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Don't Hindus have feelings? Bal Thackeray

www.indianexpress.com Lashing out at the government for its handling of the Azad Maidan violence, Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray today said Mumbai police have been demoralised due to commissioner Arup Patnaik. "When police were being attacked, when women police personnel were being molested, Mumbai's police commissioner Arup Patnaik was growling at those who were trying to control the radicals indulging in violence. The morale of Mumbai police has been dented because of such a police commissioner," Thackeray said, in an editorial in party mouthpiece 'Saamana' here. "We never said all Muslims are radicals or Pakistan lovers and nor will be say such things. However, a handful of radical and anti-national Muslims have raised a question mark over their entire community," the Sena chief said. The government and police desisted from taking action against those involved in defacing the Amar Jawan memorial as they felt religious sentiments would be hurt during Eid, he said. "Is it Muslims only who have feelings? What about Hindus? When Kanchi seer Jayendra Saraswathi and Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur were arrested, did anyone think of feelings of Hindus?" Thackeray questioned. The country is going to pay the price for stifling the fighting spirit of the police force, he said. Thackeray lauded the work done by the then Mumbai police commissioner Shrikant Bapat, who, during 1992 riots, took stringent action against the rioters. How can one compare Bapat and Patnaik, who holds a pistol in the hand in which he has worn bangles? he quipped. The government, chief minister and Home minister who are backing such a police commissioner are "enemies of the society and the country", Thackeray said.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Planning for Ousting the Congress


Dr Subramanian Swamy

The worst possible thing for the Indian nation has been the politics practiced by Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. It has been unprincipled, placing personal aggrandisement over national resurgence, and rooted in corruption. Today due to what I call as Nehruism, the nation is at the weakest. India’s adrenalin has almost been drained.

We mutely witness terrorist attack, ensure that there is no retaliation by us, and treat captured terrorist as State Guests. What recently happened in Pune and Kokrajhar should awaken any patriot. I met several “moderate” intellectuals who dismissed this huge affront to our sovereignty as of “low grade explosives in Pune” (the IEDs did not explode) or “ethnic clash in Kokrajhar” as if that is inevitable, or that the murder of innocent Sikhs in Wisconsin USA as Sikhs’ fault for having beards like Osama Bin Laden. Indians have been programmed by Nehruism to be bereft of patriotic feelings.

Today Ms. Sonia Edwidge Albina Antonia Maino Gandhi has destroyed the Prime Ministership by creating diarchy of the PMO and the NAC. Manmohan Singh and his Cabinet colleagues perform much like circus lions do before a ring master. This in my opinion is the most dangerous phase of our national history.

Question is what do we do? Patriots must force an early election; in any case 2014 is not far off. To me, committed to democracy, we must eschew stunts like fast unto death staged with ayurveda treated water. Indian democracy  survives because the broad masses are still with profound common sense as we saw in 1977.

General Election to the Lok Sabha is the only cure we have to get out this Nehruvian morass. As Jaiprakash Narayan told me in 1977, the existence of the organisational network of the RSS is still the bulwark on which we can base an assault against the Nehruvian skullduggery.

But coming to power is not enough if the next Prime Minister is a cheap imitation of Nehru or imbibed with Nehruism as we have seen in the past. Nehruism is capitulation for personal aggrandisement.

We need a new style of politics now. Politics is the art of governance of an organised and civilised society. The rules of politics vary with the ideological foundation adopted by such a society. These rules therefore differ between democratic and authoritarian ideologies of governance. Hence the principles that guide politics will also depend on the ideology we adopt.

I advocate here today that politics with principles in India is possible only if each of us make an unshakeable commitment to a clear concept of the Indian identity.

Indian identity

My call today for protecting our democracy with its fundamental right to human freedoms is first and foremost for undiluted unity of Indians, a unity based on a mindset that is nurtured and fostered on the principles of human rights.

That will require for us Indians to be able to identify ourselves with this land, rivers, and our civilisational past of thousands of years. For this identity to flower, we need to commit to the following:

First, the definition of the identity of India. India is Hindustan, a nation of Hindus and those others who proudly accept that their ancestors are Hindus. Muslims and Christians are a part of the Hindustan if they accept this truth and revere it. This means we then become inheritors of a long continuous and glorious civilisational history.

A rudderless India, disconnected from her past, as a consequence, becomes a fertile field for religious poachers and neo-imperialists from abroad who paint India as a mosaic of immigrants not as a nation but much like a crowd on a platform in a railway station.  India is connected to her hoary past because this India is a nation of Hindus and those others (such as Muslims and Christians) whose ancestors were Hindus. That definition applies to Jews and Parsis too because of inter-marriage and now proved by DNA testing.

It is this acknowledgement that remains pending today, which delays the unity of the nation on a historic identity based. We can accept Muslims and Christians as part of our cultural family when they proudly acknowledge this fact and accept that a change in religion does not require change of culture or values. Thus the cultural identity of India is undeniably, immutably, and obviously its Hinduness, that is rooted in Vedic values. 

The concept of a collective Hindu mindset is being ridiculed as chauvinist and retrograde, even fundamentalist. The BJP is regularly advised by its enemies to purge out Hindutva from its poll plank to become more “acceptable”. This fatuous advice from enemies however deserves to be thrown into the dustbin where it belongs. There is nothing to debate in this because such a debate would only be dysfunctional and will disrupt the synergy between voter appeal and cadre morale that is necessary for electoral success of the patriotic forces.

Otherwise we may be numerous like goats and sheep but run helter skelter at the sight of just one tiger or hyena. Or we can be individually strong and well fed like circus lions, but obey the commands of a physically much weaker circus ring master. Hindu society today lacking a cohesive corporate identity, is thus in the process of becoming fragmented, and hence increasingly in disarray. This fission process is on simultaneously with the reality of millions of Hindus going to temples regularly.

We need today a mindset committed to retaliate when attacked. This defensive retaliation must be massive enough to deter future attacks. If terrorists come from training camps in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka, India must seek to carpet bomb those training camps, no matter what the consequences. If 5 lakh Kashmiri Hindus are driven out of the Valley by Islamic terrorists, we must arm and financially equip 10 lakhs of the able-bodied ex-servicemen Hindus to go with their families and settle in the former residences of the driven-out Hindus to keep the Constitutional guarantee under Article 370 of not maintaining the religious composition of the state.

If Bangladesh permits its population to infiltrate into Hindustan, then India must demand territorial compensation within the meaning of the Indian Independence Act of June 1947 passed by the British Parliament to legitimise Partition. The Act was framed on the principle that Muslims not wanting to live under what Jinnah called as the ‘hegemony’ of the Hindus, be carved out of undivided India, called as Pakistan, in proportion to it. One-third of Bangladesh Muslims now, after six decades after Partition, have already infiltrated back into Hindustan to live under Hindu ‘hegemony’. 

That basic strategy of those who want to see a weak and pliant India remains the same as before: Making Indians to lose their self esteem by disparaging their tradition-- the strategy of British imperialists for the conquest of India. Only the tactics have changed.

At the same time, the lack of Hindu unity and the determined bloc voting in elections by Muslims and Christians has created a significantly large leverage for these two religious communities in economic, social and foreign policy making. Thus, although Uniform Civil Code is a Directive Principle of state policy in the Constitution, it is taboo to ask for it because of this leverage.

It is not as if Muslims will not accept uniform laws when it suits them, even if it is against the Sharia. For example, Muslims accept Uniform Criminal Code under the IPC in India even though it infringes the Sharia, but resist Uniform Civil Code because it violates the same Sharia. Muslims accept Uniform Civil Code in Australia and USA, and now Germany and Japan.

Hence, in a democracy fighting elections are very important part of the struggle for implementation of an agenda for national renaissance. For this it is necessary for formation of a bloc vote of all those who cherish the Sanatana Dharma values. In India even if half of the Hindu population decides to vote as a bloc in elections, a government will be formed by a two-thirds majority. Therein lies the salvation for us who cherish our ancient values and aspire for a national renaissance.

Towards this end, I would suggest in my individual capacity, that the next election be fought by the NDA by seat adjustments and not by ideological compromise. Of the six parties in the NDA, five accept the Hindutva formulation for national integrity and progress. The sixth can then have seat adjustments with the five, and join on a Common Governance Programme to form the government later.

But the five parties of the NDA should vigorously campaign in the next general elections to Parliament on two issues: Fighting corruption credibly, and espouse Hindutva for national integrity. Muslim and Christian voters should be wooed on promise of fairness, co-option and security and not on appeasement. The broad masses of these minorities ache for co-option and justice, but the Congress has always chosen to court the Mullahs, Bishops, and foreign controlled intellectuals in their communities. NDA must not follow the same route. In any case if half the Brihad Hindu voters can be aroused to vote together for the NDA, majority in Lok Sabha is certain. The masses of the minorities would join anyway then.

(The writer is former Union Law Minister, Harvard University Professor and President, Janata Party).

Assam: The agony of being a Hindu


Tarun Vijay reports after a tour of Kokrajhar

Kampa Borgoyari, Deputy Chief of the Bodoland Territorial Council, Kokrajhar said to me, while we discussed the eruption of violence here in local circuit house that its difficult for any one coming from Delhi to understand the pains and the agony of an Indian who has been looted and uprooted from his own home in his own land by a foreigner marauder with the help and connivance of the other Indians.

He was right. In nut shell the Kokrajhar violence can be summed up like this- Indians conspiring to eliminate Indians with the help of foreigners.

It’s the brazen vote bank politics that has made Hindus feel insecure and isolated in their own homeland. The rulers in Guwahati and Delhi are also Hindus, the leaders of various political parties in Indian too share the faith. Yet nobody has shown the concern for these hapless Bodo Hindus fearing annoyance of their Muslim vote bank.  Another Bodoland leader, who otherwise supports Congress in Assam and also at the centre as a trusted ally of UPA, said that unless these Bangladeshi Muslims become powerful in Delhi and uproot the MLAs and MPs from their cozy bungalows forcing them to take shelter in places 30 kms from Delhi, they will never understand what it means to be a homeless refugee in your own country.

The violence in Bodo areas of Assam has taken a toll of more than 61 persons, officially and has rendered 2.25 lakh Hindu Bodos homeless in their own land. Their houses were burnt, looted, and razed to ground by mobs of Bangladeshi Muslims.

Kokrajhar is a sleepy, beautiful town, a capital of the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) created after an agreement was inked between the Bodo leaders and the then Dy Prime Minister Shri L.K. Advani. The BTC area comprises four districts – Kokrajhar, Baksa, Chirang and Udalguri. Although about 40 subjects are under the BTC, like education, agriculture, roads, tribal development, etc, the law and order and police department are kept under Assam government.

Police doesn’t listen to us, most officers selected by Assam government and posted here, often end up helping Bangladeshis. Recently on 23rd July, two Bodo youths were picked up by police on the pretext of questioning in regard to a report by Muslims. They went missing and later Jaysat Brahma’s dead body was found floating in a well near Gosaingaon. The other boy, Sanswarang Brahma’s body is still untraceable. Assam govt.  did nothing except suspending the culprit, SHO Abdul Rajjak ( Fakiragram police station) and no action was taken against his accomplice Danish Ali.

On 21st July, in Parora gram, two Bodo women were brutally killed by goons of All Bodo Minority Students Union and their houses burnt, action has yet to be taken.

On 19th July evening two members of the All Bodoland Minority students union (ABMSU)—its president Mohibul Islam and the other  his colleague Abdul Siddiq Sheikh were shot at near a village Magurmari located 3 kms from Kokrajhar town. Amazingly, both Islam and Sheikh were shot under the kneecap only. It was as if the gunmen wanted them to go through the most unbearable of all gunshot wounds! The entire episode indicates that the shooting was a result of the confrontation among the two Muslim student’s unions. It is also to be noted that Mohibul Islam has many pending cases against him that include charges of illegal arms trafficking.

Still under a well thought out strategy, Muslims blamed Bodos for this and the police, in a random move, stopped four young Bodos, Pradip Boro, Dhrubhajit Goyari, Jatin Goyari and Jwngsar Boro who were returning home from their work places, and put them in police van to bring them to thana for questioning. But before they could reach police station, a mob of Muslims halted the van and slaughtered all the four Bodos. The police stood silent doing nothing.

This shows how the government failed to detect and deport the foreigners. To such levels have the frustrations of the local patriotic Indian citizens reached that   an old time friend DN Bezbaruah, former President of the Editors Guild of India and a celebrated editor ofThe Sentinel said to me, ‘Tarun, you Delhi wallahs’ India begins at Vaishno Devi and ends at Kolkata. You people really don’t care for the pains and travails of North Eastern citizens.’

Even Guwahati High court had observed in a judgment delivered on July 23, 2008 that the Bangladeshi migrants have become the kingmakers.

This time in Kokrajhar, the hands of All Bodoland Minority Students Union (ABMSU) and All Assam Minority Students Union (AAMSU) to instigate violence were quite visible from the day one; still the Assam govt chose to turn a blind eye and did nothing.  Independent news reports stated “Dhubri, in fact, is central to this clash between Bodos and immigrant Muslims over land. Over the last five years, the Muslims from Dhubri have migrated to Kokrajhar in huge numbers, raising the heckles of Kokrajhar residents’. The report further said, ‘curfew had to be clamped in. An old Brahma temple, a very revered place of worship for the Bodos was burnt down in Onthaibari, Gosaigaon. Bangladeshi infiltrators burnt down a hostel for Hindu boys.

A mob even attacked the Rajdhani express train on 24th July. The violence has spread to over 400 villages in the BTAD region. Houses have been burnt down and abandoned. People have to live in refugee camps in their own country because of hostilities from people of a foreign land. Conditions in the Refugee camps are extremely poor. Food supply is scarce, there are no medicines available and if that was not enough, the security in the camps is highly lacking.

“At Golokganj market, police resorted to lathicharge and blank fires after a clash broke out between AAMSU activists and shop owners. At Gauripur, AAMSU activists set ablaze 35 houses along with the office of Bodoland Peoples’ Front.”

For four days, neither the Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi nor the police chief found time to visit the violence affected areas. Later, when questioned, he blamed the central government’s lethargy and had an almost blank visit to Kokrajhar.

ABMSU and AMSU are new forms of SIMI instigating communal hatred, helping Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators, and creating a rift between various sections of the society in border areas. Bodo land exists on the sensitive ‘chicken neck’ area bridging North east with the rest of the nation. AMSU goons try to push Bodos up to the Bhutan border and capture their land. The recent violence is a direct assault on Indian nationhood. Not only a young Bodo jawan, returning to Jammu & Kashmir to join duty in CRPF was brutally murdered but the patriotic Bodos are made to feel isolated by forging an unfortunate alliance with non-Bodo associations. Hence the ironical situation has emerged where Hindu non-Bodo communities, foolishly opposing Bodos for their sectarian and petty gains, have become instruments in the hands of foreign Muslim infiltrators to over power Bodo Hindus.

While writing these lines violence has again erupted in Bodo areas and five Bodos have been killed. the President of All Bodo students Union Shri Pramod Bodo told me today on phone that govt of Assam is forcing the Bodos to vacate the relief camps and return to their devastated villages immediately. To preotest against this highhandedness of the state govt. Pramod Bodo with other Gorkha, Bengali, Cachari and Rajvanshi leaders sat on a hunger strike in Guwahati and on 7th August they had mass protest in Kokrajhar.

The agony of Kokrajhar is manifest in the anti-Bodo attitude of the Assamese secular intellectuals who are blaming them for their own devastation. The farce of the Non-Bodo organisations collectively opposing Bodos and having an understanding with communal organisations like AMSU and ABMSU is hurting the broader national interest. I met the supreme leader of AGP Shri Prafull Mahant in Guwahati and urged him to support the Bodo cause in the interest of Assam and India. He agreed that the menace of illegal Muslim infiltrators has reached alarming levels and we all must do something collectively.

In a significant meeting at Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Guwahati, called by the renowned intellectual and head of Vivekananda Kendra North east, Shri Deepak Borthakur, a number of speakers expressed sadness over the apathy of national media and Delhi towards the Bodo tragedy. I urged them all to take a Assamese delegation to Bodoland with relief material and sooth the hurt feelings of the Bodo society.

This is the time for the Hindu society to ponder over their decline and why the foreigners have gained so much of power to attack them in their own land. We have seen the destruction of Kashmir and the mass exile and  ethnic cleansing of Hindus in the valley.  will that be repeated in Bodoland also and we, as a nation would remain a mute spectator to this anti national assault?

(The writer is Rajya Sabha Member, former editor of Panchjanya and director of Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation).

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Root of Muslim & Non Muslim violence in BTAD, Assam


VSK Chennai

Assam is famous in history as being one of the few regions that was never conquered by the Mughals. The mighty Ahoms managed to thwart every single intrusion by the Islamic armada. The same region is home to over 81 Lakh Muslims now, who comprise over 31 % of the total population. Most of these Muslims are illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh and they display a huge array of vices that have been highly troublesome for the indigenous population of Assam. There have been rampant cases of land encroachments, loots , forced conversions and killings. Like most areas in Assam, Bodoland hasn’t been spared from the aggressive grasp of Muslims either.
Situated on the northern banks of the river Brahmaputra , Bodoland includes the Bodoland Territorial Areas District (BTAD) , which is administered by the non-autonomous Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC). The territory consists of four districts, viz. , Kokrajhar , Baksa , Chirang and Udalguri , with Kokrajhar serving as its capital.
Tension among Muslims and Non-Muslims have always prevailed in the region. Two years ago, Muslims wanted to build a toilet for a Madrassa inside the premises of a Kali temple in a village named Howriapet, located in Gosaigaon sub-division. The entire Hindu society of the region got together to protest against this audacious decision, when 2 Bengali Hindu boys who were a part of the protests, were brutally murdered by the Muslims.
In another incident from the same area, a Muslim boy forced himself inside a Hindu house and tried to rape a girl, when he was caught by people from the village and thrashed. In the mean time, his fellow Muslims arrived and as punishment, beat him again , which led to his death. Now, to save face, the Muslims blamed the Hindus for the boy’s death and ransacked the entire village and many adjacent villages too. Hindus suffered once again. Three months ago , again in Gosaigaon , Muslims burnt down Adivasi houses after a minor quarrel in a market. As a result, an undercurrent of tension always prevails because of the unjustified aggression of the Muslims.
They are further backed by the Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam (MULTA) , a terrorist organization and also by the All Minority Student’s Union (AMSU). From  AMSU , a new fraction was created to cater to the needs of Muslims of the Bodoland region only and was termed as the All Bodoland Minority Student’s Union (ABMSU).
This ABMSU is the main culprit behind the current situation in Assam. A few days ago, Muslims, staying true to their land grabbing nature , encroached upon forest land in Fakiragram and put up a signboard calling it an Idgah. The locals, rightfully miffed at the illegal possession of forest land, asked them to give it up. Used to getting their way, the Muslims, backed by the ABMSU, started large scale agitations against the locals. Meanwhile, there has also been dissent among the members of the ABMSU and the AMSU.
On 19th July, 2 members of the ABMSU , its president Mohibul Islam and his colleague Abdul Siddiq Sheikh were shot at by 2 gunmen riding a bike. The incident took place in a village called Magurmari located 3 Kms from Kokrajhar town. Amazingly, both Islam and Sheikh were shot under the kneecap only. It was as if the gunmen wanted them to go through the most bearable of all gunshot wounds ! The entire episode indicates that the shooting was a result of the confrontation among the two Muslim student’s unions. It is also to be noted that Mohibul Islam has many impending cases against him that includes charges of rape and smuggling.
As expected the Muslims found another opportunity to blame Non Muslims for their own problems, and this time the Bodos earned their ire. On the evening of 20th July, a mob of Muslims brutally murdered 4 men from the Bodo community. They were butchered beyond recognition and that was the trigger for what has now turned into a dangerous riot. Further, an old Brahma Mandir, a very revered place of worship for the Bodos was burnt down in Anthaibari , Gosaigaon. Naturally , the Bodos retaliated after this.
The Muslims have been exceedingly vicious through out the entire episode. They even tried to snatch guns from the police and an OC was hurt during an altercation with a Muslim mob. 400 Muslims had gathered with arms to charge towards Kokrajhar, despite a curfew being imposed. The police took charge of the situation and a major disaster was averted. The violence has spread to Dhubri as well, where Muslims burnt down a hostel for Hindu boys. Muslim aggression has taken a complete anti-non Muslims turn and people from all communities are suffering because of them. People belonging to other religions haven’t been spared either. A Muslim mob even attacked the Rajdhani express train on 24th July, one Manipuri student was killed. A lot of trains have been cancelled and thousands of passengers have been left stranded in various stations, all because of Muslim hostilities. The violence has spread to over 400 villages in the BTAD region. Houses have been burnt down and abandoned houses looted. As of now, according to administration 63 people are dead, hundreds of villages are burnt and over 4 lakh people have been rendered homeless. To make matters worse, the violence has spread to other parts of Assam now, specially in BTAD area.  People have to live in Refugee camps in their own country because of hostiles from a foreign land. And conditions in the Refugee camps are extremely poor. Food supply is scarce, there are no medicines available and if that was not enough, the security in the camps is highly lacking. Centre has deployed several companies of Military & Para-Military forces to take control of the situation, which is turning extremely hapless by the day.
A)   Attack on Government Official on duty to relief camps :-
Incidents of attack by the people of minority community in relief camps to the govt. officials as follows:
1)    On 24th July, 2012, a group of all party MLA delegates were attacked by Muslim refugees in relief camp at Sarbhog.
2)    On 21st July,12, Western Range DIG Shri Surendra Kumar’s convoy was attacked by Muslim refugees in Kodaldoha relief camp near Fakiragram under Kokrajhar District.
3)    On 24th July, 12, Magistrate Shri Bipul Saikia was attacked by Muslim refugees of Kashipara relief camp 7 km from Kokrajhar at the time when Assam Chief Minister was present in Kokrajhar Town.
4)    On 24th July,12, Agriculture Minister Shri Nilmani Sen Deka blocked by more than 3000 Muslim refugees at Bortola on National Highway 31, near Dhaligaon, under Chirang District.
B)   The statement uttered by some renowned persons as follows:
1)    BTAD Chief Shri Hagrama Mohilari, on 24th July,12 blamed all the Bangladeshis who came from neighboring country Bangladesh for the present turmoil in Assam and demanded immediately sealing of Indo-Bangla Border. He also alleged that local Muslim have informed the people from outside, particularly Bangladesh, who entered the area and were instigating the local people to indulge in violence in Kokrajhar District. He expressed possibility of ferrying arms and ammunition to the state through Dhubri by the Brahmaputra River by Bangladeshis.
2)    The Pro-talk ULFA leader Shri Mrinal Hazarika supported BTAD Chief Hagrama Mohilari’s statement as ‘true’ and demanded the sealing of boundary alleging the involvement of Anti-India Forces from the neighboring country. He also alleged that a particular community in the state seeking the help of another particular community from outside for carrying out the communal violence in the BTAD. According to him one of the three boats, full of arms and ammunition reached by Brahmaputra through Dhubri District and other two will be reaching soon form Bangladesh. He also suspect the involvement of MULTA and Pakistani ISI intriguing the clashes in the BTAD.
3)    The President of All Boro students union, Shri Promod Boro had called for sealing of the border with Bangladesh and the inter-district boundary between Dhubri and Kokrajhar to check influx into the BTAD through Dhubri.
4)    The AASU also supported the demand of Shri Hagrama Mohilary for sealing the Dhubri-Kokrajhar border and told the Chief Minister to make public his decision on Mohilari’s demand.
5)    BTAD Dy Chief Shri Kampa Bargoyary on Friday said the influx from Bangladesh was the main cause of ethnic violence between the Bodos and the Muslims. He also said that massive influx from Bangladesh has out numbered the indigenous population and threatened their political and Socio-economic situation. He alleged that both state and Central Government had failed to protect people living in the tribal belts and he blamed the All Bodoland Minority Students Union (ABMSU) for the situation.
6)    Meghalaya governor Ranjit Sekhar Mooshahary, a former IPS officer, who once headed the National Security Guards (NSG), also blamed that the Assam government was unable to prevent the communal clashes despite having prior indications. He said, “Several houses in our village were set ablaze by an armed mob just before noon. Even paddy fields with standing crop were destroyed. This happened despite the presence of a police picket near an LP school in the area. Police has been very ineffective,” (Mooshahary’s native village Odlaguri in Gossaigaon subdivision of Kokrajhar came under miscreants’ attack & burned in broad daylight on Tuesday.)
7)    BJP National General Secretary Vijay Goel has also demanded sealing of the border to check entry of illegal immigrants and thereby, trouble, ‘The congress government has failed to check influx’ he said.
It is high time that Hindus in the region, irrespective of their community, come together and make sure that these illegal immigrants and hostile aliens are put to their original place, so that such incidents don’t occur again. If the government fails to settle the longstanding illegal immigrants issue with immediate effect. Such incidents will further escalate to other area where indigenous populations of the state is confronting and tolerating the vices of these infiltrators for decades.