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Rise like Rama

Tarun Vijay

Rama annihilated the unrepentant wrongdoers and brought cheers to his people. Hence there is Dussehra. What use celebrating it if India is not made invincible and strong enough to punish enemies?

To live with your head high, victory over evil is essential. It makes you moored in the faith that sustains earth. That an Indian satellite found water on the moon made every one of us feel great and Dussehra became more delightful. Success for a good cause. Achievement for noble purposes. But have you ever given a thought why should our people making giant leaps in any field, whether it is science and technology or a Kargil success, make us proud?

What’s the thread that binds us together in sukh, dukh, fall or ascent? The only thread is the feeling of belonging to one greater family of India, the civilizational fabric of Hindustan that was described vividly by Swami Vivekananda when he declared in Chicago on September 11, 1893. He spoke about the universal message of the Hindu civilization and became known as the cyclonic Hindu monk of India. He was accepted as a leader who changed the image of India abroad in a positive way. And mark his words, “I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. We believe not only in universal toleration, but we accept all religions as true. I am proud to belong to a nation which has sheltered the persecuted and the refugees of all religions and all nations of the earth.”

The only place on this planet where thousands of years old civilizational values are still practised in their oldest form is India and undoubtedly that civilization is Hindu which has given this world the values of pluralism, respect for nature and an unbelievable space of freedom for thought. The civilization that is iconized in the virtues of Rama and Krishna, Dussehra and Diwali and Vedas and Upanishads and Bhagavadgita. The flow that makes us celebrate Puja, Navaratra and Bijoya. These are not just meaningless rituals of an illiterate society believing in multiplicity of gods and goddesses and worshipping divinity carved in stones. It’s the most fabulous and living civilization that world can see in the form of highest universal values expressed through the Vedic sages since millenniums. Those who do not read and have no knowledge must not sit on judgment on such a flow of greatest scholarship humanity has ever witnessed which kept the greatest minds of the west mesmerized in awe. Dussehra is not just a symbol of the victory of good over evil, it’s also a symbol of the invincible character and the prowess of the Hindu civilization that has survived the hardest assaults of the Arabs, Turks, Portuguese and British who attacked our nation and destroyed the centres of Hindu faith. But as the Constitution declares, Satyameva Jayate, the truth of this civilization’s inherent goodness, was never weakened or fatigued.

Ironically the very Hindu civilization is facing the greatest threat since its inception from within by those who are seeking power through avoiding the responsibility to protect Hindus and appeasing forces that represent the same assaulters of the yore who had destroyed Hampi and Thanjavur and Kashi. The very word Hinduness, the very appeal to assert the right of the Hindu civilization’s survival, raises eyebrows in the secular power sector and invites a state-supported condemnation. Does that attitude help a healthy social fabric? Is the distrust in the state apparatus to safeguard the all-encompassing Hindu civilizational power stations a positive feature for the nation that is still a Hindu majority and that has its principal identity as a land of the Hindu civilization? Why should anything that depicts a Hindu assertion be taken as anti-non-Hindus?

On the contrary the strengthening of the Hindu core values alone guarantees the survival of the various streams of faith and a weakened Hindu society would result in the de-pluralization of the Indian social fabric as we can see in our neighbourhood.

The state apparatus feels quite comfortable to talk to Hurriyat or the NSCN people who demand secession from our motherland and hence are anti-national. The Muslim League, which divided the nation, gets a berth in the cabinet but have you ever heard, the leaders of the assertive Hindu organizations being invited for a Presidential banquet or an at-home by the Prime Minister on the Diwali eve? Why this kind of an ideological apartheid against those who live and die for national integrity and protect the principal civilizational moors of the land? Why should it be necessary to think the way the state apparatus approves in a democracy and under a Constitution that upholds the values of pluralism? Then what will be the difference between a Stalinist attitude and a pluralistic democracy? Hindu assertions, without any acrimonious feelings for anyone, were never so much looked down and projected as unacceptable, even in the times of the Mughals, as they are being treated now under a hateful secular dispensation, that too in a nation that celebrates Dussehra as a national festival. Is that the right way to honour the spirit of Rama?

Hindus are refugees in their own nation, their number is dwindling and enormous amount of foreign money is allowed to reduce them through deceit and scandalous methods. The worshipped animal cow, which is essentially beneficial for agriculture is slaughtered and exported to Muslim countries and their highest revered temples either stand desecrated from the valley of Sage Kashyap to the land of Sarayu and Ganga or kept under government control disallowing them to run them as per scriptural instructions and with freedom. Why? Who gains by demoralizing the Hindus? What will happen if Hindus become a minority in India? If the only Muslim majority state in India can happily celebrate the dance of democracy by exiling all the Hindus from the valley and making it impossible for any justifiable distribution of the government grants and schemes in non-Muslim pockets of the state, then what will be the state of affairs when India becomes a non-Hindu-majority nation? Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami in times of looming threat from Pakistan and China, and internally from the Maoists, must mean more than burning the effigy of Ravana. The reason behind Dussehra is not a compromising attitude but a steel resolve to protect dharma and bring happiness to people. Can those who shiver in fear of the assaulters and live in their dread showing no intention defang them claim a ticket to Dussehra?

It’s important that such inconvenient questions be asked at Dussehra time and a grand festival of our civilization’s victorious character is not reduced merely into a fun and frolic carnival. Dussehra means victory for the Indian values and nobility of the human soul. That’s the success of dharma. The only point of universal convergence is the belief that goodness alone wins in the end, come what may. Rama, the victorious, shall always remain invincible because he epitomizes the maryada, the noble virtues and the righteousness. There is a Ravana, the evil, in every age and space on this planet and everywhere the faith that keeps society alive is the belief in the victory of goodness, in positive values. Hence Iqbal, the poet who would envision Pakistan at one stage, had called Rama the Imam-e- Hind, supreme icon of India and wrote "kuchh baat hai ki hasti mit-ti nahin hamaari (there is something extraordinary that we have survived the vicissitudes of history while all other civilizations vanished)." That extraordinary element is the belief in the victory of righteousness, the message that is ingrained in the logo of India’s Supreme Court (taken from the Mahabharata): Yato dharmah tato jayah (victory follows wherever there is dharma i.e. righteousness). That’s the character of the India’s soul. Hence the celebration of goodness winning over the evil has continued unabated since time immemorial.

This Dussehra, ask yourself, have you ever thought it prudent to teach your children about the grand heritage of your nation and ancestral knowledge that surpasses the lines of religion and ways of worship? Should it make us feel hesitant to say the truth that everyone in India, irrespective of the religious fault lines, belongs to the civilizational flow that’s epitomized in the legacy of Rama and Dussehra and a victory of good over evil? Shouldn't we be rising like Rama to deserve a Dussehra?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Significance of Dussehra

By V.N. Gopalakrishnan

Dussehra is one of the most popular, splendid and fascinating Hindu festivals of India. The10-day festival takes place in the month of Asvin. The festival is celebrated from September 23-28. Dussehra is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Lord Rama, prince of Ayodhya and an incarnation of Vishnu over Ravana, the ruler of Lanka who had abducted Rama’s wife, Sita Devi and held her captive in his realm. The ten days represent the ten heads of Ravana, and each day is used by the Hindus to get rid of lust and jealousy. The tenth day is known as Vijayadashami, the day of victory.

According to the Ramayana, Lord Rama performed Chandi Puja in order to invoke the blessings of the goddess Durga for killing of Ravana. Durgadevi is believed to have divulged the secret to Lord Rama on how he could slay Ravana.

Durga Puja is part of the Dussehra festival and is more popular in West Bengal. Goddess Durga is believed to have possessed great delusive powers and is regarded as the creator and destroyer of the universe. Paying homage to ‘Shakti’, the cosmic power is the purpose of the festival and hence its puja has a universal appeal. The ten-armed Goddess Durga presents a radiantly beautiful form simultaneously benign and transmits profound spiritual teachings. The nine different forms of goddess Durga are worshipped over the nine days. They are: Durga Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Maha Gauri and Siddhidatri.

Durgotsav in Mysore is to celebrate the destruction of the demon king Mahishasura in order to restore peace in the world. Mysore is said to have derived its name from Mahishasura who once lived there and was vanquished in the battle by the goddess Chamundeshwari. On Vijaydashami day, the idol of Chamundeshwari is taken in a grand procession through the city of Mysore, from the historical Mysore Palace to the Banni Mantapa. Banni is the Kannada equivalent for the Sanskrit word Shami and Mantapa means Pavilion. In Karnataka, Ayudh Puja on the ninth day of Dussehra is celebrated with the worship of implements used in daily life.

In Gujarat, the people celebrate another aspect of the worship of the goddess Durga. The most visible sign is the all-women dance called ‘Garbha’. In North India, Dussehra is celebrated as ‘ Ramleela’, the dramatization of the Ramayana. The burning of the effigies of Ravana, Meghanad and Kumbhakarna on the Vijayadashami day brings the festivities to a colourful close. In olden days, Kerala patronized Dussehra but now young children are initiated into the world of learning (Vidyarambh) on the auspicious Vijayadashami day.

Vijayadashami is known as ‘Dashain’ in Nepali and is celebrated in Nepal on the tenth day of Ashwayuja or Asvin month and is the grand culmination of the annual festival of Dussehra.
There is another little-known legend associated with Mahabharata. According to legends, the Pandavas underwent a period of exile for 14 years of dwelling in the forest followed by a year of exile in cognito. The Pandavas found it necessary to lay aside the divine and distinctive weapons that they possessed. They secreted them in a ‘Shami’ tree in the vicinity of their chosen residence. At the end of the year, they returned to the spot and found their weapons in tact. They worshipped both the Shami tree and the Goddess Durga, the presiding deity of strength and victory. Even today, people exchange Shami leaves and wish each other victory in their own ventures and efforts.

