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Hindu Resurgence Around the World


Hinduism Arrives on the Global Stage

Hinduism has captured the imagination of the world.

Hindus have reasons to feel proud when its ancient tradition of starting an event with chanting of Vedic hymns in Sanskrit was adopted at the kick-start of Commonwealth Games 2010 on 30 October 2009, in presence of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and President Pratibha Patil of India at London in a spectacular ceremony. Chanting of Vedic hymns by British children in chorus for several minutes in fluent Sanskrit that too without reading any script was indeed worth-appreciating.

Chanting of Vedic hymns in state-assemblies of United States of America and countries is also becoming a regular trend. In October 2009 an Indian priest Narayanachar Digalakote chanted Vedic hymns seeking world peace while US President lit Diwali-lamp at White House. When Western countries are realising the importance of Vedic hymns in Sanskrit, it is time that Indian government may set up a separate ministry for development and research of Sanskrit to explore the hidden treasure of literature and medical science in the ancient language. (Taken from Madhu Agarwal's article in the internet).

In October 2009, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown lit the traditional diya and started the Diwali celebrations in British Parliament. Ram Nawami too was celebrated in No. 10 Downing Street. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, added colour to the Diwali celebrations in Britain by visiting Shri Swaminarayan temple and participating in a symbolic 'Laxmi Puja' ceremony. Diwali was similarly celebrated in the parliaments of Australia , ( Canberra , Sydney and Melbourne ), New Zealand ( Wellington and Auckland ) and Canada .
Hindu priest Rajan Zed opened the US Senate on July 12, 2007 with a Hindu prayer arranged by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat. Baptist church is worried about the rise of Hinduism in USA . Hindu priests offered prayers at the legislative sessions in the Maryland , Iowa, New Jesey, Nevada and California House and Senates in USA . Sri Sri Ravishankar addressed the European Parliament of 11 nations at Brussels .

Several world leaders like Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, South African President Thabo Mbeki, Greek President Karolos Papoulias quote from the Vedas to explain their point of view.

Britain backed by $19.5 million (Rs 100 Crores) in aid has started a State Funded Hindu school. Krishna-Avanti primary school has a space for 240 children. Pupils study the national curriculum but there is a strong emphasis on Hindu ethos and worship. USA takes up Hindi studies in its universities. India ’s rapidly growing industry and business is attracting large Americans to Bharat.

In January 2009, Barack Hussain Obama in his presidential address mentioned that USA was a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and non-believers. He carries a key chain with an idol of 4 armed Hanuman. He appointed Sonal R. Shah an active member of Ekal Vidyalay and Sewa International to serve as the Director of the new Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation in the White House. When USA faced severe trillion dollar financial crisis, President George Bush in Oct 2008 appointed Neel Kashkari, a Kashmiri Pandit as the head of the new office of Financial Stability. Obama team in 2009 asked Kashkari to remain at Treasury for some more period and assist in the transition. Several Hindus are now walking the corridors of power in Washington DC . When Obama and Dr Manmohan Singh met one-on-one in Washington recently in Nov 2009, Singh’s principal assistant and note-taker was his private secretary Jaideep Sarkar, a young gun of the Indian Foreign Service. No surprise there. And aiding Obama? Anish Goel, a senior staffer of the National Security Council and a rising star of the US foreign service. Similarly, when the US side engaged New Delhi on Af-Pak issues, the Indians found, much to their surprise, that the Senior Defense Advisor to Richard Holbrooke, the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan was Vikram Singh. China and Pakistan are worried that 26 Indians are serving Obama administration including at least a dozen in senior positions.

Hindus Around the World

There are about 7 crore Hindus in about 120 countries of the world. Of these Hindus are in good numbers in about 40 countries like UK, USA, Holland, Germany, Kenya, Middle East, West Indies, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.

Saga of Trials & Triumph

In countries like Mauritius , South Africa , Fiji , Myanmar , Malaysia , Singapore and Caribbean countries of Trinidad , Guyana and Surinam , Indians were taken by the British rulers some 120 years back as contract laborers. These Indian were then sold to British Farm owners like sheep, cows or buffalos. Initial years were a sad saga of tears & fears, disease & death, torture, humiliations & hard labor. But it is also a tale of their struggle, determination, strong resolve and final Triumph. Most of these Indians hail from Eastern UP (Bhojpuri dialect) and from Tamil Nadu. Ramcharit Manas and Thevaram (ancient Tamil Hymns in praise of Lord Shiva) kept their faith and hopes alive. The literate among them would read and others listened with unmatched shraddha. Ramcharit Manas & Thevaram saved them from the aggressive conversion efforts of Christian missionaries and Indian Muslims.

Festivals unit Hindus

Celebration of Hindu festivals in large congregations strengthened their faith. Deepavali is the most popular festival and is both a religious and a social event. Hindus invite all their Hindu and non-Hindu friends. Deepavali is a national holiday in Malaysia and in Singapore when all government offices are closed. Nearly 5 lac Hindus gather at Lord Subramaniam Temple in Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia on the occasion of Thai Pusam; 5 lac Hindus gather at the Ganga Talav in Mauritius on the occasion of Shiv Ratri. Lacs of Hindu and Sri Lankan devotees make a pilgrimage on bare foot to Kadirgamam temple in South Sri Lanka to pay their obeisance to Lord Karthikeya. Thousands gather annually at the (Maha Mariamman) Devi Parvati Temple in Suva , Fiji .

Heads of State in many countries

Hindus came to these distant lands 100 years ago and underwent trials and tribulations like Lord Ram during his Vanavas. Today the Hindus are better off. Like Ram they too are celebrating Deepavali having won the battle of survival. Their proud sons, Sir Shivsagar Ramgulam & Aniruddha Jagannath, Dr Navin Ramgoolam (Mauritius), Mahendra Chowdhary (Fiji), Basdeo Pandey (Trinidad), Bharat Jagdev (Guyana), Devan Nair &, S.R.Nathan (Singapore) have risen to become the Prime Ministers and Presidents. V.S.Naipaul the proud son of Trinidad is a Noble Laureate.

Conquering Developed Nations like America , England

Professional Indians like doctors, engineers, IIT graduates, Managers, economists, Computer specialists, Information Technologists are in great demand in developed countries like USA , Canada , UK , Europe, Australia , New Zealand , Japan , Korea , Singapore etc. Here too after some initial struggle, Hindu community has established itself as the most educated, influential and above all most law abiding community amongst various other races. By the dint of their hard and committed work, they have now become the richest community on the basis of per capita income. Even American politicians have started wooing the Indian community. 17 year old Murali Ambatti of New York University became the youngest doctor in US, 4 year old Rohit Puri of Bangkok, Thailand becomes the youngest Microsoft executive, several teenage boys and girls in US, UK, Australia and New Zealand win national awards in English, general knowledge and science talent competitions. Very recently C.K.Prahalad of University of Michigan is ranked third in “Thinkers 50” based on a survey of business people, consultants, academics and MBAs. He stands tall next only to strategy guru Michael Porter and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Business advisor Ram Charan, Prof. V.Govindarajan and Prof. Rakesh Khurana also find a place among the “Thinkers 50” where Peter Drucker was ranked first before his demise.

Noble Laureates, Values & Wealth Creators

Dr Hargobind Khorana, Dr Chandrasekhar, Dr Amartya Sen and Dr Venkat Ramakrishnan have made Indians proud by bagging Noble Prizes in technical subjects. In USA many Indians like Indira Nooyi, Vinod Khosla, Vinod Dahm, Sabeer Bhatia, Arun Netravalli, Rajeev Gupta, Sanjay Tejwrika, Rajat Gupta, Rana Talwar (only to mention a few) occupy topmost posts in well known Multinational companies like Pepsi-Cola, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Stanchart, Mckensey, Sun Microsystem, Intel etc. Dr Ajay Kumar who hails from Meerut is the Director of Aerodynamics in NASA credited with the successful testing of MACH-7 Scramjet engines that can make flight travel from Mumbai to Delhi a matter of few minutes. He is now heading the MACH-10 project. Ms Arti Prabhakar, Director National Institute of Standards, Ms. Preeta Bansal, councellor in White House, Astronaut Kalpana Chawla have proven that Hindu women can accept any challenge in the western world. In UK based Shri Laxmi Narayan Mittal CEO of M/S Arcelor-Mittal Group of industries is the largest steel producer in the world. Hindujas, Swaraj Paul, Jatania Brothers, Tom Singh, Bhikku & Vijay Patel, Jasminder Singh, Bharat & Ketan Mehta and Dinesh Dhamija have made UK financially strong.

Influencing West through Vedic Universal Philosophy & Hindu Family Values
West is facing a cultural crisis. Increasing rates of broken families, single parents, unwed teenage mothers, drug addicts, alcoholism, homicides, suicides and above all sex abuse by missionary preachers is a great concern to the community which is now studying the Hindu family system with greater attention. Millions of the liberal westerners find solace in yoga, meditation and Bhagwad Gita. All these are growing in the midst of heavy attacks by Christian missionaries which label yoga as devil’s work and Bhagwad Gita as devil’s literature.

Ever since Bhagwad Gita was translated into English in 1785 by Charles Wilkins, it has caught Europe and America like a wild fire. Governor Warren Hastings, Arthur Schopenhauer, Annie Beseant, Margaret Noble (Sister Nivedita), Savitri Devi, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Max Muller, Aldous Huxley,Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain, Wilhelm von Humboldt, Will Durant, Jules Michelet, a French historian, Schlegel - History of Literature, Wheeler Wilcox, “India, the land of the Vedas”, Joseph Campbell (Sanskrit) and hundreds of scholars have found a new meaning in their life mission.

In recent times Divine Mother of Pondicherry, Shivaya Subramanya of Shaiva Siddhanta Church, David Frawley (Vamadev Muni), Koenrad Elst, Stephen Knapp, Michel Danino, Alan Ford, Francis Gautier have been very vocal in their appreciation of Hinduism and leave no stones unturned to defend Hinduism against unjust criticisms.

