship with the western world, his love affair with a young sweet something as a human, as someone whose heart goes beyond being a Hindu, a Muslim or a proselytizing Vatican-centric aggressive soul. Not the one who would declare in newspaper interviews: "I think I am an ambassador for Islam". Shah Rukh is Shah Rukh, not because he is an ambassador for Islam. If that was true, he could have found a room in Deoband. Fine enough. But he became a heartthrob and a famousl star because he is a great actor. He owes everything he has to Indians and not just to Muslims. We love him not because he is some Mr Khan. We love him because he has portrayed the dreams, aspirations, pains, anguish and ups and downs of our daily life. As an Indian. As one of us.

If he wants to use our goodwill and love for strengthening his image as an ambassador for Islam, will we have to think to put up an ambassador for Hindus? That, at least to me, would be unacceptable because I trust everyone: a Khan or a Kaul or a Singh or a Victor. Who represents India represents us all too, including Hindus. My best ambassadorship would be an ambassadorship for the tricolour and not for anything else because I see my Ram and Dharma in that. I don't think even an Amitabh or a Hritik would ever think in terms Shah Rukh has chosen for himself. But shouldn't these big, tall, successful Indians who wear Hindu names make a movie on why Kauls were ousted? Why Godhra occurred in the first place? Why nobody, yes, not a single Muslim, comes forward to take up the cause of the exiled and killed and contemptuously marginalized Kauls whereas every Muslim complainant would have essentially a Hindu advocate to take on Hindus as fiercely as he can?

If you are Mr Khan and found dead on the railway tracks, the entire nation would be shaken. And he was also a Rizwan. May be just a coincidence that our Mr Khan in the movie is also a Rizwan.

Rizwan's death saw the police commissioner punished and cover stories written by missionary writers. But if you are a Sharma or a Kaul and happened to love an Ameena Yusuf in Srinagar, you would soon find your corpse inside the police thana and NONE, not even a small-time local paper would find it worthwhile to waste a column on you. No police constable would be asked to explain how a wrongly detained person was found dead in police custody?

Because the lover found dead inside a police thana was not Mr Khan. No KJ would ever come forward to make a movie on 'My name is Kaul. And I am terror-struck by Khans'.

Give me back my identity as an Indian, Mr. Khan and I would have no problem even wearing your name and appreciating the tender love of an autistic son.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Most Loathsome People of India 2009

By Sandeep

It’s that time of the year again. You might want to check where and how it all started or simply scan the awardees that made it to the 2008 list. Presenting the Most Loathsome People of India circa 2009. Truth be told, the folks who made it this year fiercely vied with each other in loathsomeness and except in very few cases, it was hard to award a rightful place to those who made to the list.

Another pain point was there were just too many contenders, each outclassing the other. To avoid the risk of expanding the list beyond managable proportions, I’ve restricted it to just 12. There was so much loathsomeness this year that lots of people ranked pretty much equally on all parameters of loathsomeness. I had to use a new parameter: uniqueness, or that one factor that put a certain person over and above his/her contender. From this perspective, it is unsurprising that this year’s list of the Most Loathsome People of India consists almost entirely of new people.

Here you go.

Vishnu Som: A real gatecrasher. With exactly one comment regarding the fundamental threat to Indian Muslims. To his credit, he did try to explain at great length how his “fundamental threat” comment was justified but we wish he applied logic instead of psychology, various mindbends, and an inexplicable concern for the tender feelings of Muslims.

Sentence: Mandatory reading of Logic 101 till he scores 100/100.

Vir Sanghvi: My new-found Guru, and mentor for dishing out an unwelcome dose of nauseating secular sanctimony. Not that he hasn’t done this before but there’s a difference in this piece: he explicitly targets a generation of “young readers . mystified by the fuss and annoyed by the refusal of journos to tell them what it was all about.” An open proclamation that the idea is to brainwash these young readers with secular falsehood. His choice of words is equally revealing: the Ayodhya issue is a fuss. He’s right in a way…to a person engrossed in culinary explorations, issues of long term civilizational impact do sound like a “fuss.”

Sentence: Eat until death.

USCIRF: The pontificating–in many ways, literally–quidnunc for displaying exemplary shamelessness in its “report.” For the last time, set your house in order first. At the moment, nothing is going right for you. We’ve survived greater challenges over a few thousand years. We don’t need your idea of religious freedom and related nonsense. Plus, we know the exact nature of the dung that you were fed with.

Sentence: Replace the existing members of the USCIRF with the members of the Saudi royal family.

Mahesh Bhatt: For his successful debut as an actor in real life. Looks like his insanehistrionics worked. There’s no trace of news of this Rahul Bhatt guy now. When reports last came in, Mahesh Bhatt was using every trick in the book–including pressurizing senior police officers to nudge-nudge wink-wink. And this is from the same filmmaker whose movies contain elaborate sermonizing on ethics and crime and “human nature” and society and religion and secularism. Ok the last word explains why Mahesh Bhatt made it to this list.

Sentence: Lock him up in a room and make him watch Saatwaan Aasmaan on endless loop at gunpoint.

Nisha Susan: For pushing an already-dirty public morality deeper into the gutters that our urban youth revel in confusing it for paradise courtesy the Pink Panties “campaign.” Hypothetically, we’d like to know if she’d send pink panties to her parents if they objected to her going to a pub. But then she works amidst a certain brand of liberal people who hold different standards for panties and burqas.

Sentence: Compulsory washing of other people’s underwear for a year wearing a burqa while she’s washing the underwear.

Y S Rajashekhara Reddy: For showing what he’d exactly done to Andhra Pradesh. His chronicles of misdeeds is as gory as it is voluminous. That his death was an eye-opener is an understatement. In a way, it’s a pity that it required his death to open the lid off the murky dealings of the Congress “YSR” party in Andhra Pradesh. An email that was doing rounds a few months ago showed that his combined worth is upwards a few thousand crores.

Sentence: You can’t sentence a dead man.

Kancha Ilaiah: Another gatecrasher who suddenly soared to popularity thanks to our braindead media, which thinks it’s ok to pit a pig against Hindu causes as long as the pig emits appropriate amounts of anti-Hindu stink. This parasite has mooched taxpayer money throughout his despicable career as an academic among other things, and his capacity for harm, given a chance, is incredible.

Sentence: Compulsory reading of the Bhagavad Gita for the rest of his life.

Wendy Doniger: Strictly speaking, she’s not an Indian but she rammed her way through to this Hall of Shame with her latest sex fantasy-fiction about the lurid lives of the Hindus. Her Freudian sex-obsession is equally matched by a variant of McCarthyism. In her sex-fantasy world, the only job of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and sages is to have sex and more sex and more and more sex in different forms and with different men and women. And we only have her word as the proof of that. Anybody who questions her word is a deadly right-wing Hindutva communalist. We only need to figure out what she was deprived of in childhood to understand her “writing.” Welcome, Prof Wendy.

Sentence: Psychoanalyzed by Steve Farmer and Michael Witzel.

Sudheendra Kulkarni: For singlehandedly shoving the BJP’s electoral fortunes down the drain. You only need one man of his calibre to make sure that you’re decimated without a trace. His election “strategy” is a study in stupidity. Equally, his desertion of the party to don a plush job is study in charlatanism.

Sentence: Sculpt a statue of Mamta Banerjee or lose your job.

Rahul Gandhi: For giving us regular Glimpses of the Future History of India under his reins. From performing repeated faux pas and scoring self goals at the hands of the media and university students who’ve been led to believe in the prowess of this dynamic, sexy young leader, Rahul Gandhi has accomplished tremendously. As only a functionary of the Congress party, the Crown Prince is giving us a foretaste of where he’ll take us if he becomes the Prime Minister. “Discovering” that Arunachal Pradesh is actually somewhere on the Indian map ranks as one of those accomplishments I mentioned.

Sentence: Draw a map of India and point the exact location of Arunachal Pradesh. Organize a Fake the Nation show on Congress News Network-Islamic Broadcasting Network and show the cute map to the nation.

Manmohan Singh: Who is he?

Sentence: Nothing. Really. Because he doesn’t exist.

Burkha Dutt: Zooms up from #13 to #1 this year. Her stellar performance in covering 26/11, her courageous battle with the Naval chief, and her consistent criticism of, and sending legal notices to intimidate helpless bloggers have contributed in a huge way to her success in this Hall of Shame. Not the one to rest content on past laurels, she continues to assault her yeowoman contributions to maintaining the health of Indian democracy week after week in She the People. We strongly suspect she’ll retain her #1 position when this list is drawn in 2010.

Sentence: Mute her mike each time she speaks.

Love Jihad- Jihadi Romeo remanded


Kolar: A Hindu girl was kidnapped and forced into marriage by a youth belonging to a minority community in Kolar, though police are not too sure if it is a case of love jihad.

Preethi, 19, from the Vysya community, was missing for the past 10 days. Her father filed a missing complaint with the Kolar police, who found that a lot of calls were made to Preethi’s mobile from a particular number. Later, it was found that Imran, resident of KGF who was running a mobile shop in Kolar, had made the calls.

