Friday, January 20, 2012

Kashmiri Hindus observed Holocaust day


# Panun Kashmir organised awareness campaign cum protest meeting on the eve of Holocaust day,January 19
# Kashmiri pandits reaffirm their resolve to continue the struggle for the Homeland in Kashmir
# Large number of KPs registered their protest by wearing black badges and ribbons

Panun Kashmir today organised an awareness cum protest meeting at the Sharda mandir,Ban Talab to sensitise the exiled Kashmiri Pandit community on the eve of the Holocaust Day,19 th January.It is the day on which the cleansing of the entire Kashmiri Pandits was unleashed
by the Islamic theo fascists,communalists and separatists. The meeting was attended by a large number of Kashmiri Pandit community.Prof. M.L.Koul, a well known community scholar revealed the background about the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the kashmiri Pandit
community .He said that ," the holocaust witnessed by the Kashmiri Pandit community in 1989-90 was not an isolated process but it is a continuous process that reached to its peak in 1990 and the Indian state failed to protect the life and limb of the community."
Highlighting the despondency and desperation present in the Indian political class an dits tendency to subvert the civilisational Indian state,eminent political scientist and scholar,Prof. M.K. Teng said that,"what have been witnessed by the Kashmiri Pandit community in
terms genocide and holocaust is athe worst form of ethnic cleansing faced by any community after the world war two.kashmiri pandit community is the victim of the conflict between the Indian state and the sanskrit Indian civilisation.kashmiri Pandit being the civilisational anchor of the Indian sanskrit civilisation has been the frontline victim of this conflict.The ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Kashmiri Pandits community can only be reversed only when this
conflict is resolved."
Chairman,Panun Kashmir,Dr.Ajay Chrungoo while speaking on the occassion said that,"for the persecuted communities the great anchor is the memory and memory of holocaust is the shield that saves the communties from extinction when the war of attrition is being unleased
to exterminate the communities. January 19, holds the significance in this context as its meomory motivates us to struggle for the right to life and survival.The reversal of genocide and ethnic cleansing is possible only with the creation of separate homeland with the union
territory status in Kashmir".
The Kashmiri pandit community assembled on the occassion reaffirmed their resolve to reclaim their ancestral homeland on their own terms in kashmir with the free flow of the Indian democracy and the sanskrit Indian nationhood

The Sangh is my Soul - Atal Behari Vajpayee


I came in contact with the RSS in 1939 through Arya Kumar Sabha, a youth branch of Arya Samaj, in Gwalior-then a princely state which was not part of any province. I came from a strong 'sanatani' family. But I used to be at the weekly 'satsang' of Arya Kumar Sabha. Once Shri Bhoodev Shastri who was a senior worker of Arya kumar Sabha, and a great thinker and an expert organiser, asked us: "What do you do in the evenings?" "Nothing", we said, because the Arya Kumar Sabha used to meet in the morning on every Sunday. Then he recommended us to go to the shakha. Thus I started going to the Shakha in Gwalior. It was my first association with the RSS. At that time the shakha in Gwalior had just begun. It had only Maharashtrian boys, and naturally all the swayamsevaks used to speak only Marathi. I started going to the shakha regularly. I liked the games played in the shakha as well as the weekly 'bauddhiks' (intellectual discourses).

A pracharak, Shri Narayanrao Tarte had come from Nagpur to start the shakha. He was indeed a superb human being; a very simple man, a thinker and an expert organiser. What I am today is the making of Shri Tarte. Next to him I was inspired by Deendayal Upadhyaya and Bhaurao Deoras. Gwalior was then not within the field of Bhauraoji. But once he had come to Gwalior with Shri Balasaheb Apte who was the then Bauddhik Pramukh. Apteji was very soft-spoken. We were soon drawn towards him. I had talked with him for only a few minutes. But the same year (1940) when I went to see the first year Officers' Training Camp (OTC), I came in close contact with him. I went there just to attend the valedictory function of the camp, not for training. Dr. Hedgewar had also come there for the some time. I first saw him there. When Doctorji was ill I went to see him. In 1941 when I was in High School I did my first year OTC. In 1942 when I was in Intermediate class I did my second year OTC, and I did my third year in 1944 when I was doing my B.A.

