Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why intolerant Islamism is spreading?

Dr Babu Suseelan

Islamists' goal is to exploit freedom, and liberal policies of non-Islamic countries and to inject their valueless values and make non Muslims subservient and unfree. Moral relativists, moral agonists, Marxists and phony liberals are colluding with Islamists in their sinister plan for making the world a Dar-ul-Islam. we are naive in keeping an "open Mind", and embracing the concept of "tolerance", and "Compromise". Tolerance of intolerance and compromise with evil is no guarantee of success or produce decent results. It is a deadly mistake to "Compromise' with or 'tolerate; intolerant ideology or intolerant people.

Political leadership and phony liberal media who want to promote "Compromise" and "tolerance" have lost clear, correct and comprehensive knowledge of Islamo fascism and the true nature of Muslims who want to kill all infidels. They are in deep denial of the valueless values of Islamism and the dangerous reality of destructive tendencies of Islamo fascists.

It is suicidal to compromise or tolerate Islamists promoting terrorism and death. There should not be any compromise with Jihadis promoting death. Once we accept the concept of 'compromise' with Islamists, we are compromising with death.

People who promote compromise and tolerance are morally treacherous. We cannot correct irrational belief system of Islamists by giving into them. Do we have to compromise with death? Do we have to tolerate poison?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why we need Hindu Rashtra?

Dr Babu Suseelan

India has a unique history. While the west and the middle east were living in darkness, India was at the zenith of civilization. Indian culture, philosophy, and richness were unparrlel in the history of the world. From 8th century onwards hords of Islamic invaderrs marched with their ferocious new found Islamism and swords to India. Muslims came to India as invaders, looted India's wealth, mercilessly killed those who resisted brutal Islamic invasion, enslaved Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. Invading Muslims forcefully converted millions of Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs by the Islamic sword, destroyed temples, cultural institutions and learning centers. Islamic dictators were successful in erasing cultural memories and spiritual tradition. Uprooted people were forcefully enslaved with the Arab desert dogma. Centuries of brutal Islamic rule reinfocred the valueless values of Islam and the closed, dogmatic and non compromising Islamic thinking.

Since Islam is against democracy, pluralism, multiculturalism, tolerance and coexistence, converted Muslims became dogmatic and sectarian. Then The European Christians came to India, subdued Islamic rulers and established the colonial rule. Christian colonialists encouraged Muslims to retain their Islamic identity and hostility against Hindus.

The Christian colonialists colluded with Muslims against India's spiritual tradition and moral foundation. It paved the way for Muslims to retain their Islamic identity and they use Mosques as center for islamic socialization. Everything ant-Hindu were promoted and Hindus were reduced to spineless jelly fish afraid to speak up. They have fallen prey to the corruption of the secular and have become watered down version of their Hindu self. Hindus were often more concerned with survival amidst discrimination, oppression and chaos. Hindus became a laughingstock, and frequent target of Islamic fanatics and Missionaries. They were successful in imposing their outdated, closed and reductionist theology on helpless Hindus. In response to these multilevel attacks, Hindus became paralyzed, hypnotized, and ostracized by corrupt politicians, colonial masters and Islamic fanatics.

There was no strong Hindu organizations other than few Bhakti movements. They were preaching Bhakti and saturated Hindus with chanting and Ahimsa as well as surrender and political non-involvement. They were not teaching or reminding Hindus to become politically active. As a result many Hindus thought coercive religious conversion and colonialism is predetermined and therefore beyond their control. It was a great disaster for Hindus. Muslims who are worldly gained political strength, established strong separate identity and were faithful to Allah and islamic value system. Muslims demanded their own way, throwing muscle power and tantrums like violent criminals.

During independence struggle under Gandhi, fear has overcome Hindutva, conformity to Hindu culture has replaced with conformity to Islamic and western values. The voice of Hindu leaders has been replaced by a cacophony of English speaking leaders like Nehru and Islamist Jinnah. The colonial masters encouraged and supported Muslim's demand for a separate state. Indian leaders trained in the secular, liberal agenda fell into the Islamic trap. Now separate islamic states exist on the west and east of India. In Kashmir, Nagaland and several parts of India, Hindus are a minority. If the present coercive religious conversion continuous, in several parts of India, Hindus will soon become extinct.

Muslims residing in India still identify with the desert originated Arab dogma. Hindus are forced to tolerate the incursion of darkness. Muslims are organized and connected to rich Islamic states. Hindus still have a choice. They need to unite and declare India as a HIND RASHTRA. Rigid, dogmatic idealism of Marxism, Islam, Nazism and Fascism cannot help realize the ideals of humanity. The world needs a universal, systemic, pluralistic idealism. And a HINDU RASHTRA can promote liberal democratic system around the world with ideals of pluralism, universalism, coexistence, pace and harmony.

