Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pakistan: A rouge nation on a Highway To Hell

Ibrahim Lone

Its common knowledge these days that Pakistan is the mother that bore the child of terrorism in its womb. However what many don’t know is that Pakistan as a nation has an expertise in lying and creating demons out of thin air. Pakistan is now on international radar these days for its sympathy for Jihadis. If the statements coming from Pakistani politicians and media , which are on a face saving spree, are observed closely one will find a strange mixture of frustration, inability to act, lies, and a combination of all these emitting from the country.

While it is a matter of time before Pakistan finds its place in the “Hall of Fame of Rogue Nations” for now Pakistan is doing what it is best at doing, lying through its teeth. Right from the time of the November 26, 2008 terrorist act, which shook the entire civilized world, to this day Pakistan has been denying that it has anything to do with terrorism. The first statements that came out of Islamabad were complete denial of the terrorists involved in the 26/11 misadventure to be Pakistani. They did this in the face of evidence that would make the worst liar succumb. However since Pakistan as a nation has achieved a Phd in the art of lying we got to hear varying statements from them which betrayed logic and common sense.

A few days after Kasab, the lone survivor amongst the Allah’s warriors, confessed that he is indeed a Pakistani National, the Government of Pakistan went into overdrive to assuage its non-existent prestige, by cordoning off the village to which the fellow Kasab belongs to. This fact was revealed by non other than the Ex-Prime Minister and now opposition leader Mr. Nawaz Shareef. Incidentally he also told the Pakistani Administration that they should own up to responsibility and help out Kasab and not detain his parents. There was also a video release by the Pakistani media in which Kasab’s parents were shown telling the tale of how their son met them last and told them that we was going for Jihad. No sooner had this statement come from Nawaz Shareef did Sherry Rehman a cabinet minister in Pakistan release the statement saying that Nawaz Sharif should abstain from making statements that could harm Pakistan. In other words she was requesting Mr. Nawaz Shareef who still had some conscience left in him to keep mum and not tell the truth. Anyway truth is far too powerful to be mellowed by lies and deceit.

Then there were statements by the now Pakistani President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari that Indian Air Force jets had penetrated into Pakistani Air Apace. Sadly this came out to be a very big hoax when Pakistan could not authenticate its claim. Then there was the visit by the Pakistani Foreign Minister who told the Indian media that Pakistan would co-operate with Indian in fighting terrorism. Indians took his statement in good faith assuming that he was really serious about what he was saying. But then again he suffers from the same disease that the Pakistani establishment has been suffering from the beginning. As soon as he went back to Pakistan he took off his sheep’s clothing and like a true wolf declared that Pakistan had already provided a lot of support in terms of helping with the investigation to India.

If this was not enough since the last week Pakistani Establishment, the politicians, army Generals, media and whoever is some body in Pakistan has been war mongering. Every day we get to hear statements like Pakistan is ready to defend its soil and integrity and what not. These statements are coming even though India has not said a word about any sort of strikes on Pakistani soil.

To add insult to India’s injury Pakistanis claimed the Blast that took place in Lahore, on December 25, 2008 was the handy work of Indian security agency and even claimed that they had caught a man by the name of Rajeev Shukla who was involved in these blasts. Pakistani media went in to a frenzy telling their nation that India was involved in blasts and the Indians should close down the terror modules operating from their soil. Sadly no pictures of this chap they claimed to be the terrorist were released by either the Pakistani establishment or the Media. No relevant details were given either. Perhaps it takes some time even to fabricate stories and some degree of intelligence too. Sadly the Pakistanis failed at this bluff, as the very next day, i.e., December 25, 2008 a Pakistani pro-Al Qaeda Jihadi group claimed responsibility for the terror strike. They also told the media channel that they would not hesitate in killing the US security forces if they did not stop striking the Militant bases in North Waziristan. So Pakistan again had to eat its hat.

This is an excellent example of calling the bluff by Pakistan. By issuing these threats Pakistan is basically trying to create an atmosphere of frenzy wherein the World releases some of its pressure on Pakistan. India has learnt it lessons well and know very well that Pakistan will never give up on the terrorists as this would reveal every known and unknown fact about the nexus between the terrorist, the Pakistan establishment namely the Army and ISI (Pakistani Intelligence Agency). This is not the first time Pakistan has been caught lying to the world, it did the same at the time of the Bangladesh Freedom Movement when millions of innocents were butchered by the Pakistan Army in the name of Islam.

Pakistan wants India to cower by trying to show its false bravado. Unfortunately for Pakistan, its staunchest ally Saudi Arabia and Iran have backtracked from supporting Pakistan on this one. Even the Chinese who are famous for their ability to hide their decisions till the last moment asked Pakistan to own up responsibility and to co-operate with India. The world is looking at Pakistan with suspicion now that everyone knows where the problem lies.

Perhaps Pakistan does not realize that a war with India is not its own favor. While India might suffer certain casualties Pakistan will perhaps cease to exist in its present form if it were to go with war with India. So Pakistan should act with prudence while it can. War will mean complete annihilation of the state of Pakistan, which is not what the Indians want. However if Pakistan has a death wish it will annihilate itself anyway.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hindu Agenda for the State of Bharat


Our Bharat – the land of divine incarnations – has an antiquity untraceable by history. This is the land treaded by Purushottam Ram and sages and seers. Our rivers and hills have sacredness and sanctity. We are the inheritors of this great civilization, an ageless civilization. This land of ours had been the soul of the universe radiating wisdom and knowledge – both of material sciences and spiritual experiences. Our Vedas and the Upanishads and the Gita are not just religious texts but treasures that transform men. It is to these Upanishads that Schopenhaur – the German thinker – referred to as “the solace of his life and the solace of his death”. Thus everyone born in this Punyabhoomi must consider himself as the fortunate son of this land and its great heritage.

No less a person than that evolved soul – Swami Vivekananda – was overwhelmed with emotion whenever he talked of this Punyabhoomi that made him say: “Each nation has an identity and destiny. As far as Bharat is concered Hindu is its identity and religion is its way of working”.


Our Bharat becoming free after thousand-year subjugation must shape its own destiny, must have its own identity, method and agenda.

As far as Bharat’s destiny is concerned, its destinty must be based on Hindu ideals as Dr Annie Besant asserted. A foreigner, she propagated for the preservation of Hindu ideals and values and said, “India perishes if Hinduism perishes”. This Hindu ideal is the basis of our nationalism. Maha Rishi Aurobindo in a speech at Uttarpara proclaimed, “Sanatana Dharma is our Nationalism”.

This Sanatana Dharma is a living continuity for thousands of years encompassing the religious, spiritual and cultural needs of diverse peoples of Bharat and has woven into us a national ethos. An independent Bharat state has a duty to preserve this great Dharma as it is the foundation of our state. Samuel Hattington in his book “The Clash of Civilizations” asserted that “that state only would last long which is based on its own culture and civilization” and concluded that Bharat has a chance for a long survival as a nation state because of its ancient culture and civilization.

Thus the state in India has a duty to uphold and preserve this unifying ancient culture and civilization.

Hindu Rashtra and Rama Rajya

Establishing a strong Hindu Rashtra is our long-term goal. Hindu Rashtra is a perception about this nation in which all sections of people, though having different forms of worship, consider this land, its heritage as their own and as they belonging to one race, culture and civilization.

“Ram Rajya” is another goal before the State and the people in which the happiness of all people will be achieved through just laws, just actions and just values in public and private life. There will be no discrimination against any section – poor or rich. There will be justice for all and appeasement of none. Under Ram Rajya economic welfare will be achieved through Dharmic measures. The State will be based on the principle of “Sarva Jana Hitaaya, Sarva Jana Sukhaaya”.

The economic welfare program will consist of the following measures:

1. Family – Each Hindu family must be protected;
2. For Youth – Job-oriented economy and self-employment;
3. For Industry – Internal liberalization free from Licence Raj;
4. For Farmers – Agriculture-based economic development.