Madikeri Dasara in the South has a history of over 100 years and is celebrated in a different style. Dasara starts of with Kargas from four Mariamma temples and there will be a procession of 10 mantapas from 10 temples on the night of Vijayadashami. At night, effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghanad are set afire.

It is on the Durgashtami day, the warriors perform their puja by surrendering their weapons before the goddess Durga. The students surrender their books and the artists their tools or instruments before the deity. It is an effort to see divinity in the tools and objects one uses in daily life. Basically, it includes all tools that help to earn one’s livelihood.

The legend underlying the celebration of Dussehra, vary vastly by region. However, all festivities focus on the victory of the forces of good over evil. It is considered to be an auspicious to begin new things in life. It is believed that any new venture commencing during this time such is bound to succeed.

(The author is a social activist and Director, Indo-Gulf Consulting. He can be contacted on

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Musharraf should be tried in India for war crimes

Tarun Vijay

On February 26, 2000, Ilyas Kashmiri reportedly conducted a guerrilla operation against the Indian Army in Nakyal sector after crossing the LoC with 25 militants. He surrounded a bunker and threw grenades inside. He was able to kidnap an injured Indian officer whose throat he later slit, the report said. Ilyas came back to Pakistan with the head of the Indian officer and presented it to top army officials, including then army chief Gen Musharraf, who gave him a cash award of Rs1 lakh."

This was reported by PTI in a story from Islamabad.

That’s Pervez Musharraf, the darling of Delhi’s media and a trusted friend of India’s politicians of all hues and denominations. The butcher of Kargil has been getting too many audiences in Delhi. Now is the time to look back, salute the martyred soldiers and declare Musharraf India’s war criminal to be tried by an Indian army court. Before Kasab gets a fair justice, Musharraf needs to be brought to the question box, minus media cameras.

A state that can’t take revenge for the butchering of its soldiers and fails to assure the mothers that the life and honour of their children is the first priority of the government, no amount of advertising asking Indian youths join the forces would work. Indians don’t join the Army for the lure of the lucre. For most of our families and us, it’s a tradition and a mark of pride to wear the soldier’s uniform, fight the enemy and live and die for India. It’s the ugly politician who never sends his children to fight for the motherland that compromises and bends backwards for Washington’s money and support. Make him feel ashamed of his spineless overtures and build public pressure to demand Musharraf’s extradition so that his butchering skills can be brought to book. And by us. Our criminal must get our justice.

Ilyas, who slit the throat of our army officer was not killed by Indian government’s action but by US drones.

We depend on Washington for everything. Even the black box of the ill-fated helicopter that killed YSR was sent to the US for examination. We don’t have any sense of shame that even this much can't be done in our labs. So we hope that one day the US will teach Pakistan a lesson, it will see that Pakistan behaves and stops terrorism against India. Why can't our leaders take US passports and join electoral battles for a governorship a la Bobby Jindal and make the Indian soil a little relieved? Something that an average Indian knows that India’s battle has to be fought by India on Indian shoulders and Indian strength, can't be understood by the leaders who are supposedly responsible for protecting the Indian honour and lives.

The National Security Adviser speaks a language of a fearful person and not one who instills confidence and courage into the minds of citizens. The newspapers have reported under the headline "Fear of 26/11 attacks", his exact words like this, "Narayanan said that he lives in daily dread of a repeat of the November 26 Mumbai terror attacks, though he added that now India is better prepared.”

Fear should have been transported to Pakistan and it should have been for the ISI chief to say that he lives in daily dread of an Indian revenge. Pakistan must be made to live in constant fear of India’s justifiable punishment rather than the victim shivering in cold fear of an unrepentant aggressor.

That’s what we have been turned into.

No sense of pride in the soldiers’ bravery and achievements.

No war memorial, not a single memorial worth its name for Kargil’s heroes. Ratherm the government abandoned all celebrations for the Kargil Vijay Divas and has also forgotten to continue with the Bharat Vijay Divas commemorating the 1971 victory resulting in the creation of Bangladesh.

And then the complaint is, we are in the dire need of competent soldiers and officers for our forces. Ha!!

Defence minister A K Antony informed Parliament in July this year that the Indian Army is short of over 11,387 officers, While the Navy was short of 1,512 officers, the shortage in the Air Force was 1,400.

And then what are the measures to attract youths? He said, in a written reply that, "The implementation of the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission, with substantial improvements in the pay structure of officers of the Armed Forces, will go a long way in making the services more attractive."

Does he seriously think that money without honour goes a long way to make a job in the forces more attractive? Does this mindset synchronize with the longstanding traditions and the civilizational moors of a nation where a soldier never dies but is martyred, he is a veer, the brave and having served his motherland goes to the Surya Lok, the highest exalted region of the mighty Sun? Should he be comparing the job of a soldier with that of the babus and the traders and the politicians? It is this attitude that has downgraded respectability for the soldiers’ lives and services.

The officers of the forces were forced to sit on a dharna at New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar and demand parity with civilian officers, and implementation of "one rank, one pension" principle. Their memorials are ignored, victory days are left uncelebrated, their families run from pillar to post to get their children admitted to good schools, and the entire structure still remains shackled to the ritualism of the pre-Independence British colonialism. Their killers and hate groups are accorded state honours, sent dinner invites and given security at the public expense and then the complaint is, we are not getting enough good stuff for soldiering the nation.

Make soldiering India a matter of honour and respectability. Ensure those who rule India send the best of their children to serve the forces and have guts to take revenge on those who have ill-intentions for our brave.

Surely, bringing Musharraf to Delhi, this time as a war criminal for a trial, will make amends for the past mistakes.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Modus Operandi of Jihadi Romeos in Kerala

Kozhikode: It has been revealed that Jihadi Romeos are increasingly misusing mobile phone recharging shops to lure innocent Non Muslim girls. Shehansha the prime acussed in the recently exposed Pathanamthitta conversion case of two girls was using his mobile phone shop named 'Kairali Mobiles'. There are similar other shops in Kozhikode palayam and in Edappal -Malappuram which are now under police scanner.

Love Jihad - collects the Mobile number of girls when they come to recharge the Mobile phones. These collected Mobile phone numbers are passed on to Jihadi Romeos. The modus operandi starts with a SMS and miss calls and after making initial contact with girls they assess whether the girls are easy prey or not. Few girls who are unaware of these dangerous devils fell into their trap. The girls who get entangled in this web of Jihad and Romance are slowly brainwashed and converted in Islamic conversion centres.

Details of girls are also collected from Schools and Colleges and a list is prepared based on the first list of easy targets. The Jihadi Romeos are well paid by their sponsors who will provide them new fashonable dress, mobile phones and Motor bikes. Simcards with Unlimited calling facilities are also provided to these Romoeos to fullfill their job. Inorder to trap girls from less income families, these Romeos will give study materials, Examination fees etc and show a Humanitarian face to begin with in the start. By the time girls realize their Evil face it will be too late.

The two Girls who escaped from the hands of Jihadi Romeos from Pathanamthitta confessed to Justice Basant that initially these Jihadis offered to provide free photostat copies for their project work. They met Shajahan and Riyas from Sira computers in Pathanamthitta . This Sira computers is also an affiliated centre for Government sponsored Akshaya computer training. Those girls who come there were given extra training in Chatting and to watch pornographic websites. There are many massage parlours also in Malabar under these conversion mafia.

The three heads of Love Jihad in Kerala are trained by Lashkar e Toiba.Abdul Shukoor,Anvar Sadath and Habeebul Rahman are the heads of Kozhikode, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram Love Jihad centres. There are Love Zone chairmans to co-ordinate their activities in each district. There is a legal cell also which specialises in the legal side of conversion. Ayoob, a NDF terrorist is the head of such a legal cell in Waynad.
The girls who were lured away from their families by the promise of Marriage is first converted and later confined to their Islamic study centres.

Islamic Conversion centres are in Ponnani in Malappuram and Mughadhar in Kozhikode district.Islamic study centres for these girls are situated in Kottayam, Kasargode and Karunagapally. Campus front,Muslim youth Forum, Thasreen Millath, Shaheed Force, Islamm Association are the few which supports the activities of Love Jihad in Kerala. Thasran Valiyath, Shaheen Force etc are the main organisations of women which helps Love Jihad. There are 6 such women Jihadi organisations working in Kerala whose primary duty is to help the Jihadi Romeos. Money is collected from many in the name of Islamic Scholarship.Indian Faternity forum - A Gulf based Jihadi organisation having headquarters in Dammam in Saudi Arabia is said to be collecting money from Gulf region to fund this heinous activity

Courtesy: Janmabhumi Daily

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marxist opposition to proposed Hindu Holocaust Museum.

Dr Babu Suseelan

For centuries, Hindus were enslaved by Islamic invaders and Christian colonialists. More than 90 million Hindus were slaughtered by fanatic Muslims, thousands of temples were destroyed, wealth has been looted, women were subjected by inhuman sex abuse, and millions were forcefully converted under the Islamic sword. Eventually India was divided.
Since independence, despite democratic rhetoric we hear and believe, we have become enslaved. The bogus secularists, mindless Marxists, fundamentalist Jihadists, phony intellectuals, missionary gangs and media agents have made an unholy nexus against our sacred culture, Hindus and India. Their main focus is the deliberate distortion of history, creation of unreality, erasing past brutality of Muslims, creating new memory, and denigrating Hindutva; and insulting Hindu organizations. Even today, these evil forces are involved in deliberate manufacturing of slanted information and have been on a collision course with reality. This anti Hindu unreality industry is huge. It is not an accident. It is multifaceted with enormous resources, muscle power and political clout. They dominate our country, our education, media and the government.

This anti Hindutva group is engaged in the deliberate manufacturing of falsehood, designing, manufacturing and distributing fantasies and fake theories. Instead of appreciating the cultural ethos of the nation, universal and all inclusive philosophical system, and facing the real issues, their energy is wasted on promoting meaningless theories of utilitarianism, deconstruction, proletarian revolution, jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion.

Instead of focusing attention on Islamic terrorism, coercive religious conversion, subversive activities, their energy is wasted on the creation of unreality and promoting misinformation and spreading mind viruses. Under the guise of freedom, they are indulging in aberrations.
A primary concentration of the reality industry dominated by Marxists, secularist, and Jihadists is to deny past Islamic brutality and present Jihadi terrorism. They are obsessed with the denial of reality and busy creating bogus theories to endorse Islamic invasion and atrocities. The deliberate, systematic manufacturing of falsehood, distortion of history has emerged primarily in reaction to Hindu resurgence.

The case in point is the proposed creation of a Hindu Holocaust Museum. Francois Gautier has been very active in promoting the idea of establishing a Hindu Holocaust Museum to remind Hindus of the genocide and to shed light on the past brutal history of Islamic invasion. How could we deny the dark side of our history? This Holocaust Museum will remind Hindus—how could Hindu genocide could happen? For an answer, we need such a Holocaust Museum. Holocaust Museum is the best solution and positive action for the examination of our real history. The Hindu Holocaust Museum planned by Francois Gautier is an inspiring and visionary work. This is an attempt to educate Hindus on the real history of Islamic brutality. It will also unchain Hindu spirit and empower Hindus.

Those who object Holocaust Museum are hiding behind a thick wall of denial, suffering from a cognitive disorder and they make the most vigorous efforts to manipulate minds. The secularists and the gullible public are trapped by a complex web of Marxists propaganda and media manipulation. These slave masters control our bureaucracy, education, and manage every facet of Indian life. They devise several bogus illogical propositions to bypass our history. Since it is particularly prevalent among Marxists, we should do well to learn their tricks and be on guard against it. Marxists and Jihadis are known for their argument from intimidation. It involves unintelligible verbiage which conveys nothing clearly except threats. Their noisy aggressiveness serves to hide their ignorance and intellectual impotence.
Hindus should identify these psychological shock troops and cultural warriors who have infiltrated our cultural institutions, secular organizations, and E-Mail discussion groups pretending as human right activists and humanists. They are influence peddlers and are crafty in disseminating misinformation and falsehood.

Hindus on any conditions should not make compromise with these shock troops. There should not be any compromise between our freedom and death, or between truth and falsehood. Hindus should wage an intellectual battle against such cultural warriors. Hindus should not be apologetic or wait for the approval of our enemies.

Muslim Europe: the demographic time bomb transforming our continent

By Adrian Michaels

Britain and the rest of the European Union are ignoring a demographic time bomb: a recent rush into the EU by migrants, including millions of Muslims, will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, and almost no policy-makers are talking about it.

The numbers are startling. Only 3.2 per cent of Spain's population was foreign-born in 1998. In 2007 it was 13.4 per cent. Europe's Muslim population has more than doubled in the past 30 years and will have doubled again by 2015. In Brussels, the top seven baby boys' names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.

Europe's low white birth rate, coupled with faster multiplying migrants, will change fundamentally what we take to mean by European culture and society. The altered population mix has far-reaching implications for education, housing, welfare, labour, the arts and everything in between. It could have a critical impact on foreign policy: a study was submitted to the US Air Force on how America's relationship with Europe might evolve. Yet EU officials admit that these issues are not receiving the attention they deserve.

Jerome Vignon, the director for employment and social affairs at the European Commission, said that the focus of those running the EU had been on asylum seekers and the control of migration rather than the integration of those already in the bloc. "It has certainly been underestimated - there is a general rhetoric that social integration of migrants should be given as much importance as monitoring the inflow of migrants." But, he said, the rhetoric had rarely led to policy.

The countries of the EU have long histories of welcoming migrants, but in recent years two significant trends have emerged. Migrants have come increasingly from outside developed economies, and they have come in accelerating numbers.

The growing Muslim population is of particular interest. This is not because Muslims are the only immigrants coming into the EU in large numbers; there are plenty of entrants from all points of the compass. But Muslims represent a particular set of issues beyond the fact that atrocities have been committed in the West in the name of Islam.

America's Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, part of the non-partisan Pew Research Center, said in a report: "These [EU] countries possess deep historical, cultural, religious and linguistic traditions. Injecting hundreds of thousands, and in some cases millions, of people who look, speak and act differently into these settings often makes for a difficult social fit."

How dramatic are the population changes? Everyone is aware that certain neighbourhoods of certain cities in Europe are becoming more Muslim, and that the change is gathering pace. But raw details are hard to come by as the data is sensitive: many countries in the EU do not collect population statistics by religion.

EU numbers on general immigration tell a story on their own. In the latter years of the 20th century, the 27 countries of the EU attracted half a million more people a year than left. "Since 2002, however," the latest EU report says, "net migration into the EU has roughly tripled to between 1.6 million and two million people per year."

The increased pace has made a nonsense of previous forecasts. In 2004 the EU thought its population would decline by 16 million by 2050. Now it thinks it will increase by 10 million by 2060. Britain is expected to become the most populous EU country by 2060, with 77 million inhabitants. Right now it has 20 million fewer people than Germany. Italy's population was expected to fall precipitously; now it is predicted to stay flat.

The study for the US Air Force by Leon Perkowski in 2006 found that there were at least 15 million Muslims in the EU, and possibly as many as 23 million. They are not uniformly distributed, of course. According to the US's Migration Policy Institute, residents of Muslim faith will account for more than 20 per cent of the EU population by 2050 but already do so in a number of cities. Whites will be in a minority in Birmingham by 2026, says Christopher Caldwell, an American journalist, and even sooner in Leicester. Another forecast holds that Muslims could outnumber non-Muslims in France and perhaps in all of western Europe by mid-century. Austria was 90 per cent Catholic in the 20th century but Islam could be the majority religion among Austrians aged under 15 by 2050, says Mr Caldwell.

Projected growth rates are a disputed area. Birth rates can be difficult to predict and migrant numbers can ebb and flow. But Karoly Lorant, a Hungarian economist who wrote a paper for the European Parliament, calculates that Muslims already make up 25 per cent of the population in Marseilles and Rotterdam, 20 per cent in Malmo, 15 per cent in Brussels and Birmingham and 10 per cent in London, Paris and Copenhagen.

Recent polls have tended to show that the feared radicalisation of Europe's Muslims has not occurred. That gives hope that the newcomers will integrate successfully. Nonetheless, second and third generations of Muslims show signs of being harder to integrate than their parents. Policy Exchange, a British study group, found that more than 70 per cent of Muslims over 55 felt that they had as much in common with non-Muslims as Muslims. But this fell to 62 per cent of 16-24 year-olds.

The population changes are stirring unease on the ground. Europeans often tell pollsters that they have had enough immigration, but politicians largely avoid debate.

France banned the wearing of the hijab veil in schools and stopped the wearing of large crosses and the yarmulke too, so making it harder to argue that the law was aimed solely at Muslims. Britain has strengthened its laws on religious hatred. But these are generally isolated pieces of legislation.

Into the void has stepped a resurgent group of extreme-Right political parties, among them the British National Party, which gained two seats at recent elections to the European Parliament. Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who speaks against Islam and was banned this year from entering Britain, has led opinion polls in Holland.

The Pew Forum identified the mainstream silence in 2005: "The fact that [extreme parties] have risen to prominence at all speaks poorly about the state and quality of the immigration debate. [Scholars] have argued that European elites have yet to fully grapple with the broader issues of race and identity surrounding Muslims and other groups for fear of being seen as politically incorrect."

The starting point should be greater discussion of integration. Does it matter at all? Yes, claims Mr Vignon at the European Commission. Without it, polarisation and ghettoes can result. "It's bad because it creates antagonism. It antagonises poor people against other poor people: people with low educational attainment feel threatened," he says.

The EU says employment rates for non-EU nationals are lower than for nationals, which holds back economic advancement and integration. One important reason for this is a lack of language skills. The Migration Policy Institute says that, in 2007, 28 per cent of children born in England and Wales had at least one foreign-born parent. That rose to 54 per cent in London. Overall in 2008, 14.4 per cent of children in primary schools had a language other than English as their first language.

Muslims, who are a hugely diverse group, have so far shown little inclination to organise politically on lines of race or religion. But that does not mean their voices are being ignored. Germany started to reform its voting laws 10 years ago, granting certain franchise rights to the large Turkish population. It would be odd if that did not alter the country's stance on Turkey's application to join the EU. Mr Perkowski's study says: "Faced with rapidly growing, disenfranchised and increasingly politically empowered Muslim populations within the borders of some of its oldest and strongest allies, the US could be faced with ever stronger challenges to its Middle East foreign policies."

Demography will force politicians to confront these issues sooner rather than later. Recently, some have started to nudge the debate along. Angel Gurría, the OECD secretary-general, said in June: "Migration is not a tap that can be turned on and off at will. We need fair and effective migration and integration policies; policies that work and adjust to both good economic times and bad ones."

Source: Telegraph

"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" - Walk the Talk with the people?

Dr. Mrs Hilda Raja

'Enough is enough’, Modi’s cautioning words to the anti-Gujarat forces has not come a day early. Be it the State fight against terrorism, or the police encounter in which Ishrat and her four companions were killed down to H1N1 it is Modi who is faulted at. But if the State is buoyed with growth and shows a vibrant Gujarat it is not because of Modi but because of unchanneled and unchartered forces in the State which trigger growth.

The media is ever at its besat when it comes to Modi bashing. The Congress led UPA government reveals its nervous and always targets Modi which is a clear indication that it suffers from Modi phobia. Worse things are happening in UP and in other Congress ruled States. Take for example this- had Modi put up a single statue of his the whole UPA government would have gone hammer and tongs at him. But here is a government in UP spending crores on building statues of those dead and alive and its CM goes to the Centre for more finances. The Congress spokes man Tiwari had the check to call the Modi’s government a man eating government. This because he was given the clue by his leader Mrs Sonia Gandhi who called Modi ‘merchant of death’ Lets for a moment use these against the users-namely the Congress and Mrs Sonia Gandhi. How will the media react? Will the Congress not organize rallies and burn the effigy of Modi? Will it not demand an unconditional apology from Modi? Why this two yardsticks in public probity. Has the Congress and Mrs Sonia Gandhi the license to heap unparliamentary words against Modi and his government?

The very fact that Modi is targeted reveals that he is strong and causes alarm to the Opposition. Even if Nitish warmly embraces him-then Nitish is faulted. Is Modi a political untouchable? P.Chidambaram uses the US soil to hit at Modi’s government in the police encounter of Ishrat. He does not hesitate to rubbish his ministry’s affidavit and Chidambaram is an ‘honorable’ man. Intelligence inputs are given to the Gujarat government not to meant to kill states thereby Chidambaram puts new meaning in an affidavit and in intelligent inputs passed on to the State governments. Being an honorable man he should explain what the State government should do with intelligence inputs? Perhaps even he conveniently forgot that in the Mumbai war attack he confessed that intelligence failed and apologized. He had just taken charge as Home Minister and the elections were round the corner so the Honorable Minister was most profoundly apologetic-apology for the loss of lives-apology for a war waged against the country apology for the targeting of India’s economic capital, hitting at the sovereignty of the country and sending a message clear and loud of the intend of Pakistan. Is it not befitting of the Home Minister an honorable man to engage in the exchange of dossiers and not move one step forward in this 26/11 attack..-but to strut across the political scenario with such apologies. Chidamabram has himself confessed that Maoists menace is on the increase, cross border terrorism is on the increase-and till date the terrorists involved in bomb blasts across the country have not been apprehended. Is the media listening? What a record for the UPA and the Home Ministry. We are only entertained with big talk. Pakistan is fully aware that Indians can only talk but cannot act. Look at China slowly but steadily has occupying our land. Pranab Mukherjee is on record when as Home Minister denied the incursions of China. The same psychology continues till date with the Congress.When Krishna Menon was making the longest speech in the UN Assemble back at home Nehru and Chou Enlai were embracing each other amidst the thunderous slogans ‘India-China bhai,bhai while all the time Chinese troops were readied to attack India in a matter of hours. Has the Congress learned anything from history? One cannot change the leopard spots.

So shall we put up another mechanism to monitor the Chinese activities in the border? And Chidamabram can blame the BJP government for not taking necessary precautions. Soon we will have China Occupied Kashmir along with POK. With all this the Congress led UPA government shows no sign of preparedness, firmness and resolve.. The whole attention is how to hit at Modi.How to hold on to the gaddi-how to keep the dynasty line succession firm and intacted.

The media now the second rung of the Congress coterie plays the game to the hilt. Pota has been repealed simply because it was enacted by the BJP and because the UPA wants to project itself as Muslim friendly. Otherwise why this soft approach towards terrorists?Why has this country not punished a single terrorists till date.Why had Chidamabaram like a offended child run to the US to point at Pakistan and complain how ‘big brother’ is being victimized and harassed by Pakistan allowing its soil and military to abet terrorism. He returns happy that US has taken note of his complaint. Can we not manage our affairs with a little more of courage, and sense of duty-can we not show some guts, can we not put an end to this menace of a Pakistan and shed this dependence syndrome?

No, because the first concern of the Congress is to always to project itself as Muslim friendly-does not matter if Muslims are perpetrators.

What can be the explanation for the ominous silence of the Home Minster in the communal riots in Miraj, of the desecration and the vandalisation of the Ganesh pandals ?

If the governments both at the State level and Centre did not take action will it be shocking if there is a retaliation?

Does the UPA government expect the Hindus to sing bhajans while their sacred palces and idols are violated?

Will the Maharastra government pay compensation for the vandalized pandals?

Did not the Centre give compensation to the riot affected minority communities in Kandhammal ?

It is unbelievable that the Congress led UPA government is least concerned with the security of the people and the safeguarding of the territorial borders of this country. They are only concentrating on the elections in Maharatra and indulging in cheap gimmicks like economy travel-another political propaganda. Whom are they trying to hoodwink?

The media goes all gag gag when it comes to publicizing Rahul Gandhi’s train travel but the immense hardships the passengers who have no other alternative but travel in the ‘cattle carriages’ had to undergo by this political austerity drama of the Congress is overlooked.

Modi has been elected as the President of the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) Immediately Narendra Modi becomes ‘Narendra Singh Dhoni’ for the media. Was the media given the POA to change the name of the CM? Is Modi the first CM to take charge of the cricket at the State level? Did the media change the name of Sharad Pawar to Pawar Tendulkar? So Modi remains Modi and can by no stretch of the imagination of the media become Dhoni. Why this kind a treatment meted out to Modi. Modi’s assertion that his strength is the 5.5 crore people of his State is an apt reminded to the media and his harassers and anti –Gujarat forces.

‘Enough is enough’ the people of Gujarat will not take it lying if this trend continues. If Modi was refused a visa to the USA again there is jubilation.

Is it not an insult to the people of Gujarat that its elected representative was rejected a visa”?

Is it not a slap on the face of the Centre Government that one of its constitutional elected Chief Ministers was denied a visa?

Why had the USA acted in this fashion-Was it not the duty of the Government of India to register its protest?

Is it because of the Gujarat riots then what about the communal riots across the country?

On the same score not one of the Congress leaders involved in the Sikh massacre should be given a visa. Sonia Gandhi is guilty by her silence during that time when she was part of the house hold. Now 25 years later to apologize because the Sikh votes counted will not wipe away her guilt because “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for the good men to do nothing” At least from this angle Sonia and the Congress leaders are guilty and stand indicted in the genocide of 3000 Sikhs-rape of hundreds of Sikh women. This is a blot in its history and in the history of this country.

If the rape of one nun can be cited by Manmohan Singh as a blot on the nation then what will he term the rape of hundreds of his own community women, supervised, directed and abetted by the Congress leaders during the riots in 1984?

There can be no different justice standards-if Narendra Modi is faulted for the 2002 Gujarat riots then the same kind of justice judgment must be extended to Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the Congress party for its open involvement of the massacre of another minority community. The pot cannot call the kettle black.

The media has lost its credibility to disseminate correct information, to educate people and to create awareness towards justice issues. It is so blatantly one -sided both in its perception and its relay of information. Even the interviewers of the TV channels like Arnab Gosami,Karan Thapar do not made an attempt to hold a straight face but show their bias both in words and in facial expressions and in putting words into the mouth of the interviewees at times not allowing them even to complete their sentences. They talk down to the viewers and give their own versions and conclusions blocking the viewers to get the opinion of the interviewees. The Fourth Estate has become like a cheap columnist of the ruling class and fails in duty and its obligation.This is a tragedy.

Who is then on the side of the people, to walk along with the people, to stimulate them to thinking and to air their opinions?

The voice of the voiceless need to be heard it cannot be gauged by ‘Walk the Talk’ with individuals.

Will the media please stand by the powerless people for Justice and walk the talk with them?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Samarth of Today

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Economy class: Teach etiquette first

Tarun Vijay

I love it. Politicians must travel economy class at least once in their life time to understand how Indians below the poverty line live. They can have their birthday bashes in London and Maldives but for the sake of setting an example and having fun in a time when the opposition is simply absent, it's a good game. Collect 500 people to wave at you standing at the gates of a sleeper class compartment for a three-hour journey. For the rest of the part a Mitsubishi Pajero would be waiting with glasses of lassi and nimbu paani. It also gives a different kind of publicity in the media plus posters in the home constituency. After Gandhi, another one. Simple living, high flying and a down to earth approach to get media attention.

The credibility of an average politician, right from the gym-obsessed Sheraton and Taj guests to the statue gazers in Lucknow has gone so low that even if the austerity drive of the neo-Gandhians was a sincere effort to bring down unreasonable expenses, no one believes it is more than a brief fun time intervention for media attention so that while everybody would have been talking about the BJP's recent victories, make chatteratti talk Gandhi, the Sonia and Rahul way. They spend ostentatiously, live luxuriously, show off their wealth in the most stinking way and then garland Gandhi for the happiness of the minions and ordinary mortals.

That's OK if they get a sweet little chance to do that. But what about the ugly bad image of those who represent us in Parliament and assemblies? Isn't it more important than the run-of-the-mill drives that, at best look naïve and shallow? My friends have been calling me to underline through my columns that for God's sake let the politicians travel separately and not barge into the small, unclean and low-level compartments of the common people. They come with hordes of their unhygienic paan chewing swaggers and insensitive black cats and khaki gunmen, occupy the legitimately reserved berths of the passengers and talk nonsensically till late hours in the night putting all the fellow passengers to great discomfort. They get flights delayed and throw tantrums on board. They don't have civilized manners to use toilets and leave washbasins choked. They travel either without ticket or their journeys are paid by us taxpayers which they misuse to the core and fiddle with the law although they are also known as lawmakers.

You too might have had your tales to share. I have two. A month ago I was invited by a literary society to a Lucknow programme. It was fine till I reached my rail compartment, I saw a neta-type person occupying my berth. He felt nothing till I asked: "Bhaisaheb, aapka seat number kya hai (Sir, what's your berth number)? He didn't even look at me and one of his companions, asked: "Aap doosre dibbe mein seat le lelnge kya (Will you take another berth in a different compartment)? I refused and willy-nilly they let me sit on my berth, and it was already 11.30pm. The moment the train left the station they started a conversation that was noisy and filthy followed by opening the corks and having a chicken biryani meal. At 1am, I had to go to a railway officer to complain but he pleaded helplessness. They are all, four, MLAs, sir, I can't do anything. Now it's another matter I changed my berth and reached the destination somehow but they could have been any party's MLAs.

No party can say that it doesn't have its share of ruffians. The other incident occurred at Ghaziabad station where again in a train at 10.30pm a netaji boarded with his guards and kept the entire compartment on tenterhooks till one on one pretext or the other like change the pillows, give berths to his chamchas and then again big laughter's and cracking of jokes without bothering there are other passengers too wanting to have a sleep. Ladies fear them children are not advised to emulate them, people don't trust and movies depict them as evil-incarnate. So what's the point in having an austerity drive among them till the ugly-neta image is also corrected?

That's the scenario depicting the rulers in a country which is facing Red terror, Green terror and all colours of intolerances eating away the vitals of our democratic institutions and lowering public morale. No one takes a stand on the illegal infiltrations from Bangladesh, China's continuous incursions and Pakistan's belligerence on homegrown murderers called jihadis. The value of the rupee is dwindling and cost of living rising proportionately. But the netas keep on increasing their salaries, perks and nastiness without a check. There are a few exceptions like Mamata Banerjee but they remain only honourable exceptions. I am sure if Rahul wills, he can effect a change. The reports emerging from his camp do tell a tale which is different and refreshing. He is enjoying an unenviable position and attracts an audience that can be turned into agents of change.

So, dear Rahul, before you really get cracking on the austerity front, please see there is some action for parliamentarians and MLAs teaching them social behavior. Till then, the drama to further erode a space for common people can wait.

Monday, September 14, 2009

BJP sweeps By - elections in Gujarat - Modi Magic once again!

critics, who had written off Gujarat CM Narendra Modi after the recently concluded general elections, had to eat their words, as BJP swept the by-elections in the state, by winning five out of seven seats. Interestingly, six out of seven seats were with the Congress earlier. While the Congress managed to retain just one seat, it wrested one seat from the BJP.

BJP snatches six assembly seats from the Congress, dealing a big blow to the party in Gujarat. Narendra Modi's magic worked again for the BJP, which is facing a crisis elsewhere in the country.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Miraj Riots: The mastermind behind the riots, Idol-breaker Imran Nadaf arrested

This is the arrested Idol breaker Muslim, Imran Nadaf
Police brutally attacked Hindus - 1
Police brutally attacked Hindus - 2

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Attack on priests an agression against Hindu civilisation" - Swamy

Describing the recent attack on Indian priests in Nepal as an "aggression against Hindu civilisation", Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy today demanded that India respond to the "cowardly act of Maoists".

"The attack on the Indian priests at the Pashupatinath temple is an act of aggression against Hindu civilisation and the cowardly choice of soft target of priests by the Maoists cannot go unanswered by India," he told reporters here.

Swamy threatened to launch a "Save Hindus of Nepal" forum and mobilise worldwide support to protect Hindus of Nepal if Prime Minister Manmohan Singh failed to act by September 15.

He reiterated his demand for a CBI probe into allegation by Sri Lankan Minister Abdul Risath Bathiyudeen that the banned LTTE had been funding some political parties and their leaders in Tamil Nadu.

Swamy dismissed the highly-publicised recent meeting between AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi and Tamil actor Vijay, saying their combination would not work.

Swamy claimed the AIADMK, his erstwhile ally, was "in a deep slumber"

The Making Of Islamic Terrorists

Dr Babu Suseelan

The destructive instinct is in every human being. It is true, nevertheless, courageous application of our intelligence, values, spiritual philosophy and formula for co-existence led to the logical progression toward civilization. We were able to face disease, destruction, war, accidents, and natural calamities. In the face of these overwhelming calamities, men were able to create poetry, philosophy, literature, music, art and science. As a result a brotherhood of humanity flourished. Men were able to prolong their life and diminish their sufferings. Many great men developed spiritual guidelines and practical formula to ward of our death instinct and destructive tendencies.

Mohammed, who claimed to be a prophet successfully exploited destructive tendencies of man and established a rigid, dogmatic, reductionist and non-compromising dogma called Islam. Islamic followers marched ahead with their vengeful hands with the abhorrent Islamic faith. Time after time in the past, Islamic dogmatic believers with the strength of their flesh proved bloodshed was honorable. Millions of innocent people were hacked to death, and several civilizations perished.

Islamic terrorism is nothing new. It is as old as Islam. After the death of Mohammed, his followers had dispatched Jihadi warriors to conquer non-Islamic world through a wave of Islamic terror. Mohammedans placed their sacred duty to conquer the world for Islam at the front of their policy. Mohammedans had crushed Persia, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Hungary, Part of India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Balkans, Afghanistan, and every part in North Africa. Mohammedans were exuberant. They were inspired by Allah. They were inspired as one without pity or restraint. They had the blessing of Allah and Jihad war was the manifestation of the divine will of Allah. Jihad War unfettered and pure was fought to its smoking conclusion through every conceivable extreme cruelty and horror. Mohammedans claimed those who have not known war has not known Allah. Jihadi warriors considered the power of Allah flow through them.

Islam has been responsible for more death and destruction on the face of this planet than just about anything else. Islam was started by predators and spread by predators. It has lived off the decaying corpses of the civilizations it has destroyed.

Even today, Jihad Muslims are busy planting explosive bombs on schools, hotels, office buildings, museums, temples, churches, trains and airplanes. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for injuring and killing others. Why do Islamic homicide bombers spend their time, energy and life in shortening life of others? Why do Islamic homicide bombers allow themselves to be dominated by their death instinct? If at heart, they want to die for Allah, why do they want to kill innocent people? Why Islamic homicide bomber’s “wish to kill” triumph over the wish to live? Why they love hate, death and destruction? Instead of loving life, why do they nurture destructive tendencies? Does Islamic religious indoctrination maintains their homicide instinct to kill others?


Over the course of the last three decades, a number of large-scale prospective studies have convincingly demonstrated that, Islamic Jihadis commit a disproportionately large percentage of all serious and violent offenses. Since 1973, there have been 179 armed conflict around the world 169 were involved with Muslims. Worldwide Islamic Jihadist offenders accounted 95 percent of homicide bombing, 89 percent of aggravated assault and hundred percent of honorable (dishonorable) killing.

Clearly Jews and Hindus are primary targets of Islamic terrorists. Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah have murdered more than 1,600 and injured over 6,000 in the past two years. In Kashmir, India, Islamic terrorists have either killed or forced out all Hindus. These worldwide Islamic terrorist acts are meant to overthrowing democracy and replacing it with Islamic sharia. Killing innocent civilians is a high priority and legitimate way to achieve their goals. Jihadists justify heartless, cold blooded killing of infidels, women and children on behalf of Allah. Jihad murderers want to become martyrs and expect rewards from Allah. Since 9/11, Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 13944 attacks. Islamic Taliban leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan wander around the country, pursuing their vision of Islam with fanatical zeal while the poor villagers struggle with cold, hunger, wretched poverty and disease. They have no pity for the citizens. The history of Islamic martyrs clearly indicates insensitiveness to the suffering of poor citizens. They are happy to desert their families for the sake of Jihad war and happy to imperil their own lives by their flaming devotion to Allah.

Today is tough for many non-Muslims living in Islamic countries. What makes matters worse is Islamic religious police (Mutaween) freely exercise their power in intimidating, harassing, abusing and punishing non-Muslims. All Islamic countries strictly enforce Islamic blasmephy laws to satisfy Allah and the virtues of Islam. To their support, they use Koran and Sahi Hadiths. In Islamic countries, non-believers have no value over the Islamic virtue. Fanatical Jihadists can kill non-believers, so easily in the name of Allah. Jihadists believe they are following the dictums of Allah. Jihadists have no fear, guilt, or shame whatsoever in committing terrorism, homicide bombing, public beheading, limb amputation, stoning women to death, practicing polygamy or child marriage.


It is important that we need to understand the psychology behind Islamic homicide bombers. How can it be that Islamic homicide bombers kill others and kill themselves? It is not impossible to dissect and investigate the process and elucidate its details. It enables us to recognize how the “killer instinct: is activated by Jihadists. The purposeless self-destructive acts are projected upon infidels. It arrests our attention, and demands that we scrutinize analytically various ways in which Jihadists commit homicide/suicide. What underlying motives determine Jihadists to commit voluntary homicide/suicide? If their death instinct is dominant why not commit suicide? Are they afraid of life, can’t they endure life and tolerate non-believers?

The question of homicide bombing and destructive acts by Islamic terrorists is one which has received no competent scientific investigation. In the popular mind the homicidal tendency is a social reaction against American-Israeli- and Indian interference in Islamic affairs. There is no convincing scientific evidence that the Islamic homicidal impulse is external.

It is a known fact that death wish is inherent in Islam. Islam approves martyrdom in the name of Allah and the Islamic community is gratified when kefirs (infidels) are murdered. Muslims are seen rejoicing when a kafir is beheaded, hanged, killed in some other way, or stoned to death. Such heinous behavior is unintelligible to the uninitiated partly because it is clearly reveals the content of the Islamic mind. The preoccupation with homicide, terrorism, beheading, limb amputation, and stoning always seems shocking and incredible to those not familiar with Jihadist terrorist methods. Their deviant methods leave little doubt as to their general significance and reinforce as to the motives of Jihadist acts. The curious element is the formation of Islamic self-concept.


We should not overlook Islamic justification for martyrdom. What seem to us to have been unnecessary and foolhardy hazards may be interpreted to mean that their attitudes were determined by strong individual tendencies toward self-destruction. But at the same time, these impulses were undoubtedly stimulated by popular Islamic influences. Islamic culture contains certain elements which tend to encourage and facilitate the individual self-destructive trends.

Islamic history gives abundant testimony to the existence of martyrdoms and assassins. Devouring Islamic enemies (kafirs) is justified by Mullahs. They encourage Jihadists to seek positive satisfaction in martyrdom. Islamic homicide bombers behavior denotes the destructive elements in their self. The Jihadist may have wished to destroy them and others because of the Islamic social values are predominant in them. They clearly demonstrate their deliberate goal of destruction by subordinating their interest in life. They glorify Islamic martyrdom and its social usefulness. The paradox of joy out of pain, suffering and death is one of the strange phenomenons in Islam. Homicide bombing, public beheading of infidels, arson, limb amputation, stoning women to death, assassination of opponents, and unrealistic interpretation and justification of such heinous crimes in the name of Allah is a kind of socially acceptable psychosis in Islamic society.

Islamic religious education indoctrinates Muslims not to accept non-believers. Jihadists use martyrdom as an aggression, a weapon of offense and an expression of their buried feelings of revenge, anger, hostility, and distorted reaction. These are developed at Islamic religious schools and remain dormant in a latent form until their full flower later in life. The underlying psychological faults in Jihadist terrorism have been observed through Islamic rationalization. The elements of joy in death, of love gratified by inflicting suffering to non-believers and of violence against infidels are clear in Jihadists.

The cost to the individual Jihadi, his family and the victims is enormous. Why Mullahs could force Jihadists to commit homicide/suicide? There is nothing in Islam to neutralize or soften the hostile drives. The Islamic education results in the rigidity of the personality and they suffer from intermittent explosive disorder, defiant personality disorder and cognitive disorder. The iron control which the Mullahs impose upon certain forms of critical thinking, kindness, and tolerance, encourages destructive truths. There is nothing in Islamic education sufficient to hold in check the aggression, hostility and anger which are extraordinarily powerful in Muslim youths.

Ego development is not a function of simple brainwashing. For ego development one needs to go through different stages. Islamic education at the religious school allows only the values of the Islamic community to be internalized. Right and wrong, good and bad are defined by compliance with Islamic rules rather by universally accepted moral standards. Islam never allows Muslims to transition from conformist to conscious stage. As a result Muslims are not permitted to deviate from Islamic norms. Multiple possibilities, self-awareness and eclectic thinking are not allowed. Nor do Muslims see moral rules as primarily creating better conditions for non-Muslims. They do not see non-Muslims as having a rich internal life. They fail to develop more accurate empathy and mutuality in interpersonal relations. They fail to comprehend individual differences and the complexity of circumstances. They lack the ability to tolerate paradox and contradictions, and understanding of psychological causality. Muslims in general see non-Islamic world as hostile, nauseating and impure. They cannot hold of broad, abstract, social ideals, such as justice, tolerance and pluralism and they miserably fail to achieve peace or higher understanding.

Islamic history is overflowing with evidence of brutal behavior, assassination, homicide, beheading, kidnapping, and sexual aggression due to the selective effect of Islamic self-concept and deviant beliefs. Even today, Islam tends to maintain and reinforce dangerous Islamic self-concept. This circular characteristic of the self-concept may often be observed in the violent behavior of Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Lasker-E-Taibia. To make matters worse, Jihadists are frequently surrounded by a veritable conspiracy in which their murderous behavior is corroborated. The self-perpetuating effect of the Islamic self-concept is no means limited to Jihadist terrorist groups. The same dangerous dynamics may be seen at work in every Islamic community. The circular effect of this Islamic self-concept operates in negative directions.

Muslims cite Islamic taboos and Koranic injections as more important than freedom of thinking. Freedom of expression is and always has been subject to Islamic taboos. Islamic taboos exist to keep Muslims from thinking independently and these taboos are enforced by Mullahs and Islamic rulers. Those who oppose are silenced or beheaded. Public expression against Mohammed or Allah will be labeled as apostate and those dissenters will be severely punished. Strict censorship is imposed on TV, film, magazines and newspapers by religious bodies and by the government.

Islamic Madrassa education does not allow Muslim youths to develop greater consciousness and more autonomy or freedom for critical thinking which is necessary condition for personality change. Mohammed, the Islamic leader is the only model they are expected to emulate. They are not expected to higher level models for “pacer-situations” which are clearly necessary condition for healthy personality development. Islamic culture that values conformity prevents Muslim youths from seeking greater freedom and autonomy and higher consciousness. Jihadi terrorists are schooled to love death. The lust for death may overwhelm the Jihadists that go beyond any bounds of social norms. The custom of humiliating non believers and publically demeaning them is widespread in Islamic communities. Mullahs recognize and approve deviant behaviors of Islamic homicide maniacs. It is Allah’s will that they present themselves –compelling them to be more cruel against Kafirs. They seem to be in a state of unhealthy exaltation before they detonate the bombs to kill infidels.

The necessity to hate is so fundamental in Islam and the frequent breakdown of relationship with infidels bears witness to their underlying hate. When they speak of Jews, Hindus and Americans the hate impulses gain an overwhelming strength. They have no pity for Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and kafirs. The Islamic martyrs show unconscious pride and satisfaction in killing Jews and Hindus. The paradox of pleasure from inflicting pain influence Islamic martyrs. They are also motivated by the special privileges supposed to be secured through martyrdom. This impelling thirst for sexual privileges is an important factor in determining the homicidal intend. The flagrant display of murderous tendencies is universally disapproved. But in Islamic society, such cruel acts against non-believers is socially accepted and supported.

All behavior is a function of the perception that exist for an individual at the moment of behaving, especially those perceptions about self and the world. As a consequence of Islamic indoctrination, Muslim’ perceptual field becomes narrow. The self-concept Jihadist accumulates at the Islamic religious schools is a unique and the distorted self-concept is extremely difficult to change. Islamic self-concept is a gestalt, a peculiar pattern they use as identification which enable Muslims to exclude non-Muslims. They seldom expand their self-concept to include non-Muslims or abstract ideas of justice, coexistence, pluralism, liberty and secularism.


Why some of the biggest problems we face from Islamic terrorists never seem to be fixed? The reason is simple. The solutions just are not convenient for the politicians and phony liberals. For several years, appeasement policies and special interests and outright irrational tolerance have gotten us far away from the effective solutions we need.

Our response so far is based on a criminal justice model using the criminal justice system to arrest, prosecute and sentence Jihadist terrorists. Such justice system is politically motivated, slow and Jihadist groups exert pressure on the system and it is ineffective.

Failure to neutralize Jihadist extremism would result in Islamic terrorists to grow in strength. Our failure will strengthen Taliban in Afghanistan, Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Mullah al-Sadr’s Islamic army in Iraq, Al-Qaeda in the Middle East, and Lasker-e-Taiba in Pakistan.

The self-perpetuating characteristics of the Islamic self-concept make it of special concern in dealing with Islamic terrorism, homicide bombing, beheading, oppression of women and honor killing. Having defined themselves as Allah’s warriors, they remain forever victims of their own self-perception.

Islamic education must be changed to discovering more effective relationships between Muslims and the world. To accomplish this objective, non-Muslims need to confront Islamic system. Non-Muslims must engage in subtle and active process in changing Islamic education. Passive approaches are ineffective.

Appeasement, unconditional positive regard, non-directive policies and passive diplomatic initiatives are unable to turn the tide completely. Non-Muslims must not fall into the trap of thinking that “All Religions are the same”. To do so may only contribute further to the inadequacies of Jihadists. Such an unfortunate attitude overlooks the fact that Islam is hostile to co-existence, pluralism, and liberty.

We need to wage a psychological warfare effectively and efficiently for cognitive and behavior restructuring Of Muslims. The methods required for cognitive restructuring of Muslims must be powerful ones. The world cannot ignore or reward perverse philosophy of the Jihadists.

Phony secularists and leftist liberals must be confronted and forced to change their bogus theories. Their mindless theories are totally inadequate, ambiguous and it rests on a tragic illusion. Their misguided moral idealism is not in itself a guarantee of moral goodness, peace and freedom. It is a pathway to Islamic terrorism, death, destruction and wholesale anarchy. Their goal is not to free the world from the roots of Islamic terrorism or destroy destructive urges of Islamic terrorists. They are interested only in slippery slope arguments. We have to defeat leftist liberals in order to protect and preserve freedom and peace for us and for the children yet to be born.

Liberal media with their conspiracy of silence, attempt to cover up the root cause of Islamic terrorism. The media is determined not to rock the boat and pretending that they did not know. Such callous indifference to the life and limb of innocent civilians is shocking. It is of course utterly inconsistent with the sanctity of life and the obligations to defend citizens from Jihadist murderers. There must be public awareness against liberal politicians and the media. They should be condemned and exposed for continuing to stand by passively as our innocent civilians are killed and maimed by Jihadists.

The media are potent in shaping and defining attitudes and actions. Media should be coerced, if need be, to have some effect on the desired outcome. In this era of globalization, media including TV can reach every continent. We need to use the Internet, satellite Communications, digital Photography and all available communications technology for a broad range of operations against Islamic ideology of hatred and terror. Information warfare is the “Battle of Will” for shaping the will and attitude of Islamic fascists.

Our Schools, Colleges and Universities must teach Islamic dogma as it is without distortion. We also need to change the cultural perception of public affairs dealing with Islamic nations. In addition to formal education to expose brutal Islamic history, public officials and military leaders might be exposed to a series of programs on Jihadist terrorist operations. Islamic leaders should be kept abreast of our concerns and warn them the need for revision for Islamic education.

Continuing Islamic terrorism require special and unorthodox means. Such means include defensive preemptive measures that can range from targeted assassinations of known Jihadist leaders. In this respect we must take special attention to the principle:

Ubi Cessat Remedium ordinarium Ibi decurritur ad Extraordinaritur; “Where the remedy fails, recourse must be had to an extraordinary one”.

Islamic terrorists are enemies of the human race. We are justified in uniting together with whatever means necessary to punish and even exterminate such brutal lunatics.

Monday, September 7, 2009



They were fiercely angry and threw the slaughtered cow’s head at the temple gate to underline the seriousness of their threat — no temple in this locality. The leader of the crowd that had gathered at Shah Alam immediately after the Jumma namaz shouted religious slogans and their leader Haji said there would be bloodshed if the temple relocation continued.

And the government decided to halt the temple construction.

What was the reason for opposing the temple? Shazwan Mustafa Kamal reported in Malaysia Insider, "A group of Malay-Muslim protesters claiming to be residents of Section 23 have threatened bloodshed unless the state government stopped the construction of a Hindu Temple. The 'residents' said that the construction of a Hindu temple in a 90% Malay-Muslim neighbourhood was insensitive because activities there would disrupt their lives. They claimed that the "noise" from the temple would disturb their own praying, and that they would not be able to function properly as Muslims.'’

So much for a country which prides itself with an ad-tag "Malaysia-truly Asia" to lure Indian travellers, mostly Hindus.

Hindu money is welcome but no respect for their religion, that’s the "truly Asian" message of a land that is educated, rich and shows a modern face among the Muslim-majority countries.

But did you hear any protest against such blatantly state-supported assaults on Hindus from the world’s biggest Hindu majority nation?

Those who spoke about a cartoon in Denmark and a young brat in Canada chose to wear silence on the continued assaults on the Hindu rights in Malaysia. And else where.

The media that were too moralistically enthused to take up the "lies" of a Emraan Hashmi, didn’t even bother to have a news item for cow-head warning to the Hindus or to organize a small, non-primetime chat on why Hindus have become a soft target from Coimbatore to Kualalumpur and Kathmandu to Jeddah.

Once there was a constitutionally declared Hindu nation on this earth that allowed the biggest mosque facing the Royal palace and allowed conversions too. Yet its demise was meticulously organized amid a secular fanfare and now we saw beating of the Pashupatinath temple’s Hindu priests.

The last six decades have seen a continuous fall in the esteem and power of the Hindus as Hindus, that remains to be analysed in an atmosphere that celebrates the "Hindu harvesting".

From a bird’s eye view, look how it has happened and ask yourself, why? Hindus were pushed out from Kabul to Rawalpindi, and from Karachi to Lahore for no fault of theirs. It was a partition decided by the British Empire and conceded by the Gandhis who feared more Jinnah’s direct action massacres if stood firm on an undivided motherland. Post-partition, Hindus faced the worst-ever ethnic cleansing in Kashmir and half a million Hindus were forcibly exiled leaving behind their age-old homes, temples, orchards and an entire world of life.

Those who still chose to remain in the newly created Pakistan faced extinction, humiliation, with government jobs barred and a virtual exile from politics.

Their girls are raped and forcibly taken away, temples desecrated, crematoriums denied, and festival celebrations curtailed. A factsheet of Hindu human rights abuse was prepared by the Hindu American Foundation and its 2008 report says: “Despite a change in the government in Bangladesh, 270 acts of murder, rape and temple destruction were recorded in only the first six months, while the disproportionate enslavement of Hindus in bonded labor and kidnappings with forced conversions to Islam of Hindu women were reported again in Pakistan. Malaysia was censured for violent suppression of Hindus, and Russia made the list for the first time as well. In 1947, Hindus constituted nearly 30% of Bangladesh’s population. By 1991, 20 million Hindus were “missing” from Bangladesh. Today, Hindus comprise less than 10% of the population. ”

The only reason for this putting them to such a barbarism is their Hinduness. Just that, sir. The Hinduness that teaches pluralism, sustains democracy and guarantees unimaginable levels of personal and intellectual freedom.

The Foundation's 2008 Hindu Human Rights Report details violations against Hindus in areas where they are minority — namely in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Trinidad and Tobago, in addition to Pakistan and the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir. The report provides detailed accounts of human rights violations are in the areas of violence against women, murder, ethnic cleansing, temple destruction, socio-political ostracization, disenfranchisement, discrimination and forced conversions.

The sadder part of the story is the lack of space for a Hindu hurt. You got to be a non-Hindu to find a hearing and a media attention.

That the oldest way of living, a Dharma which can never be a synonym for religion, believing in the wonderful concept of individual freedom and plurality is not only facing serious onslaughts from various state powers and hate-campaigners, but its hurt is also ignored by the influential Hindu leaders in the various fields of life is an understandable irony.

A Mittal or an Ambani can make billions yet would hardly be seen to help a Hindu cause. A Shah Rukh can wear his religion up his sleeves and be praised for that but none would hear that a Sachin or an Amitabh expressed concern at the growing assaults on Hindus in the northeast or elsewhere. They feel it will damage their secular credentials. But how? Secular credentials should be hurt most when someone instigates one community against another on communal basis. To assert and protect your own way of life, which is so precious and ancient and the only living tradition for the last thousands of years must be a matter of pride rather than shame.

An abandonment of the Hindu cause by the influential sections of the Hindus has affected the attitude of those too who were supposed to be championing the cause of the Hindu hurt in politics. The pressures of neo-secularism seem to be working on their decision-making and stand. Moreover, they have failed to establish a respectable hallmark of public behaviour and political moral through their own example hence lost the credibility too for galvanizing public support behind them for taking up such issues. Hence the continuous reduction of the Hindus demographically in the entire south Asia doesn’t bother anyone and the mention of it draws secular whipping. Leaders in politics have virtually abandoned the responsibility to take up Hindu cause that has often resulted to turn Hindu assertion as an invitation to delisting and ideological apartheid from the controllers of state power and secularized social segments.

Malaysian Hindus' plight is just a small example of a diminishing Hindu political power. After the Cholas, Pandyas, Sri Vijaya and the Vijayanagar glory to Shivaji’s Hindavi Swarajya, we are here to witness Hindus beaten up in Nepal and Malaysia. And their holy books torn and dust-binned at Jeddah airport.

Now, It all depends on the non-political strongholds of the Hindu pantheon to reassess and assert again to help the rise of a genuine Hindu power to safeguard pluralism and an ancient lifestyle that ensures respect for a different viewpoint.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Facts about Samual Reddy - expired Andra CM?

First he tried to initiate a process of Evangelical Conversion through devious means by attempting to convert the whole Thirupathi Venkatachalapathy Hill Temple Complex (together with all the sacred Hills surrounding it) into a Seventh Day Adventist Christian Church Complex. This led to massive public protests all over India and the world. And Y Samuel Rajasekara Reddy was forced to withdraw not so much as to protect Lord Venkateshwara of Thirupathi (Who requires no protection from mean mortals like Y Samuel Rajasekara Reddy and Sonia Gandhi!) as to protect the temporary seals of his Office as Chief Minister.

In these columns on 4 July 2006, I had brought to public view the anti-Hindu and anti-National evangelical maneuveres of this Chief Minister in these telling words:

‘In Andhra Pradesh we have a Congress Government under a Christian Chief Minister who takes instructions from an effete UPA Government in New Delhi which is under the stranglehold of International Roman Catholicism. The Andhra Pradesh Government has been using its official Agencies for purposes of State-sponsored, State-aided and State-abetted Proselytism in Andhra Pradesh in a shamelessly flagrant manner during the last two years. Y. Samual Sekhara Reddy seems to be under the mistaken impression that he behave like Henry VIII (1509-1547) of Tudor England and that he can take Andhra Pradesh back to the 16th century using the International Roman Catholic might of the UPA Government in New Delhi. ……. While religious conversions are innately offensive, the rising political eminence of an Italian-born Roman Catholic has generated a corresponding growth of aggressive Proselytism at famous Hindu-pilgrimage and holy sites. Sonia Gandhi has reinforced the Missionary muscle by sponsoring the rise of Christians in Congress Governments and Party units on an unprecedented scale. Non-Christian Congress Chief Ministers have been made to acquiesce in missionary activities and outrageously ‘Leaky’ welfare schemes have been floated for the benefit of the tax-free NGO Industry, most of which is Christian and anti-Hindu. ……. Y. Samuel Rajasekara Reddy is actively promoting the physical and psychological encroachment upon the sacred spaces of Hinduism in a planned manner through carefully planted Christian Missionary Agencies.’

The legitimate fears expressed by me in July 2006 in these columns about the calculated anti-Hindu machinations and maneuveres of Y Samual Rajasekara Reddy have indeed come true today. The recent announcement of Andhra Chief Minister to the effect that the Andhra Pradesh Government would subsidize the holy pilgrimage to Bethlehem in Israel by Christians has to be viewed as abominable and preposterous. In my view it should be immediately scrapped. The Congress Government, headed by a Christian Chief Minister, has slyly used the Governor’s annual address to the State Legislative Council and Assembly to announce that it will ‘extend the Haj pilgrim scheme to Christian minorities also for their religious visits to Christian holy lands in Israel’. It clearly brings out the disgusting state of appalling ignorance that prevails in the higher echelons of the State Government about the underlying principles of a secular state defined under the Indian Constitution. This is nothing but craven and blatantly discriminatory MINORITY APPEASEMENT POLITICS at its worst and this has been done with focus only on the Parliamentary Elections to take place next year. During the last two years, Samuel Rajasekara Reddy has taken a subterranean disingenuous route to introduce job and education quotas for Muslims in order to avoid legal scrutiny. And now through his Christian subsidy for pilgrimages to Bethlehem and Jerusalem by plundering the public exchequer, he earnestly hopes that he will be able to swing the votes of Christians, who comprise 1.5 per cent of the State’s population, in favour of the Congress. Viewed on a larger national canvas, Samuel Rajasekara Reddy’s deplorable ploy is only a logical extension of the Congress game of subsidy politics introduced by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru after our independence on 15 August 1947. It was Pandit Nehru who was responsible for introducing a communal and anti-secular system of subsidy for Haj pilgrims, running counter to the letter and spirit of the India Constitution in 1959. This system has been expanded year after year to cover nearly 1.5 lakh of Muslims every year. India is the only country in the world which gives the subsidy to the Haj Muslim Pilgrims. No Islamic country in the world gives this benefit to the Muslims.

No doubt that Christians in Andhra Pradesh are delighted by the announcement of Christian Subsidy by the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and Christian community leaders in New Delhi have lost no time in demanding that the Congress-led UPA Government should embrace Mr Reddy’s policy of Christian subsidy and convert it into a ‘national scheme’. Their point view is that if Muslims are entitled to subsidy for going on Haj, then there is no reason why Christians visiting the Church of Nativity should have to bear the entire expenditure.
It is a known fact that all the Hindu temple funds in all the States of India are being appropriated by the Government and almost wholly diverted for the benefit of minorities like the Muslims and Christians. This inequitable anti-Hindu system has been created through the Hindu Religious Endowments and Charitable Trusts Act. Keeping this in view Dr Subramanian Swamy has sent a letter to Karunanidhi yesterday (21 February 2008) in which he has spoken on behalf of the Hindus of Tamil Nadu and India as follows: ‘I write to enquire why your Government has not enacted an ISLAMIC MOSQUES RELIGIOUS ENDOWMENTS AND CHARITABLE TRUSTS ACT and a similar Act for CHRISTIAN CHURCHES, on the pattern of the Hindu Religious Endowments and Charitable Trusts Act. As you know, the Supreme Court and various High Courts in their Judgements have opined that there is NO CONSTITUTIONAL BAR to enacting such legislation. Hence, I am putting your Government on notice that I be informed whether your Government proposes to bring such a BILL for passage soon, but if not, why not? I shall be obliged if you can send me a written reply at the earliest, but not later than two weeks from the receipt of this letter.’

Court orders FIR against Times of India for their Anti Hindu reports

Navi Mumbai sessions Court has ordered the Navi Mumbai Police to file FIR against Managing Director of Bennett, Coleman & Co, Editor-in-Chief of Times of India and Publisher of Times of India for publishing unsubstantial, communally provocative and malicious reports regarding Kandhamal Violene in Orissa.

Adv.Prashant Maggu for complainant Mr.Rajendra Diwate had filed the suit against Managing Director of Bennett, Coleman & Co, Editor-in-Chief of Times of India and Publisher of Times of India in Navi Mumbai court for publishing reports in the newspaper referring “Hindu Fundamentalists” ”Hindu militants” and other reports connecting particular faith with terrorism under sections 107,116,117,124(A), 153,153(A), 153(B), 505,505(2) of IPC and 13(2) of PCI.

Adv. Prashant Maggu produced the reports to court, published in TOI in which paper mentioned that while raping a woman in Kandhamal District of Orissa, miscreants shouted the slogan of “BHARAT MATA KI JAY”, which has no evidence at all.

In another report paper wrote that “70 Dalit Homes Torched in Kandhamal”,Adv Maggu pleaded in court that this type of reports in which there is reference of caste, has a tremendous potential to flare up communal tension and create communal divide in society.

In report published on 4th October 2008 in TOI titled “HINDUTVA HELPS JIHAD” paper had maliciously referred religious faith in act of terror. For publishing such type of false, malicious and unsubstantial report Adv. Maggu demanded immediate and exemplary action against The Publisher so as to maintain communal harmony in the society.

Adv Prashant Maggu took strong objection on all such reports defaming religious faith and having potential of disturbing communal harmony.

Court took the matter very seriously and ordered Navi Mumbai Police to lodge FIR against The Company and The Paper for trying to disturb communal harmony.

Adv Prashant Maggu and complainant Rajendra Diwate expressed happiness over the court order and stressed that they will continue to fight against all ill practices followed in Newspapers

(For further details of the case contact Adv. Prashant Maggu-098215-10382)

Press Contact:
Adv Prashant Maggu
Navi Mumbai

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jihadis target Kerala women

Balbir K Punj

The allegation that Muslim men entice Hindu women into marriage for reasons other than love and as part of an Islamist conspiracy is usually dismissed as insidious Sangh Parivar communal propaganda. But a recent chance investigation by Kerala Police has brought out some ugly details.

The August 31 issue of Kerala’s foremost newspaper, Malayala Manorama, carried an extensive report on how a Pakistan-based terrorist organisation is planning, abetting and financing the enticement of college students from different communities in the State to become cannon fodder for its jihad in India. The report terms such young women as ‘love bombs’.

The modus operandi is very clever. Muslim youth in Kerala are employed by the terrorists to entice these young women. Handsome and dashing young men are selected and fully financed to have cars, motorbikes, the most expensive clothes and lots of cash. Their job is to move in groups, select their prey and then get the women to elope with them on the promise of marriage and a great life abroad.

After days of romancing, the women begin to believe that they have found their ‘Prince Charming’. Once they elope, a marriage is registered before a notary and then the woman is whisked away from place to place. The victim thinks that she has to undergo this to evade her parents who would be searching for her.

Hide-outs include places like Hyderabad that have a significant Muslim population. The victim is not allowed contact with any outsider and is subjected to propaganda videos that eulogise jihad and promise the ultimate victory of Islam. Though the racket has been going on for some years and several complaints of missing girls have been lodged with Kerala Police, the latter has ignored them, saying that the women had actually eloped out of their free will and, therefore, they could not do anything.

The racket came to light when one of the victims turned out to be the daughter of a ranking police officer and another somehow managed to send word to her parents about the reality of her situation. The parents in the second case approached the High Court with a habeas corpus petition that led the court to order the police to produce the victim before it. The plea that the woman had eloped on her own and that she was now legally married did not convince the court and it ordered that she be allowed to stay with her parents for a week before it again examined the case. After a week, the woman told the court the truth.

The police have now discovered a kidnapping racket to provide recruits to Pakistani terror outfits through ‘Love Jihad’. Further investigations have revealed that all over India some 4,000 young women have been recruited in this manner to be trained against their will as terrorists and suicide bombers. In Kerala alone the police suspect that over 500 women have fallen victim to the ‘Love Jihad’ racket.

According to the Thiruvananthapuram victim who gave a statement before Justice R Basant of the Kerala High Court, Islamist gangs have been freely operating without the police or intelligence agencies getting even a whiff a their activities. The operation is extremely well organised with several households and ‘safe houses’ ready to accommodate the unsuspecting women and their so-called husbands.

If jihadi outfits in Pakistan have been able to abduct and train as many as 4,000 Indian women for terror operations over the last several years, it speaks very poorly of our intelligence apparatus. The prevailing political environment that treats the perpetrators of jihadi violence with kid gloves is equally to blame, if not more.

A report from Hyderabad in the Indian Express on August 28 said that Mujeeb Ahmed, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1994 for waging war against the state and shooting an Assistant Superintendent of Police, was released under a special remission scheme in 2004. He then went underground and, as subsequently established by the IB and CID, he became an active member of the Hizbul Mujahideen and the ISI, and was a member of the first terror cell in Andhra Pradesh.

It was Rajasthan Police’s discovery of rifles, detonators and explosive material in a truck in Ajmer that led to the arrest of Mujeeb once again. He was charged with procuring arms from Pakistan to launch terror attacks in Hyderabad. This jihadi has now been convicted for sedition and terrorism.

Despite the fact that Mujeeb went back to being a full-fledged terrorist after his release on compassionate grounds, the Andhra Pradesh Government is now planning to release some 984 life convicts, many of whom have been charged with similar crimes as Mujeeb’s. The Indian Express report quotes police officers who have revealed that the State Government neither consulted the IB nor the State police before the list of convicts to be released was prepared. Like Mujeeb, a person who was arrested a decade ago for trying to carry out terror attacks in this country will now easily go back to being an active jihadi once he is freed.

That the jihadi cancer is widespread and eating into the vitals of our country is now becoming evident day by day. The Union Government makes all the right noises in acknowledging this cancer. But when it comes to taking action, the Government backs out. We should all watch out for the Centre’s reaction to the revelation of the abduction of thousands of girls for terror-training. And, finally, where are all the women’s rights activists who had painted the country red following the sponsored attack on an obscure pub in Mangalore by the self-styled Sri Ram Sene?

Secular Viruses in India

Dr Babu Suseelan

Phony secularists act like mind viruses. They are deliberately selected and planted and behave in our society like a virus does in a body. They are all around us. They infect, they reproduce and they can even have vectors. These bogus secular viruses have been successful in mutating for several years, and successful at reproducing and spreading because it is artfully and skillfully alters our society.

What accounts for the wild success of these secular viruses? Every country has a center of gravity that is the key element. In India's case Hindutva is the key element, the center of gravity. The key Hindutva elements determine how the citizens of India mature, live, and develop their beliefs. These are the focal point secular viruses are asked to attack. These secular viruses are carefully selected, nurtured and planted to destroy the country from within. Their goal is to attack and control the mind of Hindus. The secular viruses shape the mind and control their direction. Why control the mind and control their direction? The secular perverts can lead Hindus down a pathway to hell.

Our enemies are skillful and cunning. They intend to destroy the country from within. The secular deviants are required to destroy our political philosophy, our future and our future generations. How? By controlling the influential people and planting secular deviants in influential positions. To shape and misdirect Hindus, secular virus are planted in the media. Most people absorb what they know about life from the media these days. The media paints the picture for all Hindus to see. These secular viruses are trained to distort truth, spin and concoct, distort and influence using the public forums such as newspapers, television, internet, and radio. They deliberately control the mind of the vast majority of Hindus. These secular virus are skillful in fermenting social problems, insurgency and putting one group against another in order to foment internal discord. This is a much easier task in India since the majority of Hindus are unthinking and apathetic.

The manner in which mind viruses (meme complex) is able to infect its host is through mind games. These mind games are subtly designed to influence thinking and behavior. the current behavior and pronouncement of our political leaders clearly shows that mind viruses are working effectively. Mind viruses deliberately make the individual weak.

Our enemies are planting secular viruses into office at all levels-in judiciary, administration, police, military, educational institutions, political parties-so they can sway the directions of the country. Within a few short period, the country will become full of zombies. They will act like a bull without horns or a tiger without claws-defenseless and vulnerable.

Hindus, wake up. be active rather than a victim of mind viruses.