Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rahul Gandhi Rape Charges : Response filed by Rahul in Supreme Court

Congress party General Secretary Rahul Gandhi filed his response in the Supreme Court claiming that allegations leveled against him for abduction and alleged Gang Rape of an Amethi girl name – Sukanya Devi – as made out by a former MLA of the Samajwadi Party – were “false, malicious and baseless.”

A former Samajwadi Party MLA from Madhya Pradesh- Kishore Samrite, had in a petition filed before the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court, alleged that Sukanya Singh, 24, and her parents had been “untraceable” since January 2007, barely two weeks after Rahul Gandhi and his five “foreigner friends” had allegedly sexually assaulted Sukanya.

Samrite claimed he had learnt of the alleged incident based on Internet reports, and had come to Amethi, but had found the girl’s house locked – and villagers unwilling to discuss the whereabouts of the family. He alleged that the family had been abducted by Rahul Gandhi.

He then filed a habeas corpus petition before the Allahabad High Court, but the court had in March 2011 dismissed his petition, imposed Rs 50 lakh fine on him for making frivolous allegations, and ordered a CBI investigation into him.

The court had directed the CBI director “to register a case against Kishore Samrite and all other persons who are found involved in the plot, if any, hatched in order to defame Shri Rahul Gandhi, Member of Parliament from Amethi.” Thereafter CBI lodged a case against Samrite under Sections 120 B (criminal conspiracy), 181 (false statement under oath), 211 (false charges to cause injury) and 499-500 (defamation) of the Indian Penal Code.

Kishore Samrite appealed before the Supreme Court in April 2011and the Supreme Court had stayed the High Court verdict and issued notices to the Uttar Pradesh government and Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi on Friday, filed a counter-affidavit before a bench comprisingJustices HL Dattu and CK Prasad. His affidavit stated:

“I emphatically deny the allegation of rape and detention of the writ petitioners by me and say that both these allegations are false, malicious and baseless and no cognizance could be taken by any responsible person of such allegations made on websites.”

Additionally, Rahul Gandhi requested the court to take action against Samrite for filing a “vexatious” petition to “harm my public image” and give a “political twist to the malicious allegation” that that he had kidnapped the girl and her family.

This incident had shaken the internet world with many websites claiming and demanding the action and investigation from the Print & Electronic media apart from the security agencies on the alleged incident. However the entire media world who would on most occasion make a mountain of a mole, had maintained a strange Silence on this incident. It was only when Kishore Samrite had taken up the case, that the world came to know about this alleged incident against the most powerful politician from the 1st  Political Family of the country.

This incident was alleged to have happened on 3rd December 2006 while Rahul Gandhi was camping at Amethi along with 7 others including 4 foreigners (two from Britain and other two from Italy, names not known). Sukanya Devi, 24 years of age, a staunch follower of Nehru-Gandhi family and daughter of Congress worker Balram Singh was looking for an opportunity to meet Rahul Gandhi for many years and on that fateful night she was able to meet him. Sukanya’s family was claimed to have been supporting the Congress party since the time of Nehru.

Later related to this case in 2007, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi had sent a legal notice to a US-based website “Hinduunity.Org” for alleged “perverted, scurrilous and gutter writing” against him and his family members. Party spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi had disclosed that the notice has been sent against an individual, Rohit Vyasman and an entity called “Ezboard Inc” for allegedly launching campaign against the Gandhi family.

The website was traced after weeks of efforts, he said and had added that the legal notice was served to them threatening prosecution against them including the “co-conspirators”.

Little is however known what happened in this case at a later stage. Still nothing is known about the whereabouts of the girl herself as well as her family who were alleged to have fled their village to some relatives place.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Stop Jihadi terrorism in Kerala, NOW


Dr. Babu Suseelan

Jihadi terrorism in Kerala continues. For thousands of years, Kerala Hindus have been paying a heavy price for their tolerance and compromise with Islamic terrorists. Denial, apathy, indifference, and callous attitude, disunity and pacifism are not an answer to this insidious and devilish Arab, desert dogma paraded as a religion.