The police finally traced the couple to Gulbarga, when they were about to board a Hyderabad-bound bus.

According to circle inspector Renuka Prasad, Preethi told the police that Imran, son of Syed Hyder, a reserve police sub-inspector at KGF, had forcibly taken her away from her house. After taking her to Bangalore, he had snatched her mobile and threatened her. He had married her in a ‘nikah’ ceremony at a mosque, and got her signatures on a few papers. Preethi said she was not aware what she was doing, as she was in a “disturbed state of mind”. She also told police that Imran forced her to wear a burqa.

Renuka Prasad said the police brought them to Kolar late on Saturday evening. Based on Preethi’s statement, the police took up a case of kidnap against Imran. He confessed he was in love with Preethi. Police are investigating Imran’s antecedents. He was remanded to judicial custody till January 2

CPI(M) brands Iskcon major threat to Communists

The Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) has lived up to its image of a true iconoclast. After questioning the existence of Lord Ram, the party has now trained its guns on the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon), describing it as a "major threat" to Communists.

A document published on the occasion of CPI(M)'s district conference in Nadia in West Bengal describes the international religious body that worships the flute-playing god Krishna as also an "agent of the Congress, Trinamul Congress and the BJP".

"Iskcon is helping communal forces like the Rashtriyaswayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) and the BJP," the document said.

The party has also accused the Congress of "hobnobbing" with the religious group headquartered in the state in Nabadwip, around 100 km from Kolkata.

"Ram was born in the imagination of poets and Ram Setu is a natural formation under the sea," Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya had said at a meeting to mark the 15th anniversary of the demolition of the Babri Masjid here Thursday, sparking protests by the BJP.

"Organisations like the RSS and some NGOs are fanning communal passions in Nadia. We have compiled information on Iskcon on the basis of reports from our local leaders and sent it to higher authorities in the party," CPI(M) Nadia district secretary Ashu Ghosh said.

Ramesh Das, Iskcon publicity manager, rubbished the charges, saying, "We have no connection with any political party. We are involved in charitable activities and have devotees from all over the world."

He wondered why the CPI(M) was levelling charges against them when several Communist leaders like politburo member Sitaram Yechury and Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar had not only visited its temples but also stayed over.

The Nadia CPI(M) had earlier accused Iskcon of acquiring around 500 acres in Mayapur in the name of running NGOs to bypass the land ceiling law. Acting on its report, Bhattacharya had asked Land and Land Reforms Minister Abdur Rezzak Mollah to conduct a probe.

Following the probe by Mollah, the government rejected a proposal for Rs 5 billion Vedic village planned by Iskcon devotees and Henry Ford's grandson Alfred Ford in Mayapur.

2000 Christians reconverts to Hinduism, Apologised to forefathers for betraying faith

2,000 Gujarat tribals return to Hinduism in Surat

As many as 2,000 tribal people from remote parts of eastern and southern Gujarat tribal belt today reconverted to Hinduism in a function held at Adajan area in Surat on Monday.

Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Shree Swami Narendracharya Maharaj of Nanij presided over the purification ceremony — a three-hour function. Wearing dhotis and sporting the sacred thread, the converts’ heads were tonsured to signify their rebirth. During the purification ceremony, the converts who felt cheated after going to Christianity apologized to their forefathers for betraying their faith. Converts were purified by Panchagavya and Bhabhuti. The convers were given fresh ‘Vastram’. The affidavits will be made and later registered to complete the formalities

The entire conversion process was similar to the one when 350 years back Shivaji Maharaj brought Netaji Palkar into Hindu dharma by performing the purification process.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Jihadi Terror Masters of Kerala

Dr Babu Suseelan

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are the ideological, financial and training center of the global Islamic terrorism. Now Dubai has joined the terrorists club. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Al-Qaeda, and Laskhar-e-Thoiba use Dubai for financing, recruiting and deploying Jihadi terrorists against India. The Saudi Ministries of Islamic affairs Budgets billions of dollars for disseminating the “Word of Allah” throughout the world. The Saudi Religious Affairs Ministry finances thousands of Mosques in Kerala and different parts of India. The Islamic goal is to abolish Indian Hindu culture and secular ethos and replace it with Islamo fascism.

Thousands of Muslims from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Somalia, and Sri Lanka as are working in Dubai as laborers. They work below poverty level salaries and live in filthy labor camps. Pakistan Jihadi recruiting agents and ISI target Muslims from Kerala with financial largesse. Recruited Muslims are sent to Pakistan for further indoctrination, and Jihad terrorism training. Pakistan trained Jihadis have penetrated every state in India. They have established a vast network of Jihadis and additional training centers in different parts of India.

Dubai based Muslims businessmen use a complex financial money laundering web to provide infrastructure and financial support for the Islamic terror groups in Kerala.

Now, Kerala, the land of Sankaracharya has become a Jihadi Terror Center of India. Jihadis are running around with bombs and explosives targeting innocent people at will. Muslims in Kerala receive financial largesse from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and from Kerala Muslims settled in Dubai. They have established a vast and complex financial, religious, media, and educational networks in Kerala to propagate Islamic extremism and Jihadist interests. Through numerous charitable organizations, business houses, news papers and television, Jihadis have successfully recruited thousands of terrorists for the Islamic Jihad against India.

“THEJAS”, a Jihadi owned daily in Malayalam receives enormous amounts from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iran and Pakistan. “Thejas” Is in the forefront in supporting Islamic terrorism against India. It is the mouth piece for SIMI, PDP and NDF. These organizations are declared as terror outfits by security agencies. It’s most dangerous effect being its cultural, political, and intellectual influence in various fields.

Recent arrest of Soofia Madany, Thadianteavide Nassir, Umar Forooqi, Halim, Majeed Parambil, Tajudeen, Sabeer and Shuhoe and several Jihadi terrorists reveal a complex system of material support they have received from Pakistan and Dubai. Jihadi terrorist groups pay through “Thejas” daily for Marxist intellectuals, phony social leaders, fake Human Rights groups for drafting and placing Op-Ed pieces, conducting outreach events, organizing press conferences, and arranging political party leaders visit to Dubai.

PDP leader Abdul Nasser Madany who was implicated in Coimbatore bomb blast where 93 people were killed has defined their goal in one of his speech. The mischievous orator stated “There was no way that Islamic society could compromise with Hindutva”. “Islam would prevail in India”. “There is no middle ground”. As a consequence he echoed Al-Qaeda in believing that only by purging secular influences and returning to “true Islam” could the Islamic world ever recover its past glory. His views and attitudes towards the Marxists are known as well. Yet the Marxist party made an unholy alliance with Jihadi Madany and his Islamic party PDP. His wife Soofia Madany is now implicated in Kalamessari Bus burning, Ernakulum, Kozhikode and Bangalore explosions and several bombing and arson cases.

For several years, the Congress government and the Marxist government have showed absolutely no desire for the investigation of several Jihadi bombing in Kerala. When Madany was arrested and handed over to Tamil Nadu for Coimbatore bomb case, by the Marxist Chief Minister Nayannar, Jihadis have hatched a plan to murder Nayanar. The Marxist and the Congress government refused to arrest and prosecute Jihadis for the murder plan. The Congress and the Marxist governments stalled the investigation. The Jihadis were whisked out of the country before they could be arrested. The Marxist government contented that their whereabouts are unknown.

Later in December 2009, Thadiantaveede Nassir was quickly whisked out of Bangladesh where he was planning bombing against American and Indian Embassies in Bangladesh. He revealed several Jihadis involvement in Kalamassery Bus hijacking and burning, Kzhikode bomb blast, Ernakulum Explosion, Bombing in Bangalore and Mangalore. Most security and terror experts agree that the indifferent attitude of the Marxist government and the pro- jihadi policies of the Italian Sonia government helped to furnish the stage set for the Mumbai Jihadi massacre.

Islamic religious leaders who actively oppose Islamic extremists risk their lives. Witness the murder of Chekannur Maulavi and the lack of credible investigation of his murder.

There is a grand alliance among the Marxist party, Jihadis and phony intellectuals and bogus secular activists. The Marxist government has allocated thousands of hectors of land for an Islamic University in Mallappuram. An Islamic Bank in Kerala is on its way. Government fiancés Islamic centers, Muslim academicians and the government also increased Hajj subsidy.

Financial experts suggest that vast sums of Pakistan printed counterfeit Indian currency have been found their way into Mosques, Islamic centers, real estate and Muslims businesses. The implications of this enormous amount of counterfeit Indian currency distribution are frightening. The Marxist and the Congress government authorities aided and abetted these Jihadi culprits in their crime.

But it was only in the arrest of Tahadiantavide Nassir and the BJP ruled Karnataka police began prying into the web of terrorist bombing of Bangalore, the magnitude of Jihadi terrorism is recognized. With the money flowing in from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Dubai, one can expect more Jihadi terrorism in Kerala. Jihad war is an Islamic enterprise that will be always be with us. For Muslims, Jihad war is constant and it will not change. Its methods and delivery systems are changing. From Islamic swords and clubs now Jihadist have changed their methods to plane hijacking, bus burning, pipe bombing, “Love Jihad”, chemical Jihad, cyber Jihad, and kidnapping.

There is a vast Jihad support network in Kerala. Since the Marxist government and secular political parties are sleeping with Jihadist and the government provides support services, special reservation, free college education, many of the Muslims have little motivation to live peacefully with the majority.

Soon the Marxist government and the congress party will discover that the Jihad demands they have nurtured would haunt them. Since the High Court has made several comments on terrorism and Love Jihad, the Marxist government find themselves in a dangerous paradox. Although Chief Minister Achuthanandan has come to understand the need to sever all connections to Jihad terror groups, he stands alone in their own pro Jihad party.

Now the Marxist government has arrested Soofia Madany, the ring leader in several Jihadi terror incidents in Kerala and Karnataka. Nevertheless, the Marxist government has much to answer in their delay in investigating and arresting dangerous Jihadi terrorists. The Marxists and the Congress party and pseudo secular elites have created the monster of Jihadism in Kerala and exported to neighboring states. Now the monster has grown in enormous size and the general public is in danger.

In addition to these new developments, there are additional ineptitudes of the Marxist government. One of these is the Marxist government’s tendency to limit police investigation. Even more importantly, the Marxist government sympathizes with them and takes psychological comfort in letting Jihad criminals escape to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Dubai.

In sum, there will be additional terrorist attacks in Kerala is a virtual certainty. The general public wants to enjoy life and retreat into private life, drink hot tea and watch television. They are taught to believe that the government can do marvelous things, provide safety and security to the public in countless and unlimited ways. It is time of that to stop, and there are several ways the peace loving majority has to take. First democracy does not mean only to participate in voting. They have to be active, rise up and challenge the despotic Marxist government colluding with criminals. Second thing is longer term, but equally vital. Be active in politics and elect only leaders with nationalist interest and proven track record. In doing so, we must remember, we are choosing our future.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fighting Secular Tyranny Against Hindus

Dr Babu Suseelan


When Archimedes ran through the streets shouting “Eureka” he was rejoicing in having solved a practical problem by logical reasoning.

Our phony secular leaders in India are running around with the meaningless slogan “All Religions Are the same” thinking they have solved all psycho-social-political problems. They claim that they are skilled in reasoning process. They make not only glaring thinking errors but also are in deep denial about common problems confronting Hindus. This is because they have never examined Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, love Jihad, political corruption, and subversive activates committed by fundamentalist religious groups in name of their God. Secularists and Mayavadis deliberately repeat the slogan “All religions are the same” and “all roads lead to the same destination”. These slogans serve the purpose of misdirecting Hindus. It is a psychological trick to convince Hindus that it is not necessary to think about the pressing problems. It is massive poisonings of the minds of Hindus. The meaningless argument of the secular club really is a part of psychological warfare of misdirecting Hindus and to inject them with mind viruses for making them zombies. Those Hindus who protest their game plan are called ignorant and boorish communalists.

Time after time in the past few years, Jihadi terrorists have poured over our cities of populous areas and bombed, killed and maimed hundreds of Hindus, Jews, Sikhs and Buddhists. Almost at the same time, thousands of Hindus are forcefully and deceptively converted by missionaries. Corrupt secular politicians collude with the Marxists, Missionary mafia, and Maoist criminals while closed dogmatic forces are wrecking destruction upon defenseless Hindus.


One would expect that in the face of these overwhelming blows on our life, liberty, and culture at the hands of Islamo fascists and Missionary mafia our secular leaders would oppose steadfastly destruction of our sacred culture and country. But this is not the case. We cannot escape the conclusion that bogus secularists are our enemies. We cannot ignore the extraordinary propensity of these phony secularists to join hands with our enemies in an attack on our culture, society and the nation.

Our country had developed a unique cultural tradition with sublime values and transcendental philosophy. Our Hindu system provides the freedom of choice for spiritual pursuits. Vedic wisdom tells that we are the creator of our own destiny, both individually and collectively. Only Hindus and enlightened souls could set the relevant inner force to lift human society to the higher level benefiting all living and non living beings on our plant.


Two fundamental choices are available for human beings to dealing with human problems and for self-actualization: Closed or Open Systems. Each is a way of thinking about living and non-living with inevitable consequences for the planet. Each system is also accompanied by concept of God, psychological theories and implications for living and relationship with living and non living things. The closed reductionist and parochial dogmas define a predetermined goal (Allah, Jesus), establish procedures to reach the goal and punishes those who do not follow the system

Can closed, parochial, deterministic, reductionist, dogmas paraded as religions sprinkled with few ecclesiastical terms without wholeness principles bring peace and harmony in this world? Hinduism is an open system, provides freedom for its adherents for identifying problems and searching for solutions. In closed dogmatic systems (Islam, Christianity, and Marxism) of thinking, outcomes are known in advance (Allah’s paradise, Purgatory, Kingdom of God, Egalitarian society dominated by the Proletariats). In such systems, goals and methods are clearly defined, and steps are stated as “ought” or “should”. Specific acts or behaviors are mentioned in advance and cannot be changed. Closed mechanical religions divide people into dual groups: Believers and non believers (Kafir). These dualistic closed dogmas often use violence, intimidation and threats of punishment to deal with individuals who question or defy clearly predefined sequence.

Open, universal, all inclusive system (Hinduism) rely on the intelligence, motivation and free thinking of individuals to discover appropriate solutions for human problems. Fundamentalist and dogmatists criticize our open system as imprecise, vague, mystical and unscientific. Closed systems (Islam, Christianity, and Marxism) may provide comforting illusions of certain goals.

Hinduism embraces a veritable maze of philosophies, modes of worship, and different disciplines. It contains thousands of divine images and widely divergent approaches to divinity. Hindus have valid ways to serve and worship the ultimate reality-Brahman.

Unfortunately, phony secularists and bogus religious leaders continue to disregard closed dogmas that provide the illusion of certainty. For pseudo secularists; order and conformity with blind faith is synonymous with goodness. Such anti-national, moral relativist secularists dump all religions and subversive political dogmas together without knowing its ramifications. They don’t want to face or explain the contradictions within different religions and the devious methods they deploy for conversion of Hindus.

Closed dogmas are interested in increasing its adherents through conversion through fraud, allurement, threats or deception. Its followers are treated as objects or products to be molded or shaped. They are controlled and indoctrinated, and managed throughout their life. Those who question religious edicts are threatened with punishment or excommunicated.

Our Vedic system has a different view of persons. People are regarded as dynamic rather than static product or process. Problems are identified and solutions are suggested in terms of the persons involved. Success or failure in life is measured in terms of self actualization, values, feelings and spiritual developments.

Failure to understand the difference between our free spirited open systems and closed systems (Islam, Christianity, and Marxism) has caused enormous mischief throughout our recent history. The mischievous secularists and leftist intellectuals who claim “All Religions are the same” have no commitment for freedom and they are producers of dehumanization and social destruction.

The same process of distorted secularism now seems to going on in our education, media, politics and culture. Phony secularist is amoral, moral relativists and asocial. They are not much concerned with Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, subversive activities of Marxists, Love Jihad and Maoist violence. The bleeding heart secularists have no heart, no mind and their refusal to deal with threatening issues confronting our nation is suicidal. The behavior of such liberal secularists is determined by the faulty perception they hold.


For mindless secularists “Jihadis, conversion gang, Maoist deviants and spiritual Hindus are all reaching for the same Goal”. How can one say dualities are reconcilable? A cannot be B and not B at the same time. Islam and Christianity name ultimate reality differently and liberation is possible only through their pre-determined paths. Vedas prescribe different ways (Upaya) for reaching Moksha. Christian and Islamic teaching divide humanity between believers and non-believers (kafirs) and all their teachings are contradictory and confrontational.

Islam and Christianity say they are distinctive and claims to represent truth and represents truth exclusively.

Diversity is fundamental feature of our existence. Can diversity hold true for Christianity and Islam? Do Christianity and Islam present wholeness, diversity? Can we say that Islam and Christianity which seem to contradict each other and with our open thought system are one and reconcilable? The secular arguments are not convincing. There are philosophical objections to such meaningless statements. Something vital is missing from their fallacious logic. They skip the meaning of freedom and the whole relationship between freedom, choice and intelligent desire. Such meaningless statement signals their cognitive disorder and denial. Surely these are their private decisions. But it has far reaching consequences. It is repugnant to common sense. It is a dubious moral and psychological conclusion. It is an escape from reality. These malicious secularists and bogus Mayavadis are incapable of admitting which is true which is false.

Religion, culture and community ought not to be separated. If Hindus try to live in a world of its own, unrelated to the aspects of society, and political participation, they become anemic and apathetic and passive.


Today, Hindus are faced with acute problems, and Hindus have no political power to influence corrupt secular politicians looting our country, stealing our temple wealth, destroying our culture and diverting Hindu tax money for Hajj subsidy, Mosque construction, Mullah Pension, missionary training, and lavish luxury lifestyle for the elected corrupt secular politicians. If Hindus had to survive, Hindus must restore that vital relation between our spirituality, culture and politics. Hindus need to develop the skill and audacity for confronting pseudo secularists, develop some worthwhile interests and work hard to promote it. “What is the best of all things that are praised?”: “SKILL”. (The Mahabharata)

Hindus should not elect secular politicians unwilling to challenge coercive religious conversion, jihadi terrorism, cultural pollution and corruption. Hindus and religious organizations must break their thick wall of denial and fight vigorously against bogus secular politicians seeking to serve their own self interests by serving our enemies. Mayavadis who preach Ekam Sad Viprah Bahudha Vadanti” should be confronted with reality. Their weakness begins to unravel when one asks “why don’t you go to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Syria or Kashmir to preach your philosophy? Their diatribes are nothing but expressions of their subjective preferences. There are ultimately no objective criteria for them. Their indifference, denial and cognitive disorder will make our Hindu society degenerate into anarchy. Hindus should not support those preaches of nihilism and illusion trying to achieve success by ignoring threatening problems.

Bleeding heart secularists and Mayavadis claim that their rhetoric is innately superior because they are speaking “all religions are the same”. These people are actors without feelings, emotions without tears for Hindus. It is a trick of their secular craft. Hindus should never accept such perverted pronouncement distanced from history, real experience and circumstances. Issues affecting Hindus do not arouse much passion for them. They want to play with Hindus tolerance, and wholeheartedness. The result of such narcissistic version of reality is that the expressive powers of Hindus are reduced. These secular moral relativists cannot evaluate reality, because reality matters to them when in some way promises to satisfy their personal needs and the needs of our enemies.

Our society is full of moral cowards, and secular politicians paralyzed by the loss of moral standards and goals. Hindus must take the initiative to assume the responsibility of asserting rational Hindu values. No matter how hard the struggle, Hindus must act. If not now, when?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Threat to Sanathana Dharma and Strategies to turn it back

Dr Babu Suseelan

Summary of Talk at the Hindu Conference organized by Global Hindu
Heritage Foundation. he conference was held at Bridgewater, New Jersey
on Sunday, December 6, 2009.


Over the millennia Santhana Dharma has developed a universal, all inclusive and rational culture, which was not identified with any prophet or philosopher. Through a process of self-activation which involves perpetual innovation and periodic renovation, universal philosophy of Hinduism spread far and wide.

Hindu culture has spread from Persia to Bali with its magnificent philosophy, all inclusive life style and spiritual values. King Kanishka built temples in Afghanistan. The Hindu king Surya Varman built the largest Hindu temple in the world known as Angkor Vat. Sanathana Dharma spread in all Asian countries including Indonesia, Java, Malaysia, Bali, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka and Singapore. The Pallavas, the Cholas, the Pandayas , the Nayaks and the Vigayanagar kings built magnificent Temples in South India. Several north Indian Hindu kingdoms were responsible for constructing famous temples in Bhubaneswar, Puri, Konarak, Orissa, Kashi, Mathura, Dwaraka, Manipur, Bengal and Kashmir. India became a splendor of the world with its opulence and vibrant community. Art, science, music, literature, and architecture have flourished.

Since 8th century Islamic invaders have poured into India searching for wealth. Islamic fanatics have destroyed thousands of Hindu temples and plundered temple wealth from Afghanistan to Kerala. The fanatic Islamic invaders have destroyed our learning centers, cultural institutions and forcefully converted millions of Hindus under the Islamic sword. Islamic invaders forcefully ruled parts of India for hundreds of years. In spite of Hindu Temple destruction and forceful conversion of Hindus, our Santhana Dharma prevailed. Great Hindu reformers and our Bhakti movement were instrumental in retaining our spiritual tradition and spreading our Vedic Dharma in India and abroad. Today Hindu temples across the globe spread our cultural tradition, philosophy and values.


Ancient civilizations like the Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Hellenic culture had collapsed under the heavy onslaught of Islamic fanatics and Christian dogmatists. In spite of repeated Islamic invasion, Christian Colonialism and secular assault, Sanathana Dharma survived through its inclusiveness, openness and its capacity of self renewal and it’s built in resilience.

The natural wealth of India also attracted crusaders, invaders and plunderers from Europe. Some came as merchants and stayed on. Some came, conquered, plundered and left. The crusaders came one after another: the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French and finally the British. Starting as traders, they developed political ambitions and ruled India for long. They brought weapons, parochial western culture and language and planned for the de-construction of Hindu society. Christian colonialists have introduced educational and administrative system to produce westernized Indian coolies. They were successful in creating a class of intellectual zombies who were willing to perpetuate the discrimination against Hindus. With the help of converted Indians and brainwashed intellectuals, Christian colonialists have obscured, neglected and suppressed Hindu cultural expression.

How did Hindu civilization declined from its triumphal march to its present deplorable condition? Have there been fatal turns and losses of direction in our progress?


We cannot begin a discussion of the present context unless we review the rise and fall of Hindu civilization. At one time or another Sanathana Dharma dominated the foundations of ancient, medieval and modern thought system. Whether it is Philosophy, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Mathematics, Algebra, Physics, Astronomy, Ayurveda, Music, Literature or Poetry, our contributions cannot be ignored. World’s most distinctive doctrines reveal the imprint of our Sages.

Our Rishis held that the universe reveals the workings, the development, the unfolding of the absolute (Brahman). Our Vedas proclaimed the universe is spiritual. The explanation of human actions, human growth and development as well as changes in human behavior may be grasped once we recognize how they are imbedded in the Cosmos, how they are directed by the absolute, how we play our part in the world’s realization of the spirit.

The essence of Santhana Dharma is spiritual freedom. Hindutva is the ideology devoted to safeguarding this eternal spiritual freedom. Hinduism is not a creed, or blind faith like Christianity or Islam. It is not a closed, rigid, non compromising political dogma like Marxism but a code of conduct and a value system that has spiritual freedom as its core. The basis of Hinduism is not blind faith in a fictitious God residing up in the sky. The foundation of our eternal Sanathana Dharma is the quest for cosmic truth. Our Rishies tried to learn the truth about the universe, explored our place in the cosmos. They saw nature-living and non living things-as part of the same equation. The Vedic system is beyond time. It is eternal. Other religions are historical religions associated with individuals. These dogmatic religions are frozen in time.


The plan for the destruction of our Sanathan Dharma is conceived and ordered and called out long time ago. Attempts have been made from time to time by Islamic invaders and Christian colonialists to impose their monolithic design on the multifarious manifestation of our Vedic ethos.

Even after independence, we have retained our secular leaders who were atheists, moral agnostics and those who were hostile to Hindutva. They moved the destructive plan created by Christian colonialists further. These smooth talking, phony secular political leaders ignored the brutal oppression, and brutal facts of history. They have deliberately ignored the aggressive impulses of the Islamists, Marxists and Missionaries and blamed Hindus.

In this context, I am reminded of the speech by Alexander Solzhenitsyn at Harvard University in 1978 with a speech entitled “A World Split Apart”. He characterized the current conflict for our planet as a physical and spiritual war that had already begun and could not be won without dealing with the forces of evil.

The real crisis Hindus face today is the conflict between spirituality and dogmatism. This is the root. It is a test of our Sanathana Dharma and our will to preserve it, practice it, protect it and promote it. The crisis of Hindus exists to the degree in which we are indifferent to our sacred values. The crisis is deepening because we are dazzled by the logic of the secular interpretation of sanathan Dharma, indifferent to political participation, and our incapacity to grasp the functioning of the atheists, communists, Jihadis, missionaries and secularists. Islamists, secularists, and Marxists and our westernized nemeses who rule India can be defeated if we show faith in our sacred Dharma, and act with courage, determination and conviction.

Marxists want the supremacy of the proletariat through class war, Islamists want Dar-Ul-Islam through Jihad war, and Missionaries want India controlled by the Church through coercive and deceptive conversion.

Now we have to face the challenges. Hinduism is now like a big fallen crippled elephant. A Hindu proverb says: “When an Elephant is in trouble even a Frog will kick him”. We have lost a major part of our East and west. Kashmir is gone, Nagaland is gone, Meghalaya, is gone. Kerala, the land of Sankaracharya, West Bengal the land of Chaithany Mahaprabhu, Prabhupath, Tagore, Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda is under the anti Hindu Marxist government. Missionaries and Jihadis have a field day in these states. Non Governmental missionary organizations with foreign money is tearing apart our cultural fabric and converting Hindus with impunity. Jihadi terrorists are roaming the country with guns and bombs without fear. Corrupt political leaders are looting millions from our treasury without any guilt or reservations. Law and order situation is in a mess. The schools, colleges and the media have a demoralizing effect on Hindus.

This present scenario requires a continuing search for rebuilding and strengthening our Hindu community. The source of our strength is in our eternal Vedic Dharma. It is spiritual. It has no beginning, no end and no limitation and we shall triumph over those who enslaved us. We are guided by the open ended, all inclusive, eternal spiritual truths of our Sanathan Dharma.


This victory cannot happen in a vacuum. We need to unite and stand up and must have the ability and will power to know our friends and enemies. We must know our opponents, who want to destroy us, dismantle our country, destroy our temples, and deconstruct our society. We must know the deviant amplifying Islamic ideology and the sinister plan of missionaries and the evil intent of our phony secularists. Once Hindus see this clearly, we can defeat the bigotry and despotism of islamo fascists, misguided policies of Marxists, anti Hindu games of secularists and dogmatism of Missionaries. These dangerous enemies must be exposed and opposed. We must work on to establish a Hindu Rashtra on the basis and principles of moral values, spiritual tradition on sanathana Dharma. We cannot regain our nation, practice our Dharma, free our temples, and promote our spiritual freedom if we always turn inward. If we are passive, indolent and apathetic and interested in relaxing in our own comforts and stop protecting our Dharma, evil will have its way.

There is a criminal axis exist in India against Hindutva. Instead of opposing the criminal axis, our leaders have fallen in love with our enemies. They try to appease our distracters and enemies with special privileges, Hajj subsidy, economic incentives, political rights and special status. Like an Ostrich, our phony, corrupt secular political leaders do not want to see anti Hindutva brigade destroying our country and they are unwilling to confront the enemy. Our moral agnostic political leaders and bogus liberal intellectuals have a difficult time seeing threatening moral issues clearly because most of them are moral relativists. They reject our Dharma, standards of good and bad, right and wrong. In their view, dogmatism of Islam is perfect, Jihad war is noble, coercive religious conversion is liberation, subversive activities of Maoists is acceptable social protest, illegal money making through Hawala and corruption is revenue enhancement, and terrorism is path to enlightenment. Our sadus and sages are primitive-phony secularists and mindless Marxists are modern. Jihadi terrorists and people war groups are freedom fighters. Mullahs and Missionaries are social reformers and peace makers. Seva Bharathi, Mata Amritananda Mai, Sankaracharya, VHP and RSS are communalists. Those who blow up Hindu temples and murdering Hindus are fighting for justice. Love Jihadis are real lovers exercising their freedom. The Hindu victims of terrorism are seen as causes of the problem. Criminals who destroy our sacred temples and steal our deities, Jihadi terrorists who torch our trains and buses and mercilessly kill Hindus are seen as innocent and exploited. The immoral secular political leaders believe that heinous anti Hindu acts must be blamed on Hindu society or psychological and economic circumstances.


India is the only country in the world where anti Hindu criminals and Jihadi terrorists are glorified and Hindu victims are demoralized. We need to identify our enemies, make distinction between friend and foe, right and wrong, good and bad. We need to move away from moral relativism to moral absolutism. Evil facing Hindus is real and it must be confronted. Indifference, denial, apathy, compromise and tolerance are not reasonable alternative. Our corrupt political elite are busy churning out excuses for Hindu temple take over, looting of temple wealth, confiscating temple land and denying our rights. They coddle our enemies, instead of confronting them, they feed them. India’s anti Hindu forces advancing politically in accordance with their proclaimed intentions, with the help of enemies within.


Our extraordinary preoccupation with tolerance encourages secular political leaders to peddle self-deception and self-delusion as realistic. India’s leftist intellectuals, Islamized media, and alienated academicians seek refuge in irrational tolerance as a recipe for moral uncertainty.

Our God Sri Krishna and Sri Rama did not tolerate or negotiate with Asuras. They did not sweet-talk with them, nor did they compromise with them. Our inept politicians see moral issues in shades of gray. In their twisted minds, Hind organizations provoke Jihadis for committing homicide bombing and torching trains.

To ensure our future, we should realize the perils of tolerance. In the name of tolerance, we should not allow Jihadi terrorists, communist fascists and bogus secularists to impose their intolerant ideology on our throat. It’s time to realize the limits of tolerance and move away from moral paralysis. When we think of the attitude shift necessary to regain our strength, we should remember the message of Voltaire “We must cultivate the spirit of tolerance in our hearts, but we should not allow the policy of toleration to be exploited and abused by fanatical sectarian groups which are subversive political movements in ecclesiastical disguise”.


Some Swamijis and mindless political leaders spread the message that all religions are the same. They frequently quote the Vedic verse (Rig Veda 1.164.46) – Ekam Sad Viprah Bahudha Vadanti (It is one existence that the wise ones speak of diverse ways).The full Mantra reads as follows:

Indram Mitram Varuna Agnim Ahu,

Atho Divya Sah Suparnah Garutman,

Ekam Sad Viprah Bahudha Vadanti,

Agnim Yamam Matatishvanam Ahu.

(They hail it as Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni; also as that divine and noble-winged Garutman, It is of one Existence that the wise ones speak in diverse ways: whether as Agni or Yama or Mata Rishhvan).

Misguided secular politicians and mindless Universalists quote only one-fourth and not the full mantra. The frivolous misquote of the pseudo cultural elites are destructive existentially and psychologically.

The excuse industry in India is real and powerful. The excuse industry promoting mindless universalism has destroyed individual responsibility, destroyed critical thinking and made citizens into passive zombies. They don’t want to see the moral decay caused by Islamo fascists, Marxists, phony secularists and Missionaries.

The banality of the bogus secularists and excuse industry want to shackle Hindus permanently. They prevent Hindus from gaining freedom from the shackles of slavery.

Colonial administrators have produced as many experts as the field of Hindutva. These mindless experts claiming special knowledge of our country and Vedic Dharma have roused so much controversy and misdirected Hindus with meaningless political ideology of “all religions are the same”, tolerance is a positive virtue, and compromise with enemies is a noble gesture, “Ahimsa Paramo Dharma”, and bogus secularism. They misinterpreted these concepts for defeating and subjugating Hindus. Indian leaders were brainwashed and use these concepts in reasoning, decision making, concept formation, and so forth. This distorted cognitive process has entered into the behavior of common man. If we ever to come to grips with the seeming illogic of our corrupt secularism and oppression of Hindus, we must first to come to terms with the various illogic of such cognitive distortions.

And now, Hindus are awakening, and many of us are aware of our weakness. This secular way of thinking, which was imposed on us did not help us to admit the existence of evil elements among us nor did it help Hindus see any higher task than the attainment of personal happiness. Hindus lost interest in identifying or confronting enemies to protect our limb and liberty. Hindus were hypnotized to believe that spirituality and dogmatism could peacefully coexist. Islamic fundamentalists and dogmatic missionaries had nothing but contempt for our all embracing, comprehensive value system or our concept of vasudevakudumbakham.


Our battle is between spiritual freedoms and closed, rigid, reductionist political dogmas paraded as religions under ecclesiastical disguises. Our fight is between darkness and light.

Swami Vivekananda reminded us “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life-think of it, dream of it, live on idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body fill that idea, and just leave every other ideas alone. This is the way to success”.

Hindus should realize that there could be no substitute for victory and political power. Even today Hindus have no political clout. It is a mistake to think that the intellectual movement to achieve Hindu unity and implement an action plan is without difficulties. There is no shortcut to achieve our objectives. Hindutva is our permanent fuel and ideological powerhouse. If Hindu consciousness is awakened, Hindu unity is possible.

Hindus need to change. Change has considerable impact on the human mind. To be fearful of goal directed political activism is threatening our survival because it means things may get worse. Hindus have to identify challenges and act with assertive confidence because it makes things better.


Ignoring our enemies, refusal to confront our hangmen and deadly mind viruses can lead to our demise. Hinduism is blessed with abstract and functional concepts for building personal, family and community life. What we lack is strategies and action plan for preserving, practicing, and promoting our Dharma.

“What we need is a new paradigm—a new vision of reality; a fundamental change in our thoughts, perception and values” (FRITJOF CAPRA, “The Turning Point”, Bantam, 1984)

Indian political system is corrupt, discriminatory and oppressive to Hindus. Hindus are bewildered, perplexed and confused under the muscle power of Islamists, missionaries, mind manipulators and psychological warfare experts. Psychological manipulation and political oppression of Hindus made them lose much of their drive and sense of urgency for a new mission and political activism Hindus should have. Hindus must become active, assertive, and must change their passive attitude, increase commitment, and behaviors as well as improve their competencies. Hindus have to shed their long entrenched ineffective culture of pacifism, tolerance, indifference and apathy. We have to replace it with a culture of political activism, social participation, community involvement, and assertiveness...


To respond more effectively to emerging conditions whether it is love jihad, deceptive religious conversion, political corruption or evil design for taking over temples, Hindus need to get out of the frozen mindset and act. The frozen, outdated appeasement culture and the self-absorbed mindset and lack of understanding on the political reality are suicidal. Activism will allow responding swiftly and finding ways to take effective goal directed action.