In order to achieve our goal of Hndu Rashtra and Rama Rajya, the following steps must be taken.


The Temple at Bhagwan Ram’s birthplace was destroyed in 1528 CE and the Babri structure was built in its place. The objective was a political one to provide an ocular reminder to the Hindus that Islam ruled over their holy land. Thus it was a monument of Hindu slavery.

The struggle to repossess the birthplace of Bhagwan Ram has been going on for the last 478 years. It is a program for upholding the dignity and showing devotion to Bhagwan Ram. Lakhs of Hindu lives have been sacrificed in this struggle.

The right of the Hindus to the holy site of Rama Janma Bhumi has been well established through evidences provided by the VHP in December 1990. The literary, historical, archaeological, revenue and judicial records clearly establish the Hindu case. The excavations carried in 2003 have confirmed the existence of a temple at the site. Hindus have made sincere efforts to get the site back through negotiations also. Discussions were held with three prime ministers – V.P. Singh, Chandrashekhar and P.V. Narasimha Rao. They were not allowed to be taken to the logical conclusion and floundered at the altar of Muslim vote bank. In these conspiracies to dislodge the sincere efforts of the Hindus, the so-called secularists played an active role.

Immediate steps should be taken to handover the entire site to the Sri Rama Janma Bhumi Nyas. Similarly, temples of Kashi Vishwanath and Bhagwan Krishna at Sri Krishna Janmasthan which were similarly destroyed, must be restored to the Hindus.


From times immemorial our places of worship have been centers of spiritual experience, social cohesion and unifying centers.

Magnificent temples were built by Avantivarman in Kashmir to Raja Raja Chola far in the South proclaiming Hindu devotion, divinity and architectural skill of our artisans. They served as centers of all Hindu activity – fine arts, cow protection, hospital, library, Langar (feeding the poor) and even courts of justice. No modern engineers could erect a similar edifice of such loftiness and magnificence and symmetry.

Hindu blood boils at the state of Neglect of our Shrines.

Why this Neglect? Because of the laws of the secular Governments of various states temples have been taken over by the State, their properties running into crores have been taken over by the Governments leaving the temples in shambles – without Pujas or maintenance.

While secular Governments take over only Hindu Shrines, the Churches and Mosques are left to be managed by the respective communities. Is this secularism? Can a secular state manage religious institutions?

Even after takeover the governments have misused the funds of the temples for un-Hindu purposes and secular activities. Many Land Reforms Acts have been brought about reducing the income of the temples from the lakhs of acres the temples possess. All these laws have been made possible by the facilitating provisions in the Constitution under Articles 25 & 26. Hence such laws should be abrogated and the temples handed over to the specially constituted Dharmic Councils for administration. We need “Samaajikaran” not “Sarkaarikaran”.


From times immemorial “GOMATHA” is our life’s sustenance, a reflection of our compassion for all living animals. Cow is a part of a Hindu family, a Hindu farmer and his farm.

The nation state has a duty to take into consideration the way of life of people and their aspirations.

It is a tragedy of unimaginable lengths to see our venerable GOMATHA butchered in millions under our very eyes. HINDU SOCIETY has become a helpless spectator as the laws allow this slaughter.

The Constitution has taken a lukewarm stand as far as meeting the aspirations of the Hindus in Art. 48 (Directive Principles of State Policy) indirectly advising Government to preserve cattle wealth and cows. Kerala and West Bengal serve as the nation’s slaughter states to which our cows are marched to meet their death.


Ganga is the holy river of the Hindus and their lifeline in Uttar Bharat. Its preservation in its pristine purity is the duty of the society and the state. Similarly, the state has an obligation to preserve the purity of other sacred rivers like Yamuna, Godavari, Cauvery, Narmada, etc.

Preservation of Religious, Historical, Heritage Sites

The government must recognize the significance of our ancient religious and historical sites and take steps to preserve and develop them for the benefit of our progeny.


It is a pity that the study of Sanskrit – a unifying classic language of great antiquity – has been neglected in independent India. There is no provision for study of Sanskrit in our schools and colleges.

The state must restore Sanskrit – the vehicle of all knowledge – to its prestigious place in the educational institutions besides encouraging the study of Sanskrit in centers of learning.


Taking root in Kashmir, Jehadi terrorism is spreading and threatening the life and liberty and peaceful existence of the people. Indoctrinated in the Madarsas and abetted by inimical Pakistan, the Jehadis indulge in bomb blasts, sabotage and killings. This Jehadi threat must be countered and eliminated with full will and force along with centers within India where they are harboured.

All secessionist forces like the ULFA, NSCN in the North-East who are aided and supported by the foreign Christian Missionaries must be put down with an iron hand. In this the role of the ISI must be identified and exposed.

In the heartland of India is the threat and violence from the Naxalites of various shades having links with the violent communist organizations in Bihar, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. The state must launch a manhunt for these rebellious groups and fight them out in jungles and cities.

In this context, government has a bounden duty to destroy all the training camps of all types of terrorists whether Jehadis or Naxals or ULFA situated within the country.


Another factor of internal turmoil is the growing religious conversions. A Nation State has a duty to see that the foundations of the State are not shaken by demographic changes reducing the Hindus to a minority in their own land.

Change of religion leads to change of nationality. Wherever Hindus are reduced to a minority, secessionism begins to raise its head.

Swami Vivekananda rightly cautioned that the conversion of one Hindu does not mean one Hindu less, but one enemy more.

Proselytisation is facilitated by the flow of foreign funds to the Church, NGOs and to the Muslim groups. These funds supposedly to be used for service projects or actually used as inducements to convert poor Hindus. The state must monitor, control and stop the flow of funds and their use for purposes of conversion.

In many districts, particularly border districts of Bengal and Assam, the Hindus are being reduced to a minority. In some States like Kerala, Hindus may become a minority in the decades to come. This facility for conversion emanates from the rights given to the minorities in the Constitution under Art. 25, 29 and 30(1). This continuous conversion process will lead to breaking up of families, villages and the society at large endangering the security of the nation itself. Conversions to Islam and Christianity must be banned forthwith by appropriate laws and changes in the Constitution.


Infiltration from Bangladesh has been encouraged by secular politicians to create a vote bank. The infiltrators have been provided with ration cards and their names enrolled in the voting list. In some places, it is the foreigners who determine the election results. Presently it has become a threat to national security since it has taken a form of Islamic terrorism controlled by Pakistan. The demography of many border districts of West Bengal, Bihar and Assam has been altered to the disadvantage of Hindus. Infiltration also has become a source for committing anti-national acts within. Hence, all steps must be taken not only to stop any type of infiltration, but throw out the infiltrators already in India.


Article 370 was envisaged as a temporary provision in the Constitution. In the early 60s when Atal Behari Vajpayee wanted to move a Bill abrogating Article 370, Pt. Nehru dissuaded him saying that many provisions of the Article had already been diluted and the Article was slowly getting eroded. This Article has created a sense of separateness among some Muslims of Jammu & Kashmir. It is because of this terrorism in the Kashmir Valley has flourished leading to the turmoil and Hindu suffering. Real national integration can be ensured only with the abrogation of Article 370 and the state must take all legislative and constitutional steps.


National integration and the concept of secularism demand that the laws are common to all and that all citizens are equal under the law.

But it is not so in our “secular state”. There are various types of discrimination against Hindus – in inheritance, marriage, and even in running an educational institution.

All these separate laws and privileges for religious minorities have led to separatist thinking, behaviour and even life style among the minorities. Such separate laws for Muslims have resulted in frequent divorce of Muslim women making their life miserable. Hence the State must abrogates such laws and Articles in the Constitution.

Thrice the Supreme Court had directed the government to frame a common civil code. One provision that enables the evolution of common laws is Article 44 (Directive Principles) of the Constitution. These enable the State to frame common civil laws for all citizens and ensure equality before law for all. This provision must be taken advantage of by the state.


The State has a duty to give the right type of education to the future citizens – education that will generate patriotism, pride in the glory of their past, vision of the future, besides character building through good moral codes and values.