Noble Laureates like Niel Bohr, Erwin Schrödinger (Quantum Physics), Einstein (Theory of Relativity), W.Heisenberg (German Sub Atomic Physicist 1901-1976), other leading scientists like J.R.Oppenheimer (1943-44 Father of Atomic Explosion), Carl Segal (Cosmology), social thinkers of the present era like Emmelin Plunret, A.L. Basham - Australian Indologist, Burke (A German Historian of Maths), Hankel, Hu Shih, former Chinese Ambassador to USA have been inspired by the universal Vedic philosophy, Vedic Sciences and Vedic civilization.

The untiring efforts of Swami Vivekanand, Swami Ramatirth, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Yogi Aurobindo (Auroville), Mata Amritanandamayi, Swami Prabhupad, Swami Chinmayanand, Swami Tilak, Swami Muktanand, Acharya Rajnish, Swami Mahesh Yogi, Shri Shri Ravishankar Maharaj, Swami Dayanand Saraswati and the labors of organizations like Ramakrishna Ashram, Satya Sai Samaj, ISKCON, Saiva Siddhanta Church, Chinmaya Ashram, Divine Life Society, Raj Yoga Centre, Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh, Hindu Sevika Samiti and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have made Hinduism truly global. No wonder the Sultan of Bahrain, Royal family members of Buckingham palace, Benitto Craxi former prime minister of Italy , Mrs Anwar Sadat, Mrs Yeltsin, sisters of former Prime minister of Canada Max Mulrony also speak Hindu philosophy.

Gulf Countries

Many Indian engineers, accountants, managers and lacs of skilled and semi skilled workers are working in Gulf countries since the oil explorations in the sixties. They made the hot windy deserts of Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Bahrain , United Arab Emirates , Sultanate of Oman and Qatar rich and prosperous by their hard work under highly adverse conditions. Even before oil was found, Sindhi and Gujarati merchants made life bearable. Arabs including Sultans will eagerly await the arrival of ships from India which brought necessary and lifesaving objects like drinking waters, food items, medicines and garments from India . Some of them are so influential that the Royal family members depended on them for financial help. The devote Khimjis had built a Shiva temple in Muscat , Sulatanate of Oman, one hundred fifty years ago. They were so dominant and aggressive in acquiring real estates that Oman parliament had to pass a resolution prohibiting them from purchasing any further land. In the bygone days they financed Oman crown prince’s travel and education in Bharat. Hence when Indian president
Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma visited Oman , the sultan made him sit on the royal throne and him-self sat below along with others. He personally drove the car while bringing Dr Shankar Dayal ji from the airport. After all Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma ji was in teaching profession before starting his political career; so much for adhering to Hindu Guru Sishya tradition. Recently Prime Minister of Iraq requested Sri Sri Ravishankar Maharaj to teach Sudarshan Kriya to jailmates in Iraq . The Arab royal families depend heavily on Indian professionals like doctors, engineers, administrators, managers, clerks and workers not only for running the affairs of their sultanates but also for the administration and maintenance of the royal palaces. Over 30 lac Indians are working in Gulf countries.

Shining as the Best Tax Paying Business Community

Indians with business acumen came to in Hong Kong , Thailand , Singapore , Kenya , Uganda , Tanzania , Dubai etc. Starting as small traders they have become the most successful community in the midst of world wide competitions. Unfortunately the Hindu especially Gujarati businessmen from Uganda , Tanzania , Kenya and Nigeria had to flee from these countries and seek asylum in UK in the sixties and seventies and from Zimbabwe in recent years after local military regimes replaced the European colonial powers. They have enriched UK and are well respected business community there.

Problems of the Overseas Hindus & the Role of Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh

Hindus living in some 120 countries have varied problems. But some common problems need to be addressed in an organized way. In most countries except Bharat, Nepal and Mauritius Hindus are in minority. Preserving Indian languages, Hindu customs, traditions, culture, festivals is a big challenge especially among the youth and children. The influence of western music, dress, language, slang cannot be under estimated. It is here that Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh plays a leading role.

Shakhas and Training Camps

In most countries Hindus form a microscopically small minority in the midst of people belonging to other cultures. The parents therefore struggle to educate the children on Hindu values. The aggressive western culture has ruined the western society and is a threat to Hindu youth. The Indian parents are legitimately worried about the future of their children growing in such a volatile environment. In such places Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh, Hindu Sevika Samiti and Vishwa Hindu Parishad running shakhas, training camps on basic Hinduism, and celebrating festivals and conferences has made a significant change in their attitude. Hindu children now feel proud to practice our ancient ethos and traditions. Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh is active in 40 countries. It runs 750 shakhas in 33 countries. Of these 140 are daily shakhas and the rest are weekly ones. 70 of these are run under Hindu Sevika Samiti for Hindu girls by our trained sisters. The eastern most country in the world is Fiji and the westernmost country is USA . We have shakhas in both these places. The northernmost country is Canada and the southernmost country is New Zealand . Shakhas are functioning here too. In the 1940s shakhas started in Mauritius, South Africa and Kenya. Adarneeya Jagdish Shastry ji held a shakha on the deck of a ship while sailing from Mumbai to Kenya in 1947. Now shakhas have encompassed the globe and united the Hindus.

Swargeeya Laxmanrao Bhide laid the foundation of this worldwide movement by his tireless travels to some 60 countries in a long span of 40 years. He was ably assisted in this arduous task by Swargeeya Chamalanlal ji. Now this mantle has fallen on the shoulders of Dr Shankar Tatwawadi ji who in spite of his age goes around the world tirelessly.

HSS shakhas are similar to those in Bharat in some respects and differ in a few details. For example the Bhagwa Dhwaj is same everywhere. The Sanskrit commands, shaririks, khel, utsavs, gatapadhati, Sangh Siksha vargas, shibirs etc are same. The differences are the name Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh, Sangh Prarthana, the way we do dhwaj pranam, and the prarthana ends with the slogan Vishwa Dharma ki jai. Many a places the baudhiks are delivered in English to make it easy for the youth and children to comprehend. In spite of the differences the karyakarta nirmiti in these shakhas is as strong as in Bharat. Many committed karyakartas are from 2nd and 3rd generation Hindus who have never seen Bharat before coming here for sangh siksha vargas. Ten of them are now serving the Hindu cause as pracharaks (Full time celibate social workers). Once in Malaysia there was ghastly fire accident in a chemical factory late at night and most of the victims were of Indian origin. When some karyakartas rushed to Medical Hospital to donate blood, they were pleasantly surprised to see so many other swayamsewaks from other shakhas who had arrived there with the same concern. In most countries whenever there are floods, accidents or other natural calamities, swayamsewaks have readily risen to the occasion. Educationists in UK have observed that hooliganism, vandalism and drug abuse among UK children is seen less in those schools that have a good number sangh swayamsewak children. S/sewaks are seen excelling in academic studies and winning several awards and recognitions.

World Hindu Conferences

Vishwa Hindu Parishad in cooperation with hundreds of other Hindu organizations, has organized large world Hindu conferences in UK , Germany , Denmark , South Africa , Singapore , USA and Trinidad to forge a sense of unity amongst Hindus living in 120 countries. These conferences have been addressed by Heads of States of the host countries like Nelson Mandela, Mrs Margaret Thatcher, David Russel Lange, Jomo Kenyatta, Basedeo Pandey and Devan Nair. Dharma conference held last July in New Jesrey was the largest International gathering of Hindu youth. They assembled to discuss their problems and ways to solve them.

Over 15,000 Hindus gather at the Deepavali celebrations every year in Sydney . Senior federal and state ministers have been attending this festival regularly. Diwali last year was celebrated in London , Washington and Sydney parliaments by lighting the central halls. Hindu renaissance is bound to trigger many such events in future. Hindu resurgence is finding its echo all over the world.

Vishwa Sangh Shibirs

Sangh karyakartas with their family members assemble in Bharat once in five years to discuss their problems, growth and future course of action. The first shibir was held in Bangalore in 1990. The second, third and fourth were held at Vadodara, Mumbai and Karnavati in 1995, 2000 and 2005. The themes of the shibirs were Pradeepyem Jagat Sarvam at Bangalore , Sangha Shakti Vijetreeyam at Vadodara Vishwa Mangala Hetave at Mumbai and Vishwa Dharma Prakashena Vishwa Shanti Pravartake –world peace through universal values of Hinduismat Karnavati. The sankhyas in these shibirs were 250, 350, 450 and 550 respectively.

The fifth Vishwa Sangh Shibir will be held in Pune in December 2010. 600 shibirarthis from some 40 countries are expected to participate. The serene and holy atmosphere of Pune will witness many bustling activities of Hindu resurgence during this period. For many of the shibirarthis this will be their first visit to Bharat in several generations. For them every inch of Bharat is a pilgrim place. They will be spending a fortune as air tickets to reach the shibir. They will come with their own nostalgic ideas about Bharat.

PP Sarasanghachalak, Ma. Madandas ji, Ma. Suresh Soni, Dattatreya and mnay Sangh adhikaris will be present in the shibir.

Hindu Influence on the West

Ever since cholesterol, obesity, heart-attacks, blood pressures have become fatal diseases in the West, they are now turning in lacs and crores to vegetarianism, yogasanas, meditations and pranayams. At least 10% in USA , UK and Europe are now practicing Hinduism in their daily life in one way or the other. The spread of AIDS, pre-marital sex, unmarried mothers, homicides and suicides has emphasized the need for self-control and Hindu family values. Bhagwad Gita is the fastest selling religious book in the world. ISKCON, Saiva Sidhanta Church , Chinmaya Mission, Divine Life Mission, Ramakrishna Ashram, HH Dalai Lama, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Mata Amritanandmayi and scores of other Hindu missionaries and organizations are attracting large non-Indian devotees. Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh is a unique organization in the sense it unites Hindus of all language groups, sects, creeds and other denominations.

The educational and economic success of overseas Hindus, their rising political, social and spiritual influence across the globe and their practice of Hindu Family values is now catching the world by storm. The new century augurs well for Hindutva.