Hindus are known for risk aversion, apathy, indifference, irrational tolerance and delusional adjustment with adversaries. Hindu groups should not show aversion for risk taking, breakthrough ideas, critical thinking, and self-initiative against mind manipulators, mindless anti Hindu media, jihadis, conversion mafia and corrupt anti Hindu politicians. Hindu temples should also be used in educating Hindus on the sacred Vedic philosophy. Changing Hindu’s belief, behaviors, commitment and values is a paramount goal for changing passive Hindus into active Hindus. Without this change in attitude and behaviors, our goals cannot be achieved.

Many Hindus are not just comfortable in letting go of the status quo. The status quo is not conducive for Hindus because the pseudo secular politicians, Islamo fascists and the conversion gang will use their power and authority to keep their turf and privileges. Hindu empowerment process is not a onetime program with definitive end point; we should not shelve it away until we reach for our goal: that is HINDU RASHTRA.

We have an immense opportunity, responsibility to generate new knowledge and strategies and action plan based upon a rigorous and disciplined assessment of our present psycho-social-political situation. Then, we can provide a better future for all Hindus.

Swami Vivekananda said “No great work can be done without sacrifice. The Purusha himself sacrificed to create the world. Lay down your comforts, your pleasures, your names, fame or position-nay even lives. Make a bridge of human chains over which millions will cross this ocean of life. Bring all the forces of life of good together. Do not care what banner you march. Do not care what be your color—green, blue, or red-But mix all the colors up, and produce that intense flow of white, the color of love. Ours is to work. The results will take care of themselves”

Swami Vivekananda’s clarion call is still relevant today “Practice of Hindu Dharma will unite the divided self of man, societies and nations. Hinduism will reestablish man in his rightful position and encourage to him to exert for attaining divine heights of his latent personality”.

Fear of a Saffron Telangana haunts Muslims

Even as the demand for separate statehood for Telangan region in Andhra Pradesh continues to intensify by the day, an agitation is slowly but surely brewing among the local Muslim community. The cause behind this antagonism – and opposition – of the Muslim politicians and organisations towards the formation of a new state is their deep-rooted fear of ‘oppression’, the fear that history will repeat itself and the minorities may lose their stack in the ‘Saffron’ Telangana. “Muslim opposition to a separate Telangana is not new. We opposed Telangana state during the violent agitation in 1969 too. And this opposition has continued till date,” Asaduddin Owaisi, the new boss of Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) told TSI.

So what are the reasons for Muslim reluctance, when a large majority of the region’s populace as well as political parties are demanding a Telangana state? A fear of sharp communal polarisation, which will jeopardise the interests of the minorities, say leaders of Muslim United Forum (MUF), of which MIM is a member group. The forum leaders feel that the psyche of the average Telangana Hindu and the psyche of the political outfits, irrespective of their affiliations, have been distorted with anti-Muslim ferment, with the bitter memories of atrocious Razakars in Telangana armed struggle. “Razakars, the brutal Muslim private army during the Nizam’s regime, had persecuted innocent masses in connivance with Deshmuks and other feudal Lords. Though more than 50 per cent of them were non-Muslims, the Telangana armed struggle was basically portrayed to be anti-Muslim,” says Sk Yusuf Baba, an analyist of the MUF.

In the aftermath of the police action against the armed struggle, several thousand Muslim men were killed by hoodlums, their women raped or forced to commit suicide by jumping into wells to save their honour. Muslim properties were burnt and their agricultural lands were grabbed, resulting in large-scale migration from the rural area and towns in the affected districts to Hyderabad. However, due to the prevalence of communal enmity towards the Muslim masses, these cases of heinous atrocities on this community living in several outlying districts in Marathwada and Hyderabad-Karnatak region of erstwhile Hyderabad state were buried on the sly, he averred.

The MUF leaders say that besides ‘communal’ parties like the Bharatiya Janata Party, even the ‘so-called secular parties’ like Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), which claims to be the cultural spearhead of Telangana, are dominated by leaders with the background of rightwing Hindu groups like the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The MUF leaders point out the absolute absence of Muslim leaders in TRS as inference to their argument. After being transformed from the ruling class to the ruled overnight, following the police action against the Nizam’s Hyderabad state in 1948, the Muslims were brought to an acute sense of insecurity with the Hyderabad trifurcation, which divided them into three political and geographical entities. With the change in official language in government offices, thousands of Muslim employees, who only knew Urdu, remained jobless and obviously were necked out. Thus, socio-economic deprivation of the Muslims, which began in the early 1950s, got accentuated with systematic exploitation of Telangana.

Hence, the division of the state is a nightmarish proposition to the Muslims. “In the interest of the community, the Muslims have remained stubborn as far as an undivided state is concerned,” prominent religious scholar Moulana Hameeduddin Auqil Hussami and Chairman of MUF said.

The long-standing Shia-Sunni divide within the Muslim community is attributed to this dispute. “The leaders, particularly of MIM, are elitist Sunnis, and they are only a minor group among Muslims opposing a separate Telangana state for obvious reasons. These leaders had played into hands of the then Chief Minister Kasu Brahmananda Reddy, who used them in muffling the Telangana movement in 1969. Today, they are being prompted by the present Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy who is vehemently opposed to the Telangana movement,” an analyst on Muslim affairs told TSI. “The powerful, muscled minority Sunnis, who were outsiders and settled here during the Nizam’s regime, have gradually emerged as the representatives of the poor, forlorn Shias. And now these leaders are in the process of making the Muslim masses a part of their intrigues,” he alleged.

When the Gentlemen’s Agreement was signed in 1956 by Andhra and Telangana leaders for implementation of domicile rules, known as Hyderabad Mulki Rules, which stipulated 12 years’ stay in Telangana area to become a mulki (a local), clashes ensued between non-local Sunnies and local Shias. However, the large-scale migration of Shias from rural areas and towns in Telangana districts to Hyderabad made them submissive to the Sunnis who dominate the socio-political and economical spheres of the community.

But this argument was dismissed as ‘ridiculous’ by a MIM leader who was quick to point out that in the event of the formation of a new state, the tally of the seats of their party will go up in the elections. Referring to the interethnic competition and Sunnis supremacy, a social analyst and poet Syed Yakoob said ethnicity may develop in response to internal needs, to acquire status rather than as a result of interethnic competition. Muslims constitute 9.2 per cent of Andhra Pradesh’s total population of 76 million, as per the 2001 census. Their population in nine other districts of Telangana region is about 17 per cent. They constitute about 40 per cent of the four million population of Hyderabad.

“So, how can Congress ignore the apprehensions of this big group of minorities,” the MIM leader asked. As an indicator of the shape of things to come if a new state is formed, he cited the Vatoli incident in which a family of six Muslims were beaten and burned to death in a Telangana village. However, the stand taken by the Muslim leadership has put the Congress brass in a dilemma. It risks alienating the community if it goes ahead with the proposal., and faces ceding ground to its political opponents, including Telugu Desam Party, which made a volta-face on separate Telangana, if it vetoes the move.

Source: Sunday Indian

Love Jihad is real: Kerala HC

VR Jayaraj | Kochi - Daily Pioneer

The Kerala High Court on Wednesday stated that forced conversions, termed as Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad, and efforts for that were a reality in the State despite the arguments by the Director General of Police, Kerala and the Union Home Department to the contrary. Stating that the State Government had the responsibility to check forced conversions, the court asked it to formulate legislation on the lines of the other states.

Rejecting a petition for anticipatory bail in a “Love Jihad” case filed by Shehenshah, a Muslim youth, who had allegedly forced a non-Muslim MBA girl student of a Pathanamthitta college in the name of love, the court said that campuses should not be turned into venues for forced conversion through false love affairs. Justice KT Sankaran also rejected another petition seeking a ban on the use of the terms Love Jihad and Romeo Jihad.

Earlier, Kerala DGP Jacob Punnoose had submitted in the court that no evidence was available to prove the existence of an organized movement in the State, specializing in converting non-Muslim girls into Islam through treacherous love affairs. Subsequently, the Union Home Department told the court that it had no information of any movement anywhere in the country specializing in such conversion methods.

Justice Sankaran also pointed out that the reports submitted by the top police officials and Superintendents of Police in the State were of contradictory contents. The DGP had told the court that there were no “actionable” evidences to suggest that such a conversion campaign was on in Kerala but indications of possibility of such a programme was there. The court also said that 14 out of the 18 reports from SPs on the matter, submitted by the DGP, were of no value or use.

However, police reports themselves had made it clear that forced conversions through love affairs as a movement had been going on in Kerala since 1996. The judge said that the police reports had indicated that about 4,000 conversions had taken place through love affairs in the past four years, and 2,800 girls of other religions had undergone conversion into Islam in this period.

He also said that 1,600 such conversions had taken place in four northern districts including Malappuram, Kerala’s Muslim-majority district. It was evident from the report submitted by the DGP that outfits like Islamist Popular Front of India (earlier NDF) and its student wing, the Campus Front, were behind the organized campus-based conversion programme,s aid Justice Sankaran. He added that the DGP’s report had also indicated that Muslim conversion centres had been functioning in Kozhikode district.

Though the Constitution guaranteed equal rights to all religions, the right for faith should not be used for forced conversions and conversions through treachery, the judge said. Mixed marriages could be promoted but such marriages should not be used as tools for forced or treacherous conversion, he pointed out. He also said that several other states had formulated legislations for preventing forced conversions and the people and the Government of Kerala should consider formulation of such legislation in view of the particular context.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Defining Hindu Rashtra

Dipin Damodharan

'uttaram yat samudrassya Himadreschaiva dakshinam

varsham tad Bharatam nama Bharati yetr santatihi' (VishnuPurana)

It describes our country as the one extending to the north of the seas and lying to the south of the Himalayas and calls it Bharat and her children as Bharatis.

When we discuss of Hindu Rashtra, the word Hindu is not to be equated with any particular form of worship. It is not what is cannoted by the English word religion. The word Hindu stands for our entire society, those who live in this country and accept the fact that this is an ancient nation with a long history and a hoary tradition and willing to share it are all covered by that word; they are all members of the Hindu Rashtra and believers in Hindutva.

Hindu Rashtra has been living on this land and it has a common dharma and samskriti, a common sharing of joys and sorrows, a common appraisal of enemies and friends and a common aspiration for the future. Then, there is its glorious lineage of noble ancestors, the great men and seers who have protected and enriched the nation. This Hindu samaj cherishes a natural desire to make the nation strong prosperous and great in all repects, to attain such cultural rights that each individual members of its becomes a model for all mankind in character and righteous conduct. Unlike other nations this society would like to use this national strength not for the destruction of other people but for the service of the world because that in fact has been the mandate of our forefathers.

Hindutva is a self- sustaining, self renewing jungle phenomenon and is nearest to nature and assimilative in character. Hindutva is a non - geometrical forest where in old trees live out their life clearing the atmosphere from the pollutants so that man and animal can live, even when the trees and vegetation die, their remains work as nutrients for their new generation. Hindutva is thus a self - renewing way of life. In relation to other nations Hinduism stands for a harmonious synthesis among nation and not for their obliteration.

The nation Bharat is a culmination of long past of heroic endeavours, selfless sacrifices and glorious deeds of devotion........ To have common glories uin the past, to have common will in the present, to have performed great deeds together and to wish to perform still more; these are the essential conditions for being the citizen of a country.

Hindus are not just a religious community, but a nation; Hindu Rashtra is not a political concept. Nation( Rashtra) and state( Rajya) are two differnt concepts and should not be mixed up. State is purely a political concept. Nation is eternal while the state is transitory. If the state is the body , the nation is its soul(atma). In Hindu philosophy the atma is eternal and only the bodies and their forms are changed. The Hindu Rashtra has been existing since time immemorial and it shall continue to exist forever. Hindu Rashtra is a cultural and emotional concept, eternally assering itself. It makes clear that national sentiment is supreme, and all other sentiments, whether religious or sectional, should remain subservient to it.

People belonging to various religions in this country are all Hindus by culture and are nationals of Bharata varsha. Any person born in this country irrespective of his or her religion, with the proviso that he or she loves Bharat or respect its cultural traditions are all Hindus. Logically, the national heroes of Hindu Rashtra like Ram and Krishna should be reverd by all the nationals irrespectivr of their religious beliefs.

Our Nation is Our Pride, Jai Hind

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why intolerant Islamism is spreading?

Dr Babu Suseelan

Islamists' goal is to exploit freedom, and liberal policies of non-Islamic countries and to inject their valueless values and make non Muslims subservient and unfree. Moral relativists, moral agonists, Marxists and phony liberals are colluding with Islamists in their sinister plan for making the world a Dar-ul-Islam. we are naive in keeping an "open Mind", and embracing the concept of "tolerance", and "Compromise". Tolerance of intolerance and compromise with evil is no guarantee of success or produce decent results. It is a deadly mistake to "Compromise' with or 'tolerate; intolerant ideology or intolerant people.

Political leadership and phony liberal media who want to promote "Compromise" and "tolerance" have lost clear, correct and comprehensive knowledge of Islamo fascism and the true nature of Muslims who want to kill all infidels. They are in deep denial of the valueless values of Islamism and the dangerous reality of destructive tendencies of Islamo fascists.

It is suicidal to compromise or tolerate Islamists promoting terrorism and death. There should not be any compromise with Jihadis promoting death. Once we accept the concept of 'compromise' with Islamists, we are compromising with death.

People who promote compromise and tolerance are morally treacherous. We cannot correct irrational belief system of Islamists by giving into them. Do we have to compromise with death? Do we have to tolerate poison?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why we need Hindu Rashtra?

Dr Babu Suseelan

India has a unique history. While the west and the middle east were living in darkness, India was at the zenith of civilization. Indian culture, philosophy, and richness were unparrlel in the history of the world. From 8th century onwards hords of Islamic invaderrs marched with their ferocious new found Islamism and swords to India. Muslims came to India as invaders, looted India's wealth, mercilessly killed those who resisted brutal Islamic invasion, enslaved Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. Invading Muslims forcefully converted millions of Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs by the Islamic sword, destroyed temples, cultural institutions and learning centers. Islamic dictators were successful in erasing cultural memories and spiritual tradition. Uprooted people were forcefully enslaved with the Arab desert dogma. Centuries of brutal Islamic rule reinfocred the valueless values of Islam and the closed, dogmatic and non compromising Islamic thinking.

Since Islam is against democracy, pluralism, multiculturalism, tolerance and coexistence, converted Muslims became dogmatic and sectarian. Then The European Christians came to India, subdued Islamic rulers and established the colonial rule. Christian colonialists encouraged Muslims to retain their Islamic identity and hostility against Hindus.

The Christian colonialists colluded with Muslims against India's spiritual tradition and moral foundation. It paved the way for Muslims to retain their Islamic identity and they use Mosques as center for islamic socialization. Everything ant-Hindu were promoted and Hindus were reduced to spineless jelly fish afraid to speak up. They have fallen prey to the corruption of the secular and have become watered down version of their Hindu self. Hindus were often more concerned with survival amidst discrimination, oppression and chaos. Hindus became a laughingstock, and frequent target of Islamic fanatics and Missionaries. They were successful in imposing their outdated, closed and reductionist theology on helpless Hindus. In response to these multilevel attacks, Hindus became paralyzed, hypnotized, and ostracized by corrupt politicians, colonial masters and Islamic fanatics.

There was no strong Hindu organizations other than few Bhakti movements. They were preaching Bhakti and saturated Hindus with chanting and Ahimsa as well as surrender and political non-involvement. They were not teaching or reminding Hindus to become politically active. As a result many Hindus thought coercive religious conversion and colonialism is predetermined and therefore beyond their control. It was a great disaster for Hindus. Muslims who are worldly gained political strength, established strong separate identity and were faithful to Allah and islamic value system. Muslims demanded their own way, throwing muscle power and tantrums like violent criminals.

During independence struggle under Gandhi, fear has overcome Hindutva, conformity to Hindu culture has replaced with conformity to Islamic and western values. The voice of Hindu leaders has been replaced by a cacophony of English speaking leaders like Nehru and Islamist Jinnah. The colonial masters encouraged and supported Muslim's demand for a separate state. Indian leaders trained in the secular, liberal agenda fell into the Islamic trap. Now separate islamic states exist on the west and east of India. In Kashmir, Nagaland and several parts of India, Hindus are a minority. If the present coercive religious conversion continuous, in several parts of India, Hindus will soon become extinct.

Muslims residing in India still identify with the desert originated Arab dogma. Hindus are forced to tolerate the incursion of darkness. Muslims are organized and connected to rich Islamic states. Hindus still have a choice. They need to unite and declare India as a HIND RASHTRA. Rigid, dogmatic idealism of Marxism, Islam, Nazism and Fascism cannot help realize the ideals of humanity. The world needs a universal, systemic, pluralistic idealism. And a HINDU RASHTRA can promote liberal democratic system around the world with ideals of pluralism, universalism, coexistence, pace and harmony.

Friday, November 20, 2009

With a Bollywood - Who needs the 'LeT' or the 'JAISH'?"


Dear Sir,

Reference the report " Bollywood actors under NIA scanner " - (TNIE - 19 NOV).

The report stated - " India's National Investigation Agency (NIA) might record statements of actors Emraan Hashmi and Aarti Chhabria who reportedly had contact with Headley - -".

Just in end Jul 2009, the entire 'secular' English media of our country was shedding 'copious secular' tears at the pitiable plight of Emraan Hashmi at his being refused a NOC to purchase a flat in the Nibbana Complex, a posh society in Bandra's elite Pali Hill area.

According to an IANS report: " Emraan said: ' It is strange that they don't tell you on your face that you can't get a house because you are a Muslim. It would have been easier if they would have told me openly. What they told me is that they can't allow me to live there because I am a serial kisser and my presence will have a bad influence on the children staying there."

He added : " 'Being a celebrity if I'm facing problems in buying a house here, I wonder what kind of problems others would have been facing. All the time we are talking about secularism but with such incidents what secularism are people talking about?"

Waxing eloquent, Hashmi told : " Am I a criminal, or a terrorist or have I done anything illegal?' The IANS report further added: " Emraan told reporters here Friday with his uncle and well-known filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt by his
side ".

Now it so happens, the 'Secular Jumping Jack' Mahesh Bhatt's son is also in the 'terrorist soup' alongwith Hashmi !! Secular poetic Justice, wouldn't you agree, Sir??!!

Wonder what happens now to all those pontificating , bordering on venomous, 'secular' editorials spewed out by the English media at that point in time?!!!

'Truth' has always been the 'first casualty' in all the 'secular reporting' by the maudlin(?) English media. Any wonder then your columnist, S.Gurumurthy, wrote on 29 Jun 2004, an Article aptly titled : " Secular hoot and scoot,tell lies and run away ".

Tailpiece: The initial suspicion of the Nibbana Complex, has been well founded !!Hopefully they have been spared any further agony.



How to deal with Anti Hindu Media - A Lesson from Tamilnadu

Electronic media and Hindu sentiments – A sequel

20 Nov 2009

Readers may recall the three-part article titled “Electronic media and Hindu sentiments” that appeared here last month.

The backdrop to the article was an episode telecast by the Tamil Channel “Vijay TV”, which belongs to Rupert Murdoch’s Star Group. As the concerned episode terribly hurt the cultural and religious sentiments of Hindus, a campaign was started by a few individual activists against the channel and the producer and sponsor of the concerned program. The campaign has been successful so far and is likely to reach its logical conclusion in the days to come.

Meeting at the production house

On 3 November 2009, research scholar Gauthaman, professional photographer Srinivasan, advocate Subramaniam Balaji and columnist Haran had a meeting with Antony, CEO of Mercury Creations, which produced the concerned program “Neeyaa Naanaa” (You or Me / Tum aur Mein) for ‘Vijay TV.’ During the conversation, Antony gave the important information that the topics for the program are “chosen” by an “expert panel” constituted by the TV Channel and that the producers (like him) could only give them some suggestions.

The point to note here is that the TV Channel’s so-called expert panel regularly “chooses” topics which are relevant to Hindu cultural and religious traditions and subjects them to debate. The anchor conducts the program in such a way that the subject of debate is derided, demeaned and defamed and projected in such a manner that viewers get confused with a feeling that the concerned tradition is unwanted and unnecessary.

Mercury Creations produces two programs (Neeyaa Naanaa and “Nadanthathu Enna” – “What happened”) for Vijay TV and both programs deal with “Hindu” related subjects quite often. Since the subjects (topics) are chosen by the so-called expert panel, the real and ulterior motive of a Christian Media house like Star-Vijay can be understood. It can also be inferred that other channels must be following the same methodology to select topics for similar programs, as most media houses operate with the common objective of “de-Hinduising” society.

Antony refused to divulge the names of the expert panel. But the four activists found a blackboard (inside the mini meeting hall) on which the titles of subjects for shooting in future were written. Some topics mentioned were:

- Is it necessary to name newborns with the names of their grandparents?
- Who are beautiful, North Indian women or South Indian women?
- Inter-Religious marriages – Husbands vs. Wives
- Also, the topic debated on 18 October was, “who creates problems for a married woman, sister-in-law or brother-in-law?”

If we go deep into these subjects, see the programs and analyse them, we can clearly identify the motive behind the choice of title and program. One can recognize a “larger conspiracy” to demolish the institution of marriage and the family values entwined with Hindu religion and culture. The alien powers which control and fund our media houses are behind this huge conspiracy of de-Hinduising the nation and they are aided and abetted by ‘secular’ governments and political parties. It is sad and unfortunate that the Hindu majority falls prey to such programs, risking their religious and cultural identities.

During his meeting with the four activists, Antony tried to convince them about commercial strategies, TRP ratings, etc. But they stuck to their guns, demanding a public apology from both the production house and the TV Channel, apart from a commitment that such programs demeaning and hurting the Hindu community would not be produced and telecast in future. Finally Antony agreed to render a public apology during the telecast of the program on Sunday, 22 November, as programs till 15 November had been already shot.

Campaign through “Tamil Hindu” website

Meanwhile, my article in Tamil (more or less a translation of the English version carried here) was published in on 6 November, wherein readers were requested to send e-mails to Mr. Ponnudurai, Managing Director of M/S Lion Dates Impex Pvt Ltd., 4A/3 Kaveri Road, Trichy – 620002, the sponsor of that program, at, expressing their anger and hurt and their decision to boycott his products in future. Readers were also given telephone numbers (0431-2730047 / 2730191) requesting them to call the company and register their protests. The article ( drew the attention of thousands of Tamil Hindus across the world within two days and hundreds of readers flooded the mailbox of the sponsor.

Concerted move by “Hindu Voice” magazine

Sri GP Srinivasan spoke to Ponnudurai, proprietor of the sponsoring company, for an interview on behalf of the Mumbai-based monthly magazine “Hindu Voice.” Sri Deivamuthu, Editor & Publisher of Hindu Voice, also shot off a letter to Ponnudurai urging him to withdraw sponsorship of such anti-Hindu programs and conveyed his intention to run a campaign against his company through Hindu Voice and other media if he did not withdraw sponsorship.

The letter sent by Deiva Muthu:

Kind Attn: Mr. Ponnudurai

This refers to the telephonic talks our Editor, Mr. GP Srinivasan had with you, in connection with the Vijay TV Programme, Neeya Naana, Nadanthathu Enna, etc. All these programmes compered by Mr. Gopinath are prepared with an intention to insult Hindus. He has never taken up a programme concerning Islam or Christianity. It seems he is afraid of taking up issues concerning Muslims and Christians, and is taking up only Hindu issues because Hindus are tolerant.

Since these programmes are sponsored by you, our Editor, Mr. Srinivasan, would like to have an interview with you, so that we can publish it in Hindu Voice - a Monthly published in English and Hindi, espousing the cause of Hindutva. Please give us a date and time when he can come and interview you.

Meantime, we would urge you to withdraw your sponsorship to these programmes which are hurting Hindu Sentiments. Otherwise, we will have to carry on a campaign against Lion Dates, not only through Hindu Voice but via other media too.

I hope to receive your quick reply.

P. Deivamuthu
Mg. Editor, Hindu Voice
210 Abhinav, Teen Dongri
Yeshwant Nagar, Goregaon West
Mumbai 400062.
Tel: 022-28764460, 28764418, 09324728153.

Realising the gravity of the situation, Ponnudurai sent a reply to Deivamuthu and also shot off individual letters (though stereotyped) to all those, including the readers of “Tamil Hindu”, who sent protest letters to him. In his letter, Ponnudurai said that he understood the hurt feelings of Hindus and conveyed that he had instructed his advertising agency to be careful in future, monitoring each and every program sponsored by his company for each and every channel. He also said that he had expressed his views to the authorities of the TV Channel and that they have given a commitment to him that they would not telecast such programs in future.

The reply letter sent by Ponnudurai:

Dear Sir / Madam,

Ref: The programme telecasted on 11-10-2009

Greetings. We received your mail and understood your feelings about the particular
Mentioned programme telecasted in Vijay TV. We too felt the same way and have expressed our views to the Channel Authorities. And they have promised that in future there will not be any topics in their programmes which will affect the sentiments of any one…

Normally, this programme “Neeya Naana”programme became famous because of its topics involved in social matter and unfortunately this particular programme has crossed borders and affected the sentiments of large number of people.

We hereby like to stress yourself that we are not the Producer of this Programme and only the advertiser of this programme…As a part of our general advertising programme we release our advertisements in many programmes in many channels all over India .

We have strictly conveyed our Advertising Agency –Saroj ad Creators private limited ,Chennai, India- to monitor all the programmes in all channels where we release our advertisements and especially all the topics discussed in this “Neeya Naana” programme in Vijay TV, and refrain from any controversial programmes in future..

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

For Lion Dates Impex private limited

Managing Director


If the concerted efforts of a few individuals could elicit such a response, one can imagine the effect of a united campaign by Hindu organizations. Though Ponnudurai’s letter did not have a feeling of regret or a note of apology, the concern and respect he showed to the feelings of those who had written to him was quite visible in his communication.

So in the event of the production house not apologizing on Sunday 22 November, as per its commitment, the concerned activists have decided to proceed further legally and take the issue to its logical conclusion. One hopes Hindu organizations come together and rally behind the activists, as there are many other channels that need to be taken to task as they compete with each other in denigrating Hindu religion and hurting the Hindu sentiments. This is only a beginning and this movement against the hostile media has to be sustained.