Friday, November 20, 2009

With a Bollywood - Who needs the 'LeT' or the 'JAISH'?"


Dear Sir,

Reference the report " Bollywood actors under NIA scanner " - (TNIE - 19 NOV).

The report stated - " India's National Investigation Agency (NIA) might record statements of actors Emraan Hashmi and Aarti Chhabria who reportedly had contact with Headley - -".

Just in end Jul 2009, the entire 'secular' English media of our country was shedding 'copious secular' tears at the pitiable plight of Emraan Hashmi at his being refused a NOC to purchase a flat in the Nibbana Complex, a posh society in Bandra's elite Pali Hill area.

According to an IANS report: " Emraan said: ' It is strange that they don't tell you on your face that you can't get a house because you are a Muslim. It would have been easier if they would have told me openly. What they told me is that they can't allow me to live there because I am a serial kisser and my presence will have a bad influence on the children staying there."

He added : " 'Being a celebrity if I'm facing problems in buying a house here, I wonder what kind of problems others would have been facing. All the time we are talking about secularism but with such incidents what secularism are people talking about?"

Waxing eloquent, Hashmi told : " Am I a criminal, or a terrorist or have I done anything illegal?' The IANS report further added: " Emraan told reporters here Friday with his uncle and well-known filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt by his
side ".

Now it so happens, the 'Secular Jumping Jack' Mahesh Bhatt's son is also in the 'terrorist soup' alongwith Hashmi !! Secular poetic Justice, wouldn't you agree, Sir??!!

Wonder what happens now to all those pontificating , bordering on venomous, 'secular' editorials spewed out by the English media at that point in time?!!!

'Truth' has always been the 'first casualty' in all the 'secular reporting' by the maudlin(?) English media. Any wonder then your columnist, S.Gurumurthy, wrote on 29 Jun 2004, an Article aptly titled : " Secular hoot and scoot,tell lies and run away ".

Tailpiece: The initial suspicion of the Nibbana Complex, has been well founded !!Hopefully they have been spared any further agony.



How to deal with Anti Hindu Media - A Lesson from Tamilnadu

Electronic media and Hindu sentiments – A sequel

20 Nov 2009

Readers may recall the three-part article titled “Electronic media and Hindu sentiments” that appeared here last month.

The backdrop to the article was an episode telecast by the Tamil Channel “Vijay TV”, which belongs to Rupert Murdoch’s Star Group. As the concerned episode terribly hurt the cultural and religious sentiments of Hindus, a campaign was started by a few individual activists against the channel and the producer and sponsor of the concerned program. The campaign has been successful so far and is likely to reach its logical conclusion in the days to come.

Meeting at the production house

On 3 November 2009, research scholar Gauthaman, professional photographer Srinivasan, advocate Subramaniam Balaji and columnist Haran had a meeting with Antony, CEO of Mercury Creations, which produced the concerned program “Neeyaa Naanaa” (You or Me / Tum aur Mein) for ‘Vijay TV.’ During the conversation, Antony gave the important information that the topics for the program are “chosen” by an “expert panel” constituted by the TV Channel and that the producers (like him) could only give them some suggestions.

The point to note here is that the TV Channel’s so-called expert panel regularly “chooses” topics which are relevant to Hindu cultural and religious traditions and subjects them to debate. The anchor conducts the program in such a way that the subject of debate is derided, demeaned and defamed and projected in such a manner that viewers get confused with a feeling that the concerned tradition is unwanted and unnecessary.

Mercury Creations produces two programs (Neeyaa Naanaa and “Nadanthathu Enna” – “What happened”) for Vijay TV and both programs deal with “Hindu” related subjects quite often. Since the subjects (topics) are chosen by the so-called expert panel, the real and ulterior motive of a Christian Media house like Star-Vijay can be understood. It can also be inferred that other channels must be following the same methodology to select topics for similar programs, as most media houses operate with the common objective of “de-Hinduising” society.

Antony refused to divulge the names of the expert panel. But the four activists found a blackboard (inside the mini meeting hall) on which the titles of subjects for shooting in future were written. Some topics mentioned were:

- Is it necessary to name newborns with the names of their grandparents?
- Who are beautiful, North Indian women or South Indian women?
- Inter-Religious marriages – Husbands vs. Wives
- Also, the topic debated on 18 October was, “who creates problems for a married woman, sister-in-law or brother-in-law?”

If we go deep into these subjects, see the programs and analyse them, we can clearly identify the motive behind the choice of title and program. One can recognize a “larger conspiracy” to demolish the institution of marriage and the family values entwined with Hindu religion and culture. The alien powers which control and fund our media houses are behind this huge conspiracy of de-Hinduising the nation and they are aided and abetted by ‘secular’ governments and political parties. It is sad and unfortunate that the Hindu majority falls prey to such programs, risking their religious and cultural identities.