Islamic JIhadis have exploited the mindset of Hindus and the rate of murder, mayhem, Islamic violence and political interference by the Muslim League has increased to threaten the whole of Hindu society in Kerala. The rate of murder of Hindus in Kerala has increased at an ever-accelerating pace. The frequency of murder, love Jihad, counterfeit currency distribution, moral police, robbery, Bus burning, temple theft, bank robbery linked to jihadi terrorists have increased in Kerala.

Jihadi terrorism is nothing new. It is as old as Islam. Muslims have a long history of love affair with terrorism, beheading, burning alive, genital mutilation, limb amputation, murder of infidels and kafirs, looting, invasion, plunder and oppression. It is their history to teach all Muslim youths stressing the importance of Jihad war, and terrorism against kaffirs. Everything in Islam is tied to hostility and violence. Jihadi violence in Kerala is nothing new.

During the last thousands of years Muslims have killed more than 80 million Hindus. Mass nmurder of infidels and kafirs continues in India.  In 1675, Aurangzeb killed thousands of Hindus and Sikhs. Sikh Guru Tegh Behadur and his disciples were burned alive in Islamic fashion by the brutal Jihadi Aurangzeb. Several opponents including Bhan Mata Das were sawn right and left haves while they were still alive. In 1900, more than 30,000 Hindus have been brutally killed by Muslim fundamentalists in Kashmir.  During Pakistan-Bangladesh war in 1971 3,000,000 Hindus were killed by Pakistan and Bangladeshi Islamic Jihadis.

During Tipu Sultan’s invasion, thousands Hindu temples were destroyed in Kerala, looted our wealth, and thousands were forcefully converted in to Islam by Islamic warriors in Malabar. In Marad, Kerala, violent Muslims have butchered several Hindus few years ago. The killing of the ABVP student leader at Chenganoor College is the continuation of Islamic mass murder in the name of desert Allah.

The difference in violence is now Hindus are facing: Bombing, Bus burning, and Love Jihad, counterfeit currency distribution, kidnapping, political and economic oppression Islamic moral police and even murder of Hindu students at colleges. Jihadis have been slaughtering Hindus for many centuries. Unfortunately our current education system, history books and the media miserably failed to address the problem. Many bogus secularists have figured out that the best way to reduce jihadi violence is to ignore them. The fact is that Islamic criminals have no moral conscience, no fear, no remorse or guilt. The best policy is to confront them confine them and a force continuum shall be applied against these violent Jihadis to protect society. We need tough laws to deal with terrorists.

We also need to change the way we think about jihadi violence. Trying to catch and punish terrorists after they have committed heinous criminal acts won’t deter violent acts by Muslims.
The latest Census report (2010) that ought to grab the attention of any one who cares about declining Hindu population and increasing  Islamic population on a scale so monstrous that it is difficult to fully grasp. The census report (2010) says that Hindus are only 56.5 percent of the total population in Kerala. Increasing Jihadi demographic number suggests that within the next ten years Hindus will become a minority in land of Snakaracharya and slaughter of Hindus will begin.

Hindus are three time more likely to live in poverty in Kerala. The terrible economic downturn created by the Marxist,  Muslim League and Christian Congress governments have made it more difficult for Hindus than ever to douse the raging fire that is consuming  the life and prospects of many Hindus in Kerala. The Muslims and Christian government in Kerala is allocating funds only for Muslims. The only alternative for Hindus is to mobilize in a major way to save our culture, life, our country and values from Jihadis.

At this point, whatever its roots in the ancient past, our traditional philosophy of risk-tolerant culture must be changed and dramatically to increase our pattern of reaction.  Our society is more complacent about the violence, murder and crime that are engulfing our cities and rural villages. Hindus in Kerala are facing one of the dangerous periods in history since Tipu Sulatan’s invasion, plunder and mass murder. Instead of more arrests of JIhadis, prosecution, and sentencing to prevent such Islamic brutality, the present government headed by Christian and Muslim cliques provide more incentives such as cash bonuses, better housing, more computers, more land and power to jihadi terrorists. Our political leadership hopes to produce more anti Hindu, anti-national Jihadis in Kerala.