Our education curriculum must be overhauled to make every student a scholar and a patriot and a model for his/her own progeny. Our scriptures and Dharma should also be included in the curriculum. The history that our students study is a distorted one suppressing, misinterpreting facts of our glorious past. In many cases the acts of vandalism by invaders have been negated and in other cases invaders are glorified. Hence, a thorough revamping of the study of history must be done in the curriculum providing to our students a continuous, truthful history making them take pride in their past and in the achievements of their forefathers, creating in them a sense of belonging.


The Government of India has a duty to ensure the life and liberty of the Hindus living abroad in the context of periodical threats to their life and livelihood in their adopted countries. Special concern must be shown for the Hindus living in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Fiji and West Asian countries.


Politicians and political parties must correct all wrong perceptions, policies and programmes of their respective parties and enable a rethinking that would ensure national unity and cohesion. We appeal to them not to ignore any of the sections in this Agenda as impracticable, but make earnest efforts to understand the aspirations of the Hindu majority and consequently so reframe their policies and programs that would lead to the implementation of this Hindu Agenda. All that is required is the right perception, a vision of the future of the nation, the aspirations of the Hindu majority and the political will.

We hope our brethren in politics would do the right thing by serving the motherland and the priceless heritage called Sanatan Dharma.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hindu numbers down from 20 to 2pc in Pak

ISLAMABAD: While expressing dissatisfaction over the present condition of the Hindu community in Pakistan, two Hindu representative bodies have disclosed that the Hindu population in Jinnah's Pakistan has plummeted from 20% in 1947 to a mere 2% since 1947, primarily due to religious discrimination in the Muslim-dominated country.

The revelation was made at a seminar, held in Lahore and organised by Hare Rama Foundation (HRF) and Hindu Sudhar Sabhake (HSS). The speakers said the Hindus, being the largest minority community in Pakistan, are suffering from many problems for decades.

The speakers pointed out that there are more than 4,00,000 Hindus living across the Punjab province, yet they are neither represented by a single legislator in the provincial assembly nor in the National Assembly of Pakistan at present.

The speakers urged the Pakistan government that the Hindus should be given proper representation in the federal and provincial legislatures like the other minorities in the country are given.

Pak Hindus hide in Punjab


Fearing persecution in Pakistan, more than 150 families of Pakistani Hindus have been hiding in Punjab and Haryana for the past two years without valid documents to support their stay in India.

Police in the two states have not initiated any legal action against them, though their stay has been termed “grossly illegal”. The police said about 5,000 to 6,000 Pakistani Hindus are living in the two states. “The refugees are refusing to go back to their country,” said a senior police officer.

Om Prakash, a Pakistani Hindu, said: “We lived in the Mianwali area of Pakistan. While many of our relatives crossed over to India in 1947, we failed to do so.”

“We were tortured in Pakistan. Daughters of poor Hindu families were abducted. There was no point in complaining to the police as they refused to help,” they said.

Om Parkash, who used to run a small shop near Peshawar, said in the past few years many Hindus had been killed by criminals for ransom or for not converting to Islam.

Many of the refugees are keen on taking Indian citizenship. Official sources said the problem had been brought to the notice of the Union home ministry. “If we give them Indian citizenship, our relation with Pakistan may be affected. That is why their cases have been pending for so long,” the sources said.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

28 Christians and a Muslim Embraced Hinduism

THOOTHUKUDI: As many as 28 Christians and a Muslim embraced Hinduism at a ceremony arranged by the Hindu Munnani in Thoothukudi on Tuesday. The ceremony was presided over by Hindu Munnani leader, Ramagopalan. The converts were from the villages of Silukkanpatti, Sathankulam Thaivilai, Puthantharuvai, Thoothukudi, Chidhambaranagar, Thentiruperai and Vilathikulam Kaththalampatti, all in Thoothukudi district. The ceremony started in the morning with Ganapathy homam and priests V L Sankarnan Vathiyar and R Selvan Pattar performed the rituals for conversion. Each convert was asked if they were embracing Hinduism on their own and after they gave a nod, new Hindu names were given to them. Ramagopalan said: “We have to find the reason behind Hindus getting converted to other religions. We are in the process of bringing back those Hindu converts and we are hopeful of succeeding in our attempt.”

Thou shalt rise again

Tarun Vijay

The reopening of Taj brought emotions of a victor to the fore. I am not one of those who frequented Taj or met their girlfriends there or spent
evenings at Leopold's. Yet Taj on December 21 gave me joy and filled me with confidence. It was a revenge on the cowards of November 26 – like a second Somnath.

Parsis would know better. They were never able to get back to their ancestral homes in Iran or to rebuild what the same hateful lot who bombed Taj had destroyed centuries ago.

That is what they did to Bamiyan Buddha. And to Hampi. And to the temple cities of Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi. And only recently, they attacked Raghunath temple, Sankat Mochan and the grand Akshardham. What has changed except the faces and the dates?

Taj reopened is resistance emerging victorious.

We rebuilt Somnath. We reopened Taj. Does it matter one was a religious place and the other a fine symbol of our hospitality? Both the attacks were on India. And in both the cases, we rose like the mythical phoenix.

Ratan Tata belongs to the finest in India, gives his best to his motherland and earns more respect than money can buy. It's not because of his billions or global takeovers. It's because he exhibits a confident, invincible spirit of an Indian.

The Ghaznis and the marauders of Aurangzeb destroyed Somnath several times. Yet the invincible spirit of Somnath rose again and again defeating hate and barbarism. "With the dawn of a new era the new temple has risen like the phoenix from its own ashes," wrote KM Munshi in 1950.

Somnath raised was synonymous with India raised. The same spirit must guide us again.

Mumbai's fearless face and Taj's reopening symbolize that resolve. We have to take the war to its logical conclusion.

Those who feel elated with the chairman of the US military's joint chief of staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, visiting Islamabad as if that's going to help us or those who look at Pranab Mukherjee's warnings with some hope would be in for disappointment soon. Americans wouldn't like us to get seriously engaged in a war like situation. So that they would do is to address the current aggressive mood in India to pretend "something is being done" so that time passes till we get into election mode. Pranabda has been given the task of warming up the pitch for the Lok Sabha elections. The Pakistan issue, a strike here or there, may help to some extent. But the purpose is not to punish Pakistan or to teach it a lasting lesson.

Nauseating as it may look – and I pray I am proved wrong – this is how defence experts and Pakistan watchers see the hot air build-up in Delhi. The challenge in the present circumstances is to evolve a genuine, long-term Pakistan policy that is immune from the intermittent skirmishes or small-time love affairs on public diplomacy front. We are not dealing with one entity that is known collectively as Pakistan. India's Pakistan policy has to address the Sindh, Balochistan and Pakhtun factors as significantly as the Punjabi aggressiveness and deep hate for anything us.

So far every PM in South Block has tried to devise a new framework, which is often America-centric. With a regime change, the policy too takes a break. Pakistan must be dealt with an India-centric policy nursing our long-term goals. There are pundits on Pakistan affairs who feel that unless Sindh and Balochistan's aspirations to become independent countries are not supported by Delhi, we won't have peace on the Khyber side. New Delhi must tame Islamabad on its own prowess – without leaning on US shoulders, which in any case would never be available to us. Washington is bound to serve only US interests in Islamabad. The ideological refuges of the jihadi terror modules and their Arab connection are the real sources of their strength. Pakistan remains just a platform like any other piece of land.

And we can’t afford to ignore the homegrown shields to the jihadis. What Antulay said was a repeat of what Zardari said in Islamabad. The other day I was on a TV channel diagnosing Antulay's diarrhoea of doubt regarding Karkare's martyrdom. I was surprised that except Shabana Azmi, none of the Muslim participants condemned or distanced themselves from what Antulay said. And these leaders belonged to various parties including the Congress, which had earlier distanced itself from Antulay's statement. I am sure if Shabana and Antulay contest an election from a Muslim majority constituency, Antulay would win hands down. Why should Muslims be led to entertain a doubt on anything that targets the jihadis?