Some wonder how long it will take before a person of Indian-origin occupies White House, the most powerful post in the world!! Bobby Jindal, the Governor (chief minister as in Bharat) of Louisiana State is just a heart-beat away from the presidency.

(Author is senior Pracharak of Sangh Pariwar)

How long and how far? End this Minority appeasement

By Joginder Singh, Retd. IPS Officer

In our country, we have a penchant for setting-up of commissions to decide anything and everything, except, maybe, for fixing a time, to be born or to die or for going to bathroom. This has become a fashion for the Government, as an easy way, to pass on its handling any problem or issues.

A friend, who is an avid commission watcher, said that all commissions have one thing in common and that is the person heading the commission does not complete the work, till he or she gets another commission to head. One common feature of all commissions is that most of their reports are not only outdated, but are out of the tune with the times, or they work with a definite agenda, and are in tune with the expectation of the government, which has set them up.

At the same time, their strategy is also to give such reports, which not only maintain, but have an inclination to enhance the vote-bank of the party in power, which gave them the job with a lot of perks. It is not the best kept secret, that once having proved their loyalty and usefulness, some worthies adorn one commission after the other, almost till their last breath.

Some politicians and commissions have played hell with the country. Mandal Commission was one, whose report was pulled out from the rusting cupboards. It started the trend of reservation in the name of caste. The then, late Prime Minister, VP Singh felt that by playing the caste card, he would be able, to retain Prime Ministership for life.

As if there is dearth of commissions to look after the interests of minorities, a five-member National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities headed by former Chief Justice of India Ranganath Mishra was set-up, in October 2004 to suggest criteria for identification of socially and economically backward sections among religious and linguistic minorities and to recommend measures for their welfare. Its 188-page report was initially circulated in May 2007.

It suggests "the three-language formula should be implemented everywhere in the country making it compulsory, for the authorities, to include in it the mother tongue of every child-including especially Urdu and Punjabi." .

The Commission has achieved a temporary glory from the champions of Urdu. But the ground reality is, that the country despite a Fundamental Right to Education faces a shortage of 8 lakh teachers in primary and middle schools. We already have about 10 per cent of teachers above 55 years of age. With 6.5 per cent teachers expected to retire or leave the profession each year, some 35 lakh teachers will be left at the primary and middle level by 2011-a colossal shortfall of almost 25 lakh teachers. Passing Bills in the Parliament, like the Right to Education, does not improve the ground reality or improves the infra structure. Instead of doing anything about improving the quality of education, the Government is focusing only on quantity.

According to a study by the National University of Educational Planning and Education (NUEPA), about a quarter of all teachers taking Classes I to VIII have themselves studied only till the secondary stage. Another quarter have studied up to the senior secondary stage. So, educational qualification of almost half of all teachers is till senior secondary or below. And it’s not as if they are being trained while in service. Only 31 per cent of teachers got in-service training, as per the study.

So how does the recommendation of the Ranganath Misra Commission improve the lot of minorities, except to give a talking point at the time of elections.

One recommendation says that at least 15 per cent seats in all non-minority educational institutions should be earmarked for minorities. According to the Commission, as "73 per cent of minorities are Muslims", the break-up should be 10 per cent for Muslims and 5 per cent for "the other minorities".

To further complicate the issues, the Ranganath Commission seek for a sub-quota in OBC quota clearly marked out for those minority communities which come under the broad head of OBCs. It will mean starting a sub war with the groups, which already have been having OBC quota, thus adding to the social and religious tensions.

Instead of ending casteism and building bridges in the society, it recommends the further division of the society

A newspaper from Andhra Pradesh reported the following acts of minority appeasement by a late Christian Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 21/10/2008.

Andhra Pradesh Government has given a waiver of Rs 500 crore, of debt owed by minorities, that is Muslims and Christians to the government’s Minority Finance Corporation. It also used the government funds to subsidise the pilgrimage of Christians from Andhra Pradesh to Jerusalem/Bethlehem in Israel/Palestine.

It announced a 4 per cent reservation for Muslims, despite the rulings of High Courts and Supreme Court apart from paying 100 per cent of the tuition fees for Muslims in professional colleges for engineering, medicine, MBA, MCA, B.Ed, dental, etc. The colleges had been ordered not to charge Muslims but get reimbursement from the government.

The grants to the AP Urdu Academy are being continuously increased and now it is about Rs 14.0 crore. The Sanskrit Academy gets only a fraction of what is given to the Urdu Academy, just Rs 5 lakh from the Government of India. The so-called "secular" casteist and regional parties, are outdoing each other in their competitive bid to get "minority" votes. The unanimous vote , on ‘humanitarian grounds’ of Kerala Assembly for the release of Madani, a prime accused in the Coimbatore ter¬ror blasts takes the cake in minority appeasement.

Agreed, that every Indian, including Muslim, Christians need a push-up for bettering his or her prospectuses in life. But this push-up should not be at the cost of the poor and deprived people of other religions including Hindus. Probably Hindus have more deprived and poorer people, than all the minorities put together. But the Government has picked-up only Muslims, who can serve as its vote-bank.

No commission has either been set-up or touched the issues of infiltration into our country from Bangladesh and Pakistan. No commission has ever been set-up to deal with the terrorism, whereas many non issues are dragged on for years together, under the garb of the commission. Unless the approach of appeasement and pandering to any section of Indian population is given up, we are in far more trouble than we can foresee.

What is required is to give an even handed treatment to all Indians, without fear and favour. The Government should remember that nobody can really pull anybody high, but with his two legs, a man, on his own, can even climb the Mount Everest. If the Government continues to yield to the policy of appeasement, soon it will have nothing left to appease.

Source: The Organiser

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Secularism or Sickularism ?


Why 'Secularism'? They say, "We need to be a tolerant society with no discrimination on grounds of religion. State should not interfere in the affairs of religion! Religion and state are separate! ".

All right, have a look at the list please

Bharat Mata painted nude by M.F. Hussain,
Ethnic cleansing of around 500000 'Kashmiri' pundits from the valley,
Article 370 of our constitution,
Reservations to minorities (All are equal but some are more equal than others),
No common civil code,
Government's control and interference in only temple affairs (not mosque or church),
Ram is a Myth but not Allah and Jesus,
an attempt to erase 'Ram Sethu'.
Hold On! By the by, did you know that Undivided 'Bharat' was partitioned into 'Islamic' Pakistan but only 'Secular' India?

The effect “ today 'Secular' India has 160 Million Muslims next only to Indonesia (200) and Pak (170). Some may interrupt here to say that Jinnah created politics and that Indian Muslims are good by nature. Bet you put on an Indo-Pak cricket match and start blaming Pakistan openly in front of the 'Good' Indian Muslim.

The 'Good' Indian Muslim –
will not accept a uniform civil code,
will ask subsidies to Haj yatra,
will make all the possible hurdles in 'Amarnath yatra' or 'Ganesh Chaturthi' processions every year
will ask the president or PM to speedily implement the 'Sachaar' committee report.

Poor Hindus do they know what in the world that report is?

In layman's terms it says that only Muslims are the poor and need help though you may find countless Hindu beggars outside temples and on railway platforms. Remember our weak PM roaring like a lion, "Muslims have the first right in the country's resources."

Does the Indian Muslim identify himself with Gori, Ghazini, Sultans and Mughals? Yes or No? I fear they do, pray they don’t!

Well 'Ram Mandir' at Ayodhya is still pending because of Babur's Babri.

Indian Muslims protest when Israel attacks Palestine and not when there is a 'Hamas' missile strike on Israel.

An exhibition on 'Aurangazeb and his atrocities' conducted at Chennai (2008) had to be withdrawn because of some local Muslim Goons who found noble virtues in him.

Cricketer Mohd. Azharuddin on the match fixing issue said that he was targeted because he is a Muslim. What about Ajay Jadeja then?

We might have heard to Shabana Azmi or Omar Abdullah. Judge yourself. No need to mention the separatists.

In a nut shell - Is 'Haj' holier than 'India' to an Indian Muslim?

Is India becoming Christian nation (if not Islamic!) with the mask of 'Secularism'?

Even 'Secular' Gandhiji talked only on Hindu Muslim unity. He even had a constant suspicion in the motives of the Christian missionaries. Today, though Christians claim to be only 2-3 % of the Indian population, one suspects the figures.

Many of my own Christian friends write their religion as 'Hindu' while applying for public sector jobs. Someone said he does it so as to claim the SC/ST benefits like application free of cost.

A Cross had replaced 'Bharat' Mata in the Two rupee coin minted in 2005. This was withdrawn later but today seems to take its place in the proposed Ten rupee coin!

No need to repeat that though minorities Christians have an immense authority in governance viz, Ambika Soni, A.K. Antony, Antonia Maino (Sonia) “ the Italian empress of India & Late Andhra CM Samuel Reddy.

There is Mourning in India after the demise of the former Pope of Vatican. A foreign Pope would interfere in India's affairs in the name of protecting Christians.

Is 'Jerusalem' holier than 'India' to an Indian Christian?

If this cannot be precisely answered then there is a pinprick somewhere.
Be it Godhra or Kandhammal the root cause of 'Communalism' is 'Secularism'.

'Secularism' is so elastic that we have today a list of poster boys of 'Secularism' viz.

Manmohan Singh, Sonia, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, Laloo, Mulayam Singh, Amar Singh, Azharuddin, Deve Gowda, Ram Vilas Paswan, Somnath Chaterjee, Naveen Patnaik, Chiranjeevi & Vijayakanth. The list is endless. Even Afzal Guru and Kasab are becoming Secular in the eyes of public, thanks to Human rights activists and 'Secularism'.

Naturally the other side RSS, VHP and BJP are called communal by the 'Secular' English media. Is there any connection between 'Secularism' and ecosystem?

News reads that cows are illegally carried from India to the slaughterhouses of Pakistan and Bangladesh in the late night through the borders. The 'Secular' media would focus day and night on whether the terrorist Kasab has been fed with Basmati rice at Jail. It won't care about a cow being slaughtered. What a pity?

This makes sense and justice only when people know the real face of 'Secularism' that they dismiss the 'Secularists' as 'Sickularists' and find a solution to the problems 'Bharat' is facing.

The second flag

Tarun Vijay

In our republic, which boasts of one nation, one people and one union, we have two flags. One for India and the other for Kashmir.

No one asks why?

If the mere picture of a foreign national irks, embarrasses and makes the government apologetic, should a flag, put on a par, parallel to the flag of our republic for which we swear to live and die, make us happy and proud?

There is one tricolor, which is our soul. We sing for it, love it, feel thrilled when it's fluttered on any part of this planet. That's us and our invincible tricolour.

And here is another flag. We hardly know about it. A piece that has to be displayed on the bonnets of the Ambassador cars the governor, the chief minister, the Union home minister or even the Prime Minister uses to negotiate a Kashmir road. Suddenly there are two flags, two people, two lands. And still one republic? Ask Justice Sagheer Ahmad and hear the "give more autonomy to J&K" call. More, still more, autonomy for what? A seperate flag and wanting to be more seperate?

Whose flag is it, any way? They say it's Kashmir's flag. So why don’t our rulers hoist it too in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi? A bit red-faced, they say it’s just for Kashmir.

So why not Bihar and Uttarakhand and Punjab and, please, Tamilnadu too have their separate flags?

They say Kashmir is special and other states are NOT.


Why not every state in India is special?

Why not every Indian citizen is equally special?

We, the Indians, the people of India.

Who gave the Constitution to themselves on January 26, 1950, hence the republic and the parade for it.

We can’t buy an inch of land in Kashmir because there is a provision in the Indian Constitution that bars it. That's called Article 370.

It says we are not authorised to be citizens of Kashmir. But we are Indian citizens?

So what?

Article 370 says we are not naturally Kashmiri citizens, even if we are Indians.

If we are Indians, we can be Biharis, Tamilians or Arunachalis. But not Kashmiri.

There was a man whose name was Syama Prasad Mookerjee. He died protesting separate provisions for Kashmir. The news agency IANS reported recently: "Mukherjee was imprisoned for entering the state without a proper permit in violation of Article 370. His entry was in protest against the separate constitution, head of the state and flag of Jammu and Kashmir.

"Mukherjee wanted that Jammu and Kashmir be declared an integral part of India and governed like any other state of the country."

Mookerjee (that's how he spelt his name) died mysteriously in a Srinagar jail.

Who cares for such a "mad" man, giving his life for national integration in its truest sense?

Live peacefully, in your Lutyens' bungalow and offer government constructive cooperation.

That makes life easy, you know.

Let me reproduce some extracts from the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir? It has a separate identity from the Indian Constitution and no law that the Indian parliament passes is applied in J&K unless the J&K assembly passes it too and it has the right to overrule the Indian parliament and change the contents of the laws passed by the parliament situated in New Delhi.

The J&K constitution says —


We, the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, having solemnly resolved, in pursuance of the accession of this State to India which took place on the twenty sixth day of October, 1947, to further define the existing relationship of the State with the Union of India as an integral part thereof, and to secure ourselves-

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and opportunity; and to promote among us all;

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity of the Nation;


Part II of "The State" of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir:

Relationship of the State with the Union of India - The State of Jammu and Kashmir is and shall be an integral part of the Union of India.

On April 7, 1958, the Plebiscite Front of Sheikh Abdullah adopted a resolution specifically citing Article 370, and stated that : "Jammu and Kashmir state has not yet acceded to any of the two dominions, India and Pakistan. Therefore, it will not be right to call Pakistani invasion on Jammu and Kashmir as an attack on India.” Using Article 370 Kashmiri Muslim leaders have opposed any family planning and welfare schemes formulated by the government of India, and the programme was implemented only in the Hindu majority Jammu. The former chief minister, G M Shah, had said that the aim of the government family planning programme was to convert the Muslim majority into a minority. The former external affairs minister M C Chagla had told the United Nations that the Article was a temporary measure. The two former chief ministers of Jammu and Kashmir Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad and G M Sadiq too wanted this Article to be repealed.

Articles 3 and 5 of the State constitution of Jammu and Kashmir state that it will remain an “inseparable” part of India and Parliament should immediately repeal Article 370.

Friends on the internet suggest, "Those Kashmiri Muslims who have declared themselves to be Pakistanis should be asked to apply for Pakistani citizenship, and if their applications fail, they should be declared stateless persons and no longer citizens of India, and therefore no longer citizens of any part of the dominions of the Republic of India."

Article 370 (though originally Article 306-A) drafted by Gopalaswami Ayyengar in close consultation with Sheikh Mohd Abdullah reads as follows:

"Temporary provisions with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir:

1. Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution,
(a) the provisions of Article 238 shall not apply in relation to the State of Jammu and Kashmir;

(b) the power of Parliament to make laws for the said State shall be limited to,
(i) those matters in the Union List and the Concurrent List which, in consultation with the Government of the State are declared by the President to correspond to matters specified in the Instrument of Accession governing the accession of the State to the Dominion of India as the matters with respect to which the Dominion Legislature may make laws far that State; and

(ii) such other matters in the said Lists as, with the concurrence of the Government of the State, the President may by order specify.

For the purposes of this article, the Government of the State means the person for the time being recognised by the President as the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir acting on the advice of the Council of Ministers for the time being in office under the Maharaja's Proclamation dated the fifth day of March, 1948;

(c) the provisions of Article 1 and of this article shall apply in relation to that State;

(d) such of the other provisions of this Constitution shall apply in relation to that State subject to such exceptions and modifications as the President may by order specify:

Provided that no such order which relates to the matters specified in the Instrument of Accession of the State referred to in paragraph (i) of sub-clause (b) shall be issued except in consultation with the Government of the State:

Provided further that no such order which relates to matters other than those referred in the last preceding proviso shall be issued except with the concurrence of that Government.

2. If the concurrence of the Government of the State referred to in paragraph (ii) of sub-clause (b) of clause (1) or in the second proviso to sub-clause (d) of that clause be given before the Constituent Assembly for the purpose of framing the Constitution of the State is convened, it shall be placed before such Assembly for such decision as it may take thereon.

3. Notwithstanding anything in the foregoing provisions of this article, the President may, by public notification, declare that this article shall cease to be operative or shall be operative only with such exceptions and modifications and from such date as he may specify:
Provided that the recommendation of the Constituent Assembly of the State referred to in clause (2) shall be necessary before the President issues such a notification.

In exercise of the powers conferred by Article 370 the President, on the recommendation of the Constituent Assembly of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, declared that as from the 17th Day of November, 1952, the said Article 370 shall be operative with the modification that for the Explanation in Cl. (1) thereof, the following explanation is substituted namely.

Explanation - For the purpose of this article, the Government of the State means the person for the time being recognized by the President on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly of the State as the Sadr-i-Riyasat (now Governor) of Jammu and Kashmir, acting on the advice of the Council of Ministers of the State for the time being in office."

That's our republic. And the second flag. And the two peoples in one land. Viva the flag hoisters.

Where is the pain and where is the shoulder?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Riding on Hindu votes Congress robs all Hindus of jobs and education

By OP Gupta [IFS Retd]

I place below seven (A to G) bare facts which show that we Hindu voters have been lacking in parental care and have contributed to reducing our own children and grand children to second class status by being careless and casual at times of voting.

The UPA Government in terms of Ranganath Misra Commission is planning to reserve 15 per cent posts for minorities, and as Dr Manmohan Singh has publicly asserted in December 2006 that the minorities have first claim over government resources so SC Hindus will get 15 per cent of remaining 8,500 posts i.e. 1,270 posts, OBC Hindus (including OBC Muslims and Christians) will get 27 per cent of 8,500 i.e. 2,290 posts and ST Hindus (including ST Christians) will get 7.5 per cent of 8,500 i.e. 630 posts.

The Misra Commission has made a false claim that the Muslims are under-represented in services. Supporters of the Muslim reservation often say that the Muslims are about 13 per cent of population but in IAS, etc, their representation is much less at about 4 per cent so they are under- represented in services and there should be reservation for them to boost their share to 13 per cent. For getting into class one services one has to be a graduate.

In the Indira Sawhney case, the Supreme Court had observed-"It is, therefore, clear that economic criterion by itself will not identify the backward classes under Article 16(4). The economic backwardness of the backward classes under Article 16(4) has to be on account of their social and educational backwardness. Hence, no reservation of posts in services under the State, based exclusively on economic criterion, would be valid under clause (1) of Article 16 of the Constitution."

It is painful to see how Jaichandi Hindu politicians right from the days of the 1916 Congress-Muslim League Lucknow Pact till date in form of the Sachar Committee Report, Ranganath Misra Commission, the 15-Point Programme, etc, have been systematically harming all Hindus by concocting false justifications to reduce, bit by bit, promotional avenues of all the Hindu civil servants and the educational, employment and economic (E3) opportunities of all Hindu boys and girls, including SC, ST, OBC and Leftist Hindu boys and girls, North Indian or South Indian Hindus, all Hindu members of NSUI, ABVP, SFI, etc, pushing them to second and third class status vis-à-vis minority boys and girls.

The Hindustan Times of December 24, 2008 reported that the Parliament was informed by the Manmohan Singh Government that as a result of special efforts made by the UPA Government the share of minorities in Central Sector jobs increased from 6.9 per cent in 2006-07 to 8.7 per cent in 2007-08. It increased from 7.6 per cent in 2006-07 in the Financial Sector [Banks, FIs, RBI] to 10.2 per cent; in the Armed Forces from 5.5 pc to 8.9 pc and in the Railways from 2.7pc to 6.3pc during the same period of one year.

Consequently, the percentage of Hindus in the Central Sector declined.

I place below seven (A to G) bare facts which show that we Hindu voters have been lacking in parental care and have contributed to reducing our own children and grand children to second class status by being careless and casual at times of voting.

When I bring these facts to the notice of educated Hindus most of them express shock on their being ignorant of these facts, and blame media and Jaichandi Hindu politicians for this betrayal. But in my humble opinion Hindu voters are themselves responsible for this plight of their children who either abstain from voting or vote to anti-Hindu parties like the Congress Party, NCP, Communist parties and Janata parivar parties.