When I wrote 'Hindu Tan-man Hindu Jeevan' I was a student of class X. After completing my graduation from Gwalior I did my M.A. from the DAV College in Kanpur, because there was no post-graduate college in Gwalior. I then got State Government's scholarship also. Owing to Partition, I could not complete my Law. And then in 1947, I decided to give up my studies to come out as a whole-time worker of the RSS. Till 1947 I did the RSS work at the shakha level and carried on my studies. I also participated in the Quit India Movement in 1942 and was jailed. I was then studying for my Intermediate examination. I was arrested from my native village Bhateshwar in Agra district. I was then 16.
My father was not attached to the RSS, but my elder brother was. He would go to the shakha. Once he went to the winter camp where he created a problem. He said: "I cannot take my food with the other swayamsevaks. I shall prepare my food myself." And see how deftly the RSS handled the situation. The 'sarvadhikari' (superintendent) of the camp complied with his request and provided him all the necessary thing for preparing his food. After taking his bath and properly adjusting his sacred thread, etc., he started cooking his food. On the first day he prepared the food for himself. the next day, however, he could not prepare it and joined the queue of all swayamsevaks for partaking of the food. Within 44 hours he was changed.

The RSS does not change only individuals. It changes also the collective mind. This is the beauty of the RSS ethos. In our spiritual tradition an individual can attain a great height. Even self-realisation is possible if one undertakes the right 'sadhana' and also attain 'nirvana.' But what about the society? Nobody thinks about his obligation to the society in general. Now for the first time the RSS thought about it and concluded that by changing individuals we shall change the society. Had the sarvadhikari at the camp scolded him and not allowed him to prepare his food himself his spiritual development would have been thwarted, whereas in the RSS within 44 hours he was a changed boy. This is the "secret method" of the RSS. That is how society is changed. It is true that it is a long process but then there are no short-cuts, no instant recipes.

Gandhiji had praised the RSS for the absence of untouchability in the organisation. Only the RSS organises the society. Other movements only divide the society by emphasising distinct 'identity', different 'interests', special 'status', etc. They only encourage untouchability by constantly reminding the so-called untouchables of their "separateness." "You are being insulted. You have no place in society."

The RSS has a two-fold task before it. One is to organise the Hindus. To build a strong Hindu society, well-knit and rising above caste and other artificial differences. Some differences will persist but then variety is the spice of life. Like, we have the differences of the language. We don't want to destroy this diversity. The other task is to assimilate the non Hindus, like Muslims and Christians in the mainstream. They can follow the faith of their own conviction. No one can object to it. We worship trees, animals, stones, and what not. We have hundreds of ways of worshipping God. They can go where they want. But this country must be looked upon as the Motherland for them. They must have a feeling of patriotism for this country. But the Islamic division of the world into 'Darul Harab' and 'Darul Islam' comes in the way. Islam has yet to learn the art of existing and flourishing in a country where Muslims are in a minority. They cannot convert the whole of India to Islam. After all, they have to live here. So they have to recognise this fact. And today it has become a matter of grave concern and deep thinking in the Muslim countries. Because Quran offers no guidance in this regard. It only talks of killing kafirs or converting them to Islam. But they cannot do it always and everywhere. How can they do it where they are in a minority? If they try to do it, a major clash will take place and only the members of the minority will be killed. But Muslims themselves have to change this state of affairs. We cannot change it for them.

Congress has not correctly understood the Muslim problem. They continue to carry on their policy of appeasement. But to what effect? The Muslims of this country can be treated in three ways. One is 'tiraskar' which means if they will not themselves change leave them alone, reject them as out compatriots. Second is 'puruskar' which is appeasement, i.e., bribe them to behave, which is being done by the Congress and others of their ilk. The third way is 'parishkar' meaning to change them, that is, restore them to the mainstream by providing them samskaras. We want to change them by offering them the right samskaras. Their religion will not be changed. They can follow their own religion. Mecca can continue to be holy for the Muslims but India should be holier than the holy for them. You can go to a mosque and offer namaz, you can keep the roza. We have no problem. But if you have to choose between Mecca or Islam and India you must choose India. All the muslims should have this feeling: we will live and die only for this country.

I wrote "Hindu Tan-man Hindu Jeevan" when I was studying in the tenth class. I had then said, "koi batlaye Kabul mein jaakar kitni masjiden todin." I still stand by my words. But we (Hindus) did pull down the structure in Ayodhya. In fact it was a reaction to the Muslim vote-bank. We wanted to solve this problem through negotiation and legislation. But there was no puraskar for burai (evil act). We change burai also with parishkar. Now I think, the Hindu society has been regenerated which was the prime task of the RSS. Earlier Hindus used to bend before an invasion but not now. This change in Hindu society is worthy of welcome. So much change must have come with the new-found self-assertion. This is a question of self preservation. If the Hindu society does not expand itself it will face the crisis of survival. We have to expand ourselves. We have to take others along with. Now the Yadavs and the so-called Harijans are going with us. After all we have to live as Hindus. Once a Yadav leader came to me and said: "Don't condemn all Yadavs. All Yadavs are not with Mulayam Singh and Laloo Prasad. A 'samskrit' (cultured) Yadav does not like them. There can be sections of Rajput, Kurmi and Gujjar Muslims but you cannot find any Yadav Muslim anywhere. The Yadavs never accepted Islam. This talk of "Yadav-Muslim" Unity - MY card - is nothing more than an empty slogan for votes."

The simple reason for my long association with the RSS is that I like the Sangh. I like its ideology, and above all I like the RSS attitude towards people, towards one another which is found only in the RSS. I remember an incident, when I was in Lucknow. The Socialist movement was its peak. Suddenly a senior socialist activist fell ill. He was lying alone in his house, and nobody went to enquire after his well-being. Then Acharya Narendra Deo came to know and he went to his house to see him. The Acharya then said, "What fraternity is this in the Socialist Party? Nobody has come to see you. It can never happen in the RSS. If a swayamsevak does not go to the shakha only for one day the same day friends will promptly reach his house to enquire about his well-being."

When I was ill during the Emergency, my family members did not turn up to see me. They were afraid of being arrested for any such action. Only the RSS workers helped me. See, how much living contact and fraternal feeling is in the RSS. Actually the Sangh is our family. We are all one.

In the beginning we could not spread our work in all sections of the society because we did not have enough workers. "Man-making" is the prime job of the RSS. As we now have more workers, we are covering all sections of the society in all fields of life. Changes are taking place in all spheres. But the work of man-making will not be discontinued, it will go on. It must go on. That is what the RSS movement is.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cow Slaughter - Move to protect Moulavi

Perumbavoor: The Moulavi who overlooked the gruesome murder of a pregnant cow inside Temple compound in Perumbavoor is absconding. Police got clear instructions from top, not to arrest the Maulavi and as per the new story told by the Police there were no Moulavi present during the murder. The terrorists who slaughtered the cow itself had admitted earlier that Maulavi from the near by village was present to perform the prayers prior to slaughter.

Thousands of Hindus in the area joined the protest call given by Hindu organisations.Three taluks of Ernakulam district – Muvattupuzha, Kunnathunadu and Kothamangalam – observed a dawn-to-dusk shutdown in protest against this gruesome killing. Tension escalated in the town as Jihadis demonstrated to justify the slaughter.