Unfortunately this tendency is gaining ground like a fire. Instead of coming closer to the mainstream of those who condemn any act of terror unitedly, many Muslims are being misled into believing that the actions are orchestrated by Hindu-Jewish-American lobby. I was in an Urdu poetry night at Indore, attended by some of the top luminaries of Urdu poetry. They spoke of the Gujarat riots and the Mumbai terror attack, praised the journalist who threw a shoe at Bush and challenged fiercely all those who, in their opinion, brand every Muslim a "terrorist". Fine enough. But why were the incidents of attacks on Kashmiri Hindus in the valley simply absent from their radar of literary concerns? There were poems condemning the "followers of Ram" who destroyed the "mosque" at Ayodhya. But not a single line was uttered about the blasts at Raghunath temple, Sankat Mochan temple and Akshardham by those who quoted their holy scriptures while doing so. Why?

They complained why did America let off Modi with a small "punishment" like denial of visa? I asked the greatest poet among them all, Nida Fazli (of Kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta fame), a simple question while sharing the lunch table with him. “Have you ever written about the plight of five lakh Kashmiri Hindus who were ousted from their homes after a series of unparalleled brutal attacks? When you condemn Gujarat, do you also feel and write in the same way about Godhra?” He had no answer. Such littérateurs have no qualms accepting top honours from a BJP government, as Nida saheb has done in Bhopal. But would refrain from giving voice to their fellow citizen belonging to a different faith.

It must go to the credit of some of the young Muslim firebrand poets who recited great poetry challenging terrorists and enthralled the 7,000-plus audience with their patriotic fervour. Salaam to them. But to ignore the undercurrents of a mindset Antulay and Nida Fazli represent would exhibit only a self-defeating naivety.

Antulay reminds me of a debate on Jinnah and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Antulay represents a segment not exactly known for theological scholarship or a merit in exemplary devotion to his faith or doing service for the good of the faithful. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan is respected worldwide for his deep knowledge of Islam and its true meaning. His books are prescribed at the Mecca University. But Antulay would get votes and not the sober, patriotic elements. Why? There was a vast difference between Jinnah and Abul Kalam Azad as far as Islamic scholarship goes. The former had hardly anything to do with Islam, while the latter was an epitome of deep knowledge about it and his personality too exuberated doctrines of his faith. He stood for an undivided India. He lost leadership of his community to Jinnah. Why?

The greatest hope is that 2008 is not 1947.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Think About It

Can Muslims condemn or protest against Islamic terrorisms? The world have not seen that as of yet! Practically, condemning Islamic terrorism by the devout Muslims is very difficult and perhaps, un-Islamic too! One can see very well that, Muslims will condemn terror acts superficially; but they will hardly condemn those perpetrators of terror acts who are always Muslims by their identity. Reasons are sheer denial and doubts about who actually did the terrorism!

‘Terrorism’ by the action or name of any political group or faction, may not be any new word in our dictionary; but terrorism in the name of any major organized religion or, to spell it more precisely, terrorism perpetrated so viciously for the wishful benefit of certain world religion—is definitely a new phenomenon in this century, at least! Whether, this kind of terror-madness happened in the past for the sake of establishing any religion or not, is a matter of intellectual debate, at least for those who have ‘limited knowledge’ about the early history of world religions! But for those who have extensive knowledge on the early propagation of world’s organized religions, they can very comfortably conclude that, this kind of terrorisms did happen obviously in case of Islam, which got the ancient name: Islamic Ghuzawahs (surprising attacks to enemy)—the mirror image of today’s terrorisms.

However, we can tell for certainty that, for the last decade or so, horrendous acts of dastardly terrorisms—killing and maiming tens of thousands of innocent people are continuously happening around the world, without any geographical boundary by using the name of a sole religion called Islam. It is also true that all Muslims are not terrorists; but all terrorists are of course—Muslims. There could be no controversy in it, I hope!

Now, whether these perpetrating terrorists are ‘real Muslims or not’ is also a matter of debate and answer depends on whom do we ask! Truth of the matter is, these mindless terrorists openly claim that they are Muslims, and they all do use unquestionable Muslim identity by name and national origin. Most importantly, quite frequently, they all look like pure Muslims (bearded, Madrassha students, connected to Mosque and Islamic centers, Imams, muftis, maulanas, khatibs etc) and also talk like pure Muslims (Chanting: Allah-hu-akbar, utter Koranic verses, Prophet’s name and death to Israel or America or death to kaffirs etc.) and utterly fearless, merciless jihadi behavior and commits suicide to kill their enemies!

But, how many Muslims or Muslim nations came forward to openly condemn this heinous act of Islamic terrorists? So far none! However, surprisingly, we have no shortage of erudite Muslim-origin writers who immediately come forward to question and condemn those perpetrating Islamic terrorists by using some mouth-freshening slogans as follows: “These terrorists can not be any good Muslims, Islam never condone terrorism, Islam is a religion of peace, etc. etc!” They all only condemn those terrorists but never condemn the source/sources of their brain-washing methods. That is, they all vigorously condemn the patient and never condemn the cause of the disease! Many of them even go several steps further; they even try to make some ridiculous conspiracy theories only to blame America, Israel or India for the Islamic terrorisms!

In reality, no Muslims will ever protest against those Islamic terrorists whole heartedly. World never saw any street demonstrations by gullible Muslims to condemn the Islamic terrorists. But on the other hand, they all would do all kinds of mayhems (chanting anti-west slogans, street dancing, shouting, burning, killings and what not!) to condemning all non-Muslims—even for a triple matter against Islam such as Danish cartoons.

Approval of Muslims:

Muslims always play victims and blame all the non-Muslims in general and entire west (America, Britain, Israel and Europe) in particular, for their own failure and misery. Hence, Muslims mostly remain silent to all the perils of terrorism befallen to the non-Muslims, even though, they all know that those terrorists are nobody but Muslims. And their cruelest silence generally construed as the clear nod of consent to these Islamic terrorisms, which is taken or understood by the Islamic terrorists, as the grand approval by all Muslims and Muslim nations, to their act of heinous terrorisms. In this way, time and again, these mindless Islamic terrorists are getting all kinds of moral supports from the massive and irresponsible silence from the entire Muslim world. In fact, exactly that is what happening continuously to all the incidences of Islamic terrorism around the world, including 9/11.

Therefore, terrorists are always covered-up by the smoke-screens and all the wishful doubts and conspiracy theories intentionally created by some erudite Islamists, which is the most powerful fuel that feed the terrorists and re-double the jihadi zeal of all those terrorists (al-Qaeda and it’s all affiliated terrorist gangs) which give them much more encouragement and moral boosting to plan more new attacks!

Inactions of Muslims in general:

Poor reactions from world’s Muslim population are mindboggling indeed. Take the case of dastardly terrorism of 9/11 in 2001. Whole world had been well convinced (by series evidences, from thousands of arrested Muslim terrorists, repeated admissions by Osama bin-laden and all his associates) as to, who did 9/11, and who were behind this heinous killings and destructions. But, almost 80-90% Muslims never ever believed that 9/11 was done by any Muslims. They mostly love to believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy engineered by America and Israel—only to harm peaceful Islam!

It is the same story about the recent incidence of Bombay (Mumbai). Even after the disclosure by the lone surviving Muslim named terrorist (Ajmal Kasab) from Punjab and by the immediate and appropriate actions taken by the Pakistani govt. by demolishing Lashkar-e-Taiba (LET) camps in Ajad Kashmir and also by arresting all 20 terrorists including their masterminds in Pakistan—Muslims around the world remained deaf and dump, as usual. Have we seen any reactions or any condemnations from any Muslims or Muslim nations, even after that? Answer is a big NO! Why? Because, Muslims never even believe any media news which goes against them, period. They only believe media news which goes in favor of them. By the way, even in this rightful action of Pakistan authority, most Muslims always smell some conspiracy theories hatched by the USA, Israel or Indian kaffirs.

