Saturday, March 17, 2012

Opposition silent over Sonia's assets


The Media and Sycophants who celebrated ‘Sonia Gandhi’s Sacrifices’  since she got married to Rajiv Gandhi is keeping mum over the recent exposure by a foreign magazine that she is richest political lady and the fourth richest politician in the world.
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According to the list her wealth has been broadly mentioned as in between $2-19 billion, that is Rs 10,000 crores to Rs 45,000 crore. As per the report she is richer than even the likes of Monarch of Dubai or Emir of Abudhabi.

This report comes out at a time when she refuses to divulge details of her IT return to a PIL applicant. When Chennai-based RTI activist V Gopalakrishnan had sought details of her I-T returns from 2000 to 2011 the Aam Admi’s leader the request was refused citing security reasons! Sonia in the last general elections had declared her assets worth Rs 50-75 lakh only.

What is more disappointing is the silence of opposition parties like BJP or Communist – Marxist parties in this regard.   Are we edging towards Plutocracy from Democracy?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Forced conversion of Hindus in Pakistan jolts US out of slumber


Chidanand Rajghatta

There have been many reports of Hindu girls being abducted, forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men in Pakistan.

Pakistan's state-endorsed discrimination, and in some cases extermination, of its minorities has finally caught the eye of Washington lawmakers. Coming on the heels of support in Congress for a Baloch homeland in the face of Islamabad's depredations in the region, a US Congressman has zeroed in on the abduction and forced religious conversion of Hindus in the country highlighted by the case of Rinkel Kumari.

In a sharply-worded letter to Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari , CongressmanBrad Sherman urged him to take action to ensure the return of Rinkel Kumari to her family, pursuant to reports that she had been abducted with the help of aPakistan People's Party (PPP) lawmaker. In a case that has been widely reported in the liberal Pakistani media, Rinkel, who was abducted on February 24, was forced to marry one Naveed Shah and convert to Islam.

She was subsequently produced before a civil judge twice, but she was reportedly coerced into claiming that she had converted on her own will, even as her family was denied access to her in kangaroo court proceedings that revealed in video clips to be led by a frenzied mob of zealots, including armed followers of the Pakistani lawmaker. According to Pakistani civil liberties activists in Washington DC, Rinkel was allegedly threatened while in police custody that if she did not change her statement, she and her family would be killed.

''Rinkel Kumari's case is just one case of abduction and forced religious conversion in Pakistan,'' Congressman Sherman said in the letter to Zardari, citing the Asian Human Rights commission figure of 20-25 kidnappings and forced conversions of Hindu girls in Sindh every month. ''I urge you to take all necessary steps to bring an end to this practice and other harassment of Hindus in Pakistan.''

The Rinkel Kumari case was brought to the attention of US lawmakers not by Hindu activists but by the Sindhi American Political Action Committee (SAPAC), a lobby group that, like the Baloch groups, is increasingly asserting the secular and syncretic identity of Pakistan's Sindhi community in the face of growing Islamization in the country. Sapac activists are telling US lawmakers that state sponsored discrimination against minority groups in Pakistan is rampant and is causing Hindus to migrate out of Pakistan in droves.

Hindus, who constituted more than 15 per cent of Pakistan's population soon after Partition, have now dwindled to less than two per cent, mostly in some districts of Sindh. There have been several reports in recent months of Hindu families seeking to migrate to India in the face of growing radical Islamization of Pakistan, including abduction and forcible conversions, but it is the first time that Washington, which literally slept over Pakistan's genocide of Bengalis in 1970-71, is paying attention to the issue.

US interest in the Rinkel Kumari case comes close on the heels of sudden support in Congress for Baloch self-determination, an effort led by California lawmaker Dana Rohrabacher. That effort has rattled Islamabad to the extent that it has told American interlocutors that Pakistan-US ties will be deeply affected if Washington interfered in Balochistan, even though the Obama administration has clarified that support for an independent Balochistan is confined to the Hill, where lawmakers are free to introduce any legislation they deem appropriate. That in turn resulted in Sherry Rehman, Pakistan's ambassador to the U.S.,, writing to House Speaker John Boehner, expressing deep concern over Congressional action on Balochistan.

Sonia Gandhi's wealth valued at Rs 10,000-95,000 crore?


Congress President Sonia Gandhi's wealth is estimated to be valued at $2-19 billion (Rs 10,000-95,000 crore), according to Business Insider, a US based internet news.

The news website claims that the sexagenarian is world's fourth richest person. However, the Congress President in the last general elections had declared her assets worth Rs 50-75 lakh.
The Business Insider attributes the source of the story to
World’s Luxury Guide to the richest politicians , a website that sources its information,,, and, making its claim a model of vagueness in terms of numbers.

The site places Sonia Gandhi at the fourth place after the Saudi king, the Sultan of Brunei and Michael Bloomberg, New York's mayor.