Perumbavoor and the surrounding areas have witnessed a rise in Islamist operations recently. The place is just 25 km away from Muvattupuzha, where activists of Islamist organization Popular Front of India had cut off the right hand of a college professor on July 4, 2010

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cow Butchered in Front of Temple in Perumbavoor


In a sacrilegious act, a heavily pregnant cow was botched by a butcher of the Muslim community, right in front of the Perumbavoor Dharmashasta temple. The butcher reportedly had offered prayers, which is supposed to part of Islamic rites, before the butchering is done. Members of the Hindu community and Nair Service Society swarmed the area and caught hold of the butcher. The hurt and enraged crowd vented their ire on the butcher. He has been tied up. There is wide spread agitation in the place, with shops being razed and 4 police vans being destroyed. A hartal has been called for in Kunnathunaadu Taluk, where Perumbavoor is situated.
Police have arrived at the spot, with the area being cordoned off completely. The body of the cow has been removed from the site, following which the temple re-opened.  Former Municipal Chairperson, NC Mohan, MLA Saju Paul were amongst the first to arrive at the scene. The present Municipal Chairperson Salam has not yet arrived at the spot as situation is extremely tense. The arrival of the District Collector is being awaited for further action to be taken.
The cow that was heavily pregnant had wandered into the vicinity of the temple and was given water by the local Hindus. It was allowed to rest there in peace. However, in the afternoon, the butcher seized the opportunity to make his kill, when no one was around. According to a few helpless lady eyewitnesses, the butcher arrived at the scene with the Mullaka, offered prayers, which is supposed to part of Islamic rites, before the butchering is done. By the time he began the butchering, right in front of the temple, a swarm of Hindus arrived.
The Mullaka managed to escape, while the butcher was caught immediately. He has been tied up. The duo, whose names have not been disclosed yet belong to Kuttipadam and Allapra. “This should never have been done. The cow was pregnant. These people think they can do and getaway with anything!” said a deeply outraged devotee.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Interfaith Dialogue: Help or Hinder?


Dr Babu Suseelan

Several Hindu scholars, saints, teachers, helping professionals, Hindu political leaders, writers and journalists have been entering or engaged in some form of interfaith dialogue with leaders of closed, fundamentalist, mechanistic, reductionists desert dogmas.
It is genuine, sane and required for all concerned Hindus to ask "what do we gain from entering such dialogue with those who refuse to change? What ideas from the desert political dogma which has been used for invasion, plunder, slavery, colonization, oppression, war and terrorism have special significance or value for understanding our relationships? Their closed, rigid, non-compromising belief system and behavior always have been creating  effective obstacles in practicing our universal, peaceful Dharma. Islam and Christianity, as closed, rigid,  and fundamentalist paradigms have their own philosophy, blind belief system, teachings, followers, war machine, separate states and powerful organizations and are strongly defended by their adherents.
We Hindus are fundamentally all alike and our basic aim is the optimum development of human being. We believe in "World is One Family"  ("Vasudeiva Kudumbahakam"). To enhance this goal, we Hindus need to be aware and guided by the best we know of their past brutal history, current sinister plans, cunning strategies and techniques and goals of Islamists and Christian Missionaries.
Yes, the world is changing. We are faced everywhere with the evidence of conflict, hate, destruction, war, beheading, terrorism and coercive religious conversion. Spiritually malignant Muslims and Christians all over the world are trying to establish their own kingdom based on their blind faith. We Hindus are faced with these numberless forces of destruction and conquest. In this time of dire need, it is natural for few Hindus to engage in dialogue with our nemeses. Their good intention is to ceaselessly battle in an effort to thwart the destruction of our Dharma, and stop or slow down coercive and deceptive religious conversion of innocent and gullible Hindus. It is no wonder the frightened Hindus  looks wishfully to magic and mystery for protection against our powerful adversary.
One would expect that in the face of overwhelming blows from the the brutal hands of Jihadi and Missionary warlords, Hindus would oppose steadfastedly in a unified, powerful political force. But this is not the case. Hindus are facing destruction from without and within. In this context why Hindus are displaying their extraordinary propensity for dialogue with our enemies  attacking  on our own existence?
Is the dialogue or debate with our distracters is helping to change their destructive dogma? Are we going to demand that they cease and desist from this deadly paradigm conspiracy? Are we strong enough to demand  equitable physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, political opportunity for Hindus for a meaningful life? Hindus are currently stand with their feet in the mud, their eyes fixed on the stars.
Are we going to be successful by this dialogue to force our enemies for a theoretical change? At this juncture, we need to look at ourselves, and force Hindus to grab political power, declare India as a Hindu Rashtra and change Hindus more effectively for political participation. We have to go beyond interfaith dialogue and use our knowledge for desired change in the closed dogmas? Do we have the power to effect change? Or our enemies will psycho program us using the cunning strategy of dialogue? Christians and Muslims know how to use different increasing social pressure tactics on Hindus. We need to prepare ourselves to deal with Hindu frustration, anger, and those who feel powerless to face the organized and powerful enemy.
The increased need for Hindus is to be competent and strong to teach our adversaries new ways of dealing with Hindus .
Out of these concerns and questions, painful as they may be: Always remember that Shanti comes from Shakthi (Peace comes from strength). It is also important to remember that criminal thinkers and their destructive habits are not going change with our eclectic and peaceful approach. Hindus need to be strong, and realistic. Reality is always more rich and accurate than our mental picture of it