[A] First let us look into harm which the Ranganath Misra Commission Report would inflict upon all the Hindu civil servants, Hindu students and all the Hindu job seekers.

On December 18, 2009 the UPA Government tabled the Ranganath Misra Commission Report on the table of the Parliament. It has recommended reducing job opportunities of all Hindu officials and Hindu youth at least by 15 per cent, reducing availability of college seats to all sections of Hindu students by at least 15 per cent and disadvantaging SC and ST Hindus by yoking them within their reservation quotas with Muslims and Christians who enjoy better literacy rate.

Para 16.2.16 of the Misra Commission reads: "Since the minorities-especially the Muslims-are very much under-represented, and sometimes wholly unrepresented, in government employment, we recommend that they should be regarded as backward in this respect within the meaning of that term as used in Article 16 (4) of the Constitution-notably without qualifying the word ‘backward’ with the words "socially and educationally"-and that 15 per cent of posts in all cadres and grades under the Central and State Governments should be earmarked for them."

In the Indira Sawhney case, the Supreme Court had observed- "It is, therefore, clear that economic criterion by itself will not identify the backward classes under Article 16(4). The economic backwardness of the backward classes under Article 16(4) has to be on account of their social and educational backwardness. Hence, no reservation of posts in services under the State, based exclusively on economic criterion, would be valid under clause (1) of Article 16 of the Constitution."

So the Misra Commission recommendation is totally unlawful as it suggests giving reservations to the Muslims by ignoring the requirements of the Constitution and the Indira Sawhney case law.

All the Hindu officers serving under the Central Government or any State Government should take note that the Misra Commission has recommended reservation of 15 per cent of posts for religious minorities in all cadres and grades under the Central and the State Governments. Ten pc will be solely for the Muslim officials/candidates and five pc for other minorities.

It means that from the date of implementation 15 per cent posts in the grade of Secretary to Government of India, and other grades of Additional Secretary, Joint Secretary, etc, shall get reserved for minority officers which will block or retard career prospect of many Hindu officers and may result into many Hindu officers serving under their own junior minority religion officers. This would be happening all over India and in all departments, central as well as provincial, whether school teachers, lecturers, Deputy superintendents of Police, engineers, deputy collectors, inspectors of police, customs, income tax, public sector undertakings, etc.

So it is high time that all the Hindu officials and all those Hindus who aspire to join public services should come out of their secular slumber and open their eyes to see that it is Congress Party aided by Communists and various parties (Mulayam Singh, Mayawati, Karunanidhi, Sharad Pawar, Chandrababu Naidu, etc.) that is going to harm their career interests permanently and irreversibly.

The Misra Commission has made a false claim that the Muslims are under-represented in services. Supporters of Muslim reservation often say that the Muslims are about 13 per cent of population but in IAS, etc., their representation is much less at about 4 per cent so they are under-represented in services and there should be reservation for them to boost their per cent to 13 per cent. For getting into class one services one has to be a graduate. Vide its table 3.6 Misra Commission reports that graduation percentage of Muslims is only 3.6 pc. As only graduates can aspire for public services percentage of Muslims in services at 4 per cent is fair and already more than commensurate to their graduation percentage.

Further the Muslims are about 4 pc in services but 10 per cent jobs in all cadres and grades are proposed to be reserved for them by the Congress. It means that the Muslim officers will have much faster pace of promotions vis-à-vis Hindu officers and will also occupy senior positions for longer periods than the Hindu officers.

Shri Arif Mohammed Khan, a former Union Minister in the Rajiv Gandhi Government has pointed out that 10 Muslim communities are already part of the Scheduled Tribes and another 83 Muslim communities are included in the OBC list. "Together," he maintains, "they constitute more than 70 per cent of total Muslim population leaving out only the Muslim creamy layer." Similarly, a good chunk of the Christians are already included in the Scheduled Tribes and the OBC category.

The Constitution of India as well as the Supreme Court has laid down that social and educational backwardness are essential to become eligible for getting reservation under Article 16(4). But Muslims as a community enjoy better literacy rate than Hindus in 11 states and better literacy rate than SC Hindus and ST Hindus on national level so they are not entitled for any reservation as they are not educationally backward.

In its para 12.3 the Misra Commission itself states: "Analysis of literacy rate reveals that Muslims were better off than Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes."

According to the 2001 census, the Sachar Committee and the Misra Commission [table 3.5, paras12.3, 18.5, etc.] Christians have higher literacy rate [80 per cent] as compared to other religious minorities as well as the national percentage of 65 per cent. Christians have higher literacy rate than the Hindus. Christians have higher per capita income too. So Christians too cannot claim to be backward in any sense.

In eleven states, Muslim males have higher literacy rate than Hindu males. These states are Andhra Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu.

In thirteen states, the Muslim women enjoy higher literacy rate than the Hindu women, these are Andhra Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar, Chhattisgarh, Daman & Diu, Dadra & Nagarhaveli, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu. [Statements 8a and 8b, Census Report 2001].

The Sachar Committee [page 53] also admits that in ten states literacy rate among the Muslims are higher than even that of the upper caste Hindus and also higher than SC/ST Hindus.

Let us examine how many jobs the Hindus are going to lose in terms of Misra Report. Till 2009, SC Hindus were entitled to get 1,500 posts out of every 10,000 posts in Government sector, OBC Hindus were entitled to 2,700 posts and ST Hindus were entitled for 750 posts.

The UPA Government in terms of Ranganath Misra Commission is planning to reserve 15 per cent posts for minorities, and as Dr Manmohan Singh has publicly asserted in December 2006 that since minorities have first claim over government resources so SC Hindus will get 15 per cent of remaining 8,500 posts i.e. 1,270 posts, OBC Hindus [including OBC Muslims and Christians] will get 27 per cent of 8,500 i.e. 2,290 posts and ST Hindus [including ST Christians] will get 7.5 per cent of 8,500 i.e. 630 posts.

The upper castes Hindu candidates till 2009 were eligible to compete for 5,050 posts out of every 10,000 posts but now under Manmohan formula they can compete only for 4,310 seats. And wonder of wonder is that this reduction in E3 space of all categories of Hindu applicants will be achieved on strength of those Hindus who gave their notes and votes to the Congress Party or to other Jaichandi parties.

The Misra Report Para 16.2.7 reads:" As by the force of judicial decisions the minority intake in minority educational institutions has, in the interest of national integration, been restricted to about 50 per cent, thus virtually earmarking the remaining 50 per cent or so for the majority community-we strongly recommend that, by the same analogy and for the same purpose, at least 15 per cent seats in all non-minority educational institutions should be earmarked by law for the minorities as follows:

(a) The break-up within the recommended 15 per cent earmarked seats in institutions shall be 10 per cent for the Muslims (commensurate with their 73 per cent share of the former in the total minority population at the national level) and the remaining 5 per cent for the other minorities.

(b) Minor adjustments inter se can be made in the 15 per cent earmarked seats. In the case of non-availability of Muslim candidates to fill 10 per cent earmarked seats, the remaining vacancies may be given to the other minorities if their members are available over and above their share of 5 per cent; but in no case shall any seat within the recommended 15 per cent go to the majority community.

(c) As is the case with the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes at present, those minority community candidates who can compete with others and secure admission on their own merit shall not be included in these 15 per cent earmarked seats."

As and when it is implemented, Hindu students with marks better than minority candidates may start getting admissions refused even in non-minority institutions managed by Hindu organisations such as Vidya Bharati, DAV Colleges, etc. At present out of every 10,000 engineering seats in non-minority institutions OBC Hindu students get 2,700 seats reserved for them, 1,500 seats for SC Hindus and 750 for ST Hindus. After Misra Report is implemented 1,500 seats would first get reserved for minority students, 27 pc of remaining 8,500 seats i.e. 1,250 for OBCs and 630 for STs. So there shall be reduction of seats for all Hindu students.

Marxist Hindus, NSUI Hindu students shall also suffer forced shrinkage of their E3 space.

[B] Hindu students with better marks are being denied admissions into nurseries, schools, colleges and universities run by minorities, whether aided out of taxes collected from Hindus or unaided. For example, cut-off marks for Christian students for admission into St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University and cut-off marks for Sikh students into the Khalsa College, DU and cut-off marks for Muslims in Jamia Hamdard University is lower than those for the Hindu students. Same is the case all over India in all districts.

Hindus are generally under-represented in the staff of minority institutions, and, posts of principals, etc, are generally reserved for non-Hindus. For example the rule of St. Stephen’s College Delhi stipulates that a Hindu cannot be its principal and Vice principal though it receives annual grant of crores of rupees from the Government out of taxes collected from the Hindus. Hindu candidates with better CVs are generally denied jobs in these institutions. More than 90 pc teaching staff of the Aligarh Muslim University are non-Hindus.

Hindustan Times [July 10, 2008] and The Indian Express [July 18, 2008] reported that St. Stephen’s College, Delhi gives preference to Christian candidates in appointments. MS Frank, the then acting Principal insisted appointing only Christians. The Supreme Council of this college clarified that a Christian candidate who met the minimum qualifications shall be given preference over non-Christian candidates in matters of appointments. Similar ill-treatment is handed down to the Hindus all over India by all other minority institutions. Hindus have invited this ill treatment of their own by giving their votes to the Congress and the Communist parties.

These institutions quote Supreme Court decisions to justify the second class treatment of all Hindus in matters of admission and employment. In nutshell the Supreme Court has ruled that Hindus do not enjoy equality rights guaranteed by the Article 14 of the Constitution in the minority institutions whether aided or unaided. In other words according to the Supreme Court Article 14 of the Constitution is not uniformly applicable everywhere and to everyone. This is a flawed interpretation of the Constitution by Supreme Court.

[C] The Constitution of India [Articles 15 and 16] guarantees 15 per cent reservations for SC Hindus and 7.5 per cent reservations for ST Hindus but they are denied these constitutionally guaranteed rights in admissions as well as in employment in minority institutions with silent support and connivance of Jaichandi Hindu politicians.