Instead of correct and appropriate condemnations—western-educated Islamists always and immediately come forward to superficially condemning (eye-washing) and then starts spewing and making up some ridiculous conspiracy theories only to blame the victims (western govt. and Indian or non-muslims etc) and to make the whole case a total confusion and ultimately blaming America and Israel, for all the ills, happened under the Sun. Hence, 200% energizing the jihadi zeal of those Muslim named terrorists, so that they can prepare for more vigorous strike next on the kaffirs by using the name of Islam!

Muslims support al-Qaeda jihadis and Islamic terrorism:

Muslims in general and gullible devout Muslims in particular gloat inside (secretly) whenever any terrorism happened in the target of non-muslims, causing deaths and destructions. Of course, they will express their feeling about any terrorism quite differently when speaking with any non-muslims, but it is a different story when they speak among themselves. With our Muslim identity, if we ask all the Madrassha students (Talibans), mullahs, Imams, Maulanas, muftis, Kkari, Khatibs, all Islamic scholars, Imams of all grand Mosques etc—almost 100% of them will say: they all love al-Qaeda very much and they support them wholeheartedly. Almost 90% of all gullible Muslims living in the Muslim world (such as any Arab nations, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sudan), they will answer that al-Qaeda is definitely friend of Islam. Osama bin-Laden (OBL) is still the most popular Muslim hero in the Muslim world. When did anybody see any protesting/condemning demonstration by the Muslims of any country against al-Qaeda or OBL? NEVER!

Please click to this URL to listen an incredible :


Where do they (al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists) get monetary support from?

It is needless to ask that all these Islamic terrorists definitely need millions of dollars to perform the ‘Modus operandi’ of their fanatic vicious killing games around the globe. Who gives them money? Do they earn money themselves? Absolutely not! They all get 100% of their monetary supply from pure Muslims around the world. Al-Qaeda and it’s offshoots, i.e., all the various jihadi terrorists groups under the disguise of different names get their 100% financial and logistic supports from many Islamic charity under the banner of charitable donations. Almost all the Mosques establish in the western kaffir-lands, there are several donating funds which are the great sources monetary support for Islamic terrorists. Besides, Saudi Arabia and many other Arab nations generously spend billions of their petro-dollars (each year to promote and expand religion Islam) from which a lion share goes to these terrorists’ funds. Therefore, here is the ultimate answer how much Muslims love al-Qaeda and all jihadis and whether al-Qaeda is the great friend of Muslims or not!

Names and connection puzzle:

Quite often, western Governments and western Medias struggle to understand the puzzles of various names and connection issues and that is futile and unnecessary attempt by them. No matter what name or names these mindless Islamic terrorists do use—there ultimate connection is of course their giant umbrella organization of modern day Islamic Jihad called: Al-Qaeda—which is well connected to Islam and Koranic teachings. Please consider this analogy: Islamic jihad (terrorism) is a big poisonous tree. Al-Qaeda is the main stem of this tree rooted in the fertile soil (Islam and Koran) and all other hundreds of terrorists in various names are just some branches and sub-branches of the same tree. Taking new names and constantly changing names is the Islamic deceptive technique (just the way disease causing organisms mutates) only to keep non-Muslim western gullibles in the dark and confusions. They all are inter-connected to main stem (al-Qaeda) of this poisonous tree and their objective and goal is exactly the same: to undo western democracies, to destroy western civilization and life style which they dream to replace by their Islamic culture and sharia similar to Talbani Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia—which had been approved by Allah during the 7th century period.

Litmus test of conversion:

All religious belief systems work like the infectious viruses which I call “faith viruses”! However, these “faith viruses” have different characters too! Not all faith viruses are the same. Islamic virus is the most virulent and lethal of all the “faith viruses” in the world. Take this example: You have converted 40 westerners in “virus of faith” from various religions as follows: 10 in Islam; 10 in Christianity; 10 in Hindu; and 10 in Buddhism. Very easily, you can find that at least half of the 10 Muslim converts will turn into Islamic terrorists and suicide bombers. Among the Islamic terrorists—at least several dozens of very active and deadly terrorists are from the converted Muslims around the world. Remember how many white converts from Europe came to Iraq and blasted suicide Islamic bombs to kill some people in the funeral processions? Remember—shoe bomber Richard Reid, American Taliban, dirty bomber Jose Padilla, or Adam Ghadan of California white convert to Islam, who is now acting as the publicity in charge for al-Qeada in Pakistan? But amazingly, none of the converts from all other religions (except islam) will never be a terrorist to blast suicide bomb or any bomb at all. One can bet Billion dollars on this!


Islamic terrorisms happening sporadically all over the world (both in Muslims and non-muslim nations) are only the part of their larger mission of worldwide Islamic jihadi program declared by OBL in 1998. And these terrorists are doing it in disguise of various Islamic names, as part of their Islamic deceptive techniques, which westerners utterly fail to understand. Most importantly, Muslims in general will never condemn any Islamic terrorism, period. Islamic terrorists are continuously getting silent “nod of consent” from millions of gullible Muslims and hypocritical Islamists.

Those who are bringing some ridiculous lame excuses like: Palestine, Kashmir or American foreign policy, poverty or some ridiculous theories of social oppressions (which they think are the reasons of Islamic terrorism) are dead wrong. Even there was no Palestine or Kashmir problem existed, Islamic terrorists would have found always some different blame games to terrorize this world. Islam is a religion of terror and violence and Prophet of Islam said so and proven so by his war mongering techniques of establishing his ideology of Islam. Followers of this faith virus are just doing what they were told to do by the Holy Koran and Sunnah. All nations have the birth right to defend their motherland but nobody but these Islamic zombies come thousand of miles away from their motherland to blast suicide bombs. That’s the basic fact some wishful people forget to compare. Islamic virus is the deadliest menace of this century and is posing to destroy our hard-earned civilization, lest we forget! Civilized world should unite and fight this deadliest virus to destroy, or be destroyed! This is like Koranic verses 9:111, destroy or be destroyed!

The sooner this poor world recognizes this dangerous monster of Islamic jihad in disguise of so called “radical Islamic ideology” of this century, the better and safer will be this poor world and it’s inhabitants—the civilized mankind. Surely, our hard earned civilization is under a big threat from these jihadi and deadly Islamic terrorists!

CPM Relief Fund bribed Godhra Riot Witnessess

Godhra riot witnesses got Rs 1 lakh each

Navin Upadhyay | New Delhi - Daily Pioneer

Gujarat-based NGO processed payment from CPM relief fund

A controversial Gujarat-based NGO was instrumental in organising payment of Rs 1 lakh each to as many as ten witnesses in various post-Godhra riot cases.The money came from the CPI(M) relief fund and was distributed months before the witnesses deposed in the courts, five years after the clashes took place. Four other eyewitnesses received Rs 50,000 each.

The revelation comes in the backdrop of reports that a host of Gujarat riot case victims were misled into signing affidavits giving false information at the behest of Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), an NGO headed by social activist Teesta Setalvad.

Incidentally, those who were both victims and eyewitnesses received Rs 1 lakh and Rs 50,000 while the victims got mere Rs 5,000 each. This has raised eyebrows over the selection of beneficiaries and the purpose of paying a disproportionately large sum to the eyewitnesses before the trial.

Chief Coordinator of CJP Rais Khan told The Pioneer that he had submitted the name of beneficiaries to the CPI(M) on instruction from Teesta Setalvad. “Setalvad identified the people and I merely followed her instruction and forwarded the list to CPI (M),” Khan said.

When contacted, Setalvad said she was present at the function on an invitation from the CPI(M) and had nothing to do with fund raising. “It was CPI(M) money and I was a mere guest at the function,” she claimed.

Yasin Naimudin Ansari, one of the eyewitnesses who got one lakh rupees, told The Pioneer on phone from Ahmedabad that he was approached by someone from Teesta Setalvad's organisation. "I vaguely remember this. But I don't remember the name of the person," he said.

The function took place in Ahmedabad on August 26, 2007 and the witnesses were handed out demand drafts by CPI(M) politburo member Brinda Karat, Teesta Setalvad and Rais Khan.

Brinda Karat admitted that the CPI(M) had raised the money, adding that as far the party was concerned it was giving relief to the victims. "Our party is not involved in any court cases involving Gujarat riots, and for us, distributing relief was merely a humanitarian gesture," she said.

Not disputing that she had taken the help of local NGOs to identify the victims, Brinda said, "We had received a lot of applications and money was distributed in different phases."

The 14 DDs (Nos 567540 to 567554 all dated 01/08/2007) were handed over to these witnesses by Teesta, Brinda and Rais Khan. Seven DDs were payable at Ahmedabad and seven at Baroda. Interestingly, one of the recipients is Yasmin Banu Sheikh, the estranged wife of Zahira Sheikh's brother Nafitullah.

The Pioneer is in possession of letters written by beneficiaries thanking Brinda, Teesta and Rais Khan for the payment.

Yasmin Banu Ismailbhai Shaikh (aunt of Zahira) of Baroda, who received Rs 50,000 (DD No 567552 dated August 1, 2007). Yasmin is a complainant in case No. 114/04 at Baroda. It is interesting to note that, when no substance was found in her complaint, she was directed to face lie detection test by the court and ever since she has not appeared in the court.

Among the recipients are four Best Bakery case witnesses and nine are appearing as witnesses in Ahmedabad-related Naroda Patia, Shahpur, Khanpur and other 2002 riot cases.

The information has been gleaned through a string of petitions under the Right to Information Act by one H Jhaveri from various agencies, including banks.

The four Best Bakery case witnesses are:

Sailun Hasan Khan Pathan of Ahmedabad who was paid Rs 1 lakh; Tufel Ahmed Habibullah Siddiqui of Baroda who received 50,000; Sehjad Khan Hasan Khan Pathan of Baroda who was paid Rs 50,000 and Rais Khan Amin Khan Pathan of Baroda who too got Rs 50,000.

There are nine witnesses relating to Ahmedabad riots who are testifying in local riot cases. All of them were given Rs 1 lakh and they are: 1.Kureshabibi Harunbhai Ghori of Baroda, witness in case No. 11/02 registered in Khanpur Police Station.

2. Husenabibi Gulambhai Shaikh, also of Baroda and witness in case No. 11/02 filed in Khanpur police station.

3. Rasidabanu Yusufkhan Pathan of Ahmedabad, witness in 2002 riots cases.

4. Fatimabanu Babubhai Saiyyed of Ahmedabad and witness in Case No. 100/02 registered in Shahpur Police Station.

5. Badurnnisha Mohd Ismail Shaikh of Ahmedabad, witness in Case No. 49/03 of Shahpur Police Station.

6. Mohd Khalid Saiyyed Ali Saiyyed of Ahmedabad, witness in Naroda-Patiya case. His first application was registered on March 7, 2008 and second on May 29, 2008.

7. Mohd Yasin Naimuddin Ansari of Ahmedabad, witness in 2002 riots cases.

8.Shaikh Azharuddin Imamuddin of Ahmedabad. During 2002 riots he was injured. At that time he was 10 years.

9. Sarjahah Kausar Ali Shaikh of Baroda. No details available.

List of Victims who were paid Rs 5,000 on 11/10/2007.

Mohammed Rafiq Abukar Pathan , Aslamkhan Anwarkhan Pathan, Pathan Saiyedkhan Ahmedkhan, Imtiyazhhan Saiyedkhan Pathan, Rashidkhan A. Pathan, Sairaben Salimbhai Sanghi, Ashraf Sikandarbhai Sanghi.

Teesta Setalvad's former confidant files FIR against her

Ahmedabad: Raees Khan, who has been accused of distorting facts in the affidavits of six Naroda Gam witnesses, alleged Friday that activist Teesta Setalvad has been threatening him and said he has filed a police complaint against her.

"I have filed an FIR (First Information Report) against Teesta today at Rakhial police station. She is behind the threatening calls that I am receiving for the past couple of days," said Raees Khan, a former confidant and once the coordinator here for Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP).

Khan said late on Friday evening that he had to take this step as calls were made to him from Ahmedabad railway station warning him and his family of dire consequence if "I turn out to be a nuisance to Teesta".

"Do not say anything about Teesta. Do not address the media. Keep strictly away from media persons. Even if one word is spoken against Teesta, you and your family will have to pay a heavy price," Khan quoted the caller as saying.

"Today my application was accepted by the Rakhial police inspector and also an FIR was filed. I also met the assistant commissioner police and told him the reason behind my seeking police protection," Khan said.

Khan was once a close confidant of Setalvad who heads the Mumbai based Citizens for Justice and Peace, a non-governmental organisation. She is also editor of Communalism Combat, a magazine that aims to fight communalism.

In his complaint, Raees Khan has directly accused Teesta. "If I am attacked or if anything happens to my family, I will hold Teesta personally responsible," Khan said in the FIR, adding that though he had no enmity with Teesta, she was hounding and threatening him.

"'I will send you to a place from where you will not return', Teesta had warned me recently when I asked for my two months' salary dues," Khan said.

Raees Khan is in the eye of the storm after he was accused of distorting facts in affidavits of the six Naroda Gam witnesses viz., Madina Pathan, Maqsoon Pathan, Rafiq Sheikh, Mohammed Malik, Rafiq Malik and Rahim Malik when he filed their affidavits in 2003.

These witnesses have deposed before the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) that they did not know about the content of affidavits filed before the Supreme Court.

Raees Khan, however, said that he had nothing to do with the affidavits as it was written in Mumbai and a printout was taken from his computer here. "The six victims had approached me saying that police were not recording their statements soon after the riots. I then contacted Teesta and she sent the drafts. Nanumian Mallik's son. who is an advocate had taken the drafts to the six witnesses and he took their signatures. I had no role to play in it, whatsoever," said Khan.

"I was approached for the first time by Teesta after the demolition of Babri Masjid when she called me to work for her here to handle her local office. I did my duties diligently at the office located at Shahpur and all went well until 2007 when she unceremoniously sacked me. She was at her abusive best when she showed me the door," Khan said.

"I have not been paid my two months' salary. The computer and the fax machine and other stationery items belonged to me as I had purchased with my own money and have receipts to prove it. Yet she has taken all of it, claiming that it belonged to her. When I demanded that my property be returned, she said she would fix me in such a way that I will be rotting behind bars for the rest of the life," Khan told IANS.

He also alleges that yet, when he went ahead undeterred and demanded his dues he was approached by people close to Teesta who advised him not to tangle with Teesta.

"'She is too powerful and she can harm you irreparably. It is better you keep away from her', they had advised me," Khan said.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jizya come back Khilji -Aurangazeb rule India again

Introduction : Now, there are lot conditions imposed on celebration of Indian traditional festivals, conduct of pilgrimages and other periodical religious congregations. In India with the tradition, culture, heritage and civilization of more than 5000 years, the periodic festivals like Kumbamela, Adiperukku or gathering at Sangamams / Kudals (confluence of three rivers) for sacred bath on the prescribed days, Karttikai Theepam, etc., in different parts of temples have been part of Indian people[1]. However, of late, there have been restrictions on such celebrations by the State and Central government through the rulers, who are nothing but politicians with motives.

Mohammedan rulers imposed such restrictions : In the past, the Mohammedan rulers imposed such restrictions through Jizya – religious toll tax on Hindus[2]. The conditions of Jizya have been very specific and they were meant for restricting the movement of Hindus by participating and celebrating in huge numbers, as had been going on for many years. When Hindus had been in large numbers, there was difficulty for Mohammedan marauders for looting. Initially, the Mohammedans intruded into India as raiders and looters in hoards and used to retreat or run away after looting. But from 11th – 12th centuries onwards, they tried to settle down and rule from Delhi. Thus, the so-called Delhi Sultanate rule started and they imposed Jizya tax on Hindus[3].

The conditions of Jizya tax system imposed on Hindus : The Hindus who agree to pay jizya were allowed to live and work in the Islamic state with the following conditions. The operation started with Khiljis (1290-1320 CE) and pursued by other Muslim rulers[4]:

1. They are not to build any new places of worship.

2. They are not to repair any old places of worship which have been destroyed by the Muslims.

3. They are not to prevent Muslim travellers from staying in their places of worship.

4. They are to entertain for three days any Muslim who wants to stay in their homes, and for a longer period if he falls ill.

5. They are not to harbour any hostility or give aid and comfort to hostile elements.

6. They are not to prevent anyone of them from getting converted to Islam.

7. They have to show respect to every Muslim.

8. They have to allow Muslims to participate in their private meetings.

9. They are not to dress like Muslims.

10. They are not to name themselves with Muslim names.

11. They are not to ride on horses with saddle and bridle.

12. They are not to possess arms.

13. They are not to wear signet rings or seals on their fingers.

14. They are not to sell or drink liquor.

15. They are to wear a distinctive dress, which shows their inferior status and separates them from Muslims[5].

16. They are not to propagate their customs and usages among the Muslims.

17. They are not to build their houses in the neighbourhood of Muslims.

18. They are not to bring their dead near the graveyards of the Muslims.

19. They are not to observe their religious practices publicly or mourn their dead loudly.

20. They are not to buy Muslim slaves.

Ironically, most of the conditions are prevailing in India today. For each, we can give hundreds and thousands of examples can be given.

December 6: The Jizya prevails in India : On December 6 of every year, the media itself gives enough publicity to make it a "Terrorist Day"[6] or "Jihad-implementation Day"[7] and thus, the Jizya-ideology coupled with Jihadi-threat starts prevailing everywhere, restricting, preventing and harassing Hindus like anything at bus-stands, railway station and in temples particularly operated through the police and security forces. Whether Jihadi-Islamist terrorist attack or not the media-terror and the security-terror really terrorize people! It is a wonder when the heinous Islamic terrorists have been bombing and killing people in India, how they would come out and attack on that day, when the media and government have already given enough publicity. Not only that, they give full details with photographs, how the security arrangements have been made! After schools and colleges, such terror has come to Music festivals.

· Frisking of devotees – particularly, the ladies are subjected to a lot of inconvenience.

· The word "frisk" has the meanings = search, check for weapons, pat down, body search, examine, inspect etc. Are these required for devotees coming there regularly?

· checking of bags – virtually, the "offerings brought to temple" are ransacked upside down, making the sanctity useless – flowers are crushed, dhoop-sticks broken, offerings brought completely disturbed, packets opened, even coconuts dropped on the ground while "checking"!

· They are stopped at the darshan queues for repeated checking.

In fact, these acts amount to insult the devotees, abuse of the rights of Hindus and violation of established Agama Sastras of temples[8]. If the Indian security system could not identify the real terrorists and regular devotees, it is a shame on the system. If they doubt that the Jihadi-Islamic-Mohammedan terrorists would sneak into temples in that way, then, it is proving the historical fact.

"Non-Hindus are not allowed", "People wearing Lungis and Pants are not allowed" : Many people used to take objection about the boards put up at the entrance of the temples – "Non-Hindus are not allowed", "People wearing Lungis and Pants are not allowed" etc[9]. Rich, elite and secular categories of "Hindus" used to write letters and they would be prominently published in the "National dailies"[10]. Most of such letters would be from USA and other advanced countries. But now, they could understand how the Jizya and Jihad systems would have worked in the past and also working now, so that such boards are required. Why then with all their richness and wisdom, they (the Hindus in foreign countries) could not protect their religion and temples but when they come to India, they expect all sorts of concessions, privileges etc.? They spent in dollars in night clubs etc., there and try to repent and expiate their sins here by offering in rupees to temples! They treat their Indian visit as some short of "divine-commercial trip" which should be done within their scheduled program. All rules and procedures could be flouted and violated. What sort of hypocrisy it is and has been fooling other Hindus and also creating bad image about India?

Mohammedans, Christians, atheists and other non-Hindus sitting inside are not "frisked" or " doubted"! In the past, as the Hindus had clearly recognized that the Mohammedans had been the temple demolishers and destroyers, and Idol-breakers, they had been identified, monitored and branded accordingly[11]. Later, as times changed, the warnings appeared according to easy understanding for the people. Thus, "Non-Hindus are not allowed", "People wearing Lungis and Pants are not allowed" etc., have specific meanings. Till early 20th century, there had been man to man relationship prevailing among the Indians and thus the temple priests, employees and the people around knew "who is who" coming to the temples. Now, the temples have been commercialized by the atheist, secular and other politicians. Ironically, the Mohammedan, Christian, ant-Hindu categories are getting employment and sitting right inside the temples[12] and they are not subjected to any "frisking"! How one can vouchsafe that such Mohammedans, Christians, atheists and anti-Hindus would not collude and collaborate with the Jihad-Islamic terrorists?

Non-Hindus have been dominating in and around Temples commercially : Another important fact has been the shops and other surrounding places of temples have been dominated by the non-Hindus. Even on Tirumala, Mohammedans are freely roaming as vendors, TTD employees, workers and so on (besides AP govt. Employees)! Of course, it has been a regular feature in Tamilnadu and Kerala. The Mohammedan, Christian, atheists and non/anti-Hindu categories are getting shop allotments, license and contracts for temple related activities. They do only for money, of course, definitely with contempt for the temples and Hindus. Otherwise, these activities are supposed to be carried on by the temple devotees voluntarily offering their services as "Uzhavarapp pani", "Kar-seva" etc. Anybody remembers or knows the significance of Titunavukkarasar carrying "Uzhavaarap padai" i.e, just like hand-spade to clean. Thus, the cleaning, repair and maintenance wiork was carried on by the devotees and not by these non-Hindu contractors. But the present Central and State governments have spoiled the system completely. Remember, how the meaningful expression "Kar-seva" has been disparaged and belittled by the media and other anti-Hindus[13]. The recent demolition activities carried on at the temples under the guise of renovation[14] has also been part of such attitude exhibited through the Dravidian politicians and rulers.

Security norms laid down for music festivals : "The Hindu" characteristically reports[15]
that, "In tune with the prevailing security scenario, the Chennai Police have laid down security guidelines to be implemented at venues of music festivals. Organisers and auditorium staff have been told to upgrade security by installing gadgets, including metal detectors. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Mylapore) A.G. Mourya, who convened a meeting of auditorium representatives here on Wednesday, underlined the need for establishing closed circuit television network as a permanent security measure." He adds that, "There are about 21 auditoria, including a few in schools, where music festivals are held in the Tamil month of Margazhi. Detailed instructions have been given on the dos and don'ts. We have asked them to engage trained security personnel and install Door Frame Metal Detectors," said Mr. Mourya. Areas in close vicinity to the auditoria should be kept free from congestion to facilitate movement of emergency services such as ambulances or fire tenders. Organisers should request music lovers not to bring any baggage." Thus, here a lot of questions arise:

· These festivals have been going on for thousands of years without any problem.

· And absolutely, there is no question of the Police to teach the persons connected with music festivals to follow, "Detailed instructions have been given on the dos and don'ts."

· The upgradation of security by installing gadgets, including metal detectors and engaging trained security personnel and install Door Frame Metal Detectors etc., are too much as the musicians and music lovers are not fighting with Jihadis.

· If that is the case, it is the default of the present Governments for such nurturing of Jihadi-terrorism.

Just for example, few specific cases of temples and related issues are studied, in other words, these examples are only for illustrative purposes and not exhaustive, as there have been crores of sacred places available for Hindus in India and even outside India.

Lashkar could target Madurai"s Meenakshi temple : The reports appear[16] in the media is unbelievable."Laskar could attack Madurai Meenakshi temple"! The famous Meenakshi temple in Madurai in Tamil Nadu is on the Lashkar-e-Tayiba"s hit-list, fears the Intelligence Bureau. The IB has alerted Tamil Nadu"s director general of police with information obtained by intercepts by the Indian Army and the Research and Analysis Wing, India"s external intelligence agency. IB Director P C Haldar spoke to Tamil Nadu DGP K P Jain on Saturday to convey the Centre"s concerns. Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil may speak to state Chief Minister M Karunanidhi to urgently post additional security at the temple. The Centre wants the Tamil Nadu government to take quick action on its alert and avert any threat to the shrine[17]. "s Krishna Kumar P adds [18] : Security in and around the Meenakshi temple has been beefed up, the Tamil Nadu police said on Saturday. "I cannot share with you details of the IB inputs. The temple figures in our alerts also. We have asked the respective departments to step up security in vulnerable installations and public places like markets and malls. Temples also figure in this, and security has been stepped up," DGP Jain told, but declined to answer questions about any specific alert about the temple. Madurai Commissioner of Police Nandabalan said he was asked to increase security at the temple by his superiors. "The temple has always been secure. Only recently we ensured that all guides and shopowners in the area were ID-ed and identity cards were issued. We recently installed closed circuit security cameras," he told The temple has four entrances and the police have placed a sub-inspector, an armed reserve policeman and a local constable at each entrance. Also, vehicular traffic around the temple has been blocked; only pedestrians are allowed in the four streets that form the perimeter of the temple.

"After the Ahmedabad blasts, we did not want to take any chances. With our own inputs and also the central input, we have decided to enhance the security to the temple. We have set up an exclusive control room at the temple," Nandabalan said. A top priest of the temple said the police switched into vigilance mode from early Saturday. "Early in the morning, when the temple gates were opened, the police were there with sniffer dogs. They were very alert. We thought it was a routine exercise, but what struck us was the intensity of the search. There were more policemen than usual and their presence did not decrease as the day wore on, as is usual," C Shanmuga Sundara Bhattar, one of the senior-most priests at the temple, told The vast temple witnessed a minor blast in 1996, when a country-made bomb exploded in a corner of the shrine[19].

The Jihadi-threat to Temples has been become regular feature : Last September also[20], there was threatening from the Islamic terrorists about the targeting Five Big temples of Tamilnadu! Security has been stepped up in five major temples in Tamil Nadu following an intelligence alert of terror attacks. The Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, the Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameswaram, the Murugan temple in Palani, the Kapaleeswarar Temple in Chennai and Sri Ranganathar Temple in Srirangam in Tiruchirappalli have come under a heightened security. Besides these temples, commercial hubs in Chennai and elsewhere have also been placed under surveillance. However, officials are wary about security arrangements in the temples, as they want the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments department, that administers temples, to be more proactive. Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and Bengaluru were hit by serial blasts in recent months killing and injuring hundreds of people.

Red alert after threat to temples at Varanasi! : Varanasi: An anonymous letter by a person claiming to be a member of the terrorist outfit, Lashkar-e-Taiba[21], has threatened terror attacks at the disputed site in Ayodhya, and the Banaras Hindu University and the Sankat Mochan temple here on Holi day. The authorities have sounded a red alert in the district. The letter, sent to the office of the Senior Superintendent of Police on Thursday, also threatened attacks on the Cantonment railway station and the bus stand from March 4 onwards, SSP Sujit Pandey"s Public Relations Officer K.D. Tripathi said here. The Sankat Mochan temple and the Cantonment railway station were targeted by terrorists last year.

Tight security at Tirumala, Bhadrachalam: Following the threat : Additional forces deployed in and around the temple complexes and Security was beefed up at the Tirumala temple in connection with the Babri Masjid demolition anniversary on Saturday in and around the temple complex. Roof-top centring atop the temple complex was increased by deploying additional men. Frisking of devotees and checking of bags were stepped up at both the darshan queue complexes and at Alipiri security point at Tirupati. To keep a watch on the movement of anti-social elements crossroad patrolling was organised around the Mada streets encircling the holy shrine and at other places, which witness heavy congregation of pilgrims. The TTD security and vigilance staff and the district police conducted combing operations along the footpath leading to the temple town besides undertaking the night patrolling. Khammam Staff Reporter writes: Following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, security was tightened at the Bhadradri temple in Bhadrachalam with security personnel undertaking regular checking and frisking on the premises. However, two of the three door frame metal detectors at the temple were out of order and the eastern gate of the temple had no metal detector. The special police force entrusted with the temple security were managing with three handheld metal detectors. The Police Department urged the authorities to get the DFMDs repaired immediately. Some ten constables and two head constables of the SPF have been put on guard. The local police have been assisting them and supplementing their efforts by conducting regular checking of the vehicles and suspected elements on the roads and lanes leading to the shrine. The police wanted a separate locker to be arranged near the main gate so that pilgrims could be made to deposit their handbags before entering the premises. A separate bandobust plan was prepared for the Mokkoti festival to be held on January 6 and 7.

Danger behind the so-called "security – beefing up" :

As jihadi-Islamist-Islamic terrorism has been identified, action should be taken on such "perpetrators" : Now, it is open that these Jihadi-Islamist-Islamic terrorists have been against Hindus in particular[22] and therefore, the Central and State government should take immediate action in controlling, containing and stopping their activities. They need not give advice or alert or crate panic in temples under the guide of safety and security, If they are really interested, first let them the non-hindus are transferred and thrown out of the Temples, Temple boards and related functions. Not that Hindus disbelieve them, but under prevailing conditions, they have to be sent out and they can be posted in Mosques, Churches, mausoleums, graveyards and samadhis (wonderful structures built over their dead bodies) of their leaders[23], as they have become their gods. Incidentally, Veeramani has been going on planting EVR statues all over Tamilnadu and therefore, they can be easily accommodated there[24].



PS: Some raise doubts how some things happen inadvertantly or with intention:


Dec 2008

For details, see at:

[1] Of course, the media does not give publicity or coverage, the PM, CM and other politicians do not extend greetings to Hindus etc., are different matter!

[2] From the Khiljis to Aurangazeb, though Akbar was reportedly rescinded it!

[3] Here, also the perverted and fundamental Islamic scholarship tries to justify even today instead of controlling or stopping the Jihadi-terrorism.

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Ironically, in Mumbai Jihadi-bombing, the Islamic terrorists came like this!

[6] See an article on this at


Though M. Nachiappan has not pointed out the Jihadi-support attitude has been exposed in their speech, demands and placards! Ironically, all went on in the pre presence of the Police!

[8] But none care for such human rights and fundamental rights violations occurring in India and the Hindus suffering to such acts.

[9] The secular-elite Hindus think differently knowing nothing about their religion, but simply carried away by what other say about their religion!

[10] In "The Hindu", one can find such letters appearing very often!

[11] Here, Indian historians aided and abetted by the secular rulers and others want not to record such facts in the text books. In fact, they indulge in negative propaganda negate the heinous crimes of Mohammedans and Christians in India.

[12] The acts of Marxist governments – West Bengal, Kerala and north-east, Christians ruled governments – of course, the whole India, Andhra, north-east, specifically and Mohammedans - as governors etc. Karunanidhi has already started training atheists as "Temple priests" and they enter soon!

[13] During the Ramjanmabhumi Karasevai, many Hindus devotedly involved, but the media dubbed and branded them as devils and evil-doers!

[14] Vedaprakash, Karunanidhi - the Aurangazeb in action, demolishes a temple mantap! For details, see at:

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M. Nachiappan, Karunanidhi-Aurangazeb on the prowl: Two more temples under the threat of demolition! , for details, see at:

………………………, HR " CE and Sri Rangam Temple Row: Is it an attack on Hindus or political vendetta? ` see at:

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[19] And the bombers have been only Mohammedans!



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[23] In Tamilnadu, this has become the unique feature of Dravidian culture and they have become the "grave-worshippers" just like the Mohammedans and Christians. This feature is interesting for researchers to go into the details.

[24] The "iconoclast" is getting maximum "Icons / idols", that too in stone, bronze etc!