Congress and Sonia Gandhi behind 'ink attack' on Ramdev - Dr Swamy



The whole nation must condemn the so-called ink attack by a disgruntled person on Baba Ramdev who is campaigning nation wide against corruption.

Baba Ramdev is a sanyasi who has attained spiritual wisdom and has inspired the nation and people abroad with his yoga teachings and medicine cures.  In Hindu tradition, attacking a pious sadhu and is in the service of God and people, is a national humiliation, of Bharat Mata, and not Baba Ramdev.

Hence I demand that the persons behind this attack must be identified and prosecuted.  The ink thrown at Baba Ramdev cannot be tolerated especially prima facie when it seems inspired by a section of the Congress Party.


ANI Report

Ranchi, Jan 16 (ANI): Blaming Congress president Sonia Gandhi for the brazen 'ink attack' on yoga guru Baba Ramdev, Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy has said Gandhi had strong 'anti-saffron' bias.

On Saturday, a man identified as Kamran Siddiqui suddenly walked up to Ramdev after a news conference in New Delhi and threw black ink at the Yoga Guru, before being apprehended and roughed by people present at the venue.

"Baba Ramdev is carrying out mass awareness against corruption in the country. Sonia Gandhi dislikes him because he wears saffron-coloured clothes. She has always hated people who don saffron and wants to humiliate them. Baba Ramdev's attacker could have done anything. Fortunately, there were people and Ramdev's supporters who thrashed the assaulter," Swamy told media here.

Swamy said that Siddiqui' had 'close' links with the Congress.

"The attacker (Kamran) Siddiqui was a Congress backed candidate in the municipal corporation elections. The Delhi government had donated Rs 2.50 million to his NGO recently. Moreover, he was just released from jail," said Swamy.

Continuing his scathing attack, Swamy also trained guns at Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh-a fierce critic of Ramdev-saying he needed to undergo treatment at a 'mental hospital.'

"As Anna Hazare has said, the time has come for Digvijay Singh to go and get admitted in a mental hospital. I have heard that there is a very good hospital in Ranchi too. He should be admitted there. It is always pleasant there. He needs to be forcibly admitted to a mental hospital, otherwise I will have to get such an order from the court," said Swamy. Swamy further said that Digvijay Singh was suffering from 'brain cancer.'

"He used to be a good man earlier, but lately, he has turned corrupt. I think he has brain cancer," said Swamy

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Games which Media Play

Dr Babu Suseelan

For many years, western media has depicted India as passive, mysterious and complex; and Hindus as eccentric, otherworldly, disorganized and spiritualists. In many cases that mysteriousness has been the result of a superficial knowledge of a culture very different from the Christian west. However, in some cases, where a fairly thorough knowledge of Indian culture was attained, the sense of mystery has not been removed, but has been more firmly established at a deeper level. As a result, books, journals and newspapers are loaded with articles and commercials that reinforce the negative image of India and Hindus.
Media Manipulation
Now the media is busy smearing Hindus, the Hindu renaissance and the attempt to organize Hindus. One will be intrigued to read in the New York Times, Washington Post, Philadelphia Enquirer, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, International Herald Tribune, the Guardian, Time and Newsweek that the Hindu renaissance movement is inspired and manipulated by Hindu fundamentalists. A casual reader of these newspapers could see words like "Hindu Militants", "Hindu Fundamentalists", "Hindu Warlords", "Hindu Extremists", "Hindu Bigots", and Hindu Fanatics". These journalistic euphemisms, and psycho linguistic programming are misleading, unfair, and potentially dangerous; because it distorts reality and creates an impression that Hindus around the world are fanatics and fundamentalists who use violence as a problem solving technique.
It must be that the media take pleasure in spreading persistent, pervasive lies about the Hindu unity moment. What else could explain the credulous acceptance of lies, half-truths and distortion of news about the Hindu unity movement? The inconsistencies, deceptions, and outright falsehoods about the reports are obvious and are responsible for what the westerners think and do. It is profoundly disturbing to note that the picture that continues to emerge from the media on Hindu unity movement, is in which passive, peace loving, tolerant Hindus come out as aggressive, militant fundamentalists and the violent, militant non compromising Christians and Muslims come out as victims. The hysteria emanating from the journalists is so persistent that the innocent readers may think Hindus are behind all unrest in India.
This distorted reporting is not only patently false, but also encourages Indian Muslims and Christians to continue their absolutist, terrorist and irrational behavior. Muslim and Christian fundamentalists and their foreign agents have devised a cunning strategy with the pseudo secular Indian media to malign Hindus.
Psycho Linguistic Programming
The distorted and carefully selected information encourage readers to change attitudes and values and establish emotional responses and direct behavior on that basis. The readers are not aware that they are being psycho programmed and thus controlled. Further, people prefer the continued state because it is easy and convenient.
Unethical, western journalists use loaded words for programming effects. Virtually, every word used in reporting is derived from prior assumptions that have been deliberately shaped by the media. So every word that the journalist uses is intended to manipulate the mind and the future control of behavior. False facts, lies, distorted truths, manufactured events, and coded words are all intended to convey a hidden agenda. Programmed words, fabricated phrases and symbols are skillfully used to confuse and disorient the readers. Sometimes, data, information, statements and pre-selected knowledge are refined and modified to make general statements, which send a subliminal message to the readers.
This distortion of reality, manipulation and invention of events validate the western belief that Hindus are irrational, emotional, disorganized and fundamentalists. A casual observation of the western media proves that the media is biased. Right wing Christian extremist and warlords kill more people in Columbia, El Salvador, Bolivia, Peru, Panama and Ecuador (all Christian countries). Western media do not describe them as Christian fanatics, Christian fundamentalists, or Christian militants. Western media has a vested interest to protect them. Innocent Hindus are being killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and in many states of India by Jihadi terrorists. This mass murder is not being reported in the western press. But what one could not grasp is the deceit of Indian media. The Indian media and western media is targeting Hindus because Hindu organizations are helping Hindus to get out of the well designed mousetrap of the pseudo secular radicals, communist conspirators and Christian-Muslim fundamentalists.
Psychological thought control, in all its various capacities has spread the infection, in varying degrees to most phases of Indian journalism. This thought control system created by pseudo secular conspirators for the purpose of eventually leading to the destruction of the Hindu way of life poses a crucial problem for every one. This type of deceptive cognitive restructuring can destroy India if it is allowed to corrupt peoples' mind, and behavior.
Subversive Indian Media
The westernized, pseudo secular Indian journalistic elite has complete control over the media and they are able to generate enough anti Hindu phobia in the west. Indian journalists team with the enemies in India and abroad to undermine Hindu society, which kept India together as a nation for thousands of years. Indian journalist's real formula is to destroy Hindu culture, which will bring headlines in foreign capitals. The Indian press stigmatizes Hindus, malign Hindu organizations, and denigrates Hindu culture. They are very disdainful toward our heritage, culture, philosophy and spiritual tradition. It is no secret that there are powerful groups in India and abroad whom Hindu survival is anathema. India media's active support for the western press plays a major part in the media bias in the west.
The concerted efforts of the leftist intellectual establishment in India are directed at the obliteration of Hindus. They extol the superior power of the western Christian culture, Islam; encourage religious conversion, support communist violence, and endorse Christian fundamentalism and the porous nature of western consumerism. They attack Hindu spiritual leaders and glorify the stupidity of the drugged, corrupt politicians.
Indian journalists are not regarded as fully real until they insult Hindus by making headlines in foreign press. They are blind to the reality of events around them and unable to grasp the hidden agenda of our enemies. The unjust, unethical journalists are like modern day computers whose printouts they cannot read. They don't know whether their programming is true or false, right or wrong; whether it set to lead or mislead. They are eager to join with our enemies for breadcrumbs and a handshake and willing to manipulate national interest and divert attention from internal and external danger. Like the conspiracy theorists who blame Jews for all the world's problems, India's alienated intellectuals and media pundits with extraterritorial loyalty substitute empty rhetoric for significant content and obscure the principles of fairness. They sacrifice truth for empty slogans, real facts with manufactured events. Hindus struggling for basic rights are portrayed as attackers upon India itself. Well-organized, disciplined, orderly and peaceful mass protest against coercive religious conversion of Hindus is dubbed as communal frenzy. At the same time genocide committed against Hindus in Kashmir, Nagaland, Pakistan and Bangladesh draw no attention from the journalists.
While denouncing the all inclusive, tolerant Hinduism as a threat to India, journalists have an open admiration for religious intolerance in Islamic countries. Fraudulent evangelists are praised for their charisma, mass conversion efforts and mind manipulation techniques; and they are admired as leaders promoting liberty.
The Missing Panacea
Many concerned individuals ask what can one do about the media bias? How can one recondition them? How can we restructure their ever-changing values, and manipulative behavior?
It is certainly true that the readers are caught up in the prevailing patterns of complacency and conformity. Hindus have no influence or control over the media. There is no reason why one billion Hindus should remain a marginal and degraded group being denigrated by the vested interest media giants. There is nothing that prevents Hindus from being assertive. Hindus must unite and confront with force media bias, misrepresentation and prejudice. Hindus have to work against feelings of helplessness. Hindus have the brainpower, technical savvy, talents and resources to excite the imagination and the hidden power of the masses.
If the media were to take Hindus seriously, Hindus have to develop confidence in them, in their potential power, culture and become assertive. The day has come for Hindus in India and abroad to wake up from complacency, and denial; take affairs into their own hands and shape their own destinies. Some repudiate the media stereotypes, turn away from the painful reality and substitute for them an idealized self-image. It's a psychic closing off, an inability to confront the reality of the situation.
Hindus must unite, reassess themselves, address the media bias and voice their feelings forcefully with the hostile media. Hindus must tell the media in strong words and actions that they should not be trifled with.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Human Right Activists or Terrorist Supporters?