The OBC Hindus have been given 27 per cent reservations in academic institutions but the Manmohan Singh Government has framed rules in such a way that OBC Hindus are denied this constitutionally guaranteed reservation all over India in all minority institutions.

The point is that as the Constitution is in force on every square inch of India so these reservations must be available to SC, ST and OBC Hindus in all minority institutions all over India. At present some Articles of Constitution are applicable at one place but not at other places. The selective application of the Constitution is flawed and has to be opposed.

The National Commission for Scheduled Castes headed by Congressman Shri Buta Singh also favours giving ‘reserved’ status to Dalit converts to Christianity and Islam but does not want them to be included in the 15 per cent SC quota and wants to further reduce seats available to general class Hindus so as to create a new quota for Dalit converts. [Times of India, July 14, 2007]. So general category Hindus will get size of their cake further reduced if they continue to vote for any Jaichandi party in any election.

Hindu students get student loans at higher interest rate of about 10 per cent to 12 per cent per annum but minority students get student loan at 3 per cent per annum from the National Minority Development & Finance Corporation under the Union Ministry of Finance. For confirmation please visit This discrimination against Hindu students has been made possible by those Hindus who vote to the Congress Party or to any UPA party.

On August 27, 2009 the Manmohan Singh government decided that any student whose parents’ income is below Rs 4.5 lakh per annum will get full interest subsidy on his student loan for professional course during the course period. But after the course is over a Hindu student has to pay interest at same higher rate of 10 to 12 whereas a minority student will pay at 3 per cent.

[D] Hindu youths get loans from commercial banks to start a new business at 15 per cent to 18 per cent interest and has to arrange ‘margin money’ of 15 per cent to 40 per cent of project cost from his private sources, balance comes from the bank. But a minority youth has to put in only 5 per cent of project cost as margin money from his private source, other 35 per cent is given by the National Minority Development and Finance Corporation at 3 per cent interest, and remaining 60 per cent of finance is given by commercial banks at two percentage points less than general lending rate for Hindus.

On March 13, 2007 the then Finance Minister P Chidambaram had told the Rajya Sabha that of the total priority sector lending, loans to minorities had increased by 33 per cent to Rs 45,490 crore on March 31, 2006 as against Rs 34,654 crore when the UPA Government took office in May 2004.

So, Hindu businessmen will increase their own difficulties in getting bank loans by financing the elections of Congress Party and other UPA parties.

This second class treatment in banking sector has been invited by those Hindus who give their votes to the Congress Party or to any Jaichandi Party.

[E] The Manmohan Singh Government has directed that all minority students admitted to 70 top institutions of India like IIMs, IITs, etc, will get their total fees paid by the Government but Hindu students, whether Leftist or Rightist, whether North Indian or South Indian, whether member of NSUI or SFI have to pay their fees.

If a minority student decides to join any coaching centre to prepare for admission into colleges or Public Service Examinations or jobs in government and private sectors he gets total fees of coaching centre paid by the government but a Hindu student or his parent has to pay the fees of coaching centre. Details may be seen at

At pre-matric and at post-matric level a minority student will get scholarship from class I onwards if he has secured not less than 50 per cent marks in the previous year examination but such facility is not there for all Hindu students. The SC, ST and OBC Hindu students have to have more than 60 per cent marks for being eligible for any scholarship though Muslims, Christians etc enjoy higher literacy rates. Further SC, ST and OBC Hindu students get scholarships from class VI onwards.

[F] It may come as total surprise to many Hindus that there are many posts under the Government which are paid out of taxes collected from the Hindus but a Hindu howsoever Liberal or Marxist he may be, he is legally debarred from holding such posts, such as posts of the Chairman of National and Provincial Minority Commissions, Principal of St. Stephen’s Delhi, [and similar minority institutions running into thousands and thousands all over India] etc.

Under Section 3 of the National Minority Commission Act, a Hindu cannot be its Chairman and at least five of its seven members including Chairman shall have to be from amongst the minority communities. This law was enacted by PV Narsimha Rao government.

Section 4 of the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions Act 2004 passed by the Manmohan Singh Government stipulates that only persons from minority communities shall be eligible to be appointed as Chairman and members of this Commission. Hindus have been totally excluded from this Commission.

As representation of Hindus in Sachar Committee, Ranganath Commission, etc, have been below their demographic strength it is obvious that these lack democratic weight.

In pursuance of the 2004 Congress manifesto, on March 10, 2006, the Lok Sabha passed the National Commission for Minority Educational (Amendment) Bill according to which the provincial governments will have to give no objection certificate within 90 days of application for setting-up an institution by religious minorities, or, else the government will have to specify reasons for refusal. The aggrieved party will have right to approach the Commission which, in turn, will take a final decision in consultation with the State. Composition of even this Commission is not representative to the total exclusion of Hindus and the wonder is that Hindus, howsoever Secular or Leftist, are debarred from being made even a member of this Commission by an Act of the Parliament passed in November 2004. However, if no reasons are given by a State government for not giving the NOC within 90 days, it would be deemed as the approval of the State .The Act also provides for the right of minority institutions to seek affiliation to any university of their choice listed in this Act. The Bill was supported by all UPA partners including the Left parties, Samajwadi Party of Shri Mulayam Singh and the Bahujan Samaj Party, etc. It was criticised by the Bhartiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena. So, a Muslim institution in a far off place, say, Jhumri Taliya in Jharkhand can demand affiliation to any named central university of its choice and its students will get degrees of that central university and thus, will enjoy better marketability in the employment market whereas a Hindu student of the same region will have degree of a provincial university having less marketability in the employment market. Thus, with votes of Hindu parents, Shri Arjun Singh the then HRD Minister and the UPA Government placed Muslim and Christian students at higher and better pedestal in the employment market than Hindu students. Those Hindu parents in rural areas who voted for the Congress Party and its Jaichandi allies in the 2004 and 2009 elections have thus actually harmed the future of their own children.

Right from sixties the educational, employment and economic [E3] opportunities for Hindu youngsters were being reduced bit by bit by all the previous Congress Governments and pace of this reduction has been accelerated by the Manmohan Singh Government. And irony is that this harm to Hindus was and is being done on the strength of those Hindu voters who either innocently vote the Congress Party or its UPA partners or abstain from voting.

[G] To reduce the percentage of Hindus and to increase the percentage of minorities in the government sector the UPA government has ordered inclusion of minority members in all Selection Boards and Departmental Promotion Committees [DPCs].

The circular to induct religious minority members in Selection Boards was issued during Prime Ministership of Rajiv Gandhi vide OM No39016/6(s)/87-Estt(B) dated June 10, 1987 and during the Prime Ministership of Vishwanath Pratap Singh, another secular veteran vide OM 39016/6(S)89-Estt(B) dated 16th August 1990

In January 2007 the Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India, sent a note to all "heads of departments, public sector banks and financial institutions, quasi-Government organisations, autonomous bodies, etc. and all appointing authorities," asking them to "scrupulously observe" guidelines to make selection panels more representative. All selection panels recruiting ten or more vacancies must have one member belonging to a minority community. This circular instructs to give special considerations to minorities in all appointments, so danger bell is ringing loud and clear for all Hindu job seekers whether they are Leftists or Rightists, whether upper caste or lower castes that despite their better profiles they may not be selected.

At present Hindus constitute over 95 per cent in all services and the Manmohan Singh Government with the help of Hindu voters is trying to reduce the Hindu percentage in government and public sector undertakings to less than 85 per cent.

Thus, it is clear that Jaichandi Hindu politicians have treacherously created such a system in which a minority is eligible to apply for each and every post paid by the State but not a Hindu. A minority student gets student loan and commercial loans at rates lower than a Hindu. A minority student with more than 50 per cent marks gets scholarship but not all Hindu students with more than 50 per cent marks. In minority run institutions a Hindu is given step brotherly treatment in matters of admissions and employment but in government run and Hindu run institutions a minority candidate has to be treated at par with Hindus and to ensure that a minority is treated on par there are national and provincial minority commissions headed and dominated by minorities.

Hindu voters who do not want to harm the career prospects of their own or of their children and grandchildren must never cast their votes in favour of any Jaichandi Hindu politician or any Jaichandi party.

(The writer served as Ambassador/High Commissioner to many countries and belongs to the 1971 batch of the Indian Foreign Service. He can be contacted at and,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Road Show : Aman ki Asha tamasha and its twin ,The Road Map to Peace

Vijaya Rajiva

In the opinion of this writer the Aman ki Asha project is the effort of the Pakistani Punjabi elite who see the writing on the wall and want to make sure they have a comfortable berth in India. The peasants, the farmers, the tillers of the soil, the weavers, the carpenters etc. will be left behind to face the music. The Road Map to Peace is a somewhat dubious venture also.The fact that they both happened in the space of a few days in January is no coincidence.

The tamasha project is also sponsored by the Jang newspaper in Pakistan, which, according to reports, is a corrupt , venal and also virulently anti India outfit. The fact that notable personalities in the Indian film world and in the media, and Times of India have co sponsored the project should not mislead anyone. The hope for peace is there in the minds of everyday citizens of both countries, but this is not aimed at that. In reality, it seems to be a smoke and mirrors exercise, designed to fool the public in India, that peace with Pakistan is really at hand. That people simply have to sit down and talk and exchange visits and the desired outcome will be Peace !

Here is what Jang had to say on Jan 7, 2010 :

“ We greatly appreciate this initiative of the intellectuals, political leaders, human rights activists, NGOs, journalists and people from different walks of life, including Mr. I. K. Gujral former prime minister of India and Kuldip Nayar, a former member of the Rajya Sabha, who are two of the hosts of this conference.”

Veteran actor Amitabh Bacchan seems to have fallen for the ploy, but ofcourse, it must be remembered that his daughter-in-law, the redoubtable Aishwarya Rai is slated to play Mumtaz Mahal in the Ben Kingsley film on Shah Jahan. Bollywood , it would seem, has fallen in a big way for Aman ki Asha. The intrepid Shah Rukh Khan has been visiting international capitals, New York notably, to spread the message of peace. And even Amir Khan speaks of visiting Pakistan since he has relatives there, and ofcourse, the two countries have a common language and culture , so says Amir.

Do they ? Is that why the Quaid –e- Azam said categorically that the two countries are different in everything from language , culture , religion, civilization etc. and on the basis of which he started the monstrous Direct Action of 1946 which killed thousands of Hindus and eventually led to the killing of Muslims by the Hindus , and the mass exodus of thousands more across the subcontinent ? In a bizarre way he is right. Hindu India (with its minorities) is nothing like Pakistan. For starters. Sanskrit is the fountainhead of all of India’s languages, including Hindi, with its sprinkling of Persian , and the South Indian languages with their mixture of Dravidian and Sanskrit. Urdu,on the other hand, is Arabic and Persian.

And as for history, India is ancient, several millennia old, since the known history of the sub continent, and Pakistan has only recently been carved out of India (1947) and its religion and history go back only to the coming of Islam after the 8th century A.D. in Sind, and still later in the 11 the century in north India.

Amir Khan no doubt speaks Urdu, Pakistan’s official language, and so do Mr. I K Gujral, and Kuldip Nayar, both Indians originally from the Punjab (undivided India), and now the sponsors of the Road Map to Peace. The Indian public should also be reminded that Mr. Gujral, during his brief stint as Indian PM dismantled RAW (Research and Analysis) of Indian intelligence, operating in Pakistan, and even disclosed the exact physical assets to the Pakistani government.(allegedly) This was intended as a confidence building measure ! Many blame this act for the events leading up to the Mumbai terror attack of 2008. Whether deliberate or miscalculation (as many have speculated) Mr.Gujral’s present enthusiasm for the Peace Conference raises eerie memories. Both he and Nayar accompanied Mr. Vajpayee the BJP Prime Minister, to the ill fated Lahore Resolution of 1999, although both were and are staunch opponents of the BJP.

The Indian public knows only too well that the reaching out to peace with Pakistan in 1999 and that the much publicized brou ha ha around the Vajpaye visit to Pakistan were only a smokescreen for the Nawab Sharif-Musharaff team to conceal the start up of the Kargil war. The rest is history.

The full title of the present effort is ‘ Indian and Pakistan Conference : The Road Map to Peace.’ The Conference was held in New Delhi.

Artists, human rights activists, some politicians, and other members of Indian civil society were participants in this Conference which put out its Declaration , and which indeed should be scrutinized carefully. This feel good document no doubt has some genuinely earnest people behind it, who desire peace. But as one discussant in a recent NDTV sponsored program on whether India should have peace talks with Pakistan, put it: One cannot really see the road ahead since Pakistan has done nothing about punishing the culprits responsible for 26/11. Or done anything about dismantling the terror infrastructure or stop cross border infiltration .

Another discussant in the NDTV program pointed out that one does not know who India should discuss peace with, since Pakistan seems to be disintegrating, and further even if Pakistan pulls through, the civilisational infracstructure seems to be lacking in Pakistan.

The fact that Mr. Mani Shankar Iyer of the Congress, during the NDTV discussion, used the exact same phrase used by the Road Map to Peace, is extremely revealing and points to who some of the movers and shakers of the effort are . Here is his statement that dialogue should be uninterrupted and uninterruptible ! The exact same line of the Declaration put out by the Road Map to Peace Conference.

This would suggest that the Manmohan Singh government is preparing the Indian public for some concessions to be made to Pakistan in return for that country’s agreeing to help the U.S. in its war on terror in Afghanistan. What could that be ? Autonomy for Kashmir?
A second Partition ? Journalists such as MJ Akbar have said :

“ Perhaps this subcontinent needs one last touch of surgery. The price of Partition
in Punjab and Bengal was horrific, but it brought peace. . .”

(‘Path to peace runs through Kashmir’ blog by M.J. Akbar in Times of India , Jan.3. 2010).

‘Last touch of surgery !’ Mr. Akbar’s cold blooded analysis will not sit well with the majority of the people of India.

But let us look at the contents of the Declaration. Apart from the usual theorizing about dialogue and peace, economic co operation, trade links, visa regime, nuclear disarmament, cultural and media exchange, the opening of consulates in each city etc. the more specific recommendations should give the Indian public pause.

Kashmir is the core issue. There should be de militarization. Repeal by India of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. Withdrawal of troops. Ensure Article 370 is permanent. Allow Kashmiris to live and work in Pakistan.

It must be pointed out that there is no mention of the 375,000 Kashmiri Hindus who were forcibly evicted from Kashmir and only after many were killed in the most horrible manner in 1989 ( including the sawing of bodies, gouging of eyes, rape and torture etc.). These Kashmiri Hindus are waiting to be repatriated to their homeland. This repatriation of refugees has been standard practice in many countries. These refugees who live in squalid conditions in India are waiting for justice. Why doesn’t the Declaration raise that question ?

( For a moving account of what happened on Jan 19, 1989 to the Kashmiri Hindus see Tarun Vijay’s ‘Deportation of a Nation ‘ in Times of India, Jan.17, 2010).

India has to make concessions on water resources. The Indus Treaty must be
renegotiated, with equitable sharing rather than division of waters !

Why, any reasonable person would ask, should India negotiate with a neighbhour
whose actions have so far been hostile ? And what is the guarantee that such a concession would be reciprocated by friendly action ?

( 3) Siachen, Sir Creek and Wuller Barrage must be immediately negotiated. Again, why would India be interested in such an exercise. ? True, in Siachen the military expenditure is hefty. The lives of soldiers are precious.

But with Kargill still fresh in the Indian public’s mind, and the ever continuing
Terror attacks and Pakistan’s generally hostile attitude and actions, why would any
country want to negotiate ?

The ineluctable conclusion is that, apart from the theoretical wishful thinking of the Road Map to Peace, the real aims are two fold:

To make life easy for the Pakistani elite and prepare the ground for their return to India.
Secondly, to prepare the Indian public for concessions.

In the opinion of this writer, both must be rejected firmly.

The link to the Declaration of the Road Map to Peace: a.pdf

( The writer taught Political Philosophy at a Canadian university)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jihadi move to capture Kolkata’s top-most finacial hub

Hindu Samhati

Kolkata Resists Muslim Aggression. Hindu Women performed Arati in open road to stop road-show Namaz by outsider Muslims in Burrabazar.

TMC District President Ashok Jha sacked by Mamata Banerjee to appease the Islamists over an illegal and unjustified extension of a dilapidated and almost abandoned Mosque.

There is a small dilapidated building in Burrabazar area of Kolkata. It was once owned by a Muslims before 1947. Presently there is no Muslim house in the locality. About 20 years back some Muslims came and requested local Hindus that they want to offer Namaz there every Friday. Hindus granted their appeal. Not only that, local Hindu businessmen helped them to remodeling it as a Mosque providing them stone and marble as donation. Only 10-12 Muslims used to come there every Friday and offer Namaz. There was no disturbance, no problem. In fact Hindus protect the so called Mosque throughout the time. Despite the fact that space is extremely costly in this area as this Burrabazar is business capital of entire Eastern India, that religious place of Muslims was never encroached by the local businessmen.

But, they had an eye on it. Since last one year Muslims tried to make illegal construction on the roof of the building. Naturally local residents gave objection because it would block the windows of the neighboring households. One of the adjacent building is of Sri Ashok Jha who was the President of Trinamool Congress of Burrabazar District till six day back. He too gave objection as his windows also would be blocked by the illegal construction. But, Muslims tried repeatedly. Hence Ashok Jha prayed to Judicial Court and got injunction upon the illegal construction. Court also ordered the Police to Impose section 144 of Cr PC under which any gathering in the area is prohibited.
Defying all these Court Orders, Muslims again put a tin shed over the roof of the building. Despite complaining, Police took no action. By this time the local people formed a forum named Rabindra Sarani Muhalla Committee under the leadership of Ashok Jha.. This committee collected mass signature and campaigned against this illegal construction because the local Hindus became apprehensive about the sinister design of the Muslims to expand their area of domination throughout the area.
Getting stiff resistance from Hindu populace and Ashok Jha, Muslims sought help from the infamous Imam Barkati of Tipu Sultan Masjid, Kolkata. Barkati informed to Mamata Banerjee and complained against Ashok Jha. Mamata Banerjee is ever ready and more than eager to please Muslims. So she ordered Jha to stop the agitation. Jha tried to explain the actual situation and local sentiment. But Mamata is already convinced what to do. She sacked Ashok Jha instantly from the post of District President of TMC and conveyed the decision by TMC MLA Dinesh Bajaj, as reports came in.
On 6th January, the members of Rabindra Sarani Muhalla Committee under the leadership of Ashok Jha removed the tin shed from the roof of the building. Muslims made a hue and cry and spread a rumor that the Mosque has been broken by Hindus. On the Same day afternoon, TMC MLA Dinesh Bajaj visited the spot and told the Muslims to go ahead with the construction and that he would protect them.
In this situation Ashok Jha with his followers started fast unto death from 7th January morning against the unlawful activities of the Muslims. 8th January was Friday. Tension was palpable in the area. Police posting was there. At 12 noon, about 300 Muslims came by trucks and cars. There was no space inside the building for such a huge crowd. They assembled on the road Rabindra Sarani. Mohalla committee members appealed to the police to disperse them as Sec. 144 was already imposed there. But police took no action. Muslims formed cues, blocked the road and offered Namaz. By this time about 2000 Hindus also gathered there. They did not create any obstruction to the Namaz. But, they too started Bhajan and Arati on the road. Hindu women took part in it in large number. When the Namaz was completed, then Police started action flexing its muscle. Police mercilessly lathicharged upon the Hindus, dispersed them and forcibly arrested Ashok Jha with his wife and 25 Muhalla Committee members. Raju Vajpayee was ruthlessly assaulted by the police. Police broke his hand mercilessly. He is suffering from severe pain still now. Mr. Ranvir Kumar, Asst. Deputy Commissioner of Police, abused Mrs. Shaila Jha and other members of Maithily Parishad with filthy languages which is unprintable.