There is no lack of reports, and other means of communication discussing Jihadi terrorism issues, problems and needs to prevent such massacre of Hindus in Kerala. Political leaders, journalists, and concerned citizens all seem to be commenting on what is wrong and what needs to be done to prevent such tragedies.

Unfortunately, the comments are not always useful for those who care about our culture, liberty, life and limb. These pro-Jihadi academicians, Media, and agents of Pakistan are motivated more by economic gains than concern for our culture, values and Hindu life.

Jihadi terrorists have killed a 19 year old Vishal, a Hindu college student at Chenganoor.  I remember the death of Durga Das, a promising ABVP Student leader at Nilamel College. WE have no more Hindu students to waste. We will not be a strong country unless we protect life of every promising student. All Hindu students are essential to India’s future.

Who will save our Hindu students fight in all fronts, at Kerala and though out India. It is critically important to fight against injustice, Jihadi appeasement, discrimination against Hindus, it is also important to support, nurture, and fight on behalf of our spiritual culture, ethical values and Hindu dharma

Reports for the past several years talk about tragic conditions confronting a large portion of Hindus in west Bengal, Kashmir, Maharashtra, Utter Pradesh, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. We know that the situation is grave. We all know this, but no one seems to know how to turn things around. Our phony secular political leaders and pro Jihadi government provide more economic assistance, resource allocation, government support and special privileges for anti-national jihadis. No political group has been able to stop this steady plunge of Hindus into a socio-economic-political abyss.

Hindu dream in Kerala has been turned upside down and inside out. It is time to set things right. Hindus have to stand up to our killers. At stake is not just the Hindu life in Kerala but the dream that is India.  Cowardice, surrender, compromise, tolerance are not an option, nor has it ever been. Hindu patriots must step forward. We have to win the war on Jihadi terrorism.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pseudo Secular Hindus: The enemy within

Dr. Babu Suseelan

Saving Bharat from the pseudo secular assault on our culture, values, ethics, life-style, education, and Hindutva and bring our glorious roots of Hindu spiritual tradition, freedom, and moral values need lion hearted Hindus with steel nerves. To bring back India once was, and India that could be again –need strong will to stand and fight against our pseudo secular Hindus who act as our enemy within. It requires hard work, discipline, devotion and commitment and national-cultural spirit on several levels.

The enemy within are very happy to support Jihadi terrorism, Marxist mischief, Maoist Anarchism, Corruption, coercive religion conversion and Naxalite guerilla activities.  These pseudo secular enemy within are supported by our arrogant Islamized Media owned and operated by our enemy without. They are busy undermining our spiritual traditions, values and undercut nationalist leaders like Narendra Modi, Dr. Submramaniya Swami and active Hindu leaders and nationalist Hindu organizations.  Muslim Terrorists, Marxist Criminals, Maoist Anarchists, Naxalite Guerillas, Missionary Mafia, and corrupt politicians are the only group in India receives a “pass” from the pseudo secular enemy media.
How do we reawaken Hindus to the dangerous activities of our enemy within and the spiritual cultural heritage we all share? Some anti Hindu, pseudo secularist’s value material success and applause from our enemy’s more than moral triumph based on Hindutva.

To make our Hindu Rashtra safe and secure, we have to identify this enemy within and recognize their financial, political, organizational support base from within and without. Hopefully, we are awakening to the fact.  That too long; we have been enslaved, oppressed, robed, and misdirected by our enemy from abroad. Our country was divided by anti Hindu political leaders and fanatic Muslims who don’t want to believe in diversity, harmony, peace or coexistence.

Hindus have been waterlogged since independence from the British Christian Colonialists and Islamic fanatics. Since 1947, our corrupt politicians, atheist leaders, Marxist misfits and anarchist media have been busy misdirecting our priorities, misguiding innocent gullible Hindus and fed biased and slanted news, and distorted cultural events many contemporary Hindus don’t share. As a result, Hindus are made to act like zombies and became lapdogs for our criminal politicians and anti Hindu enemies. The real facts and truth is covered up and Hindus are fed with misinformation put out by our enemies within and without.
Our movie industry, educational institutions are an intellectual gulag producing third rate and unfit movies and culture less and idiotic elites.

Another reason for our enemy within gets so much of power. Hindus are passive, indifferent, and apathetic and pathetically lame. The self-serving, corrupt and criminal politicians and the narrow minded pseudo secular media are loud and active in tinkering with our education and our simple minded Hindus are mauled regularly.

All of these anti national activities of our enemy within have damaged our existence and survival as a nation. Our spiritual acharayas, nationalist Hindu leaders have preserved our noble thoughts, eternal and perennial philosophy for thousands of years. Hindus lived in harmony, tranquility and with peace. Despite Islamic invasion, brutality, and looting, and Christian colonialism and trickery we have survived as a nation.

Now there is something monumental happening in India. The pseudo secular Hindus, Islamists, corrupt politicians and ant national foreign owned media has made an unholy alliance against peace loving Hindus. They are continuing their cacophony of sound bites attempting to indoctrinate Hindu mind. With their persistent, relentless and pervasive support of Islamism and Maoist terrorism, it seems, they are attempting to destabilize and destroy India.

Hindus are generally hesitant and wishful. Our enemy within knows that Pakistan, the rogue state  is difficult and obstructive and Islamic Pakistan produces Nuclear Bombs and weapons of mass destruction, arms, train, support, manage, direct and send Islamic terrorists to India to create mayhem.

But our pseudo secular enemy within, ignore the obvious reality. Now Hindus have to unite and act for the preservation of our country, culture, and values and promote our spiritual tradition without any guilt or apology. The eyes of the world are again riveted on the Hindu Nationalists and Bharat, especially since the recent surge of Hindu nationalists. The meteoric rise of Hindutva in India has our enemies from within and without filled with fear and trepidation.

  Going forward, it is important for Hindus must have a vision and involvement in social-political situations. Yet involvement in specific political situations is not enough. Ultimately effectiveness requires a vision. Declaring India as a Hindu Rashtra is the first step. Development of a personal and national philosophy will ensure our growth, stability; peace and progress Hindu Rashtra will ensure genuine democracy not fake democracy and will highlight our culture, values, and spiritual traditions

Real political power will be in the hands of nationalists not with anti national pseudo secularist. Real, genuine democracy means identifying our enemy within and vital check on abusers based on our interests. Those that ignore or insult our spiritual culture, ethical values and noble traditions, or violate nationalism will be taken into account. By declaring India as a Hindu Rashtra, we can avoid tragedies from recurring again.

If all Hindus can be united and act together and act on our inner thoughts and examine whether our cowardice and compromise have made enemy grow from within. After several decades of indoctrination and slavery those who are still deceived and suffer from Stockholm syndrome can come back to Hindutva and eliminate toxic pattern of thinking, and perversion instilled by our enemies.

What will India’s future be? What directions will India take? One thing is certain. There will be reemergence of Hindutva forces. There will be renewal of India’s political directions, morality and there will be a harmonious relationship between humans and nature and there will be peace, progress and prosperity.
The bogus secularists and pro-Jihadi Hindus seems to be lacking real moral purpose and meaning. Real patriotic, nationalist Hindus are fighting for the soul of our nation. The anti Hindu, pro Islamists, Marxist misfits, and Marxist anarchists prefer to walk through clouds. It appears that our enemies and alienated Hindus appears to be suffering from psychological disorders such as addictive thinking, denial, cognitive disorder and thinking errors. The anti Hindu doomsayers want our sacred land and Hindutva to die thousand times.

Having travelled around the world many times, I could say categorically that pseudo secular Hindus who acts as enemy within are very vulnerable. Hindus around the world are aware of their threats and it will result in resurgent Hindus

Monday, July 9, 2012

Communal clash in Ghaziabad; Hindu youth shot dead


Ghaziabad: A Hindu youth was murdered in the communal clash which rocked the city, following a motorcycle accident. The victim has been identified as  Vipin Tyagi (25) .

According to police, the clash has its roots in a motorcycle accident, in which three Muslim youths (on one motorcycle) and a Hindu boy (on another motorcycle) were involved.

“On Saturday, there was an accident between a Hindu  boy and three Muslim youths. All involved were on motorcycles and juveniles. The Muslim boys allegedly beat up the Hindu .  A police case was registered against four persons,” a police officer said.

At 8 am on Sunday, few Hindus went to ask why the boy was beaten up and a clash ensued.Within hours it erupted into a communal clash involving both sides. Vipin Tyagi was shot dead in the clashes.

How the Baptists Converted Gorkha Ram Singh


L. M. Sarma

If you thought that Christian missionaries are on the prowl only in the coastal areas and tribal belts of India, you are dead wrong. The crusading Christian missionaries have spread their tentacles from the sun swept shore of the south to the snow clad heights of the Himalayas and from the steamy jungles of the north east to the burning deserts of Rajasthan.

This is the true story of Gorkha Ram Singh who is a watchman in a housing complex in Mumbai. He was on a long leave in Nepal and returned to Mumbai only yesterday. Hanging prominently around his neck was a chain with a huge cross suspended from it. I was shocked. I have known Ram Singh to be a devout Hindu who fasted on every Ekadasi, who celebrated the Ganesh Utsav, who visited the Mahalakshmi temple every month and who very devoutly celebrated Dussera.

I first thought that Ram Singh was sporting the cross just as a fashion statement. So many Bollywood actors are doing so. I teased him about it and asked him if he was aspiring to be an actor. But he got serious. He said, “no saab, humne dharma badal daala hai:, meaning I have changed my religion.

I was simply shocked.

I asked him why he done so. With a very serious face, he told me “Saab, a few goralog from America, had opened missions in my village.And so many of my fellow gorkhas have become Christian.
On probing further he said, “Saab, since my last visit to Nepal 4 years ago, a lot of bad things started happening in my family. All of a sudden, three of my cows suddenly died, I started losing all my
chicken one after another and my wife started behaving as if she was possessed..”

“A few relations of mine and my immediate neighbour had converted around the time I last visited Nepal. One of these relations brought in a firangi pastor. The firangi pastor was accompanied by a Nepali pastor. They both told my father not to worry. They said that the misfortunes that had befallen my family was due to the evil forces I worship. I used to be a devotee of Kali and Shiva. They told me that these are incarnations of the devil and I should throw them out.”

“Initially I was unwilling to believe them. Then two more cows died. The goats I had purchased out of my hard earned savings suddenly disappeared. I suffered huge losses.. I was distraught. I didn’t know what to do”

“The pastor and my newly converted Christian neighbours visited me.They told me they would pray for my wellbeing. They also said they would give me a cow and two goats if I allowed them to hold prayers in my house. I agreed. They came to me with the cow and the goats and said that once they chanted the Christian prayers at my house, I would not lose the cow or the goats they had given me and that my wife too would get well.”

“The prayers began. The pastor and my Christian neighbours would assemble at my house and chant the Christian prayers. I too would join in, because the prayers were in my native dialect. Gradually my wife’s condition improved. The cow and the goats started yielding good milk.My stock of chicken multiplied. Impressed, they poured holy water over me. They removed the pictures of Kali and Shiva and asked me to throw them down the mountainside which I did. And now I am a Christian. I
have a picture of Christ and a cross at home”

“They gave me food grains and  clothes, toys for my children and medicines for my old mother”

I questioned him further, particularly about the death of his cows,goats and chicken and about his wife’s mental health. He told me that only after the arrival of the American pastor and the conversion of his neighbours did his cows, goats and chicken had started dying. He said that his wife started behaving strangely only after visiting the mission dispensary  for a fever. His had been a happy family filling around 10 bighas of land and he had had no problems before.