Dr. Babu Suseelan


The subject of Human Right has occupied a central position among journalists, social scientists and writers for decades. Although victims of Islamic terrorism, and criminal acts distain the concept of Human right for the criminal terrorists, the word Human right holds great attraction to Marxists, liberal Journalists, pseudo secular academicians and pro Islamic writers. Marxist-Islamist Human Rights activists use word  Human Right  to convey inaccurate information and perpetuate negative stereotypes.
Our heritage commands us to love humanity, nature and all living and non livings thins, GOD and each other. But can Marxists and Islamists recognize our Vedic spiritual values; follow our ethics and moral principles?
In this context, it is important to view the public concerns of how Islamic terrorists are disposed of in India.  Recently, the Supreme Court of India denied bail for Abdul Nasser Madani, the Islamic terrorist Leader. Madani was arrested by the Karnataka police for organizing bomb attacks in Bangalore on 25 July 2008-in which a woman was killed. The radical Islamic Mullah Abdul Nasser Madani, the founder of Taliban like organization in India the PDF, Was also responsible for bombing in Coimbatore in 1998 which killed 98 people. Abdul Nasser Madani is the new icon of extremist Islam in India. In the past this Islamic radical clergy was charged to have organized terrorist activities but the Marxist government in Kerala exonerated him of such charges. In the 2009 election, Islamic terrorist leader Abdul Nasser Madani was allied with the Marxists in Kerala. Abdul Nasser Madani is a Bangalore jail.  The Karnataka government spends hundreds and thousands of rupees for his treatment. The cost of treatment for this terrorist leader is expected to increase.
Now ex-Marxist member of Parliament Sebastian Paul, Hammed Chennamangalam, an Islamic writer, B.R.P Sekhar, an anti Hindu, pseudo secular journalist, and several Marxist politicians have formed an unholy human rights group criticizing denial of bail for Islamic terrorist leader Abdul Nasser Madani by the highest court of India. The so called Human rights group issued statements praising the Islamic radical clergy. It is an attempt creates public relations in favor of Islamic terrorist leader Madani.
The Human rights concern with Islamic terrorism and the radical Islamic preacher and terrorist leader Madani is intended to affect the day to day behavior of the public. Such public relations stunt seems to undermine our judicial systems ability to deal effectively with Islamic criminals.
In India, Human Rights are not used for the protection and support of criminal victims and prevention of crime but it’s designed for the protection and maintenance of Islamic terrorism. They are very pro active with the needs and demands of anarchists, criminals, subversive groups and Islamic terrorists. How can Human Rights activists have an alliance with Islamic terrorists?
The stupid things these Marxist-Islamist-Liberal Human Rights activists do in support of Islamic terrorism may force one to question their character, conscience, and moral values. A good deal is now known about the nefarious political activities of these bleeding heart Marxists, terrorist human rights supporters and Islamists who hide behind phony secularists. We know that their political activities are positively associated to a significant extent with funds from Islamic countries.
This Human Rights cult group must be listed as a terrorist organization. Their opposition to our criminal justice system and judiciary will damage the reputation of our Supreme Court and our Vedic Dharma and democracy. The radical Islamic terrorist Abdul Nasser Madani and his Marxist Human Rights activists are irrelevant to the cause of Dharma. If allowed to continue their public relations campaign against our judiciary, this terrorist=totalitarian-fundamentalist cult will haunt us.
The real Human Rights issue in why we allow this enemy funded and directed Islamic terrorist cult to survive in India. The problem seems to be ignorance of Islam and our belief that all religions are the same. This inaccurate perception and our tolerance of intolerant Islam sadly often leads to acceptance of Islamic hatred, terrorism, bigotry, discrimination and oppression.
I believe that we have an obligation to uphold the responsibilities that comes from the freedom we enjoy in India—responsibility to ensure that Human Rights activists are not allowed to use Islamic terrorism to harm us. We must have the strength and courage not to allow these Jiahdis and their cohorts to divide and terrorize us. We must boldly question the abdication of their character, courage and conscience.
We cannot completely eliminate Islamic terrorism until we create the philosophical catalyst for individual and social change; we are not safe in a society filled with dysfunctional systems operated by criminal politicians, corrupt bureaucrats and human rights conspirators. We need to act with insight vigor and vitality. We need to combine ideas from our Vedic traditions, new science, and history, proving a model of individuals to claim political power to change the dysfunctional social systems.
This is not the time to keep quiet and aloof with defeatist mindset.