The whole area became tense, all the shops in he busy market place shut down their shutter, local schools declared closure immediately. Police dispersed any mob throughout the day and after who tried to peep into the disputed building. Police ruthlessly crushed any type of protest on behalf of the Hindus.
No political party or any of their leaders came to visit the spot and lend support to the Hindus, although all parties and each and every leader of those parties collect money from the businessmen of this Burrabazar area. Hindu Samhati leaders visited the spot, talked to the wife of Ashok Jha and his followers, assured support to them for the cause. Sri Jha and others were released in mid night.
The situation of Burrabazar area is speedily deteriorated scince last Assembly election in 2005, when the most communal and criminal Mohammed Shorab was elected from Burrabazar Constituency in the ticket of RJD, with the support of CPIM. Since then Shorab, a small time fruit seller, calls the shot in the area. Now, he captures the ownership of all the prime location which are being transferred. Moreover, the Marwaris or the local businessmen go to his ‘Durbar’ for sorting out their disputes or internal matters. Mohammed Shorab takes huge amount of money from these people for his service, i.e. utilizing the influence of his muscle power or underworld strength.
The Muslim dominated areas of Kolutola, Zakaria Street, Kalabagan Basti are situated near Burrabazar and Nakhoda Masjid, the largest Mosque of Kolkata too is nearby. So, Muslims are very much eager to capture the business district of the entire eastern India. Fortunately, this business community (mainly Marwaris) and the laborers of the area are not so called Seculars, as they are not of Bengali origin. Perhaps, their intellect and rationale have not been shattered/jeopardized/confused by the oft repeated hymn, “ Jato Mat Tato Path.”
But , they are now being to compelled to surrender to the brute force of Muslims and their gang-leader Mohamed Shorab. The ruling Party CPIM although extracts money from this businessmen, but they pretend to be anti-Marwari. For example, for long time the educational Boards of Marxist govt, print question papers for Board Examination in Bengali, English and Urdu. But not in Hindi, although a large number of Hindi speaking students, most of whom are children of poor labour class, such as Jute mill Laborers, Tea garden laborers, etc. Everybody knows that majority portion of Muslims of West Bengal, who live in the rural areas, do not know Urdu at all. Only a very small portion of Urdu speaking Muslims live in Kolkata and suburbs, most them are Bihari Muslims. But only to appease the Fundamentalist sentiment of the Muslims, all these misdeeds have been done by the communists, resulting in breaking the morale of Non Bengali People and moral boost up of fundamentalist Muslims.
Earlier, this business community i.e. Marwaris were used to be prey of the Marxsists, now the same people are being squeezed and persecuted by the Muslims goons.
As in Assam, the internal conflict between the Assamese and the Bengalis ultimately weakened the Hindu Society and resulted in Muslim domination ( now 7 districts out of 23 in Assam have become Muslim majority), in West Bengal too, the Marwari – Bengali difference may create the same condition here. Here both Bengali and Non Bengali Hindu communities should take lesson from the situation of Assam and should work together to resist growing Islamisation of the State.
At the time of discussion between Mrs. Shaila Jha, wife of Sri Ashok Jha and Samhati Vice President U Brahmachari & State Secretariat Member J K Mitra , Mrs. Jha said: “for the last 30 years or more there was no tension over this mosques and the Moulavi of this Mosque and the Mosque itself were saved by the local Hindus at the time of turmoil in 6th December, 1992 when many temples were destroyed by the Muslims heinously”. She categorically said that ” Vijay Upadhaya of the State Samajwadi Party and his notorious gang men and Dinesh Bajaj, the Local TMC MLA are trying to add fuel to the fire of communal politics, keeping their eyes only to Muslim Vote Bank.” Hindu Samhati leaders assured all possible helps to the victims of the situation arisen out of the conspiracy of some sections of fundamental and obstinate religious and political leaders from all quarters.
Mrs. Jha bravely lead the Arati and Bhajan on the road and gave courage to the depressed Hindus as a lioness to resist the outsider Muslims.
Except some Hindi News papers, no Bengali or English print-media covered the matter anyway. But the Urdu media is fomenting the Muslim Mind in this respect very dangerously.
Telephone Nos. of Mr. Gautam Mohan Chakraborty, Commissioner of Police (KP) is +91 98305 30000, & Dinesh Bajaj (MLA of the area) +91 98300 53107.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Deportation of a nation

Tarun Vijay

Nineteen always comes before the twenty-six. But here, in our gloriously decorated centres of governance, we celebrate January 26 with a blank look at our republic's bruised soul showcased through January 19, considered the day when the biggest forced exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from the valley was accelerated.

A republic is merely a signature of the Constitution adopted for governing a people, who, in turn, constitute a nation. That nation actually represents the continuity of the civilisational flow of the land and its inhabitants. Ironically, in our case the republic, instead of nurturing those roots, is trying to overwhelm the memories of the soul of this nation with decorated mass annihilators. It’s like putting more earth on the debris to stifle any voices of the living underneath it instead of unearthing and safeguarding the life underneath.

Kashmir, one of the fountainheads of Indian civilisational memories and a symbol of the highest achievements in the scholarship that made India a centre of universal acclaim, is one such example. Everything about its relation with the rest of the Indian nation’s body is sought to be deleted as if a nation is a computer storage you can add to or delete from at your whim.

Mercifully, these neo-state-owners are not gods. Hence, the debris, even when put under mounds of earth, show the facts, however unpalatable they might be to the Wahhabi variety of secularism. The truth about Kashmir comes out in a miraculous demonstration of life. The memory of Rishi Kashyap, whose name Kashmir wears, the history contained in "Raj Tarangini" and the valour of the citizen King Lalitaditya, the sacred bareness of Kashmir's Meera Lal Dyad, the spiritualism of Muslim fakir Rishi Nund, victory campaigns of Zoravar Singh, the region's defining glory in Amarnath, Shankaracharya’s Hill and Mata Vaishno Devi, and Vivekananda’s unique realisation at Kheer Bhawani. The age-old fountainhead of Hindu wisdom reflected in Sharada Peeth and the origin of Shri Vidya, Shaiv traditions and the Wazvan, Samovar amalgamation that looked once inseparable.

Can there be a Kashmir without these? What happened on January 19 is part of the efforts to erase all that.

On that day 20 years ago, one of the largest and most painful exoduses of a community took place. Although, agreeably, it's tough in such circumstances to pinpoint a single date, this has come to be registered as one such day of mass escape of the Hindus from the assaults of jihadis in the valley. This was the day when the mosques blared out a message from their loudspeakers: Pundits leave the valley, leaving behind your women. We want Pakistan, without Pundits.

The killings were brutal. Famous philosopher-poet Sarvanand Premi and his son. Their eyes were gouged out before they were killed. Sarla Bhatt. A nurse in a Srinagar hospital. Mass-raped and killed. Tika Lala Taplu, Lassa Kaul. Prem Nath Bhatt. H L Khera and Mushirul Haq (their killers were acquitted recently after a 19-year-long trial). Those were the days when such killings did make some news in Delhi.

It’s amazing to find a studied silence in the Indian and the foreign media on an exodus that made the valley‘s cultural vibgyor vanish. It's shocking to see a secular tribe in the national capital too hospitable to patriotic Indians' slayers like Musharraf and Yasin Malik, the former being the instigator of the Kargil war and the latter facing cases of murders including those of Indian Air Force officers. Google and find out about him. He was the guest of honour at a recently concluded India-Pakistan dialogue for peace which was conducted without a single participation from refugee Kashmiri Hindus.

We are about to celebrate yet another day of the republic without willing to see that this republic hasn’t been able to assure safety to the patriotic people of Kashmir and has stage-managed an autonomy report that is widely seen as a document of separation mocking at the resolution of Parliament swearing to guard India's integrity and take back the land illegally occupied by Pakistan and China.

A resolution passed in December 2009 by Panun Kashmir, an organisation of Kashmiri Hindus said: "It is a matter of extreme apathy that the exiled Kashmiri Pandits are forced to live in subhuman conditions and subsistence in so-called migrant camps in Jammu and elsewhere for the last 20 years. There is no policy for reversing the genocide and rehabilitating the community in its homeland and the governments of India as well as the J&K state have treated the holocaust with bizarre inaptitude and abandonment. In the last 20 years the government has made empty announcements and piecemeal return formulae, only to further compound the plight of the community.”

When a people are uprooted, not just the bodies that consume food and procreate are transferred from one station to another. It’s an entire life cycle and the reservoirs of collective memory that get dehydrated. It affects and destroys a language, traditions that weave the fabric of a societal dynamic, songs and beliefs, religious rituals and places of worship, behaviour and protocols that were created and nurtured by the elders as far back as a thousand years, oral history and the patterns of living including homes, food, utensils, methods to greet and calls to organise for a resistance. It affects the attire, the way children are reared, marriages solemnised and the dead cremated.

An entire world is lost.

A single citizen of the republic contains in him the entire fabric of the nationhood as much as a drop of the ocean carries the ocean in itself. Kashmiri Hindus deported from the valley is like the Indian nation deported from this region. Mere geography doesn’t constitute nationhood.

Afghanistan was Gandhar. We lost it. We lost Taxila, Bappa Rawal’s Rawalpindi, Dahar and Jhoolelal’s Sind and Dhakeshwari’s Dhaka with the Ramana Kali temple, destroyed by Pakistanis in 1971 yet to be rebuilt, as neither Mujib nor Hasina’s government, so lovingly described as "friendly" allowed its reconstruction. When the people, representing the spirit of a nation are deported, the nation’s cultural ethos too gets fragile and finally eliminated. The memory, once a living life force, gets museum-ised.

Imagine how this will sound: Once upon a time, Kashmiri Hindus lived in the valley.

Now we have our own kith and kin, in our independent republic living as refugees for the ‘crime’ of being Hindus and loyal to the Indian nationhood, who refused to side with the pro-Pakistan separatists.

We in our entirety share the sin of forgetting our soul. Our sin is we loved to dine with the killers.