Isn’t it a strange coincidence that his cows started dying only after the arrival of the pastor and the conversion of his neighbour? Isn’t it rather strange that his wife started behaving strangely only after
she took medicines from the mission dispensary?

From our experience we know that these are the standard dirty tricks the missionaries use to convert the poor and gullible, innocent Hindus. This is subversion of the dirtiest kind. The ultimate of
Christendom is to engulf Hindu India by eating away into the Hindu population living on the coast and the land borders and gradually moving into the Hindu heartland.

Hindus, wake up. The Christian west is trying to rob you of your religion, your freedom and finally. your country,

Friday, July 6, 2012

Disastrous consequences of special reservation for Muslims


Dr. Babu Suseelan

Government of India and several state Governments have been allocating special financial aid, providing special privileges, job reservation, and quota system for Muslims. These policies and special financial aid programs only for Muslims are costly, ineffective and dangerous and fail to serve Indian citizens. In a word, these special privileges and programs for Muslims are dysfunctional, destructive, counterproductive and inefficient.

India’s corrupt, timid and criminal politicians are willing to surrender our national integrity to Islamic militants.  And the government rulers are afraid of Muslim violence and terrorism. They deliberately ignore that special financial aid, quota system, and special reservation for Muslims in educational institutions is dangerous and it has negative spillover effect for the country.

The present Congress government headed by the uneducated Italian Sonia is hastening India’s decline and ushering a new era of Islamic domination. Instead of dealing with Islamic expansion, the present government would ruin the country and its disastrous consequences will affect all Hindus in the future.

All arguments for special privileges for Muslims and financial aid for Jihadis are defective and dubious at best. Consider, for instance the relationship between extra spending on special education for Muslims, Hajj subsidy, Mullah Pension, financial assistance for Madrasa education and its consequences for the nation.
In Kerala, and Kashmir, education portfolio was controlled by Muslims since independence. In Kerala, and Kashmir Muslim students enjoy special privileges, financial assistance, reservation, and quota system. They control and allocate more Tax payer money for Islamic education. Muslims League Ministers allocate special funding for Islamic colleges, refuse to light a lamp at general functions, introduced special green uniform for teachers and declared special holidays for Muslims. Hindus are discriminated in every level of education.

Before Islamic invasion, India enjoyed a golden age and leadership in every area of knowledge.  Hindu scholars were experts in art, literature, music, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, astronomy, and in life sciences and medicine. Sanskrit was a common lingua franca and citizens were happy with their home education and guru-Sishya relationship. Skilled traders and artisans were happy in their fields. India that was a wonder of the world was destroyed by Islamic invasion and British Christian Colonialists.  After independence from British Christian colonialists, atheist Nehru and his Marxists and Islamic cronies have continued the McCauley educational system and introduced special privileges, reservation, quota system and extra financial aid for Muslims only. Funding for Sanskrit education has stopped and they tinkered with our educational system and Hindu ethos, moral values and culture were shattered.

With Central and State government debt is rising, and pro- Islamist governments spend more and more tax payer money on Islamic education, Mullah pension, Madras expansion, Hajj subsidy and special financial aid for Muslim students to an unsustainable long term pace.

Hindus constitute the majority community In India and they must unite and demand the anti Hindu government to re-think of special reservation and unlimited financial aid for Jihad education.

It is a good time to start in meeting India’s economic and social crises. It is awkward for some phony secular Hindus to admit they don’t know how to go about these matters.

What did the government do? Now the pseudo secular, anti Hindu government want to expand reservation programs to private industry also.

Major Corporations, Financial Institutions, Big Companies and Business Professionals in India agree that the world is rapidly changing. Rapid changes in science, technology and computer demands intelligent, smart, efficient and brightest employees to be competitive in the ever changing business world. Brightest-intelligent employees offer companies the opportunity to be competitive. The market, the productive world, and business competition demands drastic changes in workforce education qualification, skills and experience.

Businesses, major corporations and Big Companies can best capture the market, gain respect, and build profit only with smart-intelligent, well qualified work force. Companies cannot ignore smart, intelligent, highly qualified science and engineering graduates. If the companies that hire employees based on their Islamic belief system ethnic background, learning disabilities or retarded intellectual abilities are doomed.

Employees hire good, well qualified workers who may look at their job as a carrier, while some with intense interest in fanatic, closed ideology might look these entry levels as a stepping stone for promoting their fanatic ideology or closed dogma.
Highly competitive, well educated, intelligent, smart and bright people are pathways for companies to improve the market reach and competitiveness. The role for governmental organizations is to create a culture which every employee is respected for their contribution. If employees are the brightest, they do really well, and the management can delegate leadership and responsibilities to them.
Despite the fact that the rationale for special reservation for Muslims in government job, and financial aid for fanatic Jihadis are very weak, defective, the Sonia Government has expanded job reservation for Muslims and undeserving candidates. Special reservation and quota system have been growing year after year and it creates terrible debt for the government. This diabolically cunning strategy to increase vote Bank has aggravated an already bad situation, and provides a perfect example of the fundamental problem facing our nation today. Islamized politicians pushing such anti national illusory policies with extraordinarily high cost will ruin our country in time.

Perhaps and most importantly, such central and state programs only for anti National Muslims contributed to inflation, price rise, and social crises. These special reservation for undeserving candidates based on their closed religion is not an appropriate use of tax payer money at the time of budget deficits. When Hindus pay a large part for this Muslim appeasement programs, there is mute response from Hindus and Hindu organizations.

In Kerala for example, NSS and several Hindu leaders have issued statements against such special
Reservation polices. In spite of rapid deterioration in service, the consumers never organize, unite and
take appropriate action to prevent such pro-Islamic, anti national policies and programs of the
Government dominated by Jihadis.  The unintended and dubious consequences of such special
Programs for undeserving fanatic people will fail the nation.

It is time for Hindus to organize and show their power against such deeply flawed, highly controversial programs to promote Islamism. Hindus must methodically eviscerate such pro jihadi policies and programs and all other cultural issues of our time with intellectual force and vigor.

Corrupt and criminal politicians, expert mind manipulators may want us to feel powerless, helpless and hopeless and force us to believe that there is no cure for such atrocious programs.  But this is a sort of Stockholm syndrome. Some Hindus, unable to bear frustration, anxiety, fear and powerlessness, suppress it by identifying with the dirty, deviant, corrupt Islamized political captors. It is devolution from reason.

We are living in a democracy. By realizing that we are living in a democracy, a strong determination must be made that we are Hindus, and through sufficient maturity Hindus have to accept the burden of choice rather than submit to the whims and fancy of the criminal politicians or fanatic groups. 


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hindu Rashtra : Dreaming new possibilities


Dr. Babu Suseelan

By analyzing the thought and influence of political pathology and social-economic crises created by unethical, pseudo secular politicians in India, one could find out that Nehru and his cronies have destroyed our unity of values, and the dissolution of Dharma. A failure of ethics is at the root of our many related crises including corruption, coercive religious conversion, subversive activities and jihadi terrorism.
By declaring India as a Hindu Rashtra, we could finally choose to face up to the moral contradictions inherent in our bogus secular system. By Hindu Rashtra, we mean not a Theocratic, Fundamentalist state like Vatican, Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan.  By Hindu Rashtra, we can reassert and renew our civilization. If we fail to learn from our history of brutal Islamic Conquest, Christian Colonialisation and Nehruvian Utopian and useless pseudo secular socialism, we are doomed.

Hindu Rashtra is not with a spirit of intervention or revenge. Hindus are known for their eclecticism, benevolence, tolerance, generosity, compromise, harmony and co-existence, unfortunately, it is not easy as it used to thousands of years ago. Hindus are indoctrinated, brainwashed and misdirected by our anti Hindu media, criminal and corrupt politicians. Our bogus secularism has contaminated several Hindus.  Pseudo secularist and brainwashed Hindus with addictive thinking still can create obstacles on our way. There is not much difference between a secular addict and those suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. Phony secular addicts and anti Hindu politicians have created a whole new array of symptoms of national disorders.


Our collective failure to respond to properly to the challenges posed by Islamists and Marxists in India complicated problems. Nehruvian phony secularism and Gandhian principles of surrender to Muslim demands as well as cynical exploitation of Hindus by corrupt, criminal politicians have undermined our ability to confront our enemies. Islamic expansion plan and coercive religious conversion has weakened our efforts to protect Hindu lives, safety and security of Hindus and their cultural values.  The Government, executives Branch, Police and Judiciary, and intellectuals and the media failed miserably to expose the true nature of Islam and Marxism.

Muslims have terrorized, butchered and kicked out all Hindus from Kashmir, the citadel of our culture and civilization. Kashmir Hindus are still languishing as refugees in their own country. The bogus secular politicians have now completed Islamization of India. Kashmir is gone, Nagaland is gone, and in Kerala, the land of Sankaracharya, Hindus are slowly becoming a minority. And Islamic slaughter will begin within the next ten years.  Our pseudo secular politicians and the anti- national media can make much of a good thing become a bad thing. They can harm our minds.

While Hindus slept, our government have grown complacent about Jihadist plans to wipe out Hindus from Kashmir, Kerala, and West Bengal.


Despite these impediments, our Vedic culture has survived and Hindu ideals remain as the heart of our civilization. Our Rishis have created the best systemic philosophy, all inclusive thought system, logic and epistemology, mathematics, algebra, art, music, science, astrology, and literature.

The issues are clear before us. The choice is ours. If we fail to regain our culture, Dharma, ethics, and life system, our children will inherit all the problems we have failed to resolve—plus much more. Our corrupt, criminal politicians and their pseudo secular belief system have squandered our wealth, tinkered with our education, wiped out Sanskrit and undermined our freedom.

Hindu Rashtra will give an identity for all. And it will provide an impetus for self-esteem and courage to reform ourselves and our fellow citizens. It is the only way to achieve harmony and wipe out all dehumanizing obsession for separatism, Maoism, and Marxism and Islamism, that permeates from different parts of India.
History has shown that millions of people of every race, color and religion came to India and settled and drew inspiration from Hindutva. History has also shown us that millions of Hindus were slaughtered, millions were forcefully converted, our country was divided and even now Hindus were oppressed and discriminated. Even after independence, Hindus are faced with social, financial, political and psychological challenges. Hindus are forced to live in a society where corruption, crime, and discrimination are rampant. Hindus have become hypnotized with the bogus secular culture where coercive religious conversion and Maoist violence is continuing. Hindus are in a trance and they do not know that they have been out of touch with their spiritual tradition. BharatVarsh Hindus call their motherland has become deceptive, manipulative, and ruthless and our political rulers have made Hindus in a state of confusion and chaos.

As the representative of the oldest civilization, and spiritual tradition, Hindus must now act. Hindus must male attempts to rearrange the disorder in our motherland. Hindus must think clearly and act decisively if we want our spiritual tradition to be transferred to our next generation.

Hindus should wake up from their slumber, overcome their addictive-secular thinking and make commitment to engage with Hindus around the world and make thoughtful ways to stop Islamization of India. And without effective action against Muslims and their cohorts, our survival as a Hindu nation will flatter. Hindus should not retreat into an ignorant garrison or wallow into a misdirected and erroneous concept “That all Religions are the same”.

In this ever changing world, Hindus need a nation of their own. It is economically vital, socially appealing and powerful, and it must be strategically deliberate. And the world will respect Hindus and India.