During his meeting with the four activists, Antony tried to convince them about commercial strategies, TRP ratings, etc. But they stuck to their guns, demanding a public apology from both the production house and the TV Channel, apart from a commitment that such programs demeaning and hurting the Hindu community would not be produced and telecast in future. Finally Antony agreed to render a public apology during the telecast of the program on Sunday, 22 November, as programs till 15 November had been already shot.

Campaign through “Tamil Hindu” website

Meanwhile, my article in Tamil (more or less a translation of the English version carried here) was published in on 6 November, wherein readers were requested to send e-mails to Mr. Ponnudurai, Managing Director of M/S Lion Dates Impex Pvt Ltd., 4A/3 Kaveri Road, Trichy – 620002, the sponsor of that program, at, expressing their anger and hurt and their decision to boycott his products in future. Readers were also given telephone numbers (0431-2730047 / 2730191) requesting them to call the company and register their protests. The article ( drew the attention of thousands of Tamil Hindus across the world within two days and hundreds of readers flooded the mailbox of the sponsor.

Concerted move by “Hindu Voice” magazine

Sri GP Srinivasan spoke to Ponnudurai, proprietor of the sponsoring company, for an interview on behalf of the Mumbai-based monthly magazine “Hindu Voice.” Sri Deivamuthu, Editor & Publisher of Hindu Voice, also shot off a letter to Ponnudurai urging him to withdraw sponsorship of such anti-Hindu programs and conveyed his intention to run a campaign against his company through Hindu Voice and other media if he did not withdraw sponsorship.

The letter sent by Deiva Muthu:

Kind Attn: Mr. Ponnudurai

This refers to the telephonic talks our Editor, Mr. GP Srinivasan had with you, in connection with the Vijay TV Programme, Neeya Naana, Nadanthathu Enna, etc. All these programmes compered by Mr. Gopinath are prepared with an intention to insult Hindus. He has never taken up a programme concerning Islam or Christianity. It seems he is afraid of taking up issues concerning Muslims and Christians, and is taking up only Hindu issues because Hindus are tolerant.

Since these programmes are sponsored by you, our Editor, Mr. Srinivasan, would like to have an interview with you, so that we can publish it in Hindu Voice - a Monthly published in English and Hindi, espousing the cause of Hindutva. Please give us a date and time when he can come and interview you.

Meantime, we would urge you to withdraw your sponsorship to these programmes which are hurting Hindu Sentiments. Otherwise, we will have to carry on a campaign against Lion Dates, not only through Hindu Voice but via other media too.

I hope to receive your quick reply.

P. Deivamuthu
Mg. Editor, Hindu Voice
210 Abhinav, Teen Dongri
Yeshwant Nagar, Goregaon West
Mumbai 400062.
Tel: 022-28764460, 28764418, 09324728153.

Realising the gravity of the situation, Ponnudurai sent a reply to Deivamuthu and also shot off individual letters (though stereotyped) to all those, including the readers of “Tamil Hindu”, who sent protest letters to him. In his letter, Ponnudurai said that he understood the hurt feelings of Hindus and conveyed that he had instructed his advertising agency to be careful in future, monitoring each and every program sponsored by his company for each and every channel. He also said that he had expressed his views to the authorities of the TV Channel and that they have given a commitment to him that they would not telecast such programs in future.

The reply letter sent by Ponnudurai:

Dear Sir / Madam,

Ref: The programme telecasted on 11-10-2009

Greetings. We received your mail and understood your feelings about the particular
Mentioned programme telecasted in Vijay TV. We too felt the same way and have expressed our views to the Channel Authorities. And they have promised that in future there will not be any topics in their programmes which will affect the sentiments of any one…

Normally, this programme “Neeya Naana”programme became famous because of its topics involved in social matter and unfortunately this particular programme has crossed borders and affected the sentiments of large number of people.

We hereby like to stress yourself that we are not the Producer of this Programme and only the advertiser of this programme…As a part of our general advertising programme we release our advertisements in many programmes in many channels all over India .

We have strictly conveyed our Advertising Agency –Saroj ad Creators private limited ,Chennai, India- to monitor all the programmes in all channels where we release our advertisements and especially all the topics discussed in this “Neeya Naana” programme in Vijay TV, and refrain from any controversial programmes in future..

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

For Lion Dates Impex private limited

Managing Director


If the concerted efforts of a few individuals could elicit such a response, one can imagine the effect of a united campaign by Hindu organizations. Though Ponnudurai’s letter did not have a feeling of regret or a note of apology, the concern and respect he showed to the feelings of those who had written to him was quite visible in his communication.

So in the event of the production house not apologizing on Sunday 22 November, as per its commitment, the concerned activists have decided to proceed further legally and take the issue to its logical conclusion. One hopes Hindu organizations come together and rally behind the activists, as there are many other channels that need to be taken to task as they compete with each other in denigrating Hindu religion and hurting the Hindu sentiments. This is only a beginning and this movement against the hostile media has to be sustained.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Moshe's little heart still beats for India

Moshe still thinks of Mumbai as home. The little boy believes his parents live there, and often asks about them. His little world
Moshe revolves around school and play, drawing and colouring, climbing and falling. Terror and bullets don't mean anything to him. Not yet.

Moshe's life appears like that of any normal three-year-old—comfortable, secure and engulfed by love. But behind the surface lies a horrific tragedy that could haunt him as he grows older.

Moshe lost both his parents in the Mumbai attacks last year, as terrorists laid siege to the Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish Centre in a determined attempt to target the community. He had stood crying near his parents' fallen bodies, as terrorists stalked up and down, killing four other Jews in the building.

That Moshe is alive is a miracle, largely engineered by his devoted Indian nanny, Sandra Samuel, who ran to him when she heard his cries, scooped him up and hid in the kitchen until the nightmare was over. For hours they sat wedged between the fridge and the wall. Sandra's bravery became the stuff of legend in the Jewish community from New York to Canberra, sparking a steady stream of fan mail and eulogies. She was given special permission from the Israeli government to accompany Moshe here as the country mourned its dead and adjusted to the idea that its citizens were marked even in India where historically Jews have been welcomed rather than persecuted.

Sandra still takes care of Moshe at his maternal grandparents' home in Afula in northern Israel, a small town near Nazareth. She is Moshe's Indian connection, a real-life link to his parents Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg, who ran the centre in Mumbai as representatives of the orthodox Chabad movement which seeks to bring alienated and secular Jews back to the fold. Sandra, a recent widow, had grown attached to the family over time, often referring to the couple as 'my rabbi' and 'my Rivka'. Just as the couple had treated their Indian nanny as a family member, she looked after their son as her own, risking her life to save him.

For the Israelis and the larger Jewish community, Moshe and Mumbai will always be synonymous, just as Moshe and Sandra will be for Indians. Mumbaikars want to mark his progress, learn about his favourite food, his playground tricks, his best friends. They feel a responsibility, a connection with the little Jewish boy who was orphaned in the city's collective nightmare. But Moshe's grandparents, who are fiercely protective, adamantly refused permission to Indian journalists to meet either Moshe or Sandra. "It's not good for Moshe. You can't make him crazy," Yehudit Rosenberg, Moshe's grandmother and a former teacher, said sternly over the phone.

A woman of few and firm words, Yehudit described Moshe as a very, very happy boy who did what any child his age would do. "He can be bratty and he can be sweet. He is not too quiet and has connected well to his many cousins." If Moshe is off limits, could one meet Sandra? "No, no. Not now. Very, very busy. Call at 4 pm." And so it went for a week. Yehudit stalled, evaded and insisted that Sandra was very, very pleased to be in Jerusalem and would stay as long as Moshe needed her.

However, Sandra told a local TV channel this week that it was time for her to return home.”My home is India. I belong to India. The kid is quite attached to his grandparents now and I would like to move on," she said. The family keeps her under wraps and allows only well-calculated media appearances aimed at satisfying local curiosity and interest. "I felt a kind of responsibility when Moshe lost his parents, knowing that he was so attached to me. Now he has adjusted to the new surroundings and his family members just adore him," she said on Israeli television. It must have been a long year for Sandra who was transported from a throbbing, cosmopolitan Mumbai and planted in a quiet, religious Israeli town dominated by orthodox Jews.

In a profound irony of life, according to the Hebrew calendar Moshe's third birthday and the first anniversary of his parents' brutal murder fell within a day of each other. He turned three on November 18, on which at sundown began the observance of the death anniversary. Celebrations and mourning came arm in arm for the family. "Sadness has come with happiness," said Yehudit.

A third birthday for an orthodox Jewish boy is very important—he gets his first haircut and begins his formal Jewish education. The family was crazily busy with all the preparations, the birthday party, the various prayers, the memorial dinner for a thousand people. Moshe made an appearance on Wednesday night along with Sandra at a public dinner organised by Chabad near Tel Aviv, looking puzzled at the myriad camera flashes.

The grandparents are trying to find a good balance for Moshe, according to Rabbi Joshua Runyan, a Chabad spokesman and news editor of the website. Leaders of the Chabad movement, who just ended their annual conference in New York, have prepared a Torah scroll handwritten by Jews from around the world to send back to Mumbai after the centre is rebuilt.

The martyrdom of Moshe's parents has rallied worldwide support for the movement. The group's website invites followers to do a mitzvahb or good deed to honour the memory, and thousands of Jews from different countries have made pledges, including a woman who decided to have more babies, while another promised to call lonely souls. More than 200 Jewish babies have already been named after Moshe's parents, according to Runyan. Moshe may live in Afula, protected from the public gaze, but he will always have a large family.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama's Chinese odyssey

Tarun Vijay

The night before President Obama's first Asian tour began, he was trying to comfort an America deeply in shock after Maj Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 American soldiers who were bound for Afghanistan. Yet, Obama's nine-day tour, which took him to Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul, was marked more by economics than a consolidation of the Asian powers against terrorism. That's how he is trying to assure Americans — bringing back buoyancy to the US markets, reducing unemployment and making Asians buy more American goods rather overfilling American bazaars with Asian goods.

Hence, more than any other country China became the most significant stopover, and longest too — three nights and three days beginning Sunday evening, November 15. To make the Chinese receptive he refused a meeting with the Dalai Lama in Washington, and remained noncommittal whether he would raise issues of Tibet and human rights violations with his Chinese counterpart. Though an overcautious China provided all the reasons to Obama for a Tibet remark when its foreign ministry spokesperson raised the issue via Abraham Lincoln , referring to Obama — he is black, he admires Abraham Lincoln, so he, of all people, should sympathize with Beijing's effort to prevent Tibet from seceding and sliding back into what it was before its liberation by Chinese troops: a feudalistic, slaveholding society headed by the Dalai Lama.

But Obama may not necessarily oblige Dalai supporters as he wants to project a different image of America — a suave , conciliatory nation that can be talked to. His message to China from Tokyo was warm and friendly, wanting to build strong ties and not taking the rise of China as a threat. And he introduced himself as a pacific president with such personal history that the audience in the Suntory hall of Tokyo gave him a standing ovation. He said: “I am an American president who was born in Hawaii and lived in Indonesia as a boy. My sister Maya was born in Jakarta and later married a Chinese-Canadian. My mother spent nearly a decade working in the villages of Southeast Asia, helping women buy a sewing machine or an education that might give them a foothold in the world economy.” “So,” he added, “the Pacific rim has helped shape my view of the world.”

America needs a supportive Chinese market and wants China to move towards a market-based value for its currency. So Obama's meeting with President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao would concentrate more on economic issues and yes, AfPak policy, which affects the regional power balance but won't touch any controversial issues. As New York Times put it, he is clearly seeking to avoid alienating Beijing on the eve of his inaugural visit to China.

That's a big morale booster to China specially it is engaged in a wordy duel with India on border issues that reached a ‘cold war' level during the Dalai lama's Arunachal visit. Hence a natural corollary to Obama's China visit would be how it will affect India-China ties. Observers say the recent Chinese ‘war of words' with India and Chinese government-run media's xenophobic reactions and commentaries against Indian positions — reminding us not to forget 1962, can also be attributed to the growing India-US closeness symbolized in the Bush era's nuke deal. That has made China feel threatened by an India-US alignment. Hence the pressure on India has been building up. Another factor is the increasing US influence in Asia, which China has never liked. China thinks that India, which had kept a genuine non-aligned relationship with Washington has now completely gone into the US camp after the nuke deal. Indira Gandhi's regime and Vajpayee's strong nationalist stand post-Pokaran 2 showed India independent.

No more now, is the Chinese perception. This has put India under a bigger strategic burden and complexity. We are not sure if the US will help us during a skirmish with our northern neighbour, as US-China ties would be more important to Washington than help to Delhi. Obama's Asian tour doesn't seem to have taken India as an Asian power, and Obama would meet Indian Prime Minister and the President at Washington, and not in Delhi. Just before Obama left for China, the US administration refused to allow Indian intelligence officers to interrogate American national David Coleman Headley, arrested by the FBI on charges of plotting a major terror attack in India at the behest of Pakistan-based LeT, though India had given the FBI permission to interrogate Kasab in Mumbai. The US will also put pressure on Indian leaders to sign the CTBT and accept the US position on carbon emissions. It has also not changed its ‘black list' that bans trade in sensitive technology for some Indian companies, including a dozen key government entities like the Indian Space Research Organization. Though the US continues such trade with countries like North Korea, Pakistan and China that have a record of proliferation.

So a warmer confidence-building between the US and China may not necessarily mean an easing of the pressures on India. We will have to fight our battle on our shoulders alone.

That apart, a better US-China relationship would certainly be a development having its soothing effect on the region, as South Asia has increasingly seen geopolitical tensions rising on account of a bitter US-China rivalry and their efforts to curb each other's influence. Pakistan, which receives charitable grants and military help from, amazingly, both the rival countries, is in a state of a multi-control towers with non-state players as much powerful as the state authority dependent on US doles. A closer US-China relationship is not seen changing the status quo. China is a hard bargainer and long back it began building up its case against what it terms ‘unfair' policies of the US. Its state-controlled newspapers published public opinion polls showing public anger against Washington on economic matters. One of them said: “The unprecedented and increased trade protectionism measures the US has launched against China recently have triggered a strong fury of protest among the Chinese public. A recent survey conducted by shows that more than 90 percent of web users believe the US is seriously ruining the principle of freedom of international trade.”

Ultimately it's the Chinese strength and military power coupled with its strong economy that has seen world leaders recognize its might and seek its cooperation rather than get into conflict with it. Obama's visit also underlines the same truth of diplomacy. As one American analyst succinctly tried to put the matrix of the US China relations, ‘the most important division will be between centers of order and centers or sources of disorder, it is vital to American interests that China remain a center of order. America needs to handle a rising China the way Britain handled a rising America, not a rising Germany.'

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The liberal Hindu is on a global high

Tarun Vijay

A week ago i received an offer that was difficult to refuse. I was invited to speak to a distinguished audience at Taj Mumbai, which was partly destroyed during the 26/11 terrorist attacks. Nearly a year later, the hotel stands restored. In a way, it may be seen to represent the spirit of Hindu resurrection.

Its rise, literally from the ashes, could be seen in the context of the ancient Somnath temple, which was repeatedly destroyed by invaders and rebuilt each time. The audience was the great surprise of the evening. It was well-heeled and very keen to find out about the global Hindu footprint in the contemporary world. That’s the ‘new Hindu’ — modern, rich, powerful and a staunch believer in pluralism and diversity.

This ‘new Hindu’ is everywhere today. Lakshmi Mittal, one of the world’s richest people, now lives in London. Molecular biologist Venkat Ramakrishnan, who shared this year’s Nobel prize for chemistry with his colleagues, is based in the US. Pranav Mistry, who works at MIT’s tech lab, is the founder of the futuristic techno invention SixthSense which may change the way we live. Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo chief and ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s 100 most powerful women lives in the US. The list is endless. All of them are players at the global level; they make waves in their respective fields and force the world to sit up and take notice. They are a force to reckon with; they are difficult to ignore.

Till a few centuries ago, the Hindus were confronted by marauding Muslim invaders and proselytizing Christian missionaries. But they showed extraordinary resilience. Their rise to great heights is this millennium’s incredible saga of resurrection.

These ‘new Hindus’ are taking the religion to new lands, which would have been unthinkable just a little while ago. This is why Shanghai celebrated its first Diwali with businessman Vijay Chaudhry from Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan. Swaminarayan temples world wide are turning into Hindu awareness centres including the one at Muscat. Sri Sri Ravishankar was asked to spread the message of peace in war-torn Iraq.

Some little time ago, Time magazine’s cover story was on the healing powers of yoga and chanting of ‘Om’. This is the first year that Diwali was celebrated in that seat of world power, the White House. The Gayatri mantra can now be heard in Rome, New York and Beijing. All this thanks to the liberal and successful Hindu, who will never bomb his adopted country, but instead makes it home by importing a bit of his native land. In Paramaribo, Suriname’s capital, the local river became the Ganga for Indians settled there; in Mauritius’ Port Louis, a water body was named Ganga Talab; in Bangladesh, Hindus have strengthened a movement to rebuild a Kali temple destroyed in 1971.

The point to note is that today’s Hindu is different from before. He is more empowered, open to new ideas and adventures. His political affiliations may vary but he believes that India needs a revival with an unmistakable Hindu stamp. Spiritual gurus such as Sri Sri Ravishankar and Mata Amritanandamayee are among some of India’s most globally admired Hindus. Unlike the fossils of Deoband and Raj Thackeray, they strive for the greater common good, which empowers India to be strong as well as punish the wicked.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has become India’s largest non-governmental effort in hospitals, blood banks, eye donation, schools and the barefoot doctors’ movement. This, at a time that it is threatened by a class of attacker known as ‘the secular’.

Hinduism is the world’s only living religion to be known for its compassion and wisdom, rather than its massacres. The challenge is to build a grand future that does not knock the sentiments and beliefs of the majority, which has been trying to rise after centuries of

The writer has just published India Battles to Win and is director of the Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Medieval trap

Tarun Vijay

When the nation is facing grave threats from the Maoists and the Lashkar-e-Taiba's Islamist mad-heads, and discussing how to counter the Chinese arrogance, suddenly mullahs living in a frozen Arabian time zone have cried that they won't sing "Vande Mataram".

Are they concerned about the people? People whose lives they think they govern through some fatwas and scriptural instructions? Do they realize that hardly any educated Muslim with his head firmly positioned where it should be, listens to them leave aside "obeying" their dictates? Still they make some noises to get media attention and register their political presence.

What was the compulsive necessity for making such an announcement while the home minister was there to have a plateful of appeasement biryani in hope of garnering their votes for a 21st-century government?

One explanation that has come to us through Deoband observers is frighteningly pregnant with serious consequences to our already strained social fabric. The Congress wants to create another monster out of Muslim fanatics to further erode Mayawati's vote bank and simultaneously distract public attention from its failure on the Maoist front and keep the public debate away from the price rise. These are the issues it couldn't handle; hence, the distraction was immediately needed. And the way fanatics helped the British before India was vivisected, the maulvis have obliged the party in power. It's advisable not to get trapped in this political lunacy, but then the media will be taking it up in a big way for certain unexplained reasons and there will be obvious reactions and diatribes from both sides to keep the issue alive.

Public memory shouldn't be too thin. Remember how Bhindranwale was created, the statements about his "saintliness", the permission to his brigands to roam free through Delhi's roads brandishing AK-47s on top of buses. And then only too recently, Raj Thackeray was propped up to counter Shiv Sena-BJP's growth in the Maratha land.

They forget that a Bhindranwale and a Raj results in self-defeat, a defeat for the national unity and collective goals of economic prosperity. The Deoband mullahs have never helped their community in making economic, social and educational progress. At any moment of a social crisis among Muslims, they have delayed any decision or taken a retrograde stand. The "shining" examples of their fossilized mentality were too visible during the Shah Bano case, Gudiya's tragic story and equal right to Muslim women. They kept a studied silence when five lakh Hindus were driven out of their homes in the Kashmir valley, after announcements were blared out on the dreadful night of January 11,1989, asking Pandits to get out and leave behind their women. Jammu & Kashmir is the only Muslim-majority state in India and if Deoband is "concerned" about Islam's peaceful, and humanitarian face, why should it not try to influence the terror groups operating in the name of their religion and in turn, as the maulvis say, bringing bad name to their great message of universal brotherhood?

But never will one find them engaging the "bad elements" and issuing a fatwa against their "anti-Islamic" action. All they would do is to irritate Hindus and punch the patriotic people belonging to all denominations with untimely and out of context pronouncements like the one they made while the "man with a mission" Chidambaram was in their midst.

They know very well that "Vande Mataram" is a song celestial for a patriotic Indian no matter to which stream of faith he belongs. It's a song that inspired Bhagat Singh and Ashfakullah alike and is more popular with an electrifying affect than any other song. An A R Rahman refashioned it and offered a beautiful rendering of it with Bharat Bala making its universal appeal more thrilling. Millions of Indians, Muslims, Hindus, Christians and all denominations sing it with pride and confidence. It was the song which united India against the British repression that had caused the death of millions in Bengal creating an unnatural famine .The original song appears in the famous novel of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay named "Anand Math" which describes a revolution against the foreign yoke led by ochre-robed monks. The deity is Mother India, the song is in praise of the Mother and it's accepted as a national song by the Constitution. No organization can be given an option to denounce or reject the icons representing the national ethos and the spirit of the freedom struggle. If they don't belong to us, they don't have a right to enjoy the fruits of a pluralist society, democracy and a Constitution that gives them more than their ilk offers to any non-Muslim anywhere. Instead of making an Indian identity stronger and helping their community to join the national mainstream endeavouring for a happy and progressive life, they are, at a time when an average Indian is more concerned about dal roti and security, more concerned about a song that was opposed in the same manner by Pakistan seekers pre-1947.

Then to which country these Deobandis and Jamiat's big-mouths belong? What's their problem?
It's not the song they are opposing. The message is loud and clear that they don't want to forge a sense of unity with the national life. They want to create a divide on the lines of a Muslim Indian and an Indian Muslim for political leverage. P Chidambaram is certainly not a scholar of Islamic theology that they invited him for a religious discourse. The home minister was there on a political mission. The home minister of India must have made them sing an Indian song rather than emboldening them to oppose it.

Their Arabian-night fever must be brought to an end with the firmness of a united Indian patriotism symbolized in our Constitution and the ever victorious tricolor.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The bigger anguish is that Hindus don’t unite ! - H.H. Dr. Jayant Athavale

The Following interview of Sanatan Sanstha's founder H. H. Dr. Jayant Athavale was taken by 'Daily Saamana' regarding the issue of Margao, Goa Blast and alleged involvement of Sanatan in it by Congress Government and Goa Police !

Sanatan Sanstha has been targeted by the Congress government in Goa after the bomb blast incident in Goa. Efforts were made even in the past to implicate Hindu organisations in many cases. However, the police fell flat on their face, as they could not find solid evidence in any of the cases. Even after that, their activities to target Hindu organisations at the instruction of the government, are still going on. Here is a forthright interview from Sanatan Sanstha’s founder Dr. Jayant Athavale on why this is happening, what is the fact in the Margao case, and whether Sanatan is involved in it.

Question : What activities (karya) does ‘Sanatan Sanstha’ undertake?

Answer : ‘Sanatan Sanstha’ is an organisation working in the spiritual field. Like other spiritual organisations Sanstha does spiritual activities like organising satsangs, balsanskar varg and also social activities like health camps, offering clothes to needy students, etc.

Question : Pro-Hindu organisations are being drawn into the Thane, New Mumbai, Pavel, Malegaon and now Goa bomb blasts. Why is the government doing this without solid evidence?

Answer : The effort is on to show that terrorism is not only brought about by the minorities (of India), but also by the majority (Hindus). Has the government, which is calling the Hindu organisations ‘terrorists’, ever conducted transparent investigations in cases like the Bofors weapons’ scandal, massacre of Sikhs in Delhi, where the government itself was the accused ?

The root of all problems in the nation is ‘vote bank politics’. ‘Perform anti-Hindu acts and earn the votes of the minorities’ seems to be the stance taken in this sort of politics. Of course, all the politicians involved in this variety of politics are acting under different garbs like that of communism, socialism, secularism. They will obviously behave like this. I am not surprised that the snake is spitting venom. However, I am surprised that, pro-Hindu people are not uniting on the issue of Hinduism, when there are so many attacks on Hinduism today.

Question : Do you feel that it is a crime to live as a Hindu in Hindusthan (‘The land of Hindus’ – India)?

Answer : Secularism has become a curse for Hindus. On the very day of Diwali, the highest Dharma Guru of Hindus, Jagadguru Shree Shankaracharya Swami Jayendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamakoti Peeth was arrested, but no government has the courage to explain the language of law to the Imam Bukhari, who talks about war against the nation.

In Hindusthan, democracy exists for everyone else, but for Hindus living as Hindus, the treatment that has to be endured by them is that of the ruthless Mughal (Muslim invaders who raped and pillaged India) regime. Open denigration of Hindu Deities, riots instigated by purposely inciting Hindus during their festival celebrations and on top of that, the protection provided by the Congress (India’s ruling party) government to all those who do this, are examples that it has become a crime to live in Hindusthan as a Hindu.

Question : Why is it that the government pampers Kasab, who attacked our nation (through the Nov 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack), but targets those working peacefully for nation building?

Answer : The answer to this question is, by pampering Kasab the math of vote bank becomes stronger. In the current situation, to do the work of nation building, first the terrorism unleashed by the minorities needs to be overcome. All the organisations have now realised the truth in this.

However, the communists and secularists are afraid that this increasing awareness among the nation-lovers will badly affect the collective votes from the minorities. Therefore, now the path of labeling the nation-loving organisations as terrorist outfits and then shutting their voice by banning them, is being followed.

Question : The Police have not yet given any report in the Goa blast. Then how is it that Sanatan’s name came up suddenly ?

Answer : Within one hour of the Margao blast there were flashing news reports of Sanatan Sanstha being behind this blast. The investigating agencies in Goa have tried to pin the blame on Sanatan, by jumping to the conclusion that, since Malgonda who died in the blast was a Sanatan seeker, he was surely behind the blast. But at least collect initial evidence proving that Malgonda has done this blast before arriving at this conclusion ! The rulers, investigating agencies and media are working with the attitude that whatever they say is right.

Question : The home minister of Goa, Ravi Naik is at the forefront in defaming Sanatan. Is there any politics behind this ?

Answer : Yes, of course ! The investigating team confiscated the documents of Sanatan’s transactions of the last 10 years. What is the relationship between the blast and Sanatan’s transactions of the last 10 years ? Secondly the police confiscated Sanatan’s books. Do Sanatan’s books teach how to produce bomb blasts ? In addition, they are also checking if we have the permissions for the construction of the ashram building. How are these permissions related to the blast ? When Sanatan is being trapped from all sides, only a few organisations like the Shiv Sena and the Sriram Sena have rushed to help. It is definitely sad that anti-Hindus blatantly carry out anti-Hindu activities, but it is sadder still that Hindus fail to unite.

Question : The police fell flat on their face without evidence in the Malegaon blast case ! Will the same happen this time too ?

Answer : Yes, exactly the same thing will happen ! Sanatan’s innocence will be proved in this case, but the question is not only about proving the innocence of Sanatan. The unnecessary mudslinging on Sanatan has caused irreparable loss to our mission ! Who will compensate for this loss?

Question : There is talk about a ban on Sanatan. The socialists are especially pushing that agenda. What would you say about that ?

Answer : We should understand that this battle is not merely between the socialists and Sanatan, but it is between Dharma (Righteousness) and Adharma (Unrighteousness). They demand a ban on Sanatan, but to put a ban at least some crime has to be committed ! Even last year big leaders in Maharashtra were shouting about putting a ban on Sanatan, but then finally what happened ? The Anti-Terror Squad of Mumbai had to accept that Sanatan Sanstha was not guilty in any way in the Thane blast. It will be no different this time !

Question : What will be your stand if the decision of banning (Sanatan) is taken?

Answer : Even if there is a ban, spiritual activities at the personal level will certainly continue. However, I feel that, if one Pro-Hindu organisation is banned, then other organisations should put up such a movement that they dare not ever ban another Hindu